Uber vs. Lyft

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • The rivalry between Uber and Lyft is in full swing. They're both going public and we finally get a look into how they're doing. A perfect time to compare the 2 rapidly growing companies.
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Comments • 1 767

  • Joseph Beers
    Joseph Beers 4 hours ago

    It is obvious this guy never drove for FUber or Thyft. Same 💩 different sphincter from the drivers perspective. Have not seen on driver promotion sense either IPO which is why I seldom drive any longer.

  • Anthony Hilzendeger
    Anthony Hilzendeger 19 hours ago

    The battle is on... which company can f___ their so called independent contractors in the most inventive way...

  • Rose Prevost
    Rose Prevost Day ago

    They're just cab services who don't want to play by the rules. And I just feel uncomfortable in someone's private car, someone I don't know and whose insurance might not cover me if there's an accident. If I need a ride, I call a regular cab.

  • BlazeAdin
    BlazeAdin 3 days ago

    Im in Australia, I can use Uber anywhere i travel.. when im in America, i only use lyft if i get a free ride coupon...
    Lyft needs to attract recurrent spending from tourists.. Being laser focused on America is actually hurting their potential market share.

  • Emily Battin
    Emily Battin 4 days ago

    lyft is so much more expensive than uber 90% of the time and I live in Chicago

  • Stephon Love
    Stephon Love 5 days ago +1

    Can you do a video on the decline of the taxi?

  • Mr_V_M8
    Mr_V_M8 7 days ago +1

    I thought grub hub was bigger than Uber???

  • Emperor Palpitoad
    Emperor Palpitoad 7 days ago

    Not sure why they haven't invested in full sized van transportation

  • TheEWFX29
    TheEWFX29 8 days ago

    As a former cab driver I would never take either of them but that is just me. I have friends who take it and tell me its cheaper than a cab and being it is the persons car your riding in it was probably a nicer car than your average taxi. But, and I'm wondering why the cab companies aren't complaining, though they work very quietly with local governments so watch out, or the state isn't trying to get fees and driver checks that Uber & Lyft don't have? Drivers have to get licenses or medallions in some places from the local city hall and pay a fee yearly to update that license. They also can lose that license if they get caught doing something illegal, like drugs or others, even if off duty. The other drivers have no such license or check to my understanding. The taxi companies have to pay taxes to operate for many different reasons according to local rules and ordinances. The pay road usage and pollution fees and all kinds of other costs U & L don't have. If and when these fees get added and their drivers have more expenses than just a flat fee exchange per ride things will change especially for the companies. If they aren't making money now these state/city rules any taxi company has will definitely drag these new entity's under. Hers just one example. www.spokesman.com/stories/2018/dec/10/lyft-uber-drivers-will-have-to-pay-new-fees-follow/

  • Boston Tom
    Boston Tom 8 days ago

    I'm a driver and a lot of my passengers say drivers are more friendlier better drivers and cheaper prices and Ubers controversies pull them away but the funny part is a lot of drivers drive for both

  • Pen Holmes
    Pen Holmes 9 days ago +2

    I find it insane they still can't profit, even after bypassing taxi laws and regulations, even after contracting much of their workforce instead of having entirely employees, and especially after being able to hoist car and insurance costs on their "third party" contractors. If they can't even make money after doing all that, something is seriously wrong with this model. They keep uprooting the small city taxi businesses too. It's wreaking havoc! :/

    Don't get me started on the unintended effects of third party delivery services on local restaurants. Not sure if you're taking requests, but if you haven't looked into Zoomer (a now failed third party delivery service) you might find its story fascinating. I know they got bought out by Eat Street, who changed over all the drivers from contracted to employees, and somehow managed to get away with giving them a base wage of under $6 an hour. No lie. I was there.

  • Isaac Pacheco
    Isaac Pacheco 9 days ago

    They need to pass more of the loss onto their drivers... if the drivers want more money, they need to perform better. Period.

  • Jennivah Rayenstone
    Jennivah Rayenstone 10 days ago

    I perfer Lyft. Drivers are nicer. Some of the drivers for uber are kind of jerks..

