• Published on May 23, 2019

    In this video, we watch ninja and tim the tat man squad up. Timthetatman and Ninja play squads. Tim and ninja play fortnite season 9 squads.
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  • SBV Glaze
    SBV Glaze 2 hours ago +1

    Um excuse me I think there’s a video in your ad

  • Official Param
    Official Param 5 hours ago

    umm why so many ads? this guy needs to pay his rent xd.

  • ThrillerFN
    ThrillerFN 7 hours ago +1

    He linked tfue's twitch and yt when he isnt in the vid i feel like this kid is a 9 year old

  • Qwoten
    Qwoten 13 hours ago

    This goes to show that uploading context doesn’t take skill he literally took time stream and downloaded the whole thing and just reuploaded it I feel like Tim should put a stoke on the video for all of this add Revenue SMH most definitely a dislike

  • Aiden Melvin
    Aiden Melvin 18 hours ago


  • Feard _6
    Feard _6 18 hours ago

    Did he just steal Tim's while stream and repost it as his?

  • Official Lildrew
    Official Lildrew 18 hours ago

    No ads 4 me and @ 44:30 he said he's whited!!!!??!!!! , @Ninja Need To Work On His vocabulary Not catching Dubs on FOrNiTe!!! Ninja is Dee Goat btw \/

    • Peder Almroth
      Peder Almroth 4 hours ago

      Official Lildrew What are you talking about

  • Luka Jebisashvili
    Luka Jebisashvili 19 hours ago

    Why is there some random video in your ad?

  • Noah Fry
    Noah Fry Day ago

    This video isn’t even yours and all
    there is, is ads it would be different if you had all the players and there channels linked in the description. I mean he linked tfue and he ain’t even in the video

