• Published on Oct 26, 2018
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    Pics from Round 1: imgur.com/gallery/9wCG7
    Pics from Round 2: imgur.com/a/w0gcv
    Pics from Round 3: imgur.com/a/62D9N
    Pics from Round 4: imgur.com/a/ONUAydy
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Comments • 5 039

  • Spritz
    Spritz 8 hours ago

    Current YTCU lineup versus Viner Invasion.
    "The hardest choices require that Disney Channel flow..."

  • christian bondoc
    christian bondoc 11 hours ago

    Make a part 7

  • msdot14
    msdot14 15 hours ago

    I watched this before i watched thomas sanders and im so glad i watched it again

    also is this a royality fusion

  • Silly Slayers
    Silly Slayers Day ago

    You should put the heroes and villians on a shirt

  • Alexandur Stoilov
    Alexandur Stoilov 3 days ago

    Keep it up this is great. Do KSI and sssniperwolf

  • Joemar Belmonte
    Joemar Belmonte 4 days ago

    Can you please update the image link for PART 6? It looks like the image on the "PICS from THIS ROUND" link is wrong.

  • GinaMaria Tackett
    GinaMaria Tackett 4 days ago

    Please redo Tana......next to Shane as his side kick, as he FIXED her whole career.

  • Vaay Sygiel
    Vaay Sygiel 4 days ago

    Thomas Sander's Powers can control anybody by his Story-Telling ability. which sort of like mind or body manipulation that people cant resist like that Hahaha

  • Gloria Villanueva
    Gloria Villanueva 6 days ago

    Hey Jazza draw Dantdm

  • Nexus Gaming
    Nexus Gaming 6 days ago

    I CAN'T find the image!!! The description link takes me to the part 3 one!

  • άξιος
    άξιος 6 days ago +1

    I love how 10% of the TVclipr cinematic universe is just Jazza being gay. Seriously, go back and watch the previous videos. You’ll notice it.

  • carmela sergi
    carmela sergi 6 days ago

    Jazza, can u do mr beast? I'd geuss his power would be to be better than morgz

  • Lucas Lane
    Lucas Lane 7 days ago


  • AS Anime Craftsman
    AS Anime Craftsman 7 days ago

    Can you do Rosanna, please?

  • Mark Holt
    Mark Holt 7 days ago

    Top three:
    1 jacksepticeye
    2 markiplier
    3 Lisa coshy

  • Macy Field
    Macy Field 8 days ago

    Please do more!

  • Three Spirits Trio
    Three Spirits Trio 10 days ago

    I have 3 sugjestions:

  • Missing Texture
    Missing Texture 12 days ago +1

    Jazza, please continue this series. It’s a shame that you ended it, as I really enjoyed binge watching all of it. And If you do decide not to continue it, I’d still like an available for purchase poster of all the current ones lmao

  • morgan luft
    morgan luft 12 days ago

    you MUST do Azzyland and SSSniperwolf in round 7 if u do it

  • Dayvonn alexander
    Dayvonn alexander 13 days ago

    If you do another one would do you do

  • Kahlil Tijidor
    Kahlil Tijidor 13 days ago

    I dare someone (most likely Jazza) , to make at least one issue, of a comic book, with at least 8 of the characters Jazza has created
    YT's Powerful Change
    (thats what i suggest that as the first issue's title...or...anything...

  • Joseph Cornelius
    Joseph Cornelius 13 days ago

    Pleaseeeeee doooo more
    Ryan higa and mr beast
    🙏 I pray

  • s0m31el5e
    s0m31el5e 13 days ago

    why is this image not available for download?!

  • LG Minnie10
    LG Minnie10 13 days ago

    Make part 7!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ella Archer
    Ella Archer 14 days ago +1

    Do Dan and Phil!
    It'd also be interesting to see how Team Edge would turn out...
    Really liking this series and how you make the results free to download.

  • kelly badgley
    kelly badgley 14 days ago

    does anyone else think pewdiepie's drawing is in the middle and that he should push it towards the right.