  • Chris Brandt
    Chris Brandt 11 days ago

    Lyft, it's cheaper than uber

  • Storm Sliders
    Storm Sliders 14 days ago

    I think tesla's self driving service will overtake them both

  • Life of Aaron
    Life of Aaron 14 days ago

    The market has gotten so use to the connivence of ride sharing.... there’s no way they’ll both be gone, whether they’re making money or not 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Benjamin VizcainoLua
    Benjamin VizcainoLua 14 days ago +1


  • Joseph Lujano
    Joseph Lujano 15 days ago

    They can literally make money if they cut marketing cost. If they cut it to 1/4th and relay on the people on the platform they will see a profit.

  • Pat Black
    Pat Black 18 days ago

    Always. Love. Your. Content.

  • EM S
    EM S 21 day ago

    Don't care about either one. Would never use. However, a family member uses Lyft when he gets off work really late.

  • Twilight Fox
    Twilight Fox 21 day ago

    Thanks for the content as always, sir.

    Was the thumbnail for this video originally Beavis and Butthead or was that just a glitch for me? XD

  • Ronald Sprowal
    Ronald Sprowal 22 days ago

    WOW they NOT making money than why they still in business ??

  • Ronald Sprowal
    Ronald Sprowal 22 days ago

    Uber is More Easy to Set up ...Lyft is more Complicated to Set up

  • Alex S
    Alex S 22 days ago

    Fun Fact: You can be driver for both Uber and Lyft. Also they cost roughtly the same...at least where I live. I get the feeling there will be a merger.

  • Alien 24
    Alien 24 22 days ago

    My mom does both lmao

  • Dylan Owen
    Dylan Owen 23 days ago +2

    for me it's just the price that determines which one I use.

  • Sharons Logos
    Sharons Logos 23 days ago

    I taxis

  • blabernaber '
    blabernaber ' 23 days ago

    Ubinder a dating app

  • Tringapore 4234
    Tringapore 4234 23 days ago

    How about Grab

  • pappi
    pappi 24 days ago

    Lyft is a lot better. I've had so many bad experiences with Uber. Yet to have a bad one with Lyft though

  • Jamie Jared
    Jamie Jared 24 days ago

    i didn’t know they went back so far, i didn’t hear about either service until about 2016

  • Chrono Mobius
    Chrono Mobius 25 days ago +4

    I currently drive for Uber, and have driven for Lyft before. One of the main reasons I switched is mostly out of personal preference. Lyft markets itself to drivers almost like you are joining a family-like select circle of valued drivers. When my car broke down in a bad neighborhood, I called for my own tow truck, but I called my "Lyft family" to have ask someone to come out to watch my car while I go use the bathroom (after waiting 3 hours), and all Lyft would do is read off the terms and conditions in a lawyer-esque manner, specifically how they are not responsible for anything that happens to me or my vehicle. So much for "family".
    At least Uber is honest, and makes you understand that you are simply just a driver, which has a certain value, but also is just as expendable as someone else is more than willing to take your place. It's true for both of them, but at least Uber essentially keeps it professional without the sugar coating.

  • shoof
    shoof 25 days ago

    kind of feel bad for that mutual friend now

  • Bryan Harris
    Bryan Harris 25 days ago

    I tend to use Uber, but if the price is extremely high for some reason I use Lyft. But Uber tends to be my default

  • narsplace
    narsplace 25 days ago

    lyft is Australia

  • TV N64
    TV N64 25 days ago

    Lyft will most likely to be numder 1. By 2024

  • Anonymous Sinner
    Anonymous Sinner 26 days ago

    As a rider I like Lyft because it is cheaper. Sometimes I have issues with the app though, sometimes it takes my money without the driver actually picking me up. I have never had that issue with uber but sometimes I just can’t do the prices.

  • Elizabeth Michelle
    Elizabeth Michelle 26 days ago

    I like lyft better because the app picks the nearest driver for you. With uber you have to wait til someone accepts your pickup. It can be a pain.

  • ahistoryinmusic
    ahistoryinmusic 28 days ago

    Lyft is a dollar less and always give sales. Literally last week I had a 50% off rides on lyft for no reason at all.
    Uber’s downfall is Travis Kalanick... fuck that guy.

  • vctjkhme
    vctjkhme 28 days ago

    lift will win. uber is better marketed but everyone i know that is trying the ride hailing services are signing onto lyft. even in the early days of uber i got the impression they were a shady company with ceos that planned to dump the company with a golden parachute when they got regulated out of existence (which obviously hasn't happened but regardless, i never expected them to make money only for the people in charge to get rich before jumping ship).

