Jet Engine VS FACE (Flying Like Iron Man Update)


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  • the Hacksmith
    the Hacksmith  6 months ago +3950

    Yeah. We're going to need a few more of these.

    • Team Fortress Gameplay
      Team Fortress Gameplay Day ago

      the Hacksmith Xaa

    • Zahir Hadi
      Zahir Hadi 7 days ago

      the Hacksmith tty to make jet griller

    • Dylan Griffith
      Dylan Griffith 9 days ago

      the Hacksmith you should make a foam board thing so it looks like the green goblins hover board thing and cosplay as the green goblin or something cuz I don’t think it’s going to be as compact as iron mans suit of course so maybe make a goblin bird or a vulture pack or something with it

    • I'm not a fire bird
      I'm not a fire bird 13 days ago

      Lol wut?

    • POLLO
      POLLO 18 days ago

      the Hacksmith can a jet engine melting copper?

  • FRI1N
    FRI1N 2 hours ago

    9:55 Me riding a bikecycle with all my leg power

  • FRI1N
    FRI1N 2 hours ago

    9:55 Me riding a bikecycle with all my leg power

    VIJAY KATKAR 3 hours ago

    Hey why don't you use a systemof which rockets use (spaceshuttlelaunchingrockets)

  • Sonichu Zappem
    Sonichu Zappem 4 hours ago

    You should stick it up your butt and see if you can become a spaceship

  • Guns of boom gameplay channel

    The face is real or not real

  • ADO Photoshop Breakdowns

    But can it melt steel beams?

  • Leonardo Mendez
    Leonardo Mendez 19 hours ago

    Face melting 9:51

  • Seon
    Seon Day ago

    8:07 Was That A Real Person Blown To His Skeleton ?

  • moved to 'cori6487'

    why not build a jet engine like Colin Furze?

  • moto king
    moto king Day ago

    Dam yo box opened homie built lika giraffe

  • Aeyen The Lobster
    Aeyen The Lobster Day ago +1

    9:54 he opened the ark of conevant

  • twistedyogert
    twistedyogert 2 days ago

    10:28 So Iron-Man could have melted Bucky and Cap during Civil War? I didn't think his jets produced any heat.

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  2 days ago

      They would have. That's why he didn't use them

  • next OL
    next OL 2 days ago

    when your girlfrind is farting

  • Killedbycotton
    Killedbycotton 3 days ago

    I appreciate that you execute your ideas rather than just dream them up. Best of luck on your endeavors. keep it up

  • Oryx 2626
    Oryx 2626 3 days ago

    11:10 "do not try this at home" you think i have a jet engine?

    you're right

  • Phyhaze
    Phyhaze 3 days ago

    Imagine attaching this to your arm and using it as a weapon, i doubt it would work but it would be cool to send people flying

  • TNT Barracuda
    TNT Barracuda 3 days ago

    I feel like I'm just rewatching Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  • crazy boy
    crazy boy 3 days ago


  • Oficial Raikov
    Oficial Raikov 3 days ago

    9:53 :-)

  • Hydraz
    Hydraz 4 days ago

    This was only 70 pounds of thrust?? Imagine what a fighter jet engine would do with 30,000 pounds of thrust!

    TREE MASTER BOB 4 days ago


  • Truth seeker
    Truth seeker 4 days ago

    That blow dryer would be great for my hair. 🙆🏾

  • Cook- Cook
    Cook- Cook 4 days ago


  • Terrence Stefela
    Terrence Stefela 4 days ago

    Zip tie engineering

  • Flim Flam
    Flim Flam 4 days ago

    that one dude has a suit doing this with all jet engines its pretty awesome

  • Jose Pablo
    Jose Pablo 4 days ago

    No van a volar como Iron Man, lo harán como el duende verde de spirderman 1

  • ahmadaiman
    ahmadaiman 5 days ago

    Hahahaha.... The face be like"blblblblblblbl"

  • Paladium_
    Paladium_ 5 days ago

    When you just turn on the electric fan but it wasnt a fan it was the EDF

  • sahil Baghel
    sahil Baghel 5 days ago

    Hi I have idea to make iron-man shut please contact me your big fan Sahil Star

  • Ace1234556789
    Ace1234556789 5 days ago

    If I have a miniature jet engine at my house I'll do whatever I want.

