Jet Engine VS FACE (Flying Like Iron Man Update)


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  • the Hacksmith
    the Hacksmith  3 months ago +3679

    Yeah. We're going to need a few more of these.

      BOSSDXD GAMER Day ago

      the Hacksmith Wow

    • Alex Romero
      Alex Romero Day ago

      the Hacksmith p

    • ToastDraws
      ToastDraws Day ago

      You should dress up as captain America from infinity war. You would look perfect!

    • Turk's Innovations
      Turk's Innovations 3 days ago

      Will you integrate an afterburner system to get the most out of the engine?

    • Angelo barrero
      Angelo barrero 3 days ago

      the Hacksmith now make a ball launcher with the jet engine

    GAMINGWITHKOBE 9 hours ago

    I believe it melted the face since the body heat must've been mixed with the degrees that day PLUS about 100 degrees. From that theory, I believe whatsoevr, that would be the reason.

  • TheSaraGamer 10
    TheSaraGamer 10 10 hours ago +1

    Omg u guys eat everything! 😂😅

  • друг
    друг 11 hours ago

    "no not try this at home"

    ho has a jet at home?...

  • O2U GT
    O2U GT 18 hours ago

    Go make battlebot .. Join in battle bot competition for sure u will be win

  • 24 hours of savagery
    24 hours of savagery 19 hours ago

    Who else thinks they should make an iron Man suit with the get enge

  • Legendary Goddess

    He’s the reason why the temperature outside is 90 Degrees outside. Somebody kick his ass For Me.

  • Mr Caesar
    Mr Caesar Day ago

    That thing looks terrifying I would not like to stand near or behind or in front of it

  • ravi mourya
    ravi mourya Day ago

    i think you made a zapata air flyboard

  • The Beyniac
    The Beyniac Day ago


  • The Beyniac
    The Beyniac Day ago

    Nice video bro keep up the good work! Also could you do jet engine vs jet engine? Unless it will cause the big bang. EDIT:Also did he actually eat that packing peanut?? Im worried!

  • fourp4nts
    fourp4nts Day ago

    Ali a intro?

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Day ago

    Se podra instalar en un carro o una moto ? :v

  • Dj Nedyaj
    Dj Nedyaj Day ago

    Could live in my neighborhood

  • toxic skeleton
    toxic skeleton Day ago

    you should make an exo skeleton with that jet engine on the back, that will be amazing.
    you could be the creator of the future.

  • Md. Shahid
    Md. Shahid Day ago

    You look like a Chris evans 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Md. Shahid
    Md. Shahid Day ago

    I support your channel 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • The Jazim Show
    The Jazim Show Day ago

    you look like captain america

  • Nguyễn Thị Loan


  • Marcel Costa
    Marcel Costa Day ago

    Can i try it at home?

  • Daily music of Internet

    Did ya really swallow it damn

  • Dysen Jose
    Dysen Jose 2 days ago

    U look like captain America

    MROJAS 2 days ago


  • imwiththebusiness
    imwiththebusiness 2 days ago

    I'm going to pitch this gruesome idea to the Mexican Cartels.

  • TacoXL
    TacoXL 2 days ago

    Damn, I missed it!

  • lirikmoss gaming
    lirikmoss gaming 2 days ago

    Now try this with a real face

  • Eme Ce
    Eme Ce 2 days ago

    You speak too much

  • Isaiah Archuleta
    Isaiah Archuleta 2 days ago

    Are you close to finishing? I’ve been subbed but I have not seen another one for a little bit.

  • lizzardboy802
    lizzardboy802 2 days ago

    The styrofoam head looked like everyone in infinity war when Thanos snapped his fingers

  • Young Blade
    Young Blade 2 days ago

    Wolverine would survive

  • [SNL] Ggear Up
    [SNL] Ggear Up 2 days ago

    Rainhard hamer?

  • drew6017
    drew6017 2 days ago +1

    Why not just use only the jet engines and control the direction with metal rings (in a similar fashion to how hydrogen peroxide jetpacks work) for stabilization? This will reduce the precision required for the throttle of the engines, making them the most viable option.

  • Numlex channel
    Numlex channel 2 days ago +1

    He eat that white thing!
    Awesome!+ Subscribed 😊

    MAIN RIG 2 days ago

    Try to run that Turbine With Hydrogen

  • Usama Shafiq
    Usama Shafiq 3 days ago

    What is the name of the field in which people work with experiments with jet engines

  • PikachuLover
    PikachuLover 3 days ago

    why did you eat the white thing?

  • максим умрихин

    Ну Чо норм

  • Juandre VanDerWalt
    Juandre VanDerWalt 3 days ago

    Crazy idea... Add a rocket to the electric buggy| go-kart you made

  • Riley Blackford
    Riley Blackford 4 days ago

    Did you actually eat that peanut...? What a boss.

  • Ivi Anaya
    Ivi Anaya 4 days ago

    Just get to the point

  • ethan springston
    ethan springston 4 days ago

    *Buyes jet engine

  • Killerlightning
    Killerlightning 4 days ago

    So how that white thing taste

  • Michelle Aurelia Wijaya

    Make the infinity gauntlet that Thanos wore!!!

  • Nick le Thug
    Nick le Thug 5 days ago

    I want to see a face melting 🤓

  • miklitov23
    miklitov23 5 days ago

    You look like Chris Evans you even have his hairline

  • miklitov23
    miklitov23 5 days ago

    Did he really just eat that packaging

  • Sethtaros
    Sethtaros 5 days ago


  • Prince Charm
    Prince Charm 5 days ago

    Hacksmith yuor the man

  • Salmon In A Can
    Salmon In A Can 6 days ago

    You know those idiots that use flame throwers as a weapon durring the zombie apocalypse we use jet engine.

