Matt Kennon, "The Call" - OFFICIAL VIDEO

  • Published on Nov 24, 2009
  • The official video for the single that is blowing up phone lines all over the country. I'm so appreciative of all the support for this song and video so far - I really believe it can change lives.
    Check out the newest album "The Best of Matt Kennon", featuring "The Call" and all your favorite Matt Kennon tunes, on iTunes now!
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  • Billy Maddison
    Billy Maddison 18 hours ago

    I wish she would call me and be the real one

  • nymphetaminedisposed

    fantastic song. Fantastic video

  • Daniel Whitt
    Daniel Whitt 2 days ago

    Why didn't i hear this before,
    Its amazing.

  • Jesse Love
    Jesse Love 3 days ago

    Found out I was gonna be a father exactly a week ago

  • Lauren Ann
    Lauren Ann 6 days ago

    I know its probably use my friend Laurens name on this bc she set up the phone but anyways my name is Torey and I've also be the same guy as you with a 9mm in my hand upto my head and I actually pulled the trigger I did it twice and just so happened neither one of the rounds fired every other one in the mag did except for those two but i didn't find that out until several days or few weeks later but when the second one didn't fire I just took it as a sign it wasn't meant to be then but unlike you my life hasn't done anything but seem to get worse it went up for a short period but then it started going down pretty fast and it's still heading down hill..... And honestly I'm wish pretty much every single day that it's my last or that I don't wake up the next morning I really wish that one of them had fired or that I didn't make it through totaling a car here while back or totaling a ninja that I had and walked away literally with some scraps only one that was kinda bad which is crazy considering I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and basketball short but some how I got up and walked away I did have a concussion tho... But I can't figure out why I'm still here for anything. Feels like someone is using me or keeping me here as a joke just to watch me suffer honestly..... I keep trying to hope it will change and get better but hasn't yet no matter what I do or how hard I try if I'm going to be stuck here but IDK if it ever will.....

  • Tara Marie
    Tara Marie 6 days ago

    Anyone know who plays the veterans best friend?

    LIZZIE WHITE 8 days ago

    Instead of killing the kid people carry them it's wrong to kill them for no reason if u don't want them put them up for adoption DONT KILL THEM #ITSWRONG

  • George Strauss
    George Strauss 8 days ago

    Wow. ; IGY 6

  • Amy Mills
    Amy Mills 8 days ago

    I love country music and DRAG racing

  • Nathan Hodges
    Nathan Hodges 8 days ago

    Emily I'm waiting on ur call..πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ€žπŸ€žπŸΌπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’šβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’”πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’πŸ’πŸ€£πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • jseedoubleu
    jseedoubleu 11 days ago

    I got that call.

  • Taylor Cordell
    Taylor Cordell 12 days ago

    First part of this video speaks too much truth to me. Being a service member who has also been in this position. PTSD and depression are real. Please seek help before it’s too late.

  • Jessica Shanabarger
    Jessica Shanabarger 12 days ago

    Yes, make that call.

  • Erica Bray
    Erica Bray 14 days ago

    I lost a brother n law the first part hits home cause he was in his truck

  • Josh Henley
    Josh Henley 15 days ago

    I was the guy at the beginning but then thought about my girlfriend so I didn't

  • Samantha Jackson [Molasky JHS]

    Been so depressed that I feel like ending it. But still feel like it

  • shane bradford
    shane bradford 17 days ago

    Wish someone would pull the trigger on me. Hate my life. Be better off dead anydamn way

  • Wairimu Mukuria
    Wairimu Mukuria 17 days ago

    This song is soul. I keep coming back to it.

  • SiLlYkId024 awesome sauce

    Had a gun to my head but auntie walked n dropped to her knees and broke down crying begging me not to do anything without talking ever since that moment I don't hesitate to pick up the phone n call someone or go visit a friend

  • Alexa Miles
    Alexa Miles 18 days ago

    I’ve been the girl in the 2nd part

  • Carmen Kinter
    Carmen Kinter 24 days ago

    When I listen to this song it reminds me of when I was 14 and was about to kill myself and my best freind that lived 13 hrs away called me. He is still the reason why I am here. πŸ˜—

  • 1795magicmoney1795
    1795magicmoney1795 25 days ago

    Best song I've heard in a while

  • Patrick Tankersley
    Patrick Tankersley 26 days ago

    People who commit suicide are weak.