  • Master of the Universe

    Draw smosh 2005 version

  • Justin Mathew
    Justin Mathew 15 days ago

    Please draw ryan higa

  • Grumpy Dorius
    Grumpy Dorius 15 days ago

    why no vanossgaming

  • Jagrfmiirg Gâr-Ganoxïk


  • I am the best
    I am the best 16 days ago

    It needs you as a final Touch

    REHMAAN ROADHOUSE 16 days ago

    I feel oddly bad for arin

  • anthony galindo
    anthony galindo 16 days ago

    I like how one of the options for the body pillow was mega man

  • Dale Trevors
    Dale Trevors 16 days ago

    TVclip: The Anime

  • Noah Ledbetter
    Noah Ledbetter 16 days ago

    You need to put you in the youtude cinematic universe

  • IronPeter
    IronPeter 17 days ago +1

    Put Jazza (stan) lee the creator in. like a god from above with hand above them like they are puppets/ under you control

  • Crazy Cat Studios
    Crazy Cat Studios 17 days ago

    Please continue this series

  • Eves UwU
    Eves UwU 17 days ago

    I'm here cause I saw my sweetheart Thomas. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ladida
    Ladida 17 days ago

    :c ... 17 - 4 ... Ok... there could be a bit more female representation here...

  • Eyesaacjasonfan Randomthings

    How about you add yourself in it

  • Efi Giapoutzi
    Efi Giapoutzi 18 days ago +1

    WhEre IS pArT sEven??????

  • Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia

    Do the Medieval TVcliprs like Shad, Skallagrim, and Metatron
    Like a trio of knights or smth

  • Kelly Delaney
    Kelly Delaney 19 days ago

    Jazza can you popular mmos Thanks! :D

  • Hunter
    Hunter 20 days ago

    Can we buy this?

  • Beebo Nation
    Beebo Nation 20 days ago


  • phyton9O
    phyton9O 21 day ago

    here i was hoping that there would be a dead body in the pillow or someone stuck in there

  • Aulshi 06
    Aulshi 06 22 days ago

    I would of just done Dan’s game grump icon with a stick figure body on the body pillow.
    No one?

  • purpleMurasaki
    purpleMurasaki 22 days ago

    This need mr. Beas as hero

  • Jasper
    Jasper 22 days ago

    Jazza should draw himself into here.

  • Bilal Sulayman
    Bilal Sulayman 22 days ago

    When ur done the hole hero and vilain thing make it as ur moral

  • Alexander Logan
    Alexander Logan 22 days ago

    I can't unsee that

  • Firefall 1255
    Firefall 1255 22 days ago

    You must continue this jazza!!!

  • Pastel Princess
    Pastel Princess 22 days ago


  • Takunda Manditereza
    Takunda Manditereza 22 days ago


  • Matthew Myers
    Matthew Myers 22 days ago

    Can you do more of these pleasr

  • char panda
    char panda 23 days ago

    this looks epic

  • DragonFury2306
    DragonFury2306 23 days ago

    jazza, the pics from this round are the ones from the 4th one...... not current.

  • Redheart Girly
    Redheart Girly 23 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that he removed the line work at 6:31?

  • Wolf Lover33
    Wolf Lover33 23 days ago

    can you please do NerdECrafter

  • Deadpool Boy989
    Deadpool Boy989 23 days ago

    Can you do Dantdm please

  • ria ramirez
    ria ramirez 24 days ago

    Put Vanoss and Delirious!
    Vanoss: Hero
    Name: Moon Owl
    Power: Tech
    Special Power: The Banana Squad! ; this ability summons Daithi de Nogla, Terroriser, I AM WILDCAT, and Moo Snuckel
    H20 Delirious: Villain
    Name: well... Delirious?
    Power: TEDDY BEARS!!
    Special Power: GIVE BIRTH!! ; this ability gives him a pitch fork and a torch and summons a bunch of TEDDY BEARS!!
    This is my concept

  • Hopeless jellyfish
    Hopeless jellyfish 24 days ago

    I would honestly love to see Simply Nailogical and Roomie in this

  • 3d_panda
    3d_panda 24 days ago

    Do not like how you sometimes make really epic characters and other times they just fall short of the mark...