  • Christopher Carey
    Christopher Carey 5 days ago

    Teacher: Lindsay, why are you late for class?
    Lindsay: I got face-burned by a jet engine. Also, POP TARTS!!!!

  • Duane Ransom
    Duane Ransom 5 days ago

    I WANT ONE!!! I Have NO idea what I am going to use it for but I want it!!! :D Very cool test and awesome turbine engine O.O !!

  • GTM -G
    GTM -G 6 days ago

    Can you shoot it with a nerf and softair gun

  • ChristianV Plays
    ChristianV Plays 7 days ago +14

    When you turn on the air conditioner and it first turns hot.

  • Го Нщик мах

    Был бы это реально фейс

  • Connertheassasin Toy review & gaming


  • Андрей Шатеров

    Typical russian hairdryer

  • the Niffla
    the Niffla 9 days ago

    Du hast Efteling Musik benutzt?

  • Matheus 677
    Matheus 677 10 days ago


  • Tem
    Tem 10 days ago

    what about the face-melting plasma rays from "raiders of the lost ark"?

  • keenancc
    keenancc 10 days ago

    Make the hole iron man suit

  • E v i l P e a r
    E v i l P e a r 10 days ago

    Put one on a shopping cart

  • Dash Dabelgott
    Dash Dabelgott 10 days ago

    Are those heads scrim zombie go boom

  • Ian Hernandez
    Ian Hernandez 10 days ago

    6,666 cOMMEnT

  • Georgina Garcia
    Georgina Garcia 10 days ago +3

    10:49 Stark I don’t feel so good

  • Thomas Jimin Stein
    Thomas Jimin Stein 10 days ago


  • EJ
    EJ 10 days ago


  • giuliano ribeiro
    giuliano ribeiro 11 days ago

    cris evans iron man?

  • Bcikablam
    Bcikablam 11 days ago

    ... what's the "colinfurze was here" in the background at 4:26? (oh wait it says "wasn't here" :P)

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  10 days ago

      Bcikablam better check it out

    • Bcikablam
      Bcikablam 10 days ago

      huh I didn't see that video before if I did I would have watched it

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  11 days ago +1

      Watch the video where he tours the shop

  • William Wharton
    William Wharton 11 days ago

    you guys should make a real jet pack with edf's and a jet engine

  • Misha's Fun Channel
    Misha's Fun Channel 13 days ago

    "Trust me,I'm an engineer!"

  • Issenov Daulet
    Issenov Daulet 13 days ago


  • andy do
    andy do 13 days ago

    I kinda hoped the jet engines were bigger but... it wasn't

  • Phar0s07
    Phar0s07 13 days ago

    10:45 I don't feel so good

  • XTOX
    XTOX 14 days ago

    Did anybody notice they used a zombie go boom head

  • Waht is this Op dope P
    Waht is this Op dope P 14 days ago +1

    Omg poor gye

  • Rindutaka
    Rindutaka 15 days ago


  • Thomas Lewis
    Thomas Lewis 15 days ago

    I think it would be amazing if marvel gave the hacksmith a chance to star in a movie and where he creates out of the world things for the heroes and his name in the film is THE HACKSMITH.

  • Shami Sushant
    Shami Sushant 16 days ago

    Use air gel as insulator to heat. Strap two of these behind your back. Use propeller or whatever (edf?) At your hands and feet's. Keep edf at full throttle and jets at 50%. This should work. Increase jet speed slowly to 70% of needed. Don't go further at all costs

  • vector6977
    vector6977 16 days ago

    It's even the right colors.