  • Curtis Johnson
    Curtis Johnson 28 days ago

    I think were all been there at one point in our lives

  • Jordan Outland
    Jordan Outland 28 days ago

    The begining hits me hard. If the pain wouldn't be passed onto my family I would of taken my own life years ago.

  • Wairimu Mukuria
    Wairimu Mukuria 28 days ago

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager 29 days ago

    The second part of the 18 year olds that the same thing that's just me and gf were both 13

  • Zachary Ayala
    Zachary Ayala Month ago

    To all who have served and are serving. Thank you for your service. I will always stand with and for you. God bless.

  • Larry Mayer
    Larry Mayer Month ago

    I'm tired it getting so hard to not end it just not see a point anymore

  • amylaurendeau
    amylaurendeau Month ago

    Right in the feels with this song, esp with all of the recent headlines. Please, if anyone needs someone to talk to I'm always here and always willing to listen ❀ 7743604056

  • Ashley Glasspoole
    Ashley Glasspoole Month ago

    The first part of this song I been there so many times but then I think of some of my friends who care

  • trey Bieser
    trey Bieser Month ago

    this song has seen me through so many hard times idk what Id of done without I do know what I would of done, but by chance this song came on at just the right time. THANKS MATT KENNON! your the best

  • CarsonL59
    CarsonL59 Month ago

    When country music actually meant something.

  • mikey cordova
    mikey cordova Month ago

    Man people have no idea how many times I've been in that position I've been alone almost my entire life but God was the one that called me I thought I had no one no matter what I do nothing worked something good will happen then ten bad things happen right after I kept doing the same thing over and over which is madness I learned life isn't about the destination it's about the journey the good always outways the bad

  • scott poe
    scott poe Month ago

    As Veteran myself I’ve sat there and thumbed the hammer back just couldn’t squeeze the trigger I felt like I had nothing left I was still over there hearing the sounds and smelling the smells

  • Linda Beckering
    Linda Beckering Month ago

    My son is one of those amazing soldiers who has helped several of his comrades from ending their lives. I raised an amazing son and soldier.. this song is amazing! 😭

  • Dustin Loyal
    Dustin Loyal Month ago


  • Tonya Cannon
    Tonya Cannon Month ago

    My roommate is walking this Saturday in Dallas in The Overnight Walk. It is a walk to remember those that were lost from suicide. It is also for suicide awareness and prevention. If anyone is able and or willing, please go check it out and donate.

  • oneyetiger
    oneyetiger Month ago

    A friend lost his son in a similar way. They had a disagreement one afternoon and he took his life later that night. He was former military with a tour in Afghanistan, but he was a troubled young man that hid his despair quite well. You never know, but afterward you see all the signs were there. We try to come together on every anniversary at his gravestone to help his dad cope as best we can.

  • Kristina McClellan
    Kristina McClellan Month ago

    I've been in the same situation as the 18 year old girl in this song. Well not the same age, but pretty close. I had my 1st baby at the age of 21 (1997) & I was so scared when I found out that I was pregnant. I was a single mom till I met my boyfriend, Kevin in 2005. I loved the way Kevin accepted my daughter, Joy into his life. Kevin & I have now been married for 10 years. But, my mom & dad helped me all through out Joy's life, they helped with her schooling, buying clothes, toys, shoes & everything she needed. I was not working when Joy was born, so thanks to my parents for helping out with all her needs...

  • William Lasiter
    William Lasiter Month ago

    Thank you sir .. Thats a very heart felt song it sure is nice to hear a friendly voice that cares .
    u.s. army ( retired )98 -08 3 tours in Afghanistan.
    I was almost one of the 22 today and heard this song . thank you and yes the struggle is real :-(

  • AmericanTrucker389
    AmericanTrucker389 Month ago

    If anyone ever needs someone just to text and have someone text me (252)-557-7030

  • Lexie
    Lexie Month ago

    my grandaddy listend to this song every day to keep from ending his marine life so he could come back to my beautiful grandma and his 2 kids that hadn't passed.

