• Published on Jun 17, 2017
    When it comes Rottweiler names, there's a lot of great possibilities to choose from. The only really tricky part is finding a rottweiler dog name that's as wonderful as your Rottie!
    Rottweilers are a fascinating blend of characteristics and seem to mix opposite personality traits with surprising ease.
    Strong yet gentle, rugged but sweet-natured, protective but with a 'laid back' attitude, definitely worthy of a 'special' name don't you think?
    So, where do you start?
    Well, Rotties originated in Germany, so a German name would be a good choice.
    This breed traveled with the Roman Army centuries ago, so perhaps a Latin or Italian name?
    Then again there are some great puppy names that just seem to 'fit' a Rottweiler - how about Tank for a male Rottie pup (he's sure to be the size of a tank when he grows up).
    Or maybe Diamond or Jewel for your girl pup, after all she is precious :o)
    Don't worry, I've made it all a bit easier for you on this page! Just browse through the lists of dog names below and you shouldn't have any trouble finding the perfect name for your little one (or BIG one).
    Have fun...........
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Comments • 305

  • Norvin Sieber
    Norvin Sieber 3 days ago

    That are really nice and creative names. But the best names for the dog to remember are short and are ending on a vocal.

  • J.M.A.
    J.M.A. 21 day ago


  • Carl Napp
    Carl Napp 24 days ago +1

    Our Rottweiler's name is Mouse.

  • Chelsie Wilking
    Chelsie Wilking 25 days ago

    No my boy Jesus has the better name.😉

  • Amazing
    Amazing Month ago +1

    Named my babygirl Jazz

  • cyanide ks
    cyanide ks Month ago


  • The Stoic MGTOW
    The Stoic MGTOW Month ago


  • Ajay Aj
    Ajay Aj Month ago


  • William Juarez
    William Juarez 2 months ago

    No originality in those names. We've had 5 rotties in the past 25 years. Our first bonanza Hoss and Little Joe, our loose canon Cool Hand Luke, our loyal swimmer Luca Brasi and our current lovable assassin Jules Winfield

  • Phyllis Jonson
    Phyllis Jonson 2 months ago


  • Dinesh Kumar
    Dinesh Kumar 2 months ago

    My Rottweiler name is Diesel

  • knarf alfred
    knarf alfred 2 months ago

    mine is Pablo and Magda. #rotties

  • Ismael Malek
    Ismael Malek 2 months ago

    Gay names.. how about DEMON

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia 2 months ago

    I would name mines Riggs

  • malu shaika
    malu shaika 3 months ago

    My Rotty name is Rusty

  • Terra Barnes 2025
    Terra Barnes 2025 3 months ago

    i have 4 rowtteiler names are anna chole rox and chew

  • Laura Alfieri
    Laura Alfieri 3 months ago +1

    I know a lady named her rotti Justice because if anyone broke into her house she could say “I would like you to meet Justice “ 😂😂😂

  • David Beddis
    David Beddis 3 months ago

    Mine were called JOVI and DUKE

  • Victoria Volupt
    Victoria Volupt 3 months ago

    Ours were called, Cuddles, Huggs, Snuggles, Precious, Boof and Bill 🤗

  • Gamer Pro HD
    Gamer Pro HD 3 months ago

    Mine is called Elsa and she's a Rottweiler Akita

  • Nirmala Ramakrishna
    Nirmala Ramakrishna 3 months ago

    My rottie's name is Bravo

  • Erik Guerrero Quezada
    Erik Guerrero Quezada 3 months ago


  • Bhumi
    Bhumi 3 months ago

    My Rott Name is ZEUS

  • Raj Sk
    Raj Sk 3 months ago

    Polo, hunter, tison, Shera, Strom, sniper, Alaska, ronti, bully.

  • Κωνσταντίνος Μελας

    My rottweiler name is ivan

  • Melissa D
    Melissa D 3 months ago


  • gustavvson
    gustavvson 4 months ago +1

    I like the name Sniper Joe

  • Namita Yadav
    Namita Yadav 4 months ago

    my rott is named tyson..i luv him.