  • AirGamer140
    AirGamer140 28 days ago

    they are both garbage

  • Poison Frog Gaming
    Poison Frog Gaming 29 days ago

    I’ve been using uber for about 5 years. Never tried anything else because I’ve never had anything bad happen to make me switch

  • Paul John Longua
    Paul John Longua 29 days ago

    Now that both companies have gone public, you might have to do another video. As you know, what's going to change Uber or and live is government. For some reason the government is listening to the 1% who want to be employees. Most drivers don't want to be employees. Lyft is now temporarily deactivating drivers who Don't accept 90% of trip request. Because they are being forced to pay drivers a certain amount of money like 27 an hour. I could go on and on but I think you will do a follow up on this and find out the truth

  • Paul John Longua
    Paul John Longua 29 days ago

    Somehow Uber has convinced everybody, mostly financial news and TVcliprs, that Uber eats is making them a lot of money. It is not making them a lot of money. I have my Uber eats app on all the time as I am doing my normal Uber driver thing, I get one or two Uber eats orders a week. if I was depending on that for my income I would be living in a cardboard box. So if anyone is investing in Uber because Uber says that they're making $1 million with Uber eats they are making a bad investment. Uber eats is the only products that Uber is lying about. They are not making money with UberEATS. And it is not what it's going to bring them into profit. Trust me

  • Granny Bird
    Granny Bird Month ago

    When I retired in 2012, I needed to cut expenses. Crunched the numbers and my 20 yr old, paid for, 50 mpg Geo was costing me $1500 a yr, not counting repairs. I now get around by walking, bus, and Lyft. The drivers are friendly, they help me with my groceries, and I’ve never had to wait more than eight minutes for a ride.

  • Rakeshff
    Rakeshff Month ago

    Im from India where uber is offering both of thier services that is cab and food delivery. Their cab service is convenient and accessible while keeping the costs low but there are certainly changes or enhancements that can be made to better the service. Coming to the food delivery service, I dont think they are playing it right in the Indian market and it seems as though they tried to expand too fast before developing a sound business model factoring in all the aspects of a complex market like india. Customers here seem to exploiting the promotions they offer which in their view was supposed to bring them more customers, which it did but thier below par quality of service means they will not be able to retain those customers.

  • Gameflyer001
    Gameflyer001 Month ago

    Speaking of Uber and their food delivery division (Uber Eats), what about a comparison between Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes?

  • testing2488
    testing2488 Month ago

    Well, Uber shut down operations in the Asia market and since then Grab took over. It’s basically the Asian version of Uber with GrabFood and courier services as well.
    We are also seeing smaller ride hailing companies emerging but it seems like it’s going to be an endless cycle of tit for tat exchanges between the big guys and the smaller company

  • Baran Blyat
    Baran Blyat Month ago

    Great video! To continue the theme, please can you do a video on the electronic scooter share companies like Lime? It would be super interesting to hear about how they got started and how this explosion across major cities happened?

  • Joseph Brandsen
    Joseph Brandsen Month ago

    No mention of the Uber serial killer?

    • Kelen
      Kelen Month ago

      Where did you hear that from 😨

  • Master1Morrison
    Master1Morrison Month ago

    I actually use Lyft because it was sponsoring an event I attended or at least they were giving discounts to the attendees
    And it was more than enough reason to go with them

  • InciniumVGC
    InciniumVGC Month ago

    I switched from Uber to Lyft because I had multiple experiences with rude Uber drivers. I feel like Lyft has nicer drivers, at least where I live.

  • Marcus Felton
    Marcus Felton Month ago

    Both of them motherfucker suck.

  • Stuey Griffith
    Stuey Griffith Month ago

    look for the LYFY/UBER merger coming in 2020/1.......

    BEHOLD.... LUBER!!!!!!! 😎

  • Luke M
    Luke M Month ago

    I usually use Lyft because of their better reputation politically and for treatment of drivers/customers. But if the price gets to be 20-25% more than what I'm used to or anticipated, I'll open up Uber and see if I can snipe a better deal

  • Jason Lopez
    Jason Lopez Month ago

    I choose based off price. If I'm in a rush I go for Uber. If I'm feeling fancy I go for Uber. Lyft has a lot of promotional offers.