  • SMMV
    SMMV Day ago

    Money is your impordest in the Videos

  • [GTX] NotNE4RR
    [GTX] NotNE4RR Day ago

    Skip to the end and go back to 0:00 and there will not be ads

  • Jaysta G
    Jaysta G Day ago

    Whats the name of the background music

  • jackisback
    jackisback Day ago

    41 adds btw

  • jackisback
    jackisback Day ago

    How many midrolls btw

  • jackisback
    jackisback Day ago


    PP-CLAN Day ago

    This fag must be greedy give some ads to lazarbeam

  • The Anonymous Gmer
    The Anonymous Gmer 2 days ago

    Y the fuck u have so many midroll adds

  • Liam Shaw
    Liam Shaw 2 days ago

    Wow steal someone else’s content and then put ads every like 2 minutes

  • Dean Umsted
    Dean Umsted 2 days ago

    Nice stolen content

  • Simone Hotdog
    Simone Hotdog 2 days ago

    Jesus bruh are you poor omg

  • Grgdghdhd Huddhhe
    Grgdghdhd Huddhhe 2 days ago +1

    Help lazerbeam get ad revenew he needs it

  • OofDespacito
    OofDespacito 3 days ago +4

    Someone is better at getting ads than Morgz

    TL_ACEZHI 3 days ago +3

    what is the music in the backround

    • ZorxeFrost
      ZorxeFrost 2 days ago

      LUCK_ACEZHI i’m asking same question

  • Noticed.
    Noticed. 3 days ago

    44 ads you shit not even your content

  • destroyed yeww
    destroyed yeww 3 days ago

    This is like 500 fucking ads lmao never subbing to you

  • BH Tornado 21
    BH Tornado 21 3 days ago

    There are so many ads

  • Samantha Villanueva
    Samantha Villanueva 3 days ago


  • Steven Anderson
    Steven Anderson 3 days ago

    Wow you just taking credit for other people and trying to make money off of it,

  • Jacob Robson4444
    Jacob Robson4444 3 days ago

    Add blocker nerd

  • leroy 7.82s
    leroy 7.82s 3 days ago

    Wow pussy you can steal content

  • []PlusHexy[]Toasty[]
    []PlusHexy[]Toasty[] 4 days ago +3

    What's the name of that song tim plays on stream

  • Closed snipes
    Closed snipes 4 days ago +3

    10 mins in and about 1000 ads in

  • 10,000 subscribers No videos

    Holy ads the first half is literally a yellow line

  • Truedaboi
    Truedaboi 4 days ago


  • TTV_itzTYLER and KenzieTheGame10 channel

    There is too many ads try and put a max of 5

  • Camoduckghost
    Camoduckghost 5 days ago

    im not watching this mostly cause of all the fucking add and its not you playing

  • Smug Voiid
    Smug Voiid 5 days ago +12

    Wtf how many adds man that’s not even your content 🤮🤮🤢🤢

  • Joshua Hutchings
    Joshua Hutchings 5 days ago

    I hate the background music

  • Kyeem Bruce
    Kyeem Bruce 6 days ago

    Bub 6ap75

  • Swiss Rider
    Swiss Rider 6 days ago

    Thats terrible

  • Trell Dunno
    Trell Dunno 6 days ago +2

    46:23 i was in a different room and caught that lmao

  • Butter Blade
    Butter Blade 6 days ago

    When the adpocalypse hits

  • koftzツ
    koftzツ 6 days ago

    Fucking 25+ ads man lmao

  • Mason Wrestles
    Mason Wrestles 6 days ago +3

    54:18 Tim sounded like the gnome

  • Dyelawn _
    Dyelawn _ 6 days ago

    Your channel is trash make your own content if you're gonna put that many ads you bum

  • Felix Cheung dw
    Felix Cheung dw 7 days ago

    reminder to flag and dislike

  • S3V3NK1LLS
    S3V3NK1LLS 7 days ago +1

    Looks at ad bar leaves

  • Ancelestria
    Ancelestria 7 days ago

    31 ads? are your sh***** me??

  • Chase Dye
    Chase Dye 7 days ago

    Tim if you want a great pair of shorts go to Lululemon, most of them have built in underwear and they’re comfy as hell and you save boxers!

  • 2Demons
    2Demons 7 days ago +6

    Ima just leave a report on this video

    • Big chungus S
      Big chungus S 4 days ago

      Titanium Casbarro there are literally like 50 fucking adds in 50 minutes that’s disgraceful I had to download an ad blocker

    • Titanium Casbarro
      Titanium Casbarro 5 days ago


  • jaydogking23 yt
    jaydogking23 yt 7 days ago

    holy shit ur a fucking failed abortion u content stealing add rev abusing bitch

  • 1000 subscribers without any videos O

    I just payed ur rent

  • joseph 1
    joseph 1 7 days ago

    how about i subscribe when you post your OWN content

  • Raging Tempest
    Raging Tempest 8 days ago +3

    U just stole their stream

    • NooBify
      NooBify 6 days ago

      like why would he do that its not even his stream MAKE YOUR OWN DUDE your right

    • NooBify
      NooBify 6 days ago

      i agree

  • xXnERoXx t
    xXnERoXx t 8 days ago

    Report this video

  • marl smit
    marl smit 8 days ago

    I fell asleep wat did I miss

    • Wild Wild
      Wild Wild 7 days ago

      marl smit ads ru missed a lot o ads

  • Collin Whitlock
    Collin Whitlock 8 days ago

    Why so Manny

  • Jodenden
    Jodenden 8 days ago


  • Reverse_Rashon YT
    Reverse_Rashon YT 8 days ago +1

    *31 ads for a through the whole 2 hours rip to who ever watched the full video*

  • TToddy
    TToddy 9 days ago


  • K!NG MA50N
    K!NG MA50N 9 days ago


  • Meeckzo
    Meeckzo 9 days ago

    This is just a fest of people saying "ThIS IsNT YoUre CoNtEnt" lol

    • Flamba MK
      Flamba MK 7 days ago

      Meeckzo it isn’t tho? This channel owner has stolen a chunk of this stream with absolutely no editing and put a fuckton of ads on it.. wrong your* btw dumbass

  • Adrian Aguilar-Trejo

    The amount of ads on here man wtf

  • HiParadoxGG
    HiParadoxGG 9 days ago

    ninja is actually a beast

  • Lee Diaz
    Lee Diaz 9 days ago

    Wow nice stolen content my dude, add more ads next time

  • evade Micah
    evade Micah 10 days ago

    So many fucking ads my guys just sad

  • Fortnite SkIlZ
    Fortnite SkIlZ 10 days ago +13

    This guy bowt to be rich

  • Anita Tyson
    Anita Tyson 10 days ago +3

    every 2 min there is an add

  • Omar Perez
    Omar Perez 10 days ago

    This is so fucking gay

  • Lil Toenail
    Lil Toenail 10 days ago

    I reported this video putting that many ads in the first 40 minutes of the video is just sad because you are taking people’s content that you didn’t even make they worked hard for this it’s pathetic that people like you exist