  • Elijah Anthis
    Elijah Anthis 24 days ago +1

    Do more vids of this series

  • left4deadatfnaf
    left4deadatfnaf 25 days ago +1

    Like if I tricked you

    Read more

  • Travelplays
    Travelplays 25 days ago


  • Eli Garrett
    Eli Garrett 25 days ago

    theres no pics from this round! WTF!

  • Ian Peschel
    Ian Peschel 26 days ago

    You should add Danny as a real character but with Ninja Brian

  • LeahDell _04
    LeahDell _04 26 days ago

    I will never cease to be angry about the lack of inclusion of JacksFilms as Jenna Marvel's villain. He would have been called JacksFiend.

  • Slash 777
    Slash 777 26 days ago

    Jazza: OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!
    Jazza: I LOVE IT!!!!!!❤️

  • RandomPigeon Productions

    Do Smosh

  • Alisha Smith
    Alisha Smith 26 days ago

    I miss this!!!!!!

  • Emily Líbal
    Emily Líbal 28 days ago


  • a bean with intentions


  • Sophie
    Sophie 28 days ago

    Some people we still need are
    Mr Beast
    Simply Nailogical
    T Series (obviously a worse villain than pewdiepie)

  • 8RingedWolf Furry
    8RingedWolf Furry 29 days ago +1

    Do mr beast Dantdm and Prestonplayz

  • Carly Ray
    Carly Ray 29 days ago

    My idea:
    Me: Artist kid
    Adam is Adam
    Hero’s are hero’s and villains are villains
    The villains Stab Matpat and try to capture Adam they kidnap me and held me captived

  • Vandolf Tribo
    Vandolf Tribo 29 days ago

    Plss dantdm

  • Timothy Wolford
    Timothy Wolford Month ago

    I have a question. Where is Mr. Beast

  • Jay Harris
    Jay Harris Month ago

    0:27 hahahahahahah

  • Dovahkiin
    Dovahkiin Month ago

    is the pic old for anyone else?

  • Alvaldong
    Alvaldong Month ago

    The link to the pics from this round is wrong, it's the link to the pics from round 3

  • Avery Buckley
    Avery Buckley Month ago

    Where is Round 7!!!

  • Schwoogus Central
    Schwoogus Central Month ago

    Hes addicted to henta1

  • AriKindaAnimates
    AriKindaAnimates Month ago +1

    Please continue the series!!!!
    And if you do MrBeast would be awesome

  • Falcon D
    Falcon D Month ago


  • Kayla Petty
    Kayla Petty Month ago

    Jazza continue this series

  • Linnea Rhodes
    Linnea Rhodes Month ago

    Please continue this series!🙏

  • Karuby2008 Gamer
    Karuby2008 Gamer Month ago

    If you do another one do you and we could vote one twitch

  • Mirrie89
    Mirrie89 Month ago

    I know its been months, but I love this series! Havent seen CinnamonToastKen yet, sooo... :D

  • Nicole
    Nicole Month ago

    Please continue this series. It’s so great!

  • Jean-Maxime Tremblay
    Jean-Maxime Tremblay Month ago +1

    Please make a new followup series: "TVcliprs Heroes & Villains fight!" where we vote on the winners and you create a short animation of the fights. You can make it a bracketed tournament.
    Think about it. You can make the doll in that crate explode.

  • Kiarah Drury
    Kiarah Drury Month ago

    You should have done Sketch (Roblox TVclipr)

  • Kilastio -
    Kilastio - Month ago

    They should have their own gauntlet and have play button stones

  • Maximus Rogers
    Maximus Rogers Month ago +1

    best intro ever :) :) :)

  • Marshall
    Marshall Month ago +1

    U have to do KSI

  • Colin Evans
    Colin Evans Month ago

    This is cool but who focused on the "captivating Russian ladies" 1:55

  • Clever Skeleton
    Clever Skeleton Month ago

    add jacksfilms next

  • aynsleerw 04
    aynsleerw 04 Month ago

    I really hope he does another one i fucking love this series, also WE NEED CRANKGAMEPLAYS!

  • Steve Bahn
    Steve Bahn Month ago

    So sad he’s done with this :’(