Why Luna Is Actually Snape | Harry Potter Explained

  • Published on Jan 22, 2019
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    Today J dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to discuss how Luna Lovegood is actually Severus Snape... lets get weird y'all!
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Comments • 3 569

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  8 months ago +1408

    Favorite Marauder?! GO!

  • King Marcus Rich
    King Marcus Rich 2 hours ago

    I actually like this one

  • FirePhoenix523
    FirePhoenix523 5 hours ago

    Oh, I thought you were going to convince me that Luna and Snape were literally the same person.
    Still a good theory though

  • StraightEdgeyness
    StraightEdgeyness 6 hours ago

    Peter also helped Barty Crowch Jr. defeat and capture Alastor Moody! Who was well known and feared by all Death Eaters.

  • WillValforent
    WillValforent 13 hours ago

    Nice video! and Snape is far more powerful than most mages, only Voldemort and Dumbledore were above him in my opinion... HE CREATED SPELLS, that's a whole new level dude, and not only that, they work far more easily than the regular ones

  • TheEddie1910
    TheEddie1910 18 hours ago

    Yeah at least we are at the point were those things that are supposed to be situated in the HP universe can completeley be discarded as non-canon because they simply contradict too many canon facts and as such, Nagini most likely wasn't a human prior to her snake form =)

  • Xanegoh
    Xanegoh Day ago

    "Reemus"? Uh, you want to try that name again?

  • BernieRox Michigan

    I don't think that knowing that Nagini used to be a woman makes Neville killing her more dark, I think it makes it all the more great. She was cursed to live as a snake forever. That is probably why she took up with Voldy, is because he is the only one that she could communicate with. She probably tried killing herself before but could not and did not think that she could ever die. Neville killing her would have been a release, kind of like Wolverine finally dying in Logan.

  • Jena Cide
    Jena Cide Day ago

    Lily also shows what kind of person Petunia could have been if she hadn't let her jealousy consume her.

  • Jared Adams
    Jared Adams Day ago

    I'd disagree it led him down the dark side but able to use those feelings in INFILTRATION against the death eaters as he was very much as loyal to Dumbledore as harry himself was

  • Arachné Sakura
    Arachné Sakura Day ago

    Wait Snape was already going dark side back when he was still a student at hogwarts. thats why Lily rejected him. he openly chose the dark arts and side. she begged him to walk away from it. he didnt and she walked away.

  • Cat Carrion
    Cat Carrion 2 days ago

    I was so happy when she punched him

  • Twitch ebxry
    Twitch ebxry 2 days ago

    if u think about it if lilliy never met james obviously harry would never be alive which means they never would have died

  • marinus18
    marinus18 2 days ago

    Usually though people like that aren't bullied much. After all if someone isn't hurt by the bullying and just adapts to it then it's not fun anymore. However they are completely and utterly rejected. That's what happened to me.

  • Giovanni Sarti
    Giovanni Sarti 2 days ago

    Also also actually actually regulus black is draco malfoy

  • marinus18
    marinus18 2 days ago

    I think what Ron has more is self-worth. Sirius never had much self-worth which is why he was so attracted to James. James had a tremendous level of self-confidence and to one like Sirius that would seem amazing. Though Sirius keeps insisting he doesn't care about his family being called a disappointment and inferior to your brother for your entire childhood has an impact on a child. Harry had the comfort of knowing the Dursley's weren't his real parents but Sirius didn't have that. However because of that he strongly encouraged James' reckless behavior and bullying ways.
    I'm not saying Sirius has no self-worth, he's not Peter. He can think for himself and has his own ideas of right and wrong. However he is naturally submissive and would rather be the sidekick than being in the spotlight himself.

    Lupin though doesn't have this naturally submissiveness as he grew up loved by his parents. He was rejected by the wizarding world somewhat which cut into his confidence. However his loving parents meant he never felt that deep desire of belonging that Sirius did. With him though rather it's the fear of losing what he had. His parents stood with him but he would very well be aware just how difficult it was for them having a werewolf as a son. Therefore there would be a strong fear in him that perhaps one day his parents will reject him just like everyone else does. When he was at Hogwards that fear transferred over to his friends. Even though unlike Sirius he actually did disapprove of them showing off he never had the self-confidence to do much.

