Part 2 Paiting them gold! Orgone orgonite chi prana

  • Published on Jan 6, 2017
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Comments • 9

  • Mandy Spice
    Mandy Spice 14 days ago

    What about using gold leaf instead of paint?

  • Chemtrail Victims
    Chemtrail Victims 9 months ago

    I want one......

  • petroglyph79
    petroglyph79 Year ago

    Can i ask what does the cord coming out of the pryamid do?

  • Joyce Butler
    Joyce Butler Year ago +2

    I get it understand it can do it if I was OK but I'd been a T. I .too long and am growing weak..worse since coming to phoenix from black canyon city from riverside ca. From long beach over the past 6 careful out there.light and love in Jesus..Joyce Butler

  • Gary p
    Gary p 2 years ago

    Cool . Hi if i paint my orgone , is it ok .. does it block any energy ?

  • nomorelies nomorelies
    nomorelies nomorelies 2 years ago


  • mmakshak
    mmakshak 2 years ago

    Does it seem like they go higher(i.e., a higher altitude) in areas that you've cleared with a permanent placement of orgonite? In this way, they may still be able to cover our skies. In addition, what's your take on sprayings just before it's supposed to rain? Is it to prevent rain? Is it to make sure their chemicals come down to earth, or is just the increased humidity that makes the chem/contrails more visible? These are things that go on in the San Francisco bay area.

  • Outspoken FreeSpirit
    Outspoken FreeSpirit 2 years ago

    beautiful :)

  • Joep v R
    Joep v R 2 years ago