Cat defends baby from babysitter


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  • Buffi D
    Buffi D 20 minutes ago

    That must have been his favorite glass...☹️

  • Olfat Amer
    Olfat Amer 37 minutes ago

    How dare she kicked the cat and took the baby

  • Rocalocko 1171
    Rocalocko 1171 2 hours ago

    That chicken dance was pretty funny.


    τα ζωα οπως και τα μικρά παιδιά διαισθάνονται τις κακές ψυχές για αυτό το γατάκι είναι επιθετικό στην babysitter

  • Maryjane Green
    Maryjane Green 3 hours ago

    Cats are awesome, dogs too.

  • Boo Sweets
    Boo Sweets 3 hours ago

    Never ever do a cats Job

  • Delta3 Actual
    Delta3 Actual 4 hours ago

    People here who think this cat intends to defend the child don't know what they're talking about. Cats are totally unpredictable creatures. Whatever reason this cat had for becoming aggressive is its own entirely.

  • Blueberryjazz Msp
    Blueberryjazz Msp 5 hours ago

    Omg how cute

  • realcygnus
    realcygnus 7 hours ago


  • PotatoisLyf
    PotatoisLyf 9 hours ago

    THE BABYSITTER DIDNT EVEN DO ANYTHING.. They just PLAYED Ball. The reason the Cat attacked the Babysitter is because the CAT thought the babysitter was hitting the Baby! The ball was the reason if faller Glass... Omg I feel bad for the babysitter.
    Edit: I meant the Kid accidentally pushed the broken glass on da floor

  • Luis XX
    Luis XX 9 hours ago

    I love cats! My sister's cat protects me from any one just like this specially an outsider because she loves me. I gibe her unconditional love and she gives it right back. Animals can sense all energy, weak, strong, positive, negative and ext so they react accordingly.

  • HeidiDawn1990
    HeidiDawn1990 9 hours ago

    Id football kick it threw the wall

  • Paracelsus
    Paracelsus 10 hours ago

    Bitch was a blood drinker, cats know what's up.

  • J Foxx
    J Foxx 10 hours ago

    Seems like that just went crazy to me.

  • BlackKNyT
    BlackKNyT 10 hours ago

    Spartan Cat: bitch... This is Spartaaaaaaaaaa.....

  • Jerry Mouse
    Jerry Mouse 10 hours ago

    That cat gangsta asf

  • Luis Manuel Sanchez
    Luis Manuel Sanchez 11 hours ago

    The Kitty Is protecting the kid . Unbeliveable ,,,,,

  • Aüdrey Nalina
    Aüdrey Nalina 11 hours ago

    At the end she picked up the baby which was good because she was trying to keep him safe. She seemed like a great sitter

  • Natsuki
    Natsuki 11 hours ago

    Cats need to be trained to not do that crap she was just picking up glass, jesus.

  • Learn&teach2Learn
    Learn&teach2Learn 12 hours ago

    Click bait but good video

  • Myloh Thai-Harbeck
    Myloh Thai-Harbeck 12 hours ago

    Drop kick the cat

  • bob dylan
    bob dylan 13 hours ago

    My dog snapped at a baby once .... Baby didnt know any better then to pull fur .... He only snapped at a person once ... EVER ... If i was the baby sitter that cat would be dead

  • PastelFoxy Fox
    PastelFoxy Fox 13 hours ago +1

    This is why my mom doesn't pay for stuff like this.....


  • Private Information
    Private Information 13 hours ago

    I didn’t know cats got down like that!

  • Bumblefritz
    Bumblefritz 16 hours ago

    *Cat walks in.
    "I KEEL YOU!!!"

  • HP Lovecraft
    HP Lovecraft 17 hours ago

    Someone help...Im stuck in my bathroom with cats outside the door. They are trying to get in. Oh god, oh god, they are picking the locks. they know im in here. Someone please ahhhhhhhhhhh🐈

  • Patrice Dunmore
    Patrice Dunmore 17 hours ago


  • Cece Martorana
    Cece Martorana 17 hours ago

    I feel bad for the baby sitter doing her job

  • Melody Logan
    Melody Logan 18 hours ago

    The other cat had me cracking up tbh

  • D Me
    D Me 18 hours ago

    Maybe she was on her cycle & it was a horny male cat.

  • Kurt Jack Berhalter
    Kurt Jack Berhalter 18 hours ago

    A little pussy never hurt anyone even if you're named Donald Trump

  • Aafke Blootvoetje
    Aafke Blootvoetje 18 hours ago

    I think it was because she used the cat to bounce the ball back in the beginning of the video... I would also have taken revange if I was that cat

  • Exelero92
    Exelero92 18 hours ago

    I would kick that cat so hard until it would fly to the moon...

