New Renekton W Shield Breaking/Tahm Kench Can Eat Blue & Red Buff - League of Legends

  • Published on Jul 3, 2019
  • New Renekton W Shield Breaking/Tahm Kench Jungle Can Eat Blue & Red Buff, New Changes on PBE - League of Legends
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  • Kyulaby
    Kyulaby 3 months ago


  • iago araújo#BolsonaroPresidente2018

    B A L A N C E A D E

  • Sassy Papi Jhin
    Sassy Papi Jhin 3 months ago

    Soooo, Rito's making the miserable lives of the Red Brambleback and the Blue Sentinel much worse than it is already been, huh. Poor them.

  • MrHeadSpinning
    MrHeadSpinning 3 months ago

    They plan a Legendary for rene OBV they buff him in to space so everyone will buy that SKIN!!!!! XD

  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 months ago

    Hmmm constant small buffs(this being big arguably) I WONDER WHAT WILL HAPPEN

  • Fluffy Emperor
    Fluffy Emperor 3 months ago

    Shieldbreaking mechanic : *Exists
    Everyone: OMG renek OP now. GG all shield champs shit.
    Implying of course that out of 5 people in your team only one has a shield.
    Not to mention the fact that now, renek has to manage his fury and Delay his W for when you cast a shield..

  • Ziad Haithem Amin
    Ziad Haithem Amin 3 months ago

    Is this mechanic a good idea really? is having hard counters to something so people can't first pick it fixing the problem or just making it annoying to people who Wana play other champs instead of renekton because now the defence for not nerfing shields that are too good is WELL SHEILD BREAKER MECHANIC EXISTS

  • MrRandomCan
    MrRandomCan 3 months ago

    No one, literally not a single person:
    Riot games: "FUCK AD CARRIES!"

  • Musial Felix
    Musial Felix 3 months ago

    *Instaban rene*

  • McChri chris
    McChri chris 3 months ago

    does renekton also remove the purple shields like that of galio?

    • Fluffy Emperor
      Fluffy Emperor 3 months ago

      No. It says "Damage shields" only. So Gallio's Purple shield should be safe.. not that renekton cares...

  • Dispera
    Dispera 3 months ago


  • [Michi]マラバナンミチコ


  • MexicanSoup69
    MexicanSoup69 3 months ago +1

    Stupid changes

  • Unmaru
    Unmaru 3 months ago

    They should've just created an item that allows to somehow counter shields (like Shield Breaker that gives you the Passive, HP and CDR) and buffed all shields. So shield users could be usefull and would have counterplay, and tanks would be used way more

  • Fajko Gasi
    Fajko Gasi 3 months ago

    I guess tahm jungle is a must now

  • Alex Darum
    Alex Darum 3 months ago

    WHY DID RIOT TOOK AWAY SOME OF IRELIA'S PASSIVE AND GAVE IT AWAY TO OTHER'S!!! first conqueror now the barrier breaking passive, WHAT'S NEXT?! her ult's disabling passive!?

  • Alex Darum
    Alex Darum 3 months ago

    WHY DID RIOT TOOK AWAY SOME OF IRELIA'S PASSIVE AND GAVE IT AWAY TO OTHER'S!!! first conqueror now the barrier breaking passive, WHAT'S NEXT?! her ult's disabling passive!?

  • nicolas salé
    nicolas salé 3 months ago

    maybe irelia is strong and no need Shield break (maybe i just play irelia one time or two), and maybe renekton is realy strong too and no need islelf a shield break free, but maybe like anti-heal item, we can have some item shield-breaker, please riot it's just logic

  • Awoocalypse
    Awoocalypse 3 months ago

    Riot as always doesnt focus on the main issue TK suffered a lot of nerfs instead of focusing on the main problem his shield, just like akali main problem is her W but riot kept nerfing her
    And that rene w seems a little bit overpowered it completely counters camille passive, isnt the passive the strongest ability on a champion?
    This is just my opinion Im not a good player I just play from time to time

  • Joker
    Joker 3 months ago

    IT IS TOO OP!!!

  • Remember, No Aleyna
    Remember, No Aleyna 3 months ago

    Güzel sunum

    BLA BLA BLA 3 months ago

    I main tang kench and the only thing I can think of is what in the actual fuck were they thinking

  • Uriel Gallegos
    Uriel Gallegos 3 months ago +1

    Mobility, sustain, melee aoe poke, triple on-impact effects, armour reductions, high damage stun, shield break, life saver ult with aoe damage. Just wtf!

    • camdevtube
      camdevtube 3 months ago

      and completely useless late game unless he snowballs using this long list of advantages you just named early on. he is like leblanc or lee sin. he does nothing unless he stomps the enemy within the first 10 mins of the game.

  • Thomas Ritzgerald
    Thomas Ritzgerald 3 months ago

    Giving specific champs the ability to remove shields instantly in their kits is fucking retarded. Some champs have shields for a reason, to supplement their kits so they’re not underpowered.
    Rito is actually mentally disabled. The easiest way for this shit to be dealt with is just to add items that allow AP/AD to deal bonus damage to shields.
    Kench is useless now. Shield supports are fucking useless now.

  • Frosty603
    Frosty603 3 months ago +2

    Gg shield hero

  • Tasean Chatmon
    Tasean Chatmon 3 months ago +2

    Welp. Renekton is getting PERMABANNED

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 3 months ago +2

    Yes renekton isnt already broken lets give him some more buffa

  • toorf
    toorf 3 months ago

    Haha Riot is really done with Tahm top. Also nice way to revive Renekton.

