Cat defends baby from babysitter


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  • Mackenzie Mcintyre
    Mackenzie Mcintyre 36 minutes ago

    What did the baby sitter do she was trying to make sure the baby diden't get hurt😐

  • J F
    J F Hour ago

    How do you read that as defending the child? I just see a whacked out cat.

  • Robert McBride
    Robert McBride Hour ago

    They should make cat food in cats arse flavour, as my cat seems to like licking hers.......

  • Fabián Grez
    Fabián Grez 3 hours ago

    The other cat was like: "Wtf are you doing, man, calm your paws"

  • Jackie B
    Jackie B 3 hours ago


  • 91ashleylover
    91ashleylover 4 hours ago

    It looks like when she was trying to push the ball away, she accidentally tipped over the glass. But this is cute.

  • Matias Mähönen
    Matias Mähönen 6 hours ago

    Stupid cate

  • ANNO 1632
    ANNO 1632 7 hours ago

    Why is a camera in this room upside ??? Georg Orwell !!!!

  • O_o
    O_o 12 hours ago

    Angels are absolutely in love with children and are always protecting them ❤️

  • Jessica Lim
    Jessica Lim 16 hours ago

    she was using the black white cat to throw back the ball instead of using her own hands to play with the boy, the cat got frustrated because she obligates the cat to play, the cat beats for defends and clearly she is not a vet because she would know how to react with animal, not like a dumd ass bicth

    • BIG WOZ
      BIG WOZ 13 hours ago

      Cats are just fucking psychos.

  • Susie Que
    Susie Que 21 hour ago

    That would be the cat's last day on earth. The scratches will heal soon after I put you in the shallow hole in the back yard

  • Rich R
    Rich R 22 hours ago

    Shoulda kicked it in the head....GAME OVER. Lol

  • Air Bo
    Air Bo 22 hours ago

    Lmao the clickbait headline makes the top comments about defending the babysitter xD
    Like damn we know. We saw the video

  • Suit and TY
    Suit and TY 22 hours ago

    This video was made six years ago, I wonder where that kid is now 🤔

  • CandyBandit1296
    CandyBandit1296 22 hours ago

    Why was the video broke up?

  • JayJay FruitLoops
    JayJay FruitLoops 23 hours ago

    I would've chocked that cat and threw it out the window

  • Cheese Burger
    Cheese Burger Day ago

    Baby sister didn't anything wrong ! Just kill this psychocat !

  • David Harris
    David Harris Day ago

    I would've toe-punted the cat like I was hitting a free-kick from 35 yards if it tried that with me and I had done nothing wrong.

  • Yuri DDLC
    Yuri DDLC Day ago

    Babysitter: James back up there's broken glass
    Babysitter:*picks up Hooman*
    Other cat:chill dude it's broken glass
    Other cat:OH DID SHE NOW?!
    Cat:YEAH DUDE!!!

  • MadaB Gaming
    MadaB Gaming Day ago +1

    It’s just like rar raaaa raahhrr

  • Koro
    Koro Day ago +1

    Kid destroys vase -> Babysitter is protecting the child -> Cat attacks her for what fucking reason ? U cat people are so fucking retarded

  • Roberta Dunlap
    Roberta Dunlap Day ago +1

    She was just playing with the baby and when the cat heard the noise at the same time the baby was crying he thought the sitter harm the baby but she was a good babysitter she even pick the child up fearing that the cat might try and hurt the baby as well

  • Young ElmoBSM
    Young ElmoBSM Day ago

    1:27 when your home holds you back 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Nastja Sokolov
    Nastja Sokolov Day ago

    hahahha omg sooo sweet

  • Peter Koslovski
    Peter Koslovski Day ago

    The Video Titel is not correct. The women Did nothing to the kid.

  • Tae Bundy
    Tae Bundy Day ago

    I am not surprised at the cat(s) protective demeanor toward the baby. They have instincts to watch over us the same as other creatures might. I do hope the girl is okay and not to scratched up.

  • TheRoi's
    TheRoi's Day ago

    Yup cats are very smart and emotional beings, people think it’s just dogs but they are wrong I’ve met so many social friendly cats the whole “cats are mean” thing is a misconception.

  • Love to Truck
    Love to Truck Day ago

    I LOVE 😍😍😍😍😍😍💗💗💗💝💖CATS, DOGS, puppies, horses, ponies, guns and Trucks 🍒🌷

  • Anladudu
    Anladudu Day ago

    Imagine a dog attacking a babysitter and a comment section full of people praising the dog

  • cristian silva
    cristian silva Day ago

    Este gato nunca defendió al niño ...idiotas

  • Dusanka Zec
    Dusanka Zec Day ago

    Fuck security, have a cat

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B Day ago

    Why is everyone acting like what this cat did was good? This cat could of very well just could of been attacking. Why are so many people giving this animal the benefit of the doubt saying its "defending a toddler", but all I see is a very untrained cat that should be launched across the room. She looks like she's even entertaining the kid before the cat goes nuts on her.