    DIG GER 19 hours ago

    Scruff that mother fucker and toss out the damn door

  • king Josy
    king Josy 19 hours ago

    “Cat saves child from babysitter” really? What did the sitter do to the kid ? More like, “cat attacks babysitter for no reason.”

  • tarksable
    tarksable 19 hours ago

    My cat would egg me on. Kill the child KILL ITTTTT!!!

  • I K George
    I K George 19 hours ago

    Cat was like no way , you touch him then is you and me
    Be like , I don't care what you trying to do, but be careful because I don't play that with my friend ok.

  • GG Jones
    GG Jones 19 hours ago

    Sue the family. Including the stupid kid

  • Kevin Tamas
    Kevin Tamas 20 hours ago

    What cheat title. "Cat protects baby from baby sitter" but in the description "cat attacks innocent baby sitter". So what is it? I love cats, but dammit, kick this crazy cat to the moon!

  • White Zangetsu
    White Zangetsu 20 hours ago

    Cats are stupid and useless

  • Ishita Guha
    Ishita Guha 21 hour ago

    Im speechless... Really special cat...

  • Velvolt
    Velvolt 21 hour ago

    Other cat went between them. That cat probably saying "CALM THE F DOWN MAN. CALM DOWN" LMAO!!

  • donrainesoh
    donrainesoh 21 hour ago

    I thought maybe she hurt the kid but no the cat is just fucking psycho. I’d have killed it.

  • Ashley Campbell
    Ashley Campbell 22 hours ago

    Animals are smart

  • Isaac Brock
    Isaac Brock 23 hours ago

    How is this funny? There is a small child there stood around broken glass and this poor woman can't keep the kid safe from it cause of this fucking cat. I love cats but they aren't always funny. This is terrible

  • TheQwackMan007
    TheQwackMan007 23 hours ago

    My cat is more badass he kills birds somehow on a weekly basis

  • Cookie Bub
    Cookie Bub 23 hours ago

    And people say cats are not loyal

  • barnichua
    barnichua 23 hours ago

    That happens to me, and I would kick the cat to death. Lose a job, but justice be done

  • tiguereza2003
    tiguereza2003 23 hours ago

    A must will be to change the title of the video as its misleading.

  • patel136
    patel136 Day ago

    In Vietnam and Korea that cat would be on the menu

  • mogo
    mogo Day ago

    can I have that cat pls

  • Zombie 909
    Zombie 909 Day ago +1

    Don't underestimate cats!!. They have more balls than most dogs... My cat attacked our regular maintenance man.. Lol😂

  • Spy Fox
    Spy Fox Day ago

    Big things come in small packages.

  • Duhdog Dvg
    Duhdog Dvg Day ago

    Cats are retarded

    CRAZYCROAT Day ago

    Black/white cats are easy but mental when shit gets real. Got one to.

  • Space Neko
    Space Neko Day ago +1

    The other cat's staring like *tf* is going on

  • Aishi Veen
    Aishi Veen Day ago

    Poor lady

  • Bushy brows
    Bushy brows Day ago +1

    The babysitter didn’t do anything. The title is a little clickbaitish, but maybe thr cat thought she was hurting the baby? I have cats and that happens. They get really flustered if they hear random noises and they sometimes attack one of the other cats for some reason. They get frazzled really easily.

  • Flyboy Nasty
    Flyboy Nasty Day ago

    That cat shouldn't b around that baby. It to tough smh. It'll hurt that kid if played wrong with

  • Ultra Instinct -Azylis-

    Cats > dogs

  • Tanell Hendrix
    Tanell Hendrix Day ago


  • Charlene Sinclair

    "If I pick this random thing up off the floor for no apparent reason maybe this nightmare will end!" 1:27

  • Janneth Maldonado


  • Anna Dunn
    Anna Dunn Day ago


  • Bonnita Despy
    Bonnita Despy Day ago

    Did anyone else laugh and laugh?

  • Daysi Little
    Daysi Little Day ago

    This is amazing pets are so lovely, unfortunately the babysitter was in a scary situation. But if it would've been a person doing something bad to the kid, the cat was doing a great job. I love animals ❤

  • Wa ja
    Wa ja Day ago

    Gotta love critters

  • lucky you
    lucky you Day ago

    White girls are so cute getting her ass kicked by a cat

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez Day ago

    She just accidentally broke the glass don't clickbait people cunt

  • Zero Point
    Zero Point Day ago

    I don’t get it.. has she never punted a cat?? Any cat acting like that can be punted, choked and/or thrown into a wall and it’ll run like a scared bitch. Lol Grow up..... lol

  • Rochelle Howell
    Rochelle Howell Day ago

    Go cat

  • Damien Clark
    Damien Clark Day ago

    This is stupid she didn’t do anything 🙄 I’d be putting that cat in the fucking Closet

  • Nair Harshith
    Nair Harshith Day ago


  • Wahlt G.
    Wahlt G. Day ago

    Lol that cat is furious. I have never seen a cat attacked a person to that extreme.

