How Long Would it Take to Get to the Nearest Habitable Planets ( TRAPPIST-1 )?

  • Published on Mar 24, 2017
  • How long would it take us to get to TRAPPIST-1? Will we ever be able to travel to other habitable planets? What are exoplantes? What kind of technology would we need in order to travel through space at high speeds? Let’s find out in this episode of The Infographics Show: How Long Would it Take to Get to the Nearest Habitable Planet (TRAPPIST-1)?
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  2 years ago +562

    If you could go on a mission to colonize other planets, but it was a one way mission, would you go?

    • Brian Williams
      Brian Williams Month ago

      @The Infographics Show beam me up

    • Otto Tamkivi
      Otto Tamkivi 3 months ago

      If we freeze people inside spaceships they wouldn’t need food or water or oxygen for the flight, also they wouldn’t take much space.

    • Jewel Sukjaem
      Jewel Sukjaem 4 months ago

      Yup but gotta be trained or else I’ll die

    • Nic Bean
      Nic Bean 7 months ago

      I'm on the first thing smoking

  • sangharsh bomzon
    sangharsh bomzon 8 days ago

    What scientists are looking at is 39 years in the past.

  • Gaming with KamKam
    Gaming with KamKam Month ago

    If your reached the planet and had a super power what would it be

  • Gaming with KamKam
    Gaming with KamKam Month ago

    Imagine reaching the planet in 1000 years and ur still alive.

  • sherin v
    sherin v 2 months ago

    Lets SETI focus on Trappist instead of Tau Ceti, if we can't go there, let's bring them here.

  • Melissa Candemir
    Melissa Candemir 2 months ago

    Guys this might be a dumb idea but can’t they regrow their food on the spaceship like plants and all that I mean if they’re able to survive and breath they should be able to make a regrowing food system right?

  • Simon Grindell
    Simon Grindell 2 months ago

    Please can you make a video on how long it would take to get to gliese 581 20 light years away and proxime cemtauri B 4.3 light years away?

  • The Bajur
    The Bajur 2 months ago

    Remember when the infographics show had comedy?

  • Ak Ak
    Ak Ak 3 months ago +1

    What if we built space stations,hundreds of them, and slowly get there? That would require loads of trillions of dollars, but still, we ought to try.

  • Vospus
    Vospus 3 months ago

    Just play No Man's Sky

  • Nick Callahan
    Nick Callahan 3 months ago

    I love this game

    JOEL CHILLI 3 months ago

    I wanna start study astronomy

  • rickysmyth
    rickysmyth 3 months ago

    0:12 how to get men to put more effort into space

  • ECHOprestige
    ECHOprestige 3 months ago

    it would take 6,500 years to travel to the nearest habitable planet

  • Sam Shx
    Sam Shx 3 months ago

    Dont worry people from trapist1 will visit earth.

  • Lucas R.
    Lucas R. 3 months ago

    Ofc every planet in the solar system is a more possible one than those trappist systems

  • Sid Indian
    Sid Indian 3 months ago

    Can wormhole help to reach habitable zone ?? It reduces distance between Earth and Earth like planet..
    Bottom line _ is wormhole real ?? How to find them

  • Gunplaboy XX
    Gunplaboy XX 3 months ago

    Jiren lives there

  • Josephine Enterina
    Josephine Enterina 4 months ago

    It's that possible when you plant in random planet soils?

  • The Ultimate Bag of Laughs

    What about Alpha Centauri?

  • Tanner Castillo
    Tanner Castillo 4 months ago

    No. I just saved you 5 1/2 minutes of your time

  • Dasia Jolly
    Dasia Jolly 4 months ago

    Taken from the 100, just cryo-freeze everyone so you dont have to worry about resources besides the 2-3 people piloting the ship

  • 肖鱼儿
    肖鱼儿 4 months ago

    you have made the best animation l have ever seen,infographic XD

  • Danush Kumar
    Danush Kumar 4 months ago


  • Jim Moore
    Jim Moore 4 months ago

    I think it more likely that we could build ocean cities, terraform the deserts, and colonize the other 80% of earth that we haven't yet been able to touch, than it would be to achieve the relativistic speeds needed to colonize the galaxy.

  • fmthebaron
    fmthebaron 4 months ago

    Piccolo: NEEERD!

  • Vladan Stojaković
    Vladan Stojaković 4 months ago +1

    Tidely lock planets. They are not habitable ..

    MILLEN LA FLEUR 4 months ago

    why won’t just send a robot there to collect data?