    • Vegas Andrean
      Vegas Andrean Day ago

      +Jacob B ??????????

    • Jacob B
      Jacob B Day ago

      Vegas Andrean that is the most sensitive, load of shit I've ever heard. "Cats can't be trained". Are you fucking stupid? Have you not seen cats in cat shows? Any animal can be taught empathy and compassion, but this cat obviously doesn't know it. She wasn't doing anything for the cat to go crazy like this. Makes me wonder how the cat is treated outside of the video, because this babysitter isn't even hurting the cat back, so that tells me right there she wouldn't hurt it for no reason. So before you comment make sure you don't seem like a ignorant jackass that just sits around like a dope being blind to the cruel world around you.

    • Vegas Andrean
      Vegas Andrean Day ago

      I hope youvwill never ever have a cat. Saying that it should be launched against the room. The cat was acting like a cat. Just don't get a cat if you don't understand them. They are not dogs that can be trained. They are very independent animals.

  • john flabbler
    john flabbler Day ago

    Think yall are over thinking this. That's just a ass hole cat. It wasn't defending shit haha

  • Chonbemo Patton
    Chonbemo Patton Day ago

    I think it's a wrong Caption . The cat was angry because the babysitter annoyed em

  • TunableSHANE
    TunableSHANE Day ago

    shoot the bastard

  • TheRealAK
    TheRealAK Day ago


  • sonofmunson
    sonofmunson Day ago

    I love cats but I would’ve put that crazy little fucker through a wall.

  • FranchiseSIX5
    FranchiseSIX5 Day ago

    I would place kick that cat into its next life.

  • Alwe Kid
    Alwe Kid Day ago

    Call the Exorcist for Taylor!!!)))

  • Pedro
    Pedro Day ago

    She didn't do anything to the baby, is just that the cat tough something happen to the baby when the glass broke.

  • Brian Britten
    Brian Britten Day ago

    Frig that cat man... Is everybody ignoring that fact that the glass wasn't picked up. Maybe the cat was a jerk and wanted to keep her from cleaning it up so that the kids could do himself in and then the cat has its owners back to itself and not have to share with human jerk baby taking all the attention... Think about it.

  • Scotty Peterson
    Scotty Peterson Day ago

    Cat: "girl I pushed that glass off so many tables and not once did it break... You gonna get it now!"

  • JustAskVal
    JustAskVal Day ago

    Love it, hey that's my baby dont mess with the baby! Loveanimals!!

  • Nic Helle
    Nic Helle Day ago

    Poor girl but that kitty is savage 😂 the other cat is so cute getting in the middle too

  • Ashley Richardson

    When some of you idiots don't understand is cats have really sensitive ears. And they're very territorial so when they hear that only their owner but their family impossible pain or in trouble they come to the rescue and they do exactly what this cat did. Him not knowing exactly what happened but knowing that a baby is crying in the loud shatter noise could be something serious.

  • James Tuwat
    James Tuwat Day ago

    That cat dumb as fuck send it to a Chinese restaurant please

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa Day ago

    That is one helluva assertive kitters!!!

  • Man Like Tython
    Man Like Tython Day ago

    Cats are filthy animals just like their owners.

    JGCSRT 2 days ago

    I would have kicked a field goal with that cat.

  • Avery Volk
    Avery Volk 2 days ago

    That poor babysitter!! D: Good cat to be so protective of the child, but a bit overboard!! Haha. 😂

  • Melgar World
    Melgar World 2 days ago

    Title is misleading

  • Tracy Neitzel
    Tracy Neitzel 2 days ago

    protective my ass, that thing is has rabies. Needs to be put down.

  • Dicapriodiamond
    Dicapriodiamond 2 days ago

    Hmmm.... Cat would of been kicked across the house if it tried that shit with me lmao

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  • Felix Pacheco
    Felix Pacheco 2 days ago

    cat-"im the only one tht can break cups round here."

  • Toby Brinkhouse
    Toby Brinkhouse 2 days ago

    The babysitter wasn't doing anything harmful to the baby .-.

  • Brittany Jones
    Brittany Jones 2 days ago

    I thought she was gonna be a mean babysitter. The kitty love the baby child.

  • google good
    google good 2 days ago

    There is also a video wherein a cat save a kid from an attacking pitbull. But if im the girl in this i'll fxking kick that cat's ass out of the window

  • ANTHRAX 1287
    ANTHRAX 1287 2 days ago

    The cat isn't protecting shit... its attacking that girl for no reason. Rename this shitty video.

  • Kyosuke700
    Kyosuke700 2 days ago

    If the cat is attacking you why would hold kid knowing that u might trip over something

  • Maiyah Conley
    Maiyah Conley 2 days ago

    Babysitter: damn, don't step on the glass sweetie.

    Baby: *cries*

    Babysitter: it's ok baby, you didn't do this on purpose.

    Black cat: what the hell! You tried to hurt meh baby!!! You son of a biscuit!!!