  • Emelie Waldken
    Emelie Waldken 2 days ago

    OMG that imitation of Tonks XD

  • BLiTZ_ Amin
    BLiTZ_ Amin 2 days ago +1

    James and sirius

  • DuskyPredator
    DuskyPredator 2 days ago

    I like this, because I think it has a point. If Snaps was able to have confidence in who he was, on top of the piled up bullying of the others, he may have had a more happy life. Luna is the so called weird kid, but Ginny stays by her, Harry never makes fun, nor Ron encourage it, and Hermione is vocal over empathy. Snape never moved on and appeared a villain, Luna never let her bullies define her.

    • marinus18
      marinus18 2 days ago

      I'm not sure it's that. Severus took the bullying to heart and became a bully himself, as it continued he became more and more vindictive and practiced darker and darker magic.

      Luna never hated the people at Hogwards. This made Ginny stick by her while with Snape his ever increasing malice drove Lilly away.

  • Zill Miracle
    Zill Miracle 3 days ago

    7:33 and Neville could have turned out much different if not from the support he receives throughout the books. I mean, in the third book he is the one who told Malfoy that Harry had fainted which is a major breach of trust just by how much anguish it causes Harry. It's so different from how he ends up, older Neville would never do that.

  • jojo3000terrax
    jojo3000terrax 3 days ago

    2 minutes about the videos title without anything more than a very unsatisfying comparison. How to make content without content

    • PhantomWolf 21924
      PhantomWolf 21924 3 days ago

      I was gonna say, when they make a claim I don't really see the evidence.

  • Jay Gadhavi
    Jay Gadhavi 3 days ago

    Wasted 13:03 mins for nothing.

  • kht_rednight Nea
    kht_rednight Nea 4 days ago +2

    Severus Snape❤❤❤

  • michael mcknight
    michael mcknight 5 days ago

    1:09 How old were they when they died?Late 30s early 40s?

  • Commander Bacara
    Commander Bacara 5 days ago

    Remorse that’s what killed worm tail And Voldemort Plus Harry totally schools Ole Tommy in Deathly hallows

  • Francisco Ancer Gómez

    I was like WHAT. Now I'm like "okay, yeah that makes sense"

  • Josh Laz
    Josh Laz 7 days ago

    My long standing question is this. How was Petigrew sorted into griffindor in the first place? Sure he may have had the potential for bravery but it never comes through (not even once), however a defining characteristic of his was to ally himself with more powerful friends. This is true of his time with the marauders and later with Voldemort and the death eaters. This way of thinking requires both cunning and ambition, qualities defined by Slytherin.
    When thinking about this I can think of another character who was incorrectly sorted. Someone who disregarded the bonds of family and friend, who aligned themselves with the most powerful institute at the time and who was always trying to further their own ambitions. In fact the latter seems to be their defining characteristic. I am of course talking about Percy Weasley. And yes I know he had a change of heart during the battle of Hogwarts, but even after that he continues in his ambitions to rise higher in the ministry. So here's my question. Both Peter and Percy belonged in Slytherin the whole time, thoughts?
    And yes I know Dumbledore says that they sort students too early, but come on.

    • Antara Dabral
      Antara Dabral 5 days ago

      Well Peter was mostly driven by fear, so maybe when he was being sorted he wanted a way to overcome that fear. As for Percy, he was also probably either afraid of distancing himself from family (or something like that), or afraid that he wouldn't be successful (again probably because of where he came from).

  • Valerie Gurley
    Valerie Gurley 7 days ago

    I love the "generational redemption" perspective of this video. Thank you for this!