  • Ashe Dezinky
    Ashe Dezinky 5 months ago

    now hear me out; it’s be hella expensive and difficult but i’m speaking hypothetically. we could send a group of men and women on a huge space craft with enough resources to sustain life. maybe figure out how to farm produce and raise livestock but we could have a small civilization living on the spacecraft having a steady rate of reproduction so that over the thousands maybe millions of years it takes to get to trappist-1, we’ll have a small community that will endure the trip so they’ll be able to populate trappist-1. sure they won’t get there in their own lifetime but i think it’s a decent last resort for when earth nears its end. there’s a lot of room for it to go wrong but who knows?
    edit: also if we put more research into cryogenics, instead of necessarily farming we could significantly cut the amount of resources needed to sustain day to day life. i feel like we’d have to wake up periodically to maintain ourselves because over a million years is a long ass time but i’m no scientist so idk lol

  • Eli Sterling
    Eli Sterling 5 months ago

    Yeah but it’s not the closest

  • Rohan King
    Rohan King 5 months ago +1

    Hell no... What we gonna do their.. Eat dirt and die... 😂😂

  • Jenny Blount
    Jenny Blount 5 months ago

    humans are so advantset why cant they make a robot and fly it up to trapist1 i think nasa is hideing something

  • Just another chungy bo i
    Just another chungy bo i 5 months ago +1

    What about radiation and oxygen ? Those are the 2 main reasons it is difficult for us to inhabit mars ... If they don't have that we might as well go back to trying to inhabit mars since it is much closer

  • Jhed Niño S. Bucad/MongolMapping

    super earths

  • Martin Sloan
    Martin Sloan 5 months ago

    The key to life my friend, is the Lord God Almighty.

  • Boon Jun Tong
    Boon Jun Tong 5 months ago

    You forgot to say Star Trek

  • Fish Eye
    Fish Eye 6 months ago

    fake fake fake dumbass bitch hope dies in crash

  • Larry TRUELOVE
    Larry TRUELOVE 6 months ago

    We will never permanently colonize another planet. What’s more, there are no life sustaining planets in this universe.

  • Doglatista 05
    Doglatista 05 7 months ago

    God no need this crappy space craft

  • PH Moonton
    PH Moonton 7 months ago

    Lets use the retribution of cod infinite warfare

  • Adith M
    Adith M 7 months ago

    This could only be possible by making the life span of an astronaut so long that once he reaches there, he's going to land as if he didn't travel so far at all.

  • 寔
     7 months ago

    what about alpha centauri b

  • Callister Rod2500
    Callister Rod2500 7 months ago

    Millennium falcon needed.

  • Jonathan Terrado
    Jonathan Terrado 7 months ago

    Why go 39 ly when there's proxima B only 4 ly away?

  • Tanvir Ahammed
    Tanvir Ahammed 7 months ago +2

    The spacecraft carrying Walmart...LOL!!!

  • Tomato Enthusiast
    Tomato Enthusiast 7 months ago

    About 120 years
    the 100 anyone??

  • Ali Fahes
    Ali Fahes 8 months ago

    What about folding the fabric of space???!

  • Enas Tyxeos
    Enas Tyxeos 8 months ago

    I mean... we got a few billion years left on earth, reaching an exo planet in that amount of time will be easy.
    At least I hope so...

  • Steve Stevudza
    Steve Stevudza 8 months ago

    One jump with ASP Explorer

  • Rahul Gautam
    Rahul Gautam 8 months ago

    What about venus

  • Clint Lindley
    Clint Lindley 8 months ago

    Why aren't we finding ways to use our own star Sol to slingshot probes? Pretty sure the space/time/reality around Sol is a more viable solution to our speed problems than trying to find a technology to bend reality to our will.

  • exelionx VidZ
    exelionx VidZ 8 months ago

    How about worrying on getting food for the trip cant u put evreyone in a long ass coma thay can survive because there body is resting so they dont need food or water because there hibornating right idk but i think im right

  • Luis M
    Luis M 8 months ago

    Nasa's Eagle Works lab is currently trying to create tech that can travel to other star systems and they hope to do so by the end of the century. Eagle Works is Nasa's workshop that tests outlandish ideas and tries to make them a reality.

  • shedu naik
    shedu naik 8 months ago

    We will not need that much food or water... When we travel near the speed of lights time becomes relatively slow.. Infct so slow that if we travel 9p to speed of light it will take very small amount of the food

  • Duglife
    Duglife 8 months ago

    Magic Conch Shell; *"Maybe someday..."*

  • atom 18883
    atom 18883 8 months ago

    i will only go to trappist 1 if they have despacito 2

  • arati chy
    arati chy 9 months ago

    Can you make a video on ISRO

  • Recon3Y3z
    Recon3Y3z 9 months ago +1

    Yung TRAPPIST-1

  • Monika Pern
    Monika Pern 9 months ago

    Kilometers per hour is marked as km/h, not kph.. 'murica

  • Kibernautas
    Kibernautas 9 months ago

    When traveling at speed close to speed of light time slows down (theory of relativity). Author of the video is a moron.

  • dreakheart
    dreakheart 9 months ago

    the thing is ,, look how long it takes to colonise an island or a piece of land with 8 people ? we WOULD STILL LIVE IN STRAW HUTS !!! even if you get a ton of stuff , it would take AGES to colonise it like 100 years to get a city another 400 years to make multiple vilages and cities , how you get by ? a car ? how you wanna make 1 ? its gonan take over 900 years to completely colonize the earth ISH..maybe longer , Earth is a calm planet , what if beasts live there who are WAY more dangerous then any animal on earth .. then what ?