  • bruce French
    bruce French Month ago

    Thank God for country music I was that guy in the beginning it took along time to find help and I thank all those that help Vets get back on the right path.

  • sofive0
    sofive0 Month ago

    What a great song, with such a powerful message. You never know when you can make a difference in someones life. Make a call!

  • Hannah Moxley
    Hannah Moxley Month ago

    This song helped me alot ive wanted to end my life in 11th grade from being bullied and i found this song

  • Caroline mac
    Caroline mac Month ago

    My brother was KIA in 2010 over in iraq and sometimes i wander what he would have been like if would have come home. .maybe God or something was keeping him from Something worse. I miss him everyday but i work and talk with veterans everyday and i know how scared and real the mental war can be.. Im sorry for everyone who has felt this way.. Soldier or not. God bless.

  • TheLastKing
    TheLastKing Month ago

    wishin I'd get that call right about now...

  • By Nm
    By Nm Month ago

    You know that would have been nice but instead my sister tosses him out the window while I'm on the way to the hospital to have my eldest and then she keeps trying to blame me for what she did. Ironically that happened to me and if it wasn't for my grandmother & 2 aunts I'd be dead in a box. Still got harassed while I was put in the NICU with my youngest struggling for his life and still harassing me to this day. I have cancer and they wouldn't even let me get life saving surgery due to their illegal testing.

  • Angela Shafer
    Angela Shafer 2 months ago

    I love and miss you sooooo much matty

  • jake dillow
    jake dillow 2 months ago

    I lost my brother 3 years ago I am the guy in the first part

  • Donnie Moore
    Donnie Moore 2 months ago

    Keeps me holdin on

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams 2 months ago

    they nearly killed themselves and people disliked it

  • Sirina Kellie
    Sirina Kellie 2 months ago

    I’ve tried to reach out to several people on face book and snap chat and plain texting, everyone’s to busy for me and won’t help when I’m at rock bottom

  • jesse rodriguez
    jesse rodriguez 2 months ago

    Damn good song plan and simple.

  • lynn horton
    lynn horton 2 months ago


  • Jude Reaux
    Jude Reaux 2 months ago

    A true friend will do this for u

  • Gary Wensink
    Gary Wensink 2 months ago

    Sadly, our son, an Army veteran, succumbed to his PTSD last year. I wish I had called.

  • Barry Budenos
    Barry Budenos 2 months ago

    I get ans support 22 a day but come on like I'm young and we can't afford it but she gets a call from bf who wants to marry her and now everything is ok because they're married like really that's bs

    • Barry Budenos
      Barry Budenos 2 months ago

      And I didn't mean to relate the first and second video

  • kentucky 82
    kentucky 82 2 months ago

    I went to school with a guy who later joined the army and went to Iraq,he came home and claimed all the PTSD stuff and told all these horror stories about Iraq,come to find out he was a supply clerk and never seen a bullet fly one time and only fired a weapon in basic training, yeah I think he had terrible anxiety,he was definitely afraid someone was going to give him a job

  • Backwoods Dipper
    Backwoods Dipper 2 months ago

    I have mever heard this song or the singer but i really like this song

  • Travis Burroughs
    Travis Burroughs 2 months ago

    It is so sad knowing that 22 vets end there own lives because PTSD and my father suffers from it every day and I’ve walked in on him before he ended it all and also I got so depressed one day and so deep into thought I almost ended it myself but less than a second before I did it this song came on and if that ain’t a God sent message nothing is now I’m happy I’ve got good friends and my dad is doing a whole lot better with his PTSD

  • Angia Diamonte
    Angia Diamonte 2 months ago

    Omg coubtry musics best

  • Alex Robbins
    Alex Robbins 2 months ago

    I've been the guy in the first part of the song girlfriend of 3 years left me bills started piling up and didn't know what to do about pulled the trigger and the phone rang it was my best friend he said man you gotta get to the lake everyone's here the fish are biting you should come I put my gun down and left those were dark times I'm sure glad he called I'm married now and have 2 beautiful children.

