My May 2019 Beauty Favorites 😍

  • Published on Jun 1, 2019
  • Hey guys! It’s time for May Favorites! Today I’m going to be sharing my current favorite products with you! :) I loveee filming these videos and I hope you guys enjoy watching! Also, today marks 3 YEARS since starting my TVclip channel and I couldn’t be more grateful! You guys have given me the most incredible support over the past 3 years, and I wouldn’t be able to do this without every single one of you! THANK YOU for allowing me to live my dreams! I love you all SOOOO much! xoxo
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    Indie Lee Brightening
    Murad 3-in-1 Prebiotic
    NYX Bare With Me Tinted
    Glossier Wowder in shade
    Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Bronzer in Inda
    Ciate Dewy Stix in
    Laneige Lip Glowy Balm in
    Patrick Ta Lip Shine in She’s an
    Pixi Hydrating Milky
    Farsali 24K Gold Skin
    Sigma Brow Powder Duo in Medium
    Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer
    NYX Bare With Me Tinted Veil
    Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Bronzer in Inda Sun
    Becca X Khloe Face Palette
    Ciate London Dewy Stix in Glow
    Nabla Secret Eyeshadow Palette
    Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter in Volume
    Nabla Major Pleasure Mascara
    KKW Beauty Lip Liner in 0.5 & 1.5
    KKW Lipstick in 1.5
    Patrick Ta Gloss in She’s An Influencer
    Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist
    Farsali 24K Gold Skin Mist
    Shirt: Brandy Melville
    Nails: Olive & June “BP”
    Real Techniques Buffing Brush (GREAT SET):
    BH Cosmetics Brush Set (GREAT SET):
    Hourglass Vanish Foundation Brush:
    Tarte Smoothie Blender Brush:
    Morphe M439 Brush:
    Morphe M173 Brush:
    Sigma F64 Soft Blend Concealer Brush (use code “ALLIEGBEAUTY” for 10% off):
    Sephora Pro Mini Flawless Airbrush 56.5 Brush:
    Morphe M405 Brush:
    theBalm Double Ended Brush:
    BH Cosmetics 6 Brush (in this set):
    Morphe M441 Brush:
    Morphe M433 Brush:
    Sigma E25 Blending Brush (use code “ALLIEGBEAUTY” for 10% off):
    Morphe M124 Brush:
    Real Techniques, $
    Aesthetica, $
    Flower Beauty, $
    Thrive Causemetics, $
    Beauty Blender, $
    Canon 80D:
    Canon 50mm:
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    Get 10% OFF your first Glossier Order + Free Shipping on orders over $30!! :) ➜
    Get 10% off your first order with Thrive + Free Shipping on orders over $50:
    Get 10% off at with code: ALLIE
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  • Madi Hokit
    Madi Hokit 2 months ago

    Monthly favorites videos are my favorite type of videos. So many products I want to try

  • Ghanshyam Dubey
    Ghanshyam Dubey 2 months ago

    Love the products

  • Winter's Beauty
    Winter's Beauty 2 months ago

    I want to try that Murad spray. I have the hydrating mist I spray on my face after I shower.

  • Its SAJN
    Its SAJN 2 months ago


  • Luna Thea
    Luna Thea 2 months ago

    Hmm I wonder why plenty of people uses so many different skincare products? I always use coconut scrub and once in a while with Olay day cream, I'm not bragging but my skin is pretty flawless, I only get 1 or 2 pimples per year if at all! I think the less chemical you use the better... Anyway Thanks for the video!

  • mollyjane01
    mollyjane01 3 months ago

    I knew I should’ve gotten that Farsali skin mist during the sale but I didn’t 😩. I had a good feeling about it though but somehow I talked myself out of it. May have to try it now! My fave this month has been watching Allie Glines on TVclip (cheesy, I know)!! But seriously, congrats on your TVclip-iversary!! Happy for you❣️❣️❣️

  • Ivy Tench
    Ivy Tench 3 months ago

    Newly joined and new to makeup! Loving that Milky Mist💋...and thanks for the other recommendations. I’m really looking forward to lip health products this summer.

  • Madhu Pal
    Madhu Pal 3 months ago

    Hey allie i m from india and i lov all your videos love your voice keep it up dude🤗🖐️🤞

  • Shelby Henke Fit Beauty

    I really want to start a Chanel but I don’t have a set up that would work for my house to be able to see myself lol and am terribly shy and nervous being on camera haha but one day it is my goal to get everything

  • Shelby Henke Fit Beauty

    Eekkkkkk I just used your link to order that glossier sweater can’t wait!!!!

  • Julianne Meisen
    Julianne Meisen 3 months ago

    Loving Laneige for the lips too! I’m hitting my Huda nude pallet hard in May, also my Nudestix blush in Poppy!