  • Hair lyne
    Hair lyne 16 days ago

    2 spoopy 5 me

  • Jaedon Wallace
    Jaedon Wallace 18 days ago

    i'm having nightmares tonight

  • Fiaroz Khan
    Fiaroz Khan 19 days ago


  • Jimmy Page 2001
    Jimmy Page 2001 19 days ago

    How'd that taste?

  • Justin evenson
    Justin evenson 21 day ago

    Can I be ur neighbor

  • Ali As for Gffjk
    Ali As for Gffjk 21 day ago

    How much is the price of this engine and where it is sold

  • Ali As for Gffjk
    Ali As for Gffjk 21 day ago

    How much is the price of this engine and where it is sold

  • Ali As for Gffjk
    Ali As for Gffjk 21 day ago

    How much is the price of this engine and where it is sold

    G4GADGET S 22 days ago

    i am so much interested

    G4GADGET S 22 days ago

    bro i wanna work with your team

  • Jet fuel 901
    Jet fuel 901 22 days ago


    JACK KELLY 22 days ago

    Me at 2 Am

  • Merc y
    Merc y 22 days ago

    Can't you just use compressed air? Like 100psi for each hand for a 180lb person?

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  22 days ago

      If you had enough flow, butt you'd literally need like an 18-Wheeler size air compressor

  • Derdurchzocker
    Derdurchzocker 22 days ago

    Do you know the helicar from spider man (SHILDE)
    Build this helicar:) please

  • gabriel rodriguez
    gabriel rodriguez 22 days ago

    You should get a fan in front of it, because he has a fan in front that cools down the engine, just saying

  • FavY 69
    FavY 69 22 days ago

    Aye and what if we put 2 of these next to each other?

  • manuel rodriguez hidalgo

    Pongan la turbina en una bici

  • DADAMON 99
    DADAMON 99 23 days ago

    Que genial

  • Krinj Risushitel
    Krinj Risushitel 23 days ago +1

    А можно нашего Фейса также?

  • IMBA
    IMBA 23 days ago

    face same Captain @@

  • Space Man
    Space Man 23 days ago

    Mini jet plan and debt here I come hell yeah

  • Isaac Roberts
    Isaac Roberts 23 days ago

    That was a confirmed zombie kill

  • Santiago Hernandez
    Santiago Hernandez 23 days ago

    Encerio te comiste el poliestireno?????

  • LoveDaCulture808
    LoveDaCulture808 23 days ago

    Why the name always got to be "Smith". Wired

  • Fierce Serpernt
    Fierce Serpernt 23 days ago

    I hope this guy does not become bad

  • Sam VS. Ash
    Sam VS. Ash 24 days ago

    Subscribe to Christine pristine

  • usni87
    usni87 24 days ago

    Satelite is lie... Astronout is lie

  • Mr. CaliforniaModz
    Mr. CaliforniaModz 24 days ago

    U should pit that on a pocket bike

  • Michael Rahaman
    Michael Rahaman 24 days ago

    That's what Amazon is all about.

  • volvo irizar
    volvo irizar 24 days ago

    Precio y donde compro un motor de esos

  • ikea boy
    ikea boy 24 days ago


  • Arturo Rojas
    Arturo Rojas 24 days ago

    Who else skipped to the good part?

  • Sangram Saste
    Sangram Saste 24 days ago


  • crazy gamer 02 03
    crazy gamer 02 03 25 days ago

    You guys should make a wand sort of wand like from Harry Potter, of course you can’t make it shoot slugs lol but you could do it where it shoots out some kind of electricity or a flame or something

  • love marshmallo
    love marshmallo 25 days ago

    Hot air

  • Jet Fighter
    Jet Fighter 25 days ago +1

    Can you fly? Make it real!!

  • Лёва
    Лёва 25 days ago

    Дибилы блять!!!!!!!

  • Caneon Fist
    Caneon Fist 25 days ago

    That was graphic

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 25 days ago

    I wish you guys actually did it with a real human face