  • That Guy Again
    That Guy Again Month ago

    Both lift and Uber are, in my opinion, something to move you around when you have to,
    I don't use them regularly because of how expensive and many people hace resolted in paying a independent cab driver that gives you the ride 2 times cheaper
    The problem is that this is meant for cities and nothing else, outside you barely get anything and owning a car in the US is still a must have

  • Athlon
    Athlon Month ago

    I don't understand why it costs $2 Billion to maintain an App, because that's really all Uber and Lyft are. Most likely, the 2 companies are just poorly managed.

  • ShinigamiSparda
    ShinigamiSparda Month ago

    I’m in an E-Marketing class, and my final paper is comparing these two companies. Thank you so much for a head start.

  • Chris Plays 020509
    Chris Plays 020509 Month ago +1


  • YouDontKnowMe
    YouDontKnowMe Month ago

    Uber and lift help me pay Bill's for a short 6 month Period..
    Hard to really make money as a driver long term but helped in a pinch

  • Dragime
    Dragime Month ago

    Got double ads for Didi and Ola before this video...too many ride sharing apps

  • 22kbut
    22kbut Month ago

    I mostly use public transprtation to get most places, however, the few times I've personally used either of these services I go with Lyft. I don't really remember why I chose lyft before uber, I just remember me and a collage classmate where talking about the two and he always thought lyft was better cause it respected the drivers more in a way Uber didn't, but I don't know if thats true or not, but I guess I kept it in the back of my mind as I stick with Lyft.

  • hombreg1
    hombreg1 Month ago

    As a costumer, I despise uber and ubereats. My experiences with both those services have been horrendous, their lack of costumer support is baffling and the amount of time they take to issue a refund after a failed delivery, from the point of view of someone who has worked with Expedia and other similar companies that charge you prior to service, is mind-boggling. Personally, I've boycotted them because I have no time nor energy to deal with a company that sont give a crap about its costumers.

  • Negro Neutron
    Negro Neutron Month ago

    Lyft is cheaper but has shittier drivers

  • Stuart Otis
    Stuart Otis Month ago

    There's nothing that can be done to become profitable. Uber and Lyft for all intents and purposes are identical companies. They both hire independant contractors to drive their own cars and operate essentially an illegal taxi service. The only thing they can compete on is price. If you are looking to take a ride from point a to point b and uber costs $30 and lyft costs $20. You're going to take Lyft 100% of the time. So neither company can raise their prices to achieve profitability because they'll lose alll their customers. If one of them goes out of business then the other company is a monopoly which is illegal. Any shareholder in these companies should sell now. While you still can. Theh will NEVER turn a profit.

  • promontorium
    promontorium Month ago

    I drove for both full time in S.F. I eventually got sick of Uber and did Lyft exclusively. Not because of the company, but the customers. Uber customers were assholes.
    They both foster an image and it gets reflected in reality even if the companies themselves are virtually identical.
    Contrary to popular myth Lyft doesn't "treat" their drivers any better or worse. The pay isn't better. I put treat in quotes because neither company has any real interaction at all.
    My experience was neither company had any interest in what their drivers had to say. Whether they be problems or solutions. They actually pay corporate employees to drive on the side to get information rather than asking full time drivers.
    Corporate employees usually hide their employment when they are passengers. I could ID them as employees by their reluctance to say where they worked. AirBnB are the only other people who would hide their job because they get so much shit. Lyft/Uber employees usually would be as ignorant about what It's like to drive as random tourists.
    I loved the job. A hell of a lot of fun and good experiences. But it paid less than minimum wage. Uber fucked me on their failed lease company the car cost so much money I filed a loss with the IRS two years in row and stopped driving when my debt got so high I could no longer pay any bills.
    Btw. This was long story short. I could easily write 500 pages on these companies.

  • IgnemFeram01
    IgnemFeram01 Month ago

    Until Christmas 2018 I exclusively used Uber. Afterwards I got my own car because I'd rather pay $40 to fill up my tank once or twice a month rather than $40 just to leave for the theater on the weekend and another $40 to get back.

  • Vz Death™
    Vz Death™ Month ago

    Why does the lyft logo look like the syfy logo?