  • grecently
    grecently 3 months ago

    Hey did the Jaclyn hill lipstick video get deleted??

  • Steph Wilkens
    Steph Wilkens 3 months ago

    Thanks for your video - Im so intrigued by the bronzer! Keep up the amazing work and videos - congrats on 3 yrs! I really love your favorites videos - do you think you can add some fails? Also - looking forward to an updated skincare routine from you!

  • rachel Crawford
    rachel Crawford 3 months ago

    I got a few of the dose of colors bundles that were out for Memorial Day and I’m obsessed I have been going crazy with them best thing ever

  • Laura1994
    Laura1994 3 months ago

    you are absolutely stunning

  • Angela Adlish
    Angela Adlish 3 months ago +1

    Happy 3 years Allie! LOVE your content and your charm--i second the request to get a tutorial on your eye look. It's fab!💕 Angela

  • ellabelladani
    ellabelladani 3 months ago

    Congratulations on 3 years! When I actually need a trustworthy makeup review I always stick to your channel. Congrats on all your success and may you continue to grow. :)

  • Louise D-F
    Louise D-F 3 months ago +1

    Congrats! ♥ Love your makeup! So pretty! Love your content! ♥

  • Elizabeth Barreto
    Elizabeth Barreto 3 months ago +1

    Girl do a review & comparison on jeffree stars Blue Blood pallet & colourpops Blue Moon palette 👀👀👀

  • Stacey Noffke
    Stacey Noffke 3 months ago

    I adore your eyeshadow. Are we getting a tutorial on it?

  • Shar Roon
    Shar Roon 3 months ago

    I have the Murad prebiotic cleanser. Finally someone is talking about this line!

  • Niti Agarwal
    Niti Agarwal 3 months ago

    congrats on 3 years 🎉🎊 the first video i ever saw of yours was the allure beauty awards one and i was hooked 😆❤️

  • Linzi Welsh
    Linzi Welsh 3 months ago +1

    Ugh, I almost bought the Farsali 24K Gold Skin Mist last night!

  • MissBrunzy
    MissBrunzy 3 months ago +1

    Have you been using the Glow Recipe Watermelon mist? Do you like that? I would love to see that used in a video or hear your thoughts!

  • Jasmine K.
    Jasmine K. 3 months ago

    Hey Allie! Looking for a foundation that will stay put all day or a primer and/or setting spray that will make the foundation stay. Hate it when it rubs off on clothes, etc. Thanks!! Love your videos

  • embreezy
    embreezy 3 months ago

    Allie! You are so PRETTY that it's insane!!

  • Jamee Weiberg
    Jamee Weiberg 3 months ago

    What nail polish are you wearing in this? It’s so pretty!!! Happy 3 years 👏🏼

  • CHorseGuitar
    CHorseGuitar 3 months ago

    Have you tried any of Dollar General's new makeup brand, Believe Beauty? Their setting spray has the BEST SPRAYER!! AH!

  • carlinke joubert
    carlinke joubert 3 months ago

    Hey Allie! I really enjoy your videos its such a breath of fresh air! Love from South Africa

  • Theaondra Cawley
    Theaondra Cawley 3 months ago

    Happy anniversary

  • embazem
    embazem 3 months ago

    Have you tried the juvia's place foundation? Or the juvia's place eyeshadow palettes? I'm so curious to see your review on them.
    Also, do you have a video where you mention your favorite ever eye shadow palettes?

  • Pam Weaver
    Pam Weaver 3 months ago

    Your skin looks amazing! Love your eye look!

  • Niccho Johnson Maione
    Niccho Johnson Maione 3 months ago

    Happy Channelversary!!!! 💕💕💋 I love every single video of urs....keep doing you

  • Jodie Vercauteren
    Jodie Vercauteren 3 months ago +3

    You look so pretty! Congrats on 3 years of TVclip! ☺️

  • Mollie Kravitz
    Mollie Kravitz 3 months ago

    It would be cool if you did a comparison of setting sprays .. like a test to see how they perform. I don't recall if it was you or another influencer, but someone I watched put on swatches of eyeshadow on their arm and rubbed it off, while comparing to not using the setting spray.

  • Kelly-Ann Rousseau-Bédard

    I found you out I want to say 2 years ago. One of your videos was in my recommended ones, and I clicked because we have a similar face shape, and the rest is history! Been loving you ever since!

  • Cassandra Wilkins
    Cassandra Wilkins 3 months ago

    Idk what you did with your makeup today but your skin looks flawless!