  • Sin ideas
    Sin ideas 3 months ago

    Riot: Delete irelia shield dmg cuz "is a toxic mechanic"
    Riot again: Give to burst bruiser a *oneshot* shield "mechanic"

  • Plesinsky
    Plesinsky 3 months ago

    That's why I don't play this trash game anymore

  • Klauss Luttgues
    Klauss Luttgues 3 months ago

    it's over guys

  • Ryan Wiley
    Ryan Wiley 3 months ago

    Did this mean Ryze can have his shield back now?

  • Fabian Selamai
    Fabian Selamai 3 months ago

    the base dmg is renekton w so it will me so difficult to braek a shield when the combo is
    to w first

  • Desmond Miles
    Desmond Miles 3 months ago

    His W needed a special effect when empowered wasn't good enough vs a team with mega shields. But to destroy them completely? That a bit overkill no? Maybe something like reducing shield effect by 80% so it's still challenging for both sides
    Imagine a vayne late game with Janna shields for 800 he while she has orienta shield and overnight shield. Good luck killing vayne or any adc with any type of lifesteal lmfao. This will simply counter it, just like Blitz

  • Josh Vue
    Josh Vue 3 months ago

    Ever wonder what riot is thinking?
    "Hey even though no one plays shielding champs because janna shield decays over time now and lulu's shield lasts barely 2 seconds, wouldn't it be great if they were even more useless if Renekton (of all champions) could ignore it?
    Yea because that's exactly what the game needs right now

    WEABOBOSS 3 months ago +1

    tahm : hehehe you though you could kill meh.!
    pops shield
    renekton : HA! IN YOUR DREAMS!!
    renekton has slain tahm kench

  • 1r1d0cycl1t1s
    1r1d0cycl1t1s 3 months ago

    I like the idea of skills removing shields, shields are so broken in the game rn

  • :/ thonk
    :/ thonk 3 months ago

    shield meta coming

  • Jenskie Sy
    Jenskie Sy 3 months ago

    Wtf am I watching!

  • txtdata
    txtdata 3 months ago

    A buff everyone asked for because Renekton is in such a bad spot, amirite guys?

  • Mike the Wraith Lord
    Mike the Wraith Lord 3 months ago

    Tahm Kench's Pet Zoo

  • blutmond_
    blutmond_ 3 months ago

    I can see all those TK mains trolling their jgs

  • Raibix
    Raibix 3 months ago

    F for Tham, gg Tham usseles, ff at 15, I give kills in drake ;)

  • Evan Zhang
    Evan Zhang 3 months ago

    time to troll ur jg when u leash

  • Krystalism
    Krystalism 3 months ago

    Give Camille a shield breaking at her second Q ;--; it's Impossible to play her against Tahm Kench or Riven because of the shields

  • Asian Thomas
    Asian Thomas 3 months ago

    Rest in Peace Riven.😢

  • Demacian
    Demacian 3 months ago

    Riot should've instead give this shit to either Garen or Darius. Both of them have executes s and both of them could use some help even with the true damage that most of the times doesn't go through shields.

  • Izaya
    Izaya 3 months ago

    Maybe taking away 5 ms from rene will fix it XD

  • charles gacusan
    charles gacusan 3 months ago

    *Barrier and shields exist*

    Renekton : *hold my crocs*

  • Spearmint002
    Spearmint002 3 months ago

    How ?

  • Sr.Balbino
    Sr.Balbino 3 months ago

    Renekton breaking Shields???
    Excuse me WHAT THE FÜCK

  • Nexoner 5
    Nexoner 5 3 months ago

    When it will come to the live servers?

  • Creetan
    Creetan 3 months ago +1

    Banning renekton every game now

  • Jason Laurent
    Jason Laurent 3 months ago

    Nice zoo you got there

  • tio luka
    tio luka 3 months ago

    Buff Fiora uwu parfavar

  • Chris
    Chris 3 months ago +1

    i love how people are just gonna assume this is gonna bust renek. that’s his main tool for engaging, and it’s only when empowered. which means he can’t armor shred, and he can’t heal unless he’s maxed on fury. and even then, this means you can just slap renekton’s shit while he holds his W for your shield. only champion this’ll truly fuck up is nautilus since his shield is his only damage source.

  • Freya Tura
    Freya Tura 3 months ago

    It's not like Renekton's W is on a very low cool down. Otherwise it'd be infuriating.

  • Tala Wolf
    Tala Wolf 3 months ago +1

    Tbh Renekton is already a strong pick for champs that rely on cc and tanking because rene can just dash the cc unless it's a point click and then proceed to melt you with conqueror, even if you have a shield so you can soak some dmg rene's going to make it completely null. Tahm was literally designed to be a tanky cc support/top that would harass you in lane, why not nerf vaynes % health dmg and jax's ability to rape anyone who doesn't have a spell shield, root, or knock back cause he's just going to build cd and dmg items that have health on them so he can just jump, stun, aa, empowered aa, force you to flash and proceed to rinse and repeat for the rest of the game.
    Balance team? More like unbalanced team

  • Nether Zero
    Nether Zero 3 months ago

    At the very least, at least renekton has to think before the uses w instead of just using it now, though honestly it probably won't matter except in that nieche situation

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen 3 months ago

    Wow . Now renekton is more balance