Cat defends baby from babysitter


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  • Toot Kie
    Toot Kie 9 hours ago

    The cat just be the baby babysitter tho o,o..

  • James Mara
    James Mara 12 hours ago

    Id have dropped punted kitty

  • Bannjerplays
    Bannjerplays 4 days ago

    I think the girl just jumped forward knocking down the glass scaring the kid and cat thought something happened and acted in suit by protecting the child you even see her make sure he didn’t hurt himself on the glass by making sure he doesn’t get too close

  • GREY Ghost
    GREY Ghost 4 days ago

    That was some funny shit the cat came down the stairs and was like ,"what the fuck are you doing to the baby?" Then presided to lay an ass whippin when the lady didnt do shit but using aglass cup instead of a plasic one.

  • LadyRavencide13
    LadyRavencide13 4 days ago

    For anyone saying "I'd punt/kick/fuck up the cat"
    It's not self defence, you are not at risk of harm, you have to be at risk of serious harm for it to be self defence. This is the law. A few cat scratches on your feet aren't risk of serious harm! Also it's only self defence if the thing attacking you is big enough and capable enough of caushing serious harm and you have retaliated with an equal, reasonable and measured force. Kicking an 8lb cat because it MIGHT have scratched you does not fit into this category.
    Also you can get something called soft paws which are plastic claw caps for cats. If THIS cat had those (which obviously you can't tell from the video) the babysitter is under no threat what so ever! So AGAIN it's not self defence.

  • LadyRavencide13
    LadyRavencide13 4 days ago

    Misleading title. It should be called, baby breaks glass with ball, starts crying, cat hears it and thinks babysitter attacked child and tries to defend child by attacking babysitter"
    Hey it's just like the tabloids or most newspapers that write bullshit headlines to get you to buy the paper!

  • sᴛᴀʀ ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀғʟʏ ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄs

    Maybe that cat just wants to eat...?

  • Mandelen Mandelen
    Mandelen Mandelen 5 days ago

    Don't ever mess with a Tuxedo cat! They are too smart for cat!

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 8 days ago


  • 100%
    100% 10 days ago +1

    Fuck that stupid cat !

  • Australian Kiwi
    Australian Kiwi 13 days ago

    all my cat does is lay down and eat NOTHING ELSE

  • Elijah Morgan
    Elijah Morgan 14 days ago

    Am sure if it was a Jamaican that cat would have been dead

  • Jodie daubenmire
    Jodie daubenmire 15 days ago

    My cat would only defend his food like that..

  • AGirlAlex
    AGirlAlex 16 days ago


  • Rob Escondo
    Rob Escondo 19 days ago

    The cat is fiesty af..

  • nick keegan
    nick keegan 21 day ago +1

    The baby sitter did nothing wrong

  • Don Ransom
    Don Ransom 21 day ago

    the cat was attacking her because the cat didnt want the baby to cry and it herd a broken glass so it might mean that this babysitter is not doing shit to clean up the broken glass all u gotta do to not make the cat think that u attacked it is quickly clean up that glass and run

  • 10'000 subscribers without videos?

    2018 anyone?

  • Merrick
    Merrick 23 days ago

    How much is this cat sir

  • lil baby joker
    lil baby joker 23 days ago

    The cat thought the baby was endanger an immediately went to go help💯💜

  • twink but sinning
    twink but sinning 24 days ago

    I don't have any cats :(

  • Apple Abston
    Apple Abston 26 days ago

    The cat seems to think the babysitter tried to harm the kid. So it went to protect its kid. What's so hard to understand about this? Are people not comprehending? It's so stupid simple to recognize.

  • The Early Kit Inn
    The Early Kit Inn 26 days ago

    I love this! Girl handled the situation well. Kitty knows to protect baby. They just need to know English so we can explain ourselves

  • Fred The Fish
    Fred The Fish 28 days ago

    MY leg!!!

  • Amohelang Kau
    Amohelang Kau Month ago

    Thats what im talking about Kitty!

  • bad boys frisky
    bad boys frisky Month ago +2

    Lol that cat just can’t stop attacking that poor lady XD

  • Keith Rieck
    Keith Rieck Month ago

    New game kick ball with a cat. I wouldve kicked thst little f----r right into the wall.

  • WtF ArE U tAlKiNg AbOuT nIgGa

    wtf the baby sitter didn’t even do anything!!!!! nice clickbait bitch

  • Arend Gamer
    Arend Gamer Month ago

    @I put Jevil battle theme

  • Leo DX
    Leo DX Month ago

    I feel sorry for the girl but am happy about the cat how it defended the boy and didn’t allow any harm to him ❤️

  • true fan
    true fan Month ago

    Should of kicked it against the wall then when you've made sure the baby is out of harms way pick up the cat by the tail and swing it round and round smashing it's head off every wall in the house then stamp on it until all it's ribs are smashed it's skull broken it's four legs broken in multiple places then cook it alive then while it's still alive cut it's guts open and let it see you eating it's insides.

  • Svdrks Channel
    Svdrks Channel Month ago

    Oh my god, That, is, cool I guess, I had a cat that died and someone broke into our house, clawed this to death, we know someone broke in because a window was busted, and I was snuggling my cat, until he woke her ;-;

  • Mash Ten
    Mash Ten Month ago

    I wish my cat just like them but I realized I don't have cat 😂😭

  • Giordana Frascella
    Giordana Frascella Month ago

    That cat is so brave

  • Widow Maker
    Widow Maker Month ago

    Cat was threatened that it was gonna lose its job of knocking things off of tables.

    SHIVANG PANDEY Month ago

    Dislike the video for being a clickbait.

  • Watcha Macallit
    Watcha Macallit Month ago

    And that is why I love dogs

  • Van Marshall
    Van Marshall Month ago

    I would have thrown hot greasebon the fucker

  • Ledgerina Ledger
    Ledgerina Ledger Month ago

    "Defends" is more like "attacks"... When I read the title I thought she was going to be rude to the baby and then get attacked, but she was taking good care of him.

  • Blu
    Blu Month ago +2

    she did a good job protecting the child. brave woman

  • Snow The Ghost Tiger

    Cat defender assemble

  • Talya Graham
    Talya Graham Month ago +5

    I love how that grey cat just broke up the fight!!😭💕💕

  • RyuuShaoran
    RyuuShaoran Month ago +1

    It's actually like this;
    Cat coming out from the room: what? What happen?
    Saw the broken glass..
    Cat: How dare u punny hooman broke my glass!! I'm the only one who can knock it off from table!! Attaaaaacckk..!!!
    The other cat: what?? What happen? Huuhh? What??
    1:27 chill dude... There's many other things on table u can knock off..
    It's never about the kid...
    Believe me..

  • Becky Goodhair
    Becky Goodhair Month ago +1

    Why I am laughing so much at this...she should have just grabbed the cat from under the chin and throw her in a room, that's what I did with my cats when they went nuts.

    • LadyRavencide13
      LadyRavencide13 4 days ago

      People should be tested before being allowed to own animals!

  • Tow Wong
    Tow Wong Month ago

    Pet Semetary in real life

  • Tow Wong
    Tow Wong Month ago

    1:04 When your human didn't give you food

  • Lil ass ATL
    Lil ass ATL Month ago

    My cat always rob mah food if u go to market

  • Shehzi TV
    Shehzi TV Month ago

    My cat just eat sleep and repeat.

  • Pecinta Panadol Merah

    Fucking caption just for click bait.

  • lewinmachado
    lewinmachado Month ago

    It's an wrong title given to this video...

  • Noelia
    Noelia Month ago

    The cat thought she hurt the baby so try to protect him por her.

  • Dylan Bethlehem
    Dylan Bethlehem Month ago

    Tuff cat 🐈

  • Sarai Walle
    Sarai Walle Month ago

    I think that the cat was trying to defend the his kitten bc if u look at 0:41 the looks like he was hitting a kitten with the ball and the cat came and thought it was her I think that happened im not sure though

  • Joaquin Lomeli
    Joaquin Lomeli Month ago +1

    I don't get it, what did the babysitter do wrong? She didn't do anything

    • necro arcan
      necro arcan Month ago

      well she push the baby away from the galss , cat taude she was harming the tiny human , cat did not like here attack his family , cat attack

  • mary grace labuan
    mary grace labuan Month ago

    2nd cat be like: what the hell is goin' on here.

  • CC Dub
    CC Dub Month ago

    The fact that the cat walked into the room and made up its own conclusion about what went down without seeing anything is... astounding

  • CorkedLight 48
    CorkedLight 48 Month ago

    He protcc
    He atacc
    But most importantly

    He a cat

  • Born Yesterday
    Born Yesterday Month ago

    Id stab the cat

  • asnl1999
    asnl1999 Month ago

    I would’ve threw that little motherfucker out the window........and the cat too

  • Taneka Bellamy
    Taneka Bellamy Month ago +6

    Let me just say this I woulda tried to kill that dam cat!!!

    • LadyRavencide13
      LadyRavencide13 4 days ago

      Why? For hurting your delicate little feet while protecting a baby? Oh how terrible of the cat!

    JUJU FLAME JANE Month ago

    Am i evil for laughing omg this reminds me of when me and boyfriend was play fighting and our Dog thought we were serious she tried to attack him FUNNIEST DAY ever

  • LoonyLovegood Fan101

    I kinda feel bad cuz the girl didn’t do anything, but why tf did she leave broken glass on the same ground a baby was running around on???

  • Allstar 1212
    Allstar 1212 Month ago

    The cat will fly over the window if I were that baby sitter!

  • Green Ranger Chen
    Green Ranger Chen Month ago

    Why I'm teary eyed watching the babysitter attacks by that cat 🙄😭😭 poor Babysitter 😭😭

  • Yuko Krys
    Yuko Krys Month ago +1

    The ball hit the glass, cat attacked the lady because she wants to break it later herself, lady got attacked, lady didnt attacked back, lady save the kid. Stupid title.

  • Grassy The Warrior
    Grassy The Warrior Month ago

    Actually the other cat was trying to stop and protecting the babysitter

  • ashwin.s 408
    ashwin.s 408 Month ago +3

    Cat is a better babysitter than her.

  • Jocelyn Rodriguez
    Jocelyn Rodriguez Month ago

    Cats only attack like that when your doing something evil. Trust me I know from experience. There lazy but they know when to attack.

  • شمس الشموس

    Sandy take me pls dont do favor To me .je humain .

  • Jaguar strong
    Jaguar strong Month ago

    She should at least crash some vase or chair on that cute little stupid pet cat dumb face. This cat is stupid as fucel

  • Adabashi Family
    Adabashi Family Month ago

    So cute at the end when the other cat stands between psycho kitty and the babysitter. Poor girl!

  • TayTay Dorable
    TayTay Dorable Month ago

    The girl didn't do anything wrong. Also does she know that you have a nanny cam in your house just watching her all the time. So creepy...

  • mwahahahahaha-guy
    mwahahahahaha-guy Month ago

    Most misleadine title

  • ItsZiqqTheGamer
    ItsZiqqTheGamer Month ago

    I need that cat🌚

  • Josh Cyr
    Josh Cyr Month ago

    I give this a thumbs down for wrong choice of words in ur TITLE for this vid...
    I see no babysitter harming a baby in this video...
    No Need For Fake News Titles From The Actual Event.
    -Josh Cyr From Maine

  • Gautam Rawat
    Gautam Rawat Month ago

    That pussy goes wild 😂

  • nineplusten twentyone
    nineplusten twentyone Month ago +3

    Cat, use fury swipes!
    Also, the cat: *uses fury swipes to the power of 1000*
    Can I at least get 15 likes please 😅😂

  • Veox
    Veox Month ago

    Defends from what?

  • Ruhin Sandhi
    Ruhin Sandhi Month ago

    Cats are loyal too...👌

  • jef jef
    jef jef Month ago

    If i was that girl.the next moment i will kick the cat through the window

    EHAB ELKELBASH Month ago

    Wth..what did the babysitter do?!?! XD

  • Yogi McNovendy
    Yogi McNovendy Month ago

    Babysitter difitnah pecahan kaca. Namun kucing sudah kesulut emosi wkwkwk

  • LinoloTV !!!
    LinoloTV !!! Month ago +1

    Yees, the SuperCuteCat

  • Anna Guerrero
    Anna Guerrero Month ago


  • Dan Ameral
    Dan Ameral Month ago +1

    I adore cats but this cat is an asshole

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean Month ago



    But...She don't do anything

  • Σια Τ.
    Σια Τ. Month ago +40

    I am actually sorry for her

  • lil GANGAR
    lil GANGAR Month ago

    Well atleast she didnt kick the shit out of the cat

  • Guitar Rodis
    Guitar Rodis Month ago

    The title should be "idiot cat attacked a poor woman"

  • Shubham Kapoor
    Shubham Kapoor Month ago +1

    Cat turned into a lion real quick ✓

  • Abdulsattar Al-janabi

    Shit of title

  • Awake Now
    Awake Now Month ago +2

    Wow, that's a very angry cat 😂😂

  • Gmoney 67
    Gmoney 67 Month ago

    My cat if this was me
    Cat:shut the $&$@ up

  • みんむん
    みんむん Month ago


  • Ana Maria Gutierrez

    The babysitter was just playing she is innocent.

  • layde1
    layde1 Month ago

    Is that a soft toy black and white cat in the babysitters lap? It gets hit by the balloon and is discarded on the floor by the table. Perhaps the attacking cat saw it lying there and thought it was real. Something certainly happened at that point to make the cat feel threatened. If it heard the loud noise and saw the toy cat, thinking it was perhaps injured or dead, it might explain the attack.

  • Boyet togstogs
    Boyet togstogs Month ago +1


  • swish831
    swish831 Month ago

    I hate cats

  • Benito Sanchez
    Benito Sanchez Month ago

    Fix the tile of the video!
    How did the cat defend the baby from the babysitter? The cat attacked the babysitter, the only thing that happen was a broken glass.