  • Safa Jamal
    Safa Jamal 4 months ago


  • Anonymous 1
    Anonymous 1 4 months ago

    Rocky is typical how about ARNIE, ENZO, CHOPPER, THOR

  • Dilip Pandey
    Dilip Pandey 4 months ago +1

    and how is the name blackie..

  • JS
    JS 4 months ago

    Tank is good, maybe also Chief, I like 1 syllable names that suite the breed.

  • JS
    JS 4 months ago

    Mine is Bronx.

  • Janeen Lavergne
    Janeen Lavergne 4 months ago

    I have a Rottweiler my puppy is named Prince
    How Old: a year and 8 months
    He sure is big but he can be cute

  • Inès et anissa Casse couille

    Narco to a name m’y rottweilleur

  • Inderjit Indi
    Inderjit Indi 4 months ago

    My Rottweiler name Jackson

  • Yeezy Theslump
    Yeezy Theslump 4 months ago

    Boi la chapo is a badass name

  • Raju Raju
    Raju Raju 5 months ago

    How about noisy boy

  • Blu Wizard
    Blu Wizard 5 months ago

    My Rottweiler is named Midna.

  • Evelyn Quick
    Evelyn Quick 5 months ago

    also lower!

  • Maura Elisabeth
    Maura Elisabeth 5 months ago

    my rottweiler name is bingo

  • Jesus
    Jesus 5 months ago

    I'm getting a puppy one soon. It's a boy his name will be Zeus.. a good strong name..

  • Shalini A bhi
    Shalini A bhi 5 months ago

    Bruno is nice

  • chandshantanu
    chandshantanu 5 months ago

    Mine is Cyber

  • ciannafwallace
    ciannafwallace 5 months ago


  • jennifer sparks
    jennifer sparks 5 months ago

    How about nick

  • Gameplays By Arjun Sharma


  • Drake Cloninger
    Drake Cloninger 5 months ago

    my dogs name is dayz

  • Paul Tagliabue
    Paul Tagliabue 5 months ago

    Belliiii!!! Che sono i rottweiler!!!

  • Nefeli Player07
    Nefeli Player07 5 months ago

    I think Ben is very nice for a Rottweiler.

  • fun friend patna
    fun friend patna 5 months ago

    How about alex

  • taki jeden
    taki jeden 5 months ago

    My was name DUKAT

  • Fredric Rekdal
    Fredric Rekdal 5 months ago +1

    My rottweiler name is Admiral

  • Thicky Nicky
    Thicky Nicky 5 months ago

    My Rottweilers name is chop

  • Brutus PH
    Brutus PH 5 months ago

    How about boguard?

  • Jacoby Anderson
    Jacoby Anderson 5 months ago

    My dad is gonna get a Rottweiler puppy and we’re either gonna name her armony or Molly

    FC.BARCELONA 5 months ago


  • i love my pugs
    i love my pugs 5 months ago

    Laugh if you want and say horrible name but we named ours bubby and called him bubs

  • Glen Swatman
    Glen Swatman 5 months ago

    Raul may not be in the top ten so does that make him unique

  • Trent Miller
    Trent Miller 5 months ago

    My Rottweiler name is Summer ☺

  • Lutz Hoepfner
    Lutz Hoepfner 5 months ago

    Our Rottie is called Samson.

  • Lea Lara
    Lea Lara 5 months ago

    How about Hunter

  • The Midnight Sun
    The Midnight Sun 5 months ago

    my one's name is KOKO

  • PatrinaJireh Filipaina
    PatrinaJireh Filipaina 5 months ago

    My dogs name is Ryda

  • Sher Singh Parmar
    Sher Singh Parmar 5 months ago

    Mere wale ka naam hai “ kaloota “ inke naam se baht accha hai
    Ghar pahch kar Zor se awaaz marta hu “ kalootey “ to daud kar aata hai apna kaloota