  • Teretha Lawrence
    Teretha Lawrence 3 months ago

    Powerful and touching song. I hope someone gets the call that saves them

  • Anthony Ray
    Anthony Ray 3 months ago

    I relate to the 1st part of this song soo much. My wife left me 6 months before and I took soo many pills that when the cops showed up I was ice cold and barely holding on. I got sent to the hospital for 3 days and when I got out I found a new woman and its was amazing bc I saw a life with her and I was never happier. On friday me and the new woman broke up after almost 3yrs of dating and planning a wedding bc we had an argument. Ive put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger and it didnt go off. I sold the gun a few weels after. She eventually came back. But im sitring here now contemplating going to buy a new gun and ending everything. She was what I always wanted. She doesnt understand what its like to be in the Marines and what we deal with when we get back

  • Lizzie White
    Lizzie White 3 months ago +1

    If I had my finger on the trigger my best friend wouldn't call I have no friends I'm better of alone know one can hurt me mentally, fiscally or emotionally I've tried to kill myself 4 different times but my knife wasn't sharp enough

  • Joevante Fields
    Joevante Fields 3 months ago

    Damn man this reminds me of the long talks me and my buddy used to have before he took his life!! Make the call ppl
    R.i.p Daniel mikolay πŸ˜‡πŸ€ŸπŸΎ

  • Brandie Luther
    Brandie Luther 3 months ago

    For those of you that need a friend, feel free to message me on facebook, or even here. My name on Facebook is Brandie Labbee. I am 33 years old rape survivor. I tried to kill myself 3 times at 8, then 3 more times at 18. I'm glad I didn't. Now I have a wonderful husband and an amazing 2 year old daughter.

  • Kristian Chaddock
    Kristian Chaddock 3 months ago

    most everybody on this comment list has given me hope for Humanity I have Suicidal Tendencies I have attempted once but failed thank God my fiance of 3 years left me and I have been battling Suicidal Thoughts since I listen to the song to keep me going everyone on this comment or almost everyone like I said has given me hope for Humanity

  • Jeremy Higdon
    Jeremy Higdon 3 months ago

    I'm at the end of my rope everything that I've worked so hard for is collapsing around me and I've lost everyone around me I don't have any fight left in me I'm done with this life

  • Jesse Zamudio
    Jesse Zamudio 3 months ago +1

    i wish i had a best friend to call me..πŸ˜₯ iraq 09-10 FOB Gary Owen Hooah

  • Susanne Roders
    Susanne Roders 3 months ago

    Song bring chills.....damn it’s good. πŸ™.

  • Tiffany Housley
    Tiffany Housley 3 months ago

    This song makes me not want to go to the military it makes me rethink all my choices in life I thought the marines were for me but I guess I was wrong I have a lot to lose and I would kill for everyone in our country but my son means a lot to me to so what do you do when you’ve lost yourself who do you call then?

    ETHAN NELSON 3 months ago

    i showed it to my girlfriend and she said is that how you feel so now where close an thanks for the great keep it up

  • Betty Foltz
    Betty Foltz 3 months ago

    the first verse of this song is a perfect fit to me sometimes my friend or grandma call at just at the right time me because I'm at struggling with my depression again. and those are you with friends that you know or fighting depression listen to the end verse closely cuz you don't know how the call might help h

  • Timothy Higuera
    Timothy Higuera 3 months ago

    Today was going to be the day....

  • QuagHower
    QuagHower 3 months ago

    Wish something like this would happen for me, I need to find a girl that will make me happy again😞

  • robert Yanez
    robert Yanez 3 months ago

    How can there really be any dislikes on this video? Such great and positive messages. There just has to be those people I guess. Even in the comments people speaking up for veterans and those being offended that others aren't mentioned. Shut the fuck up! They're talking about why the song is relevant to their life. They're not saying the others are any less important. Songs like this are meant to bring us together as a unit made up of different colors, sizes and shapes. God bless all of you, even if I get mad at y'all, still got mad love for every one of you. Even the couple who are just dead focused on having something stuck up their asses and are actually going to have something bad to say about this comment

  • Twisted Bones
    Twisted Bones 3 months ago

    Sooner or later Im gonna need that call. Life is nothing less than soul crushing.

  • kentucky 82
    kentucky 82 3 months ago

    When I finally have enough of this bullshit and I am ready to end it I am sure nobody will be calling me, I know life is not for me,just got a few more things to do before I check out

  • Spencer Ford
    Spencer Ford 3 months ago

    I hate my life!!