  • Jacob Bondurant
    Jacob Bondurant 8 days ago

    eh, I’d probly compare Albus Dumbledore and Harry~

  • Elizabeth Lofye
    Elizabeth Lofye 8 days ago

    ur wearing a slytherin shirt YEET SLYTHERINS RISE

  • surya pratap
    surya pratap 9 days ago

    Malfoy - malfoy

  • RainStar
    RainStar 10 days ago

    Next video- Voldemort was actually Minerva in disguise and the sorting hat is actually the Whomping Willow

  • TJ Acree
    TJ Acree 11 days ago

    Blew my mind thinking about my own experiences being bullied. Thank you

  • Tanushree Chatterjee
    Tanushree Chatterjee 11 days ago

    NO. Just no!
    Reemus being afraid of relationships has less to do with how he feels about himself and more to do with how he can be a legit danger for people around him (which is proven to be correct later)
    Luna and Snape have as much in common as sugar and honey i.e. NOTHING. Snape is an adult with multi-dimensional character traits he is loving but uses apathy as a guard, he rebels and joins the dark side but somehow still maintains his moral compass.

    So yeah, NOPE!

  • celinesofie
    celinesofie 11 days ago

    Snape is Draco Malfoy though... Calling people mudblood, a seemingly bad guy that's kind of okay on the inside but badly influenced... Yadda yadda

  • C. Syde65
    C. Syde65 11 days ago

    This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard today, but great theory nonetheless.

  • J Gen
    J Gen 12 days ago +4

    Interesting parallels, though I disagree with you opinion that Lily was flawless.

  • jeferrell79
    jeferrell79 12 days ago +1

    Ron is distantly related to Sirius Black as well.

  • Mari
    Mari 12 days ago

    SuperCarlinBrothers: LUNA IS ACTUALLY SNAPE!!

  • Erika Gehm
    Erika Gehm 12 days ago

    She's not as vengeful as Snape.

  • JaniraStJames
    JaniraStJames 12 days ago

    This is fantastic! I never thought of it that way. I mean I knew about Harry and his dad because, yeah, obvious, but it never occurred to me that all of the others were parallels too.

  • GRM Joker
    GRM Joker 12 days ago

    Next theory, Trevor is Neville from the future.

  • Becca LuvsBears
    Becca LuvsBears 12 days ago

    Can we talk about the fact that James basically only started chasing Lilly because he wanted to take another thing away from snape? I mean obviously it turned into real feelings and ish but the way it started is just cruel

  • Kadencrafter 78
    Kadencrafter 78 12 days ago

    Proof that Ravenclaw is the best house

  • Kim Pinelli
    Kim Pinelli 12 days ago

    I love those comparisons, I never even thought about it like that.
    But I don‘t agree on Ron beeing the „better“ version of Sirius.
    Yes they both want to stand out and are incredibly prejudiced.
    Ron isn‘t as obvious a bully as Sirius but I don‘t think that‘s something that can be credited to him. I think we can clearly see that he has these tendencies, but Harry and Hermoine keep him in check.
    What sperates them in my opinion is Sirius‘ loyalty to his friends, something Ron‘s sorely lacking.
    So in this instance I believe the Marauders did it better.
    I absolutely agree in Neville and Luna though.
    With Harry and Hermoine I‘m on the fence.
    I also don‘t comepletly agree with Lily being flawless. She isn‘t the most loyal friend either, as we can see with Snape.
    (Book) Ginny on the other hand is really loyal.

  • Kim Pinelli
    Kim Pinelli 12 days ago

    I love those comparisons, I never even thought about it like that.
    But I don‘t agree on Ron beeing the „better“ version of Sirius.
    Yes they both want to stand out and are incredibly prejudiced.
    Ron isn‘t as obvious a bully as Sirius but I don‘t think that‘s something that can be credited to him. I think we can clearly see that he has these tendencies, but Harry and Hermoine keep him in check.
    What sperates them in my opinion is Sirius‘ loyalty to his friends, something Ron‘s sorely lacking.
    So in this instance I believe the Marauders did it better.
    I absolutely agree in Neville and Luna though.
    With Harry and Hermoine I‘m on the fence.
    I also don‘t comepletly agree with Lily being flawless. She isn‘t the most loyal friend either, as we can see with Snape.
    (Book) Ginny on the other hand is really loyal.