  • Bippy B
    Bippy B 3 months ago

    Congratulations on your 3yr anniversary!!! If anyone truly deserves it, it's you. You are without a doubt my favorite TVclipr. You really have the best content. I really really really love the drugstore Full Face of Nothing New!!!.... Best wishes xoxo

  • Kiera Jo
    Kiera Jo 3 months ago

    You didn't mention it in this video, but I got my first ColourPop Jelly Much shadow this week, and IT IS SO GOOD! I got "Big Ego" from the spring collection, and I remember your using it and also loving it. Seeing you use it in that video was a pretty big factor in my choosing that particular shade! The shade is so beautiful, and I can't get over how glittery and reflective it is. I also love how easy it is to apply--even though I'd seen people say the Jelly Much shadows were more of a mouse than a jelly, it is still a lot more moussey than I expected it to be. It makes me want to get a couple more shades, so I'm on the lookout for the next shade I should pick up! Big Ego was the perfect one for me to try first since I'm a sucker for purple/lavender eyelooks and duochrome shadows.
    Your makeup is FLAWLESS, and you are so great! Love your channel!

  • Lori Alderman
    Lori Alderman 3 months ago

    Happy Chanelversary... I love your channel. Your voice is very calming. I love the fact that your channel is about the makeup, including a lot of drugstore options. I am so glad that you Do do get involved in all the the drama that seems to plague the beauty community.

  • Simply Silent
    Simply Silent 3 months ago

    Gorgeous! Wow happy 3 years!!

  • Raven Harrington
    Raven Harrington 3 months ago

    I love your make up look here 😍😍

  • Lunateac
    Lunateac 3 months ago

    Clicked on this video and the first thing is thought was how ABSOLUTELY STUNNING you look here Allie! Happy Channelversary! To many maaany more years to come 🎉

  • Tammy Roy
    Tammy Roy 3 months ago

    Pixi milky Hydrating mist is a fav......just bought my 3rd one yesterday. I keep mine in the fridge and spray it all over my face after skincare serums and just prior to moisturizer and spf. It’s fabulous!
    Wondering if you’ve tried the new L’Oréal facial spray which seems more oil based. I recently bought it and am really enjoying it. Just wondering how it compares to your Farsali......similar?
    Thank you for sharing your favs and congrats on your 3=yr anniversary 😊👍
    Tammy Roy 🇨🇦

  • Eilish Shovelin
    Eilish Shovelin 3 months ago

    Your makeup looks amazing in this! Congrats on 3 years x

  • Natalie C
    Natalie C 3 months ago

    Wow, such a beautiful woman. Thank you for your imput, I love Nyx

  • Susanna Powers
    Susanna Powers 3 months ago

    Love all of the cruelty-free options in this video ;)

    • Stacilea Beauty
      Stacilea Beauty 3 months ago

      Susanna Powers I gave a cruelty free playlist on my channel if you are interested.

  • Loves Yorkies
    Loves Yorkies 3 months ago

    Happy channelversary! Wanna try a great lip balm? Farmacy has one that makes my lips feel sooooo moisturized!

  • Graci Owens
    Graci Owens 3 months ago


  • Lily Bosnick
    Lily Bosnick 3 months ago

    For those of you who may have missed it, here's Allie's very first debut video, June 2016!

  • Sue Sheehan
    Sue Sheehan 3 months ago

    Three cheers! Thank goodness we have you, Allie, for super tips and reviews.

  • Shawn Elizabeth Caponegro

    Congratulations on 3 years Allie! You are a pleasure to watch!!

  • Gracie Vee
    Gracie Vee 3 months ago

    Congrats on 3 years!! Looking forward to the next 3! 🎉 🎉

  • Amanda Franklin
    Amanda Franklin 3 months ago

    All 7 minutes in till you said the lipgloss I couldn’t stop looking at your lips 😍😍

  • Peyton Krimm
    Peyton Krimm 3 months ago

    Your lips looking plump girllll

  • Catonellie
    Catonellie 3 months ago

    Aw happy channelversary!! I am so happy I found your channel a few months ago your videos are so amazing! I can tell you put so much work and thought into them and I love that!! ✨💕💕💕💕💕

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    jo_ v80 3 months ago

    Aw happy You Tube anniversary! You've done so well in 3 years and all so very deserved!

  • elina craft
    elina craft 3 months ago

    please do a tutorial on this eyelook

  • hss
    hss 3 months ago

    Hi Allie, would you say you like the wowder better than the thrive causemetics loose powder?
    Great video!

  • mlm2167
    mlm2167 3 months ago

    You are beautiful today! Love the color on your eyes is gorgeous! I’m checking out those lip products! Love Laniege❣️Have been loving anything with Rose in it! You have to try Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner...not only is it beautiful but super hydrating! Let me know if you like it! Love ya!