  • Carla McGrath
    Carla McGrath 5 months ago

    My dogs name is roxy but male version could be rocky

  • Rushikesh Hagavane
    Rushikesh Hagavane 5 months ago

    Goldy is best name

    C P TIWARI 5 months ago +1

    My Rottweiler dog name is Jackson

  • dawn davenport
    dawn davenport 5 months ago

    I can't believe it's been a month ago today, I lost my sweet Rottie, Garrin

    • N2Mtns
      N2Mtns 4 days ago

      dawn davenport : I'm sorry. Garrin got into your soul. It will always hurt but it does get somewhat easier your own time. ((Hug)). RIP Garrin.

  • Vishwa Vishwa
    Vishwa Vishwa 5 months ago

    rocky best name

  • Geekboy LK
    Geekboy LK 6 months ago


  • Camielle Deliarte
    Camielle Deliarte 6 months ago

    Our rott's name is Magnus.

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong 6 months ago

    αrє rσttwєílєr nαmє íѕ rσхч

  • Katie Watt
    Katie Watt 6 months ago

    my rotties name is bubba

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar 6 months ago

    Mine is named mistique

  • GreenPlayz27
    GreenPlayz27 6 months ago

    I’ll name better names

  • Pitudo Gaming
    Pitudo Gaming 6 months ago

    1 CHOP

  • Venkatesh Cheman
    Venkatesh Cheman 6 months ago

    Jack. Samson and jenny my dogs name

  • Swayam Thakur
    Swayam Thakur 6 months ago

    Bruno is good name

  • Stephanie Mitchell Mitchell

    My girl was Josephine

  • chavy
    chavy 6 months ago

    I had a male named skipper and a female named coco

  • 28deanv
    28deanv 6 months ago

    My first two male Rotts were Raider and Diesel and my female name is Lucy.

  • Alpha kid 73
    Alpha kid 73 6 months ago

    Mine is named Murphy after the band dropkick Murphy

    MOVIES TUBE 6 months ago +2

    My rottweiler name is Jasper

  • hoodedstranger77
    hoodedstranger77 6 months ago

    My brother had a piece of property adjacent to our parent's house. He parked his old Ford Ranger on it. One day we drove by and there was this huge Rottweiler in the back of his truck that was sitting there. He said let's go get dad's M1 Carbine and kill it. My dad talked my brother down and went to investigate this beast. He yelled at the dog. Called him every name in the book. He ended up saying hey bozo and the dog started bouncing up and down as if he'd known us the entire time. Dad repeated bozo and it stuck. We started petting the dog and he was the best stray we'd ever seen. Never needed a cage or a leash. We lived with us for over 12 years and then he died of old age. Greatest dog on the planet. He was family. I will never forget Bozo. What a gentle giant.

  • Raeesa Mohammed
    Raeesa Mohammed 6 months ago

    my rottie is max

  • francisco d'souza
    francisco d'souza 6 months ago

    Bella is my relatives name😂

  • Danette Focht
    Danette Focht 6 months ago

    Mine was Ceaser

  • comedy with ahaan
    comedy with ahaan 6 months ago

    Zach and rudis

  • Jyothilakshmi Vasudevan


  • Animal Fight
    Animal Fight 7 months ago

    Hank is a good name..

  • Jagriti Sharma
    Jagriti Sharma 7 months ago

    My dog's name is oscar😊

  • ramesh gayathri
    ramesh gayathri 7 months ago

    my rottweiler name is rotti ...

  • Jace Volox
    Jace Volox 7 months ago

    I named my Rottweiler Apollo

  • Roshan Mathew
    Roshan Mathew 7 months ago


    YOUTUBE SINGH 7 months ago +2

    Chop is the best name

  • Amaya Rico
    Amaya Rico 7 months ago

    I named mine mocha

    GAMING BROS 7 months ago

    How about Simba

  • Natasha Marshall
    Natasha Marshall 7 months ago

    And Jess and rex

  • Natasha Marshall
    Natasha Marshall 7 months ago

    Tyson should be up there