  • ReachRoachh shrek
    ReachRoachh shrek 6 days ago

    Strange jet engine

  • Elmran
    Elmran 6 days ago

    Creepy but I liked.

  • Lara Aitken
    Lara Aitken 9 days ago

    Jet engine: bye bye face 🙃

    Goku SAIYAN BLUE 9 days ago

    If u perpectly finish the flying like iron man u will be rich and famous

  • Aaron Hutcison
    Aaron Hutcison 9 days ago +1

    Iron Man Becoming Real (Richard Browning, Gravity Industries) | DLD 18
    look it up don't give up

  • Bootygodmike
    Bootygodmike 10 days ago

    Are you from Montreal, Quebec

  • Fiw Dexa TV
    Fiw Dexa TV 11 days ago


  • Niko Smith
    Niko Smith 11 days ago +4

    The fact that their just toying around with a JET ENGINE is just incredible.

  • Elias Amsalu
    Elias Amsalu 11 days ago +1


  • Abdiel Troya
    Abdiel Troya 11 days ago

    looks like a vagina

  • PiratePanda
    PiratePanda 12 days ago

    3.6k easter eggs disliked this

  • TTマイク・
    TTマイク・ 12 days ago


  • Rayne Herring
    Rayne Herring 13 days ago

    You Guys Are AWESOME! Even Tony Stark Would Be Impressed! :O

  • 5% Gaming
    5% Gaming 13 days ago

    Make thanosos infinite gauntlet

  • Ascending Oak
    Ascending Oak 13 days ago

    I think that foam head isnt feeling good

  • 히로
    히로 14 days ago


  • gababoy1
    gababoy1 15 days ago

    i love how you like to do tests but a person has all ready done what you are wanting to do and even perfected the flying

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres 16 days ago

    I heard nf let u down I the back round

  • Joseph Delgado
    Joseph Delgado 16 days ago

    He look so much like captain America in infinity war.

  • MagneHalvard
    MagneHalvard 17 days ago

    Must be like living next door to the freakin klopeks.

  • Infamous Stupidity
    Infamous Stupidity 17 days ago

    Your making the future lad

  • lithiumkc8
    lithiumkc8 17 days ago +1

    He looks like a mixture of Chris Evans and Jesus Christ.

  • KD Sampson
    KD Sampson 17 days ago

    Why dont you make a A suit that can withstand the heat ?????

  • takiyah robinson
    takiyah robinson 18 days ago

    roasting hotdogs?...

    boi you look like a sausage!!!!!! you got a sausage body!!!! Mr sausage is your twin!

  • Black Hawk
    Black Hawk 18 days ago


  • Julio Torres
    Julio Torres 18 days ago

    If you look at the head it said ZGB aka Zombie go boom!

  • Ryan Productions
    Ryan Productions 18 days ago

    When you get new toothpastes and its too minty.

  • Ryan Productions
    Ryan Productions 18 days ago

    This is why your mother said to not go close to the T.V.

  • Rogue Shadow
    Rogue Shadow 19 days ago

    Welp... That weiner said goodbye.

  • Nozyspy
    Nozyspy 19 days ago

    Raiders of the Lost Ark anyone? :D

  • J D
    J D 19 days ago

    First video I've ever seen. 22 seconds in.
    Like. Subscribed. Bell. All that sh**

  • tiler plays\vlogs
    tiler plays\vlogs 19 days ago

    make a ghost buster gun

  • Vivek Makvana
    Vivek Makvana 19 days ago

    How to buy thi jet engine????

  • Abdulkadir Özarslan
    Abdulkadir Özarslan 19 days ago


  • Rédex
    Rédex 19 days ago

    How it feels to chew 5 Gum

  • Xx_Scorpions98
    Xx_Scorpions98 19 days ago

    I think you just need to lose some weight dude.

  • War Craft
    War Craft 19 days ago

    When you were blasting it in his face it was like Old Man Snoke on a roller-coaster

  • sony ram
    sony ram 19 days ago

    u guys could somehow use freon to help keep it cool

  • croofies :l
    croofies :l 19 days ago

    Hotdogs were hurt in the making of this video

  • RGGamer
    RGGamer 20 days ago

    The zombei head wgile his face is just burn or anatging aales that was very funny

  • Baz Nooka
    Baz Nooka 20 days ago

    I think he looks like Captain America

  • Aaron McCloud
    Aaron McCloud 20 days ago

    But can it melt steel beams?

    _BLACK_ BROTHERS_ 21 day ago

    I love this guy I have liked every one of your videos and even subbed:)

  • Soumil Singh
    Soumil Singh 21 day ago

    Are you trying the Captain America Infinity War look??

  • Sander Andrade
    Sander Andrade 21 day ago

    Anyone else notice the NF Let You Down part 😂😂

  • mini gear
    mini gear 21 day ago

    Can we fly with this

  • Simonfire
    Simonfire 21 day ago

    Use this for the ironman suit

  • Maria Francisco
    Maria Francisco 22 days ago

    Made a hulk buster

  • adrian bon the gamer
    adrian bon the gamer 22 days ago

    amzing experiment

  • Rick Sanchez C137
    Rick Sanchez C137 22 days ago +1


  • Marlen Maksumov
    Marlen Maksumov 22 days ago

    it lloks so rude