  • Kaleb Taylor
    Kaleb Taylor 10 days ago

    I came to watch a shit load of ads instead I’m watching this fat dude play fortnite idk what everyone saying

  • Itsjay ps4
    Itsjay ps4 10 days ago

    Definitely not watching with all the shitty Ads!!! Unsubscribed ✅

  • EricktheYTpro Eick
    EricktheYTpro Eick 10 days ago

    Hes trash he only plays squds like a bot and always

  • Jag Clan
    Jag Clan 11 days ago +1

    no fearitself wow

  • Jeremiah Caples
    Jeremiah Caples 11 days ago

    wf i wrong with u 40 ads what

  • millhouse313
    millhouse313 12 days ago +4

    “I love under armor shorts. They’re lit.” Lol first person in history to say those words.

  • Hood Debo
    Hood Debo 12 days ago +1

    People actually watch TimTheFatMan??

  • Tyler Watson
    Tyler Watson 12 days ago +1

    Could you add some game content to your ads please??

    • xXnERoXx t
      xXnERoXx t 8 days ago

      Your soo weird dude make other accounts to have good coments

  • Trashsuo
    Trashsuo 13 days ago +1

    How many fucking ads?!?!

  • Joseph Music
    Joseph Music 15 days ago

    No Delors click bait shit

  • Aaron Jackson
    Aaron Jackson 16 days ago +3

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      TL_ACEZHI 9 hours ago


    • Aaron Jackson
      Aaron Jackson 2 days ago

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    • Aaron Jackson
      Aaron Jackson 2 days ago

      FazeTfue Fan346 my user shuckj213

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      Aaron Jackson 2 days ago

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      FazeTfue Fan346 8 days ago

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  • Aaron Jackson
    Aaron Jackson 16 days ago

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  • dagr8 12
    dagr8 12 16 days ago +2

    what song is in the background?

      TL_ACEZHI 9 hours ago

      @Menibor1 what is the song in the background because I looked it up that I not it

    • Menibor1
      Menibor1 10 days ago

      dagr8 12 Darude - sandstorm

  • Malik
    Malik 17 days ago +1

    69 ads hh

  • Sodumb
    Sodumb 18 days ago

    There is 30 ads im not watching This cya

  • Miracle
    Miracle 18 days ago

    all these ads on here, and all that has to happen is, they claim it

  • Slit Productions
    Slit Productions 18 days ago +5

    what- why are there so many ads

  • Ivan gaming
    Ivan gaming 19 days ago +1

    I watch all the ads to make you richer

    • Floris van der Toorn
      Floris van der Toorn 14 days ago +1

      Pq Lynx you’re right, everyone tries to make shit ass fortnite channels these days.... stolen content and 200 ads per vid!! Dislike for me

    • Pq Lynx
      Pq Lynx 19 days ago +1

      Are you his friend or something? Bot account fake account? Lol and you post other ppls videos what who does that? You re a scum he is a scum

  • TV Maax
    TV Maax 20 days ago

    I didn’t have any ads and I .thought this was a great video. Thank you

  • TY BREEZY 77 ツ
    TY BREEZY 77 ツ 20 days ago

    So many ads

  • NoVa Soully
    NoVa Soully 20 days ago +4

    I feel like I watched ninja and dr Lupo play in this more than I watched Tim play. Just being honest

    • Noticed.
      Noticed. 3 days ago

      Wrong you’ve watched more ads than all of them playing xD

  • Crista Edmondson
    Crista Edmondson 20 days ago

    This video is fing trash who puts like 30 fucken add in a video for just 3 well known ppl wtf it's like yt is nothing to you and it's about the money because its not

  • hunter_wilson_
    hunter_wilson_ 20 days ago

    Fuck your channel give me a thumbs up if you agree

  • Woofercow
    Woofercow 21 day ago +1

    aalso my first disliked vid, lol

  • Woofercow
    Woofercow 21 day ago +2

    also you literally just made a video of 4 well known people just playing Fortnite oof.

  • Zealous Joey
    Zealous Joey 21 day ago

    Why tf is my loading bar yellow.. disgrace

  • Nxa Nxmb
    Nxa Nxmb 21 day ago

    Just skip through the whole vid then rewind it will skip the ads

  • Strafe
    Strafe 21 day ago

    ur gonna get copyright strked

  • Coal sway-z
    Coal sway-z 21 day ago

    What's the beat