  • Kirk Czarnecki
    Kirk Czarnecki 3 months ago

    All Vetrens I RESPECT AND SALUTE them all.And I feel like nobody believes in me

  • Captian Peanut54
    Captian Peanut54 4 months ago

    I love this song I have struggled with depression my whole life and this has happened to me my brother called me before I did it I thank God every day for that and my brother

  • Trenton Hunt
    Trenton Hunt 4 months ago

    I love you and

  • robert henry
    robert henry 4 months ago +1

    i new a person he was always saying that god doesnt like him about killing pple and how he saw buddes die infront of him from IED'S i felt bad for him and when i heard about 6 to 8 months ago he hung his self with a dog lish damn i felt bad to hear that i wish i call maybe i could of saved him just maybe

  • Josip Tubikanec
    Josip Tubikanec 4 months ago

    I sat their Friday night in wood bridge VA when my brother called me to tell me he wants to see me that Friday night me and my wife split up and I thought what life do I have without my wife and daughter if I can't be with them and it's been a week still miss them everyday more and more it hurts

  • Christopher Lucas
    Christopher Lucas 4 months ago

    Brothers and sisters; God has a plan for each and everyone of us. Yes, perhaps that's a bit of a cliche but it's the truth. I served in Afghanistan for a year so I've been at the bottom of the valley, and I understand the feeling of complete despair. I also work in a psych hospital (civilian) and I see and feel the affects of suicide everyday: it's a terrible thing to do to those left behind. Please call or talk to someone before it ever gets to that point. Heck, reply to me here and we can exchange contact information...........

  • Fishingguy Toni
    Fishingguy Toni 4 months ago

    Yesterday came a stg to me to tell me my very best friend died in a mission... i even didnβ€˜t can say him goodbey this feelng is the baddest i ever had. Good luck to all soldiers out there and i hope for all of you you can go home to our family to your friends and to your girl. Thank you to all soldiers who gave their lifes and to the soldiers who went back home R.I.P my very best friend 10.03.2018✝️

  • Theflamehead14
    Theflamehead14 4 months ago +1

    This is what real Country Music sounds like

  • Anna Crider
    Anna Crider 4 months ago

    who the hell in the right mind would dislike this song it saved my life my bf played it to me when i was bout to shoot myself i'm glad he did i am only 14

  • JA M
    JA M 4 months ago

    anyone thinking of doing this text me and I would be happy to help out and be a friend cel is 661-9417796

  • mopar01 lairamore
    mopar01 lairamore 4 months ago

    I seen a 1969 dodge charger

  • Courtney B
    Courtney B 4 months ago

    never served but I have PTSD I was about to slit my wrists when I got the call from my sister asking how I'm doing and see me on the wkd. that call changed my life now I video chat and call her when I need a shoulder. it's great to have someone just be there when u r about fall from the cliff. great video and thanks to Pandora for playing this song found favorite

  • bitt
    bitt 4 months ago

    This and Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" are the deepest songs I've ever heard.

  • Tim Long
    Tim Long 4 months ago

    It's touching song

  • tpigt
    tpigt 4 months ago

    i get goose bumps every time i listen to this song

  • Ian Oas
    Ian Oas 4 months ago +2

    I was talking to someone who had reached me via a post where i put my phone number. I got a text from that person last night. They were about to end it all last night but i stopped him. If any of yall need somone to talk to im here

    • Daemon Yelvington
      Daemon Yelvington 2 months ago

      Ian Oas 4325993270

    • Lianna Bates
      Lianna Bates 4 months ago

      Ian Oas yes texted you on accident thanks for your help

    • Ian Oas
      Ian Oas 4 months ago

      Lianna Bates were you who i was talking to last night

    • Lianna Bates
      Lianna Bates 4 months ago

      Ian Oas text me if we can talk I need someone to talk to my number is 7173849491

    • Ian Oas
      Ian Oas 4 months ago

      Lianna Bates yeah. My number is 715-617-1472

  • Lianna Bates
    Lianna Bates 4 months ago +1

    If anyone needs to talk I’m all ears I’m going through a similar can text me any time my number is 7173849491

  • Mariah Lynn Bechtol
    Mariah Lynn Bechtol 4 months ago +1

    Best song ever