  • okkam okulus
    okkam okulus 9 months ago

    The fastest spacecraft would be the new solar probe that was launched this year

  • Andrew Brault
    Andrew Brault 9 months ago

    They would freeze them instead of that 2:00

  • BlackTec Playz
    BlackTec Playz 10 months ago

    Now we need non aging humans

  • Metal13 Wolfgang
    Metal13 Wolfgang 10 months ago

    This is just a Theoretical theory we can send a AI instead with advance cloning system like carrying a DNA information the human genome etc. ,special scientific equipment’s ,Hardware For colonization and once we get there the AI will make a human or by the time the probe get there its already working in progress its far fence but its a idea

    LM SORENSON 10 months ago

    @02:25 nice subtle little dig at fat people there.... 🤭

  • Werner Boden
    Werner Boden 10 months ago

    If we can build a ship with residents and we can travel for 100 years , we would
    not need to colonise a planet. I think that would be the best bet.
    Until that time, we could settle a small colony on mars, but it
    will not be very hospitable with low gravity and atmosphere.
    People might not be able to stay long, due to health risks.
    I wonder why we even would want to stay there.

  • YonkouTerkuat
    YonkouTerkuat 10 months ago

    Can't we just see whats on it instead of go to it?

  • gordon Wong
    gordon Wong 10 months ago


  • Thomas Abell
    Thomas Abell 10 months ago

    I completed the journey to Trappist 1 in only 12 parsecs

  • DarkTheShark
    DarkTheShark 10 months ago

    *watches video*

  • Kcsniperboy
    Kcsniperboy 10 months ago

    Paul rudd graduated from my highschools rival school

  • Destiny Elle
    Destiny Elle 10 months ago

    They could get the fastest space ship, and have two males and two females and they breed until they have two females and two males, teach keep about science and technology, etc. And boom

  • Kaionfire
    Kaionfire 10 months ago

    Hi Infographics! Could you make a video on the idea of warp drives?

  • Z0oM
    Z0oM 10 months ago

    I think its better to go to proxima centarium

  • Kevin Parent
    Kevin Parent 10 months ago

    1:34 "It's reasonABLE to think"

  • Aidan C
    Aidan C 11 months ago

    Why u talking about food and water when we can just hyper sleep

  • 1NabbinatoR
    1NabbinatoR 11 months ago

    we just can send with the star shoot tecnology Semen/sperma maybe? and a piece of paper that say, build radio signal and recontact us!

  • Lord Sauron
    Lord Sauron 11 months ago

    At the speed of light, time would slow down for the passengers. So you don't need all that food&water.

  • Chandra Mouli
    Chandra Mouli 11 months ago

    If I start traveling my great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandson reaches there

  • jim liu
    jim liu 11 months ago

    We can’t survive on a lifeless exo-planet. We can’t survive on a exo-planet that has life- since we have no immunity to those life. We can only survive on Earth and are trapped here; we better start taking better care of earth!!!

  • Audriel Cabanero
    Audriel Cabanero 11 months ago


  • sarthak kotnala
    sarthak kotnala Year ago


  • Bondy
    Bondy Year ago +1

    We can't even colonize the moon let alone other planets. Get serious. Also light years? be practical. Dream on.

  • M G
    M G Year ago +1

    if the planet dies we’re doomed

  • John Carter
    John Carter Year ago +1

    Wow what a distance, we are still living in the stone age, in this area of space

  • A.R. Galaxy
    A.R. Galaxy Year ago

    Elon Musk

  • Data Banks
    Data Banks Year ago

    Or you could pop over to Isaac Arthur's channel where he discusses various interstellar colonization possibilities in his Outward Bound series - all based on real physics

  • Pournima Harmalkar

    We will reach it at some time

  • Larpazuu Sippil
    Larpazuu Sippil Year ago

    But what if they go to the black hole and launch it self to Trappist-1

  • Rhoss Agulto
    Rhoss Agulto Year ago

    "How the Hell were gonna get. To TRAPPIST-1 "

  • Sreehari S
    Sreehari S Year ago

    If we colonize a new planet, how do countries claim land?

  • tomtom vicky
    tomtom vicky Year ago

    I miss planet Pluto

  • Robo Dragon 54
    Robo Dragon 54 Year ago

    If we were light would it take us 39 years to get there?

  • ESC Niko
    ESC Niko Year ago

    The first thing we should try is to fix our planet and our society before even thinking of colonizeing other solarsystems

  • carl azuz
    carl azuz Year ago

    Just call Han.

    JAMES CLEVEN Year ago

    Can I do the Kessle run there

  • OnceUponATime InAMovie

    We need the millenium falcon

    2YOUNG4YT Year ago

    Maybe breeding in space would work. lol

  • Thor Long
    Thor Long Year ago

    As soon as practical field theory science figures out how to bend space.