NERF Juggernaut Prison Escape Challenge!

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • NERF Hitman Challenge! ➡
    NERF Dungeons & Dragons | Battle At The Swamp! ➡
    Today the bu squad had a little run in with the juggernaut and to escape and defeat him they had to go through some challenges and find some hidden safes and hidden keys.
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Comments • 964

  • Blue hair don’t freakin care

    ... what....I am confused it’s....j....ust

  • Ryan Han
    Ryan Han 20 days ago

    Do justice league vs dark side superhero addition like the dungeons and dragons

  • Ivar And Amy
    Ivar And Amy 24 days ago

    Why was there a text to speech that said blaster?

  • Loan Truong
    Loan Truong Month ago

    Lol you can tell it's Bryan being the juggernaut

  • billy rob
    billy rob Month ago


    File name 2 is here

  • billy rob
    billy rob Month ago


  • Fun with Puppets
    Fun with Puppets Month ago +2

    me: wait did he said a swore?

  • Owen Baker
    Owen Baker Month ago

    Bryan was having way to much fun as the juggernaut

  • Sebastian Lange
    Sebastian Lange Month ago

    robert from dangie bros was in the video

  • Thenerfgunreviewer ?
    Thenerfgunreviewer ? 2 months ago

    Loved it, so cool!

  • Zachary Secrist
    Zachary Secrist 2 months ago

    The shopkeeper never dies

  • Filip Guziur
    Filip Guziur 2 months ago

    Almost the same

  • Zachary Bond
    Zachary Bond 2 months ago

    1:16 there’s a fricken gun right behind you!

  • Brite Bomber
    Brite Bomber 2 months ago

    Joey screams like a girl no offence

  • HGL Channel
    HGL Channel 2 months ago

    1like=love J-Fred

  • Bro man Savage
    Bro man Savage 2 months ago

    #stop Conner and j-Fred abuse

  • Andrew Welninski
    Andrew Welninski 2 months ago +1


  • Jake Ryan Luke
    Jake Ryan Luke 2 months ago

    J-Fred: I need to find weapons.(inside armory). Me:🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Minecraft Cave Sound
    Minecraft Cave Sound 3 months ago


  • Mikayla Marie Bolilia
    Mikayla Marie Bolilia 4 months ago

    we love a good sister zoom in

  • Ron Leach
    Ron Leach 5 months ago

    Me to Josh is fine

  • Ron Leach
    Ron Leach 5 months ago

    1of you sed you were dizzy and I think you got hit in the head with a Nerf bullet

  • Stephen Dareau
    Stephen Dareau 5 months ago


    GAETAN BARIL 6 months ago

    give me your mask

  • Candy vs Freddy
    Candy vs Freddy 6 months ago

    #noodleboi GET ROASTED J-FRED!!!

  • Zachthedestroyer
    Zachthedestroyer 6 months ago

    poor cj

  • Alessandro Mariosa
    Alessandro Mariosa 6 months ago

    2:27 and 5:50 is computer generated I think

  • Alessandro Mariosa
    Alessandro Mariosa 6 months ago

    0:51 made me die laughing

  • Wallace_House 115
    Wallace_House 115 6 months ago

    She a maniac maniac

  • Isaac Padilla
    Isaac Padilla 6 months ago

    This is doood he wants girls how many likes determines his amount of girls

  • The GhostknightxXXXx
    The GhostknightxXXXx 6 months ago

    There’s kids it doesn’t matter it’s just guns they’re called Nerf guns for a reason so don’t call them Nerf blasters because then that’s a knock off

  • Manny Junior
    Manny Junior 7 months ago

    To Jacob Rodriguez

  • TheReaper 87
    TheReaper 87 7 months ago

    Joey had potato aim 😄😄😄😄

  • TheReaper 87
    TheReaper 87 7 months ago

    Nice video keep it up.

  • neo Peterson
    neo Peterson 7 months ago

    You should do a spin challenge when you shoot and spin

  • Teresa Amato
    Teresa Amato 7 months ago

    You suck at life

  • Isaac Swart
    Isaac Swart 7 months ago

    what mask is that it would be great for airsoft

  • RoachyChameleon
    RoachyChameleon 7 months ago

    "Single mode like J-Fred's life" I'm dead!!

  • neasa peoples
    neasa peoples 7 months ago

    Im a big year old and i know im doing it only for the meme

  • Marlon Chalo
    Marlon Chalo 7 months ago +1


  • DragonDelta929 _
    DragonDelta929 _ 7 months ago +2

    Me: *falls off bed laughing*

  • Kaitlyn Drake
    Kaitlyn Drake 7 months ago

    This is josh he’s rich
    👞 1 like equals take away his money

  • It’s me Jordan
    It’s me Jordan 7 months ago

    They should have used a go pro

  • GAY Puppy
    GAY Puppy 7 months ago

    Dope helmet ⛑

  • Rylee Maynard
    Rylee Maynard 7 months ago

    Anyone come from 2019 just to see their prime time?

  • Mr wolf Games
    Mr wolf Games 7 months ago

    I love how there using the Evike airsoft Juggernaut mask

  • Noah Cho
    Noah Cho 7 months ago

    i wish joey just jumped on the juggernaut

  • Noah Cho
    Noah Cho 7 months ago

    8:43 that turn

  • Noah Cho
    Noah Cho 7 months ago

    the juggernaut is like heavy from tf2 "i am heavy weapons guy and this is my gun" "it cost 400,000 dollars to shoot this gun for 12 seconds"

  • The100417
    The100417 7 months ago

    Universe Prison

  • Shaun Lewis
    Shaun Lewis 7 months ago

    Why does it keep saying blaster weirdly or like a robot

  • Ronnie Hanley
    Ronnie Hanley 7 months ago

    Paul takes games to serious

  • Braelyn Taylor
    Braelyn Taylor 7 months ago

    I lv this so much and the THE START

  • average polymorph st
    average polymorph st 7 months ago

    You guys should do Nerf hunger games

  • Smarren
    Smarren 7 months ago

    have a game where in there are cameras in the area being viewed by one, and where players must pass without being seen or else they will be attacked.

  • Elia McArtor
    Elia McArtor 7 months ago +2

    I Saw Robert from Cam and Jeff I love Kam and Jeff I love that channel

  • kylie mudry
    kylie mudry 7 months ago

    2:33 why did bryan do him like that

  • Gigi The Alicorn
    Gigi The Alicorn 8 months ago +3

    This is Emily
    She has cancer
    1 like = 1 prayer
    Help Emily 🥺

  • Connor Eland
    Connor Eland 8 months ago


  • baue fishin
    baue fishin 8 months ago

    "Being a child is... Conflicting." Wise words of j-fred