  • Makenna Duke
    Makenna Duke Month ago

    Lyft all the way

  • Rjthatguy8232
    Rjthatguy8232 Month ago

    Uber announce date in 2013 was my 11th b day lemme get 11 free rides

  • Brad Scott
    Brad Scott Month ago

    8:03 even though it's still in the transportation sector, lyft does do some other things. they run bikeshare, scooter rentals, and more. I think they're just expanding into more consumer transportation and uber is going more indirect.

  • LunarX
    LunarX Month ago +5

    I use Lyft. They're the exact same product, but Lyft charges less during peak hours.

  • Michael Imray
    Michael Imray Month ago

    they should merge

  • The Bear Minimum
    The Bear Minimum Month ago

    What I want to know is how is someone allowed to accure 7.9billion dollars of debt without ever having turned a profit? Like if I owe a hundred to the bank the hound me...but these companies can owe 7.9b and it's all Gucci?

  • The Bear Minimum
    The Bear Minimum Month ago

    Uber is nice...if you want to get murdered...fuck that noise... I WANT TO LIVE!!!

  • MickyAvStickyHands
    MickyAvStickyHands Month ago

    They will gather so many customers, it will become like a giant subway. The government will bail them out of anything to maintain people's lives that depend on their transportation. It will become a utility like the city bus, not an optional service.

  • LA2047
    LA2047 Month ago

    Uber and Lyft saved my ass when I was out of work. But now that I'm back to work, I seldom drive. Although as far as a source of pretty quick cash being made on my terms, they're pretty good for that. But there's a few reasons I choose Lyft over Uber. One, Uber just feels a little sneaky. For example, if you drive Uber Eats you realize pretty quickly that unless you live in a densely populated area where you're close the pickup points, UberEats isn't worth the driver's time because you only make money from the point where you leave the restaurant for the delivery until the point where you hand it to the customer. You don't get paid for the time/distance to get to the restaurant or the time it takes waiting for the meals. So imagine you get a meal request that you accept. You turn around and drive 15 minutes, maybe even through toll booths if you're in my city, to get the restaurant. You announce you're an UberEats driver for a pickup. Often it's only THEN that the restaurant starts making the food. So you cool heals for 15 minutes before it's ready. You swipe that you're on the way and only then does the app tell you where you'er going for delivery. Since people don't order food from restaurants on the other end of the county it's a pretty good bet you're within ten minutes of the person's house. As a result you make only about $4-$5 MAYBE for what took you the better part of an hour to complete, all the while missing out on passenger rides that are far more lucrative. And UberEats customers NEVER tip. EVER. Not once in the year or so I did this did one single Eats customer tip, which tells me that they're already on the bubble that UberEats is only barely worth the expense. So.. I turned the Eats option off and only accepted passenger requests. But Uber from time to time, sneakily turns them back on, I'm guessing in the hopes that when a request comes in, the drive will be too kind (or too in fear of lowering his/her acceptance percent, which can affect your being given requests) to refuse.
    Then there's the fact that Uber will often send you out of your way by 20 minutes only to pick up an passenger who's going two miles from the pickup point. Virtually all your pay comes from when the passenger is in the car, so the 20 minutes it took you to get to the passenger AND the 20 minutes it took you to get back to where more passengers are goes unpaid. Oh sure, Uber claims to charge a distance/time premium if the time it takes to service the request is greater than the length of the ride, but the last premium they gave me for this was a whopping $0.45. Forty-five cents for driving ten miles outside the city to pick up a passenger who went maybe two miles, then another ten miles to get back to the populated area.
    Or that Uber is constantly changing the app, making it harder to see and find what you're using to seeing. For example, those Eats requests? Used to be a black box that filled half the screen and flashed at you, clearly displaying the "meal request" logo so you could see what the request was for and refuse if you wanted (especially if Uber had mysteriously re-activated meal requests). Now, the icons are way way smaller and if you're moving at the time, and considering you only have a short period of time to approve the request before it times out, you're likely to mistakenly accept a request you wouldn't otherwise because seeing the request type is a lot less obvious.
    All that makes me wonder if Uber is trying to be underhanded in trying to improve its revenue stream. As a concept the companies are great, but in practice Lyft seems way more honorable than Uber.

  • Cooldude Awesome
    Cooldude Awesome Month ago

    I hate everyone is getting so lazy everyone is a whole lot lazier now then 29 years ago

  • ali N
    ali N Month ago

    Lyft is all I've used before. Uber has a bad rep as far as almost all of what you said they do here in Atlanta. Uber eats and the post mates shit is nasty. Your so lazy that your willing to order food over priced having to tip and what not only so some other 3rd party stranger can eat and dig in your fries when they get stuck in traffic. Not to mention the condition the food is in. Like gross dude

  • Andrew Isenberg
    Andrew Isenberg Month ago

    The only way for them to survive would be to merge. Merging will cut operating costs, creates Synergy, won't have to undercut, and marketing will diminish greatly.

  • Johnny Joseph
    Johnny Joseph Month ago

    I bet they merge at some point...

    OSCAR BADILLO Month ago +1

    Next video: Wiping back to front vs Wiping front to back

  • JaRell Rayshawn Collins

    It's funny I always use Lyft but say I'm just ganna catch an Uber or Uber it.😊

    • Kimi Moons
      Kimi Moons Month ago

      Even though before all of this, saying you'll "catch a lift" made so much more sense. 🤔

    • Kimi Moons
      Kimi Moons Month ago

      LOL, same!!

    • Tyler Snelling
      Tyler Snelling Month ago

      JaRell Rayshawn Collins I do the same thing!

  • Xy-AnimeGuy
    Xy-AnimeGuy Month ago

    What about Juno?

  • Tokuijin
    Tokuijin Month ago

    In my case, it's price and location, along with availability.
    If I'm getting picked up from Downtown Cincinnati, odds are, I'd use an Uber, while, otherwise, I'd use Lyft.
    In terms of the either of the companies becoming more profitable, well, Uber might need to cutback on a few services and lower their prices, while Lyft could work more on expanding.

  • Peter Piotrowski
    Peter Piotrowski Month ago

    I prefer Uber because they were in my area first. I do get percentages off rides from time to time. Ranging from 30 to 50%. I have gotten to know some of the drivers in my area, which makes me comfortable.

  • King NOOB 9000
    King NOOB 9000 Month ago +3

    DoorDash is better then UberEats
    Sure Uber eats shows mostly in the entire menu of every restaurant but they’re much more expensive and the app has glitches beyond repair i’ve been banned on Uber Eats several times for an unknown reason not even the people that fix my account can figure it out on top of that my address is shown wrong on the app
    But DoorDash on the other hand is much cheaper and less you order from more places for example the only fast food place on Uber eats is McDonald’s for some odd reason and they always get the order wrong but DoorDash feels more personal if there’s something wrong in your order the person orders it themselves and they will call you if they have an item missing my address is always right and there’s barely any mistakes not only is McDonald’s on there but there’s several different McDonald’s on there as well as Burger King and every other well-known company taco Bell you name it but Uber eats literally has nothing it’s honestly horrible I’m guessing whenever I order from Uber Eats my order goes through the actual restaurant and then someone picks it up but DoorDash my order is sent to somebody to buy the food for me which is so much more easier especially since it’s at a cheaper price

  • crosses101
    crosses101 Month ago +1

    I use both and drive for both. I prefer to use Lyft because I always get much better and friendlier drivers than with Uber. And Lyft is almost always cheaper.
    However I don't really have much of a preference driving for either of them. It just doesn't feel worth my time. As soon as I have an alternative I will stop doing both. Something to mention though is that Lyft does feel ALOT more caring. They sent me a very nice quality jacket when I hit my 1000th ride and they also sent me their amp which I much prefer to the stickers(never put any on my car). Uber has never sent me shit. Also my worst rides have been through Uber and I even had a rider beat up my car which Uber told me I had to pay a $1000 deductible on a $1800 repair if I wanted to use their insurance. But they did however pay me a $250 inconvenience fee for that issue which was better than nothing I guess.
    All in all it can help u out of a jam in this unpredictable job market.

  • Lydia Glider-Shelley
    Lydia Glider-Shelley Month ago +1

    Uber and Lyft BOTH need to stop dropping their prices so low that drivers can only make decent money by driving 12 hours a day or having larger (XL) or LUX vehicles. The vast majority of drivers make less than minimum wage after expenses are deducted. As your video said, initially Uber cost MORE than a cab, but people STILL USