Cat defends baby from babysitter


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  • lex mark
    lex mark 21 hour ago

    It was just an accident the glass got broken on the counter the babysitter wasn't doing anything to the child this is totally misleading I hate crap like this just to get views. I'm reporting this b******* and you guys are just pumping on this just to get your two cents in it

  • lex mark
    lex mark 21 hour ago

    What the girl wasn't doing anything to tbe child except cleaning up the glass that got broken accidentally by who ever. The title is wrong on this and your just trying to get views on false accusations of child abuse that never happened that's how things get blown out of proportion this is b******* reporting this

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    Calm Your Tits

  • Mocking69
    Mocking69 Day ago


  • Vivian Pough
    Vivian Pough 3 days ago

    I know she's the babysitter and doesn't want to harm the family pet but it was getting close to just drop kicking that cat.

  • Maryad Noriega
    Maryad Noriega 3 days ago

    That's not true,she's her mother.

  • jonnesuomiboi45 567
    jonnesuomiboi45 567 5 days ago

    Poor babysitter

  • Barani Silalahi
    Barani Silalahi 5 days ago +1

    In the panic situation, we always didn't do and think smart, like used some thing for covering from the cat attack.
    Sorry my English is bad, I'm Indonesian. 🤗

  • Void
    Void 6 days ago


  • theresa gray
    theresa gray 7 days ago

    babysitter "OH stay away broken glass

    Cat"OH HELL no you aint welcome in my home you aint about to touch my family member bruh"

  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin 8 days ago

    You don't know if the girl was trying to harm him you don't know that because you wasn't there and the cat has every right to protect the baby why not you see some people say cat is stupid and they're not because they are cat they can send everything so yes the cat have every right as she thinks she's smart by lifting up the baby I don't think so that cats will tear that place down for that child so you can't say or I don't think so you aren't so who the f*** are you to say you don't f****** think so darling shut your fukin mouth yeah how you was not there were you there were you in the f****** video no

  • Riley Perry
    Riley Perry 9 days ago

    That cat needs award

  • Kass Daley
    Kass Daley 10 days ago

    thats so amazing

  • Kath Valdez
    Kath Valdez 10 days ago

    i wish i have a cat like this

  • Dazzling Hazel iis
    Dazzling Hazel iis 10 days ago

    Lol funny wtf is going on with the kitty

  • Bandor
    Bandor 11 days ago

    Cats sometimes, actually just react badly to any form of disturbance, especially to their sleep. So, the cat has heard the noise caused by the broken glass and the child crying, and has went to investigate it. On finding the babysitter beside the broken glass, it then decides to punish her, as it thinks she caused the disturbance. The babysitter did invite on a lot of the attack though, by continually backing away. If she had kept on moving towards the cat instead, or possibly just stood her ground, then it would probably only have attacked her for a bit of time, before running away.

  • George Weilenmann
    George Weilenmann 11 days ago

    good kitty

    ORITE'S PLAYZ NOW 11 days ago

    the babysitter didnt do anything

  • Definitely not A gamer

    Too cute

  • Brie Teas
    Brie Teas 13 days ago

    One time, at my grandma's place, a couple of my dogs got into a fight, and I was yelling at them to stop.
    When they stopped (no one was injured), Grandma came in to see what was going on.
    Turns out while I was trying to get the dogs to stop, my cat left a full bowl of food behind, and was trying to knock the door down so he can go and protect me from whatever was causing me distress.

    • rayism 24b
      rayism 24b 8 days ago +1

      And this one time, at band camp....................................

  • vmkoz
    vmkoz 14 days ago

    made me laugh

    CHANNEL X 14 days ago

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  • Hardik Mokariya
    Hardik Mokariya 16 days ago

    Why do cats always protect babies and not give a shit about adults

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 16 days ago +1

    Anyone who has every been scratched by a cat's natural (non-blunted) claws knows the pain this lady was in. Her legs, I'm sure, were covered in fine razor-blade-like cuts (assuming the cat had claws). Watch around 01:07 to about 01:11; the cat swung with her leg so I would guess it did have front claws.
    Poor lady. An angry cat is a force to be reckoned with. Their teeth and claws are sharp; and they are small enough to move very fast, yet large enough to deliver painful bites and slashes. Could you imagine being attacked by five angry cats in a small space.

  • anthony robinson
    anthony robinson 17 days ago

    Is it me or did it look like the other cat was trying to brake it up

  • Nishant Gola
    Nishant Gola 18 days ago

    Baby is so cute

  • Ozair Abdur Rahman
    Ozair Abdur Rahman 21 day ago

    They don’t need the babysitter if they have a cat like that

  • Doog six
    Doog six 21 day ago

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  • Meggidus Smith
    Meggidus Smith 21 day ago

    Me:Babysitters are so mean and bloddy....|Cat:Hold my beer.

  • 애정EM💞
    애정EM💞 22 days ago

    The boy threw the ball and it hit the china, that fell. That cats an ass.

  • damian sorrow
    damian sorrow 24 days ago

    dat cat dogwalk her dumb whiteass XD

  • white wolf
    white wolf 24 days ago +1

    Cheer for the cat

  • Noreen Ali
    Noreen Ali 25 days ago

    This is why i love cats

  • Cee Cee B.
    Cee Cee B. 25 days ago


  • Tom Brookes
    Tom Brookes 26 days ago

    I love that those cats so much

  • Delaney the Zebra
    Delaney the Zebra 27 days ago

    What was she doing?

    SUPER COBRA MAN GUY 27 days ago

    Go go go CAT

  • Natalie Phaly
    Natalie Phaly 27 days ago


  • iris marinou
    iris marinou 28 days ago

    "Defending" from what and shom ? The baby sitter isnt doing anything wrong

  • juanita green
    juanita green 28 days ago

    Put that aggressive ass cat to sleep wtf

  • marley Cullum
    marley Cullum 29 days ago

    I don’t think there’s any need to K I C K the cat do you?

    CRISELDA Month ago

    I wanna have a cat like that hahahaha

  • broxenvibes
    broxenvibes Month ago

    Aww so sweet although the babysitter wasn't trying to harm the baby, the cat went in at the wrong time saw the glass and thought

  • Jimmy Gallant
    Jimmy Gallant Month ago

    Loving it

  • Aloan Soares
    Aloan Soares Month ago

    Me hate cats idiot cats

  • Kie Dan
    Kie Dan Month ago


  • Ally Cat
    Ally Cat Month ago

    The babysitter did everything right honestly. She even picked the baby up to make sure the kitty wouldn’t accidentally hurt the baby. The baby just cried because the glass broke and got scared and the cat thought she did something. Good babysitter good kitty good baby. :)

  • Human Dog
    Human Dog Month ago

    This just shows that cats are dangerous animals, next time get a pitbull.

  • John Null
    John Null Month ago

    1:25 the grey cat tells the black cat it was an accident.

  • Anigkutulhu
    Anigkutulhu Month ago

    That cat is a psycho!

  • Caleb Sargent
    Caleb Sargent Month ago

    My naked kitten bitch you made him cry.

  • Illanati Illy
    Illanati Illy Month ago

    That’s a rare Pokémon

  • Mike Mendoza
    Mike Mendoza Month ago

    If you look closely the babysitter put the kitten that she was holding in danger. The momma cat was protecting her kitten.

  • XDXFahMY 999
    XDXFahMY 999 Month ago +1

    but I dont see the what the babysitter did to that baby😑😕

    ETHNIC VILLAGE Month ago

    Some cat are over protective.

  • Andres Mendoza
    Andres Mendoza Month ago

    I would have kicked the shit out of that cat

  • Koala Gaming
    Koala Gaming Month ago

    I wish i had a pet like that

  • Cindy Julian
    Cindy Julian Month ago

    Cats are protective with their family. They can do alot of damage. They are fast and its over before you know it.

  • Bryan Broyles
    Bryan Broyles Month ago

    Ke ke power

  • tileformiles
    tileformiles Month ago

    That crazy cat should have it's teeth and claws removed. Let it drink milk from now on. 😂

  • Louis Hernandez
    Louis Hernandez Month ago


  • Sweet Virus
    Sweet Virus Month ago

    Fuck the money id end up killing that cat.

  • Amelia Damek
    Amelia Damek Month ago +1

    dobrze jej tak jak można tak traktować zwierzeta

  • memo baba
    memo baba Month ago +1


  • Josh Windle
    Josh Windle Month ago

    damn lol

  • Gambit The Exiled
    Gambit The Exiled Month ago

    Fuck scavengers dog lovers cats are tiger fam can kill for their loved ones.

  • Shazlianna Amy
    Shazlianna Amy Month ago

    I love cat s

  • feenekin fire
    feenekin fire Month ago


  • gamer kid
    gamer kid Month ago +1

    Are you stupid the glass fell

  • bksonny
    bksonny Month ago

    I'm sort of confused why the nanny was drinking out of a glass at the same time playing catch with the baby!?!? I think the cat was probably angry that she put the baby in harm... tears or no tears! I love cats btw ♡

  • TicciToby's Child
    TicciToby's Child Month ago +3

    Kinda feel like I've been click baited...

  • Kerri Johnston
    Kerri Johnston Month ago

    I have never seen a cat react like that before! At least you know if someone is really trying to hurt him that cat will fuck someone up

  • E2rd1994
    E2rd1994 Month ago

    She should receive some extra money from owners... i dont think that she has being attacked by the cat in her contract tasks

  • 人參剩粒祖
    人參剩粒祖 Month ago

    wow the other smart cat tried to stop it.

  • Didik Achmadi
    Didik Achmadi Month ago

    I thought the babysitter was evil

  • Camielle McClelland

    Smh no cats for me

  • BackKinfa
    BackKinfa Month ago

    Humans would winwin against cats but babysitter didn't want to hurt cat

  • flicker the flame
    flicker the flame Month ago

    More like cat attacks babysitter.

  • papaj papaj
    papaj papaj Month ago

    They not defend, just attack that girl. What the stupid title !!!

  • John Carroll
    John Carroll Month ago

    I would have punted the cat like a football

  • Ronnie Baker
    Ronnie Baker Month ago

    Never underestimate the intelligence of a small child or an animal. The grey cat had to make the black cat to chill

  • Alex Armstrong
    Alex Armstrong Month ago

    Lol, other cat is trying to break it up

  • kalamazooracing
    kalamazooracing Month ago

    More animals should do this...

  • Abigail bum bum
    Abigail bum bum Month ago

    Stupid cat

  • lisa koola
    lisa koola Month ago

    i’m gonna eat you up

  • 박Jane
    박Jane Month ago

    Poor the babysitter.. she was just doing her job but the cat misunderstood her & attack her :/ the grey one is smart though it tried to stop the black one lol

  • Bossman Jenkins
    Bossman Jenkins Month ago

    Yeah cats suck. And so does the person who captioned this.

  • Debra Thompson
    Debra Thompson Month ago

    The baby sitter didn't do anything wrong that cat didn't like her my cat when I was dating my husband know didn't like him

  • Kitty The Princess And Friends!

    I laughed when it said broken glass? GAME ON!

  • diegovivi vivian
    diegovivi vivian Month ago

    wrong Title!!! She was not hurting him at all! only a misunderstanding!

  • John Coyne
    John Coyne Month ago

    That cat would’ve been punted across the room.

  • B.T.S A.R.M.Y
    B.T.S A.R.M.Y Month ago

    I don't know why I find this funny lmao

  • Simone Peccolo
    Simone Peccolo Month ago

    Ma molla un calcio a sto gatto...

  • Marion Yeager
    Marion Yeager Month ago

    And people hate black cats. SHAME ON YOU ALL.

  • TheJode
    TheJode Month ago

    This cat should bee on My hero academia

  • guardian fortress
    guardian fortress Month ago

    Click bait title... lol but the cat actually does more harm since that baby could eat or step on the glass, because the sitter is distracted by the cat.

  • Monica Kratz
    Monica Kratz Month ago

    The other car is like, "Dude, chill out! Remember to count to ten!".

  • Damion Feistel
    Damion Feistel Month ago

    I actually feel bad for the babysitter because she didnt do anything but that cat was awesome!