  • justin decastro
    justin decastro 12 days ago

    I've never seen the other brother. I'm starting to think that he doesn't have one

  • Majin Perez
    Majin Perez 12 days ago

    Harry is hermoine

  • Sheri & Will
    Sheri & Will 12 days ago

    Such a great analysis!

  • Luke McInerny
    Luke McInerny 12 days ago

    Considering JK's irl politics she'd want dodgeball banned never mind quiditch lol

  • Scott Chadwick
    Scott Chadwick 13 days ago

    Heard of quidditch? Pretty dodgebally to me...

  • cart1270 cart1270
    cart1270 cart1270 13 days ago

    First opinion: Next up: Why I was so wrong about Luna being Snape

  • Ernoskij
    Ernoskij 13 days ago +1

    Why is Peter Pettigrew even in Gryffendor? he doesn't really seem to embody any of the traits associated with Gryffindor?
    The most obvious being brave and noble, when was he ever actually brave or noble in his doings?

    • Phoebe Okoomian
      Phoebe Okoomian 5 days ago

      The house you get sorted into is based more on the traits you value, rather than the traits you embody. This is why, for example, Hermione is in Gryffindor rather than Ravenclaw. Of course, Hermione is plenty brave, but her intellectual traits stand out far more and, based soley on personality, she should be in Ravenclaw. She is not, because she values bravery more than intellect. She says as much in the first book when she tells Harry he is great wizard, and he insists that she is better, and she says, "Me? Books and cleverness? There are more important things. Friendship and bravery." From this, we can assume that, while not brave himself, Peter must have valued bravery. One doesn't have to embody a trait to value it. Especially with courage, which is much easier to value than it is to have. And he did ally himself in school with James and Sirius, who we know were both incredibly brave. (Of course, we also know he allied himself with them because they were powerful and could protect him, but I think part of it was also that they embodied the traits he most valued, and he admired them because of it).

  • Alegost1
    Alegost1 13 days ago

    well in defense of lupin: his condition as werewolf is far more serious than being a muggleborn. i mean once a month he turns into a beast that can´t see the difference between friend and foe. yes in his later days there is that potion snape brew for him, but that wasn´t invented during his time at hogwarts

  • Jett Allyson
    Jett Allyson 13 days ago

    I love this theory and definitely see the connections between one generation and the next. Incidentally, speaking of parallels, Hermione easily could have become another Moaning Myrtle, killed in the bathroom by a monster (troll), while crying over something mean somebody said about her.
    My personal theory about Hermione is that she marries Ron because she falls in love with his family and can't stand to be without them. Unlike Harry, Hermione does not find herself at Hogwarts. She finds herself in her friendship with Harry and Ron. Before them, she's unable to make friends. That's not to say she isn't a strong character, it's just that she's incredibly lonely. Harry and Ron are close with the other Gryffindor boys, but Hermione never makes friends with the Gryffindor girls, other than Ginny. Hermione spends most of her summers with the Weasleys. I think she falls as much in love with their family as she does with Ron.

  • beatrix the great
    beatrix the great 14 days ago

    dude Neville took a level in badass.

  • Pepsi Max
    Pepsi Max 14 days ago +2

    Snape was bullied for being odd, Luna was bullied of her own accord she was weird LOL

  • Kpop Jam
    Kpop Jam 14 days ago +8

    Next theory: Hermione is Harry's glasses

  • Oma Cool
    Oma Cool 14 days ago

    Yep. Good job.

  • Lo0serx3
    Lo0serx3 15 days ago

    you know Snape invented the sword spell and the first targets of levicorpus were probably the Marauders. James isn't perfect and he's definitely a bully but I believe Remus and Sirius when they tell Harry that it was a constant back and forth. Also Harry never bullied Luna...for people who brag about how much you read the books all the time you seem to miss big character moments where Luna starts to grow on Harry and he even plays into it sometimes