  • Matina Jazmine
    Matina Jazmine Day ago +2

    I keep wondering what the parents did to the cat .is he still with them ?did they get rid of him?did they get scared ? I need answers damn it!

  • Erwin Breit
    Erwin Breit Day ago +2

    Actually this babysitter is a good woman, some ppl would have beaten the cat

  • Robert Owens
    Robert Owens Day ago

    Oh thank god i thought the sitter hurt the baby phew!

  • jium Pal
    jium Pal Day ago

    😂😂😂😂 that cat tho she didn’t even do anything

  • N'J J W
    N'J J W Day ago

    The other cat just chilling, eating popcorn

  • phloridababe
    phloridababe Day ago

    That’s the first house cat I think I’ve ever liked!

  • Shannon Cunningham
    Shannon Cunningham Day ago +1

    That Cat Is Straight Ganta😎😎😎😎

  • Laquever Fryar
    Laquever Fryar Day ago

    Look like something my babies would do

  • J__quin
    J__quin Day ago

    That babysitter was manhandling that crap out of that cat while she played ball with the baby. I bet the cat attacked her out of revenge, no doubt.

  • Pixie Lacey
    Pixie Lacey Day ago

    Damn that cat is flipping protective 😦

  • 1080terrieh
    1080terrieh Day ago

    I thought it was going to be abusive case, the babysitter did nothing wrong, so that was good

  • park suk
    park suk Day ago


  • melahuak
    melahuak Day ago

    Seems when she picks up the baby towards end the cat gets further annoyed at her for not leaving him alone

  • Reagan Parker
    Reagan Parker Day ago


  • Lily kh
    Lily kh Day ago


  • Please Enter Name

    The cat is Phsyco 😂

  • Johnny Nunya
    Johnny Nunya Day ago

    I would of so killed their cat by kicking him so hard he hits the wall across the room. Same as a dog that attacks a human hopefully that cat got put down.

    • Lotus Galaxy
      Lotus Galaxy Day ago +1

      I instantly hate you.The cat did nothing wrong,it tought that the babysitter was trying to hurt the baby.

  • Tadanielle t
    Tadanielle t 2 days ago

    But the baby sitter don't do any thing right??

    • Lotus Galaxy
      Lotus Galaxy Day ago

      Tadanielle t yeah,the cat tought that she was trying to hurt him,thats why it attacked.

  • My Bad
    My Bad 2 days ago

    i love their furniture

  • Pam4Christ
    Pam4Christ 2 days ago +16

    What was funny was the other cat trying 2mediate, he was telling the black cat. Naw now STOP, they was jus playing, the glass fell, stop scratching her or she aint gonna wanna come back. Dang y u keep running all the good babysitters away😒 I'm telling ma when she get home😖

    • Pam4Christ
      Pam4Christ 4 hours ago +1

      sgdeluxedoc lolol, love cats, they so smart and have unique personalities. I grew up in the country then moved 2the city and i had cats as pets growing up and they used 2 attack😞 our company when they didn't know em thinking they was trying 2 harm us. Used 2 have 2put em up til company left lol but if they could talk, oh man, i could only imagine😂

    • Fluffy Brown
      Fluffy Brown 4 hours ago


    • sgdeluxedoc
      sgdeluxedoc 11 hours ago +1

      You seem to know cats! Welcome to the funny farm ;-)

  • marioernesto mendoza


    • Lotus Galaxy
      Lotus Galaxy Day ago

      The cat is not crazy nor nastly.It was doing the right thing,but for the wrong cause.It tought she was hurting the baby.

  • Nathaniel Claw
    Nathaniel Claw 2 days ago

    But above all else, he ATTACC

  • Leena A.
    Leena A. 2 days ago

    I would have kill that fucking cat

  • Jared Brattoli
    Jared Brattoli 2 days ago

    I woulda kicked that cat across the room

    • Charlene Sinclair
      Charlene Sinclair Day ago

      Jared Brattoli wuts rong wid dat?

    • Jared Brattoli
      Jared Brattoli Day ago

      Lotus Galaxy and you want to kick me because I would kick a cat that was attacking me? So you value cats over humans?

    • Lotus Galaxy
      Lotus Galaxy Day ago +1

      Jared Brattoli i wanna kick you now

  • lexus fazio
    lexus fazio 2 days ago

    She disnt do anything wrong. He broke the glass and she pushed him away so he wouldnt get hurt. She didnt punch him or kick him.shes even protecting the baby from the cat

  • Kunkfu Panda
    Kunkfu Panda 2 days ago