    Gray cat: chill man, the babysitter didn't----

    Black cat: I'mma kill you *scratches*

  • The DotA
    The DotA 2 days ago

    poor woman panic souhard

  • David Banks
    David Banks 2 days ago

    looks like crazy cats there not defending no one just assholes

  • Antonio Venegas
    Antonio Venegas 2 days ago

    This cat seems to be straight out of hell and in my opinion needs to be put down with a 12 gauge shotgun to the face. Maybe a double barrel just to make sure he doesn't spawn back as a zombie cat.

  • Mk Kenneth
    Mk Kenneth 2 days ago

    Vieron que la esposa gato separo al sr gato D:

  • ken_eckert eckert
    ken_eckert eckert 2 days ago

    Cute kitty!

  • VOW
    VOW 2 days ago

    Other cats like dude calm down. You don’t even know what happened.

    YOUTUBE AGENT 2 days ago +1


  • Brittashleyxo
    Brittashleyxo 2 days ago

    She should sue lol

  • Ashley Girl
    Ashley Girl 2 days ago

    Not quite the same situation, but once (years ago) my brother was making fun of my cat (who was chubby) as we were getting ready for school. He had left his backpack lying on the ground. My cat then went and peed on the backpack, locking eyes with my brother.

  • Kuba Hołownia
    Kuba Hołownia 2 days ago +1

    Cat got alarmed...only thing that can stop him is bloood!

  • YoTuexnovia
    YoTuexnovia 2 days ago

    You are so stupid you cut the video retarded youtuber stealing videos.

    KAIFVOVAN VOVANOV 2 days ago

    Скажите , на этом видео есть тупое животное ! Кто оно ?

  • AdineX 2
    AdineX 2 2 days ago


  • Damien Aversenc
    Damien Aversenc 2 days ago

    Elle a rien fait la babysitter le chat est juste trop con

  • ๖ۣۜ͜ζ͜͡Rahim
    ๖ۣۜ͜ζ͜͡Rahim 2 days ago +1

    Fucking cat just kick this shit

  • A Rose
    A Rose 2 days ago

    Omg! That cat was protecting that baby! Love it!

  • bchott truth
    bchott truth 2 days ago

    I would give that cat the kick of the century.. I wish that was me

  • zar214587
    zar214587 2 days ago

    Wtf ??? It wasn't a defense at all, just an attack ! Your interpretation is pure invention !

  • Ms Curious
    Ms Curious 2 days ago

    Weird 🐈

  • Bisami Blanche
    Bisami Blanche 2 days ago

    Defends? More like attacks babysitter under the belief she was a threat. There's a problem with the title.

  • shy
    shy 2 days ago

    I fucking died lmaoo

  • Keith Abrams
    Keith Abrams 2 days ago

    Cat should back off or babysitter could fall with kid should just trow that cat by tail in trash or burning fire kill it lol waste of life shit cat. All of em stupid animals

  • The Intimate Store
    The Intimate Store 2 days ago

    Clone that cat.... Great kitty

  • Fip Dibwibbler
    Fip Dibwibbler 2 days ago

    Dropkick datt katt

  • Dustin L
    Dustin L 2 days ago

    1:28 The 2nd cat intervening "hey man, you need to calm your ass down! You messin up! She didn't mean it."
    1st cat "Man, get out the way, she's got it coming!"

  • Biggie Nav
    Biggie Nav 2 days ago

    Baby sitter was actually protecting the child from broken glasses..

  • coffee and sugar
    coffee and sugar 2 days ago

    I had the same situation, when i yelled to my mom, and then my cat started to bite me

  • saiyan DNA
    saiyan DNA 3 days ago

    I only clicked cause his name lol

  • Red apple apple
    Red apple apple 3 days ago

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  • Patricia MčCutcheon

    Misleading click bait as usual

  • Eumermo Queiroz
    Eumermo Queiroz 3 days ago

    Crazy fucking cat !!

  • Shadya Farouk
    Shadya Farouk 3 days ago

    You know animals are able to sense what is in a human being heart...maybe the cat sensed that the babysitter is gonna do something awful to the kid...that's why it reacted

  • Callum Goodall
    Callum Goodall 3 days ago

    The cat doesnt give a shit about the kid. It is pissed off because it was woken up

  • MΣ𐍂UEM
    MΣ𐍂UEM 3 days ago

    The cat is like dont touch ma lil homie bivh 🤣🔥

  • MΣ𐍂UEM
    MΣ𐍂UEM 3 days ago

    The cat is like dont touch ma lil homie bivh 🤣🔥

  • Linda Tinajero
    Linda Tinajero 3 days ago

    Poor baby sitter she didnt do anything but animals dont know that. Good kitty to do something like this. My cat shes like that she will defend me if she has to.

  • Ralph Celestial
    Ralph Celestial 3 days ago

    Girl probably had an annoying voice.

  • Evandro Campos
    Evandro Campos 3 days ago

    O gato cinza protegeu a babysiter dos ataques do gato preto. Rs

  • Assunta Santoro
    Assunta Santoro 3 days ago

    ma che sciocchezza la ragazza non stava facendo niente!! il cane ha fatto tutto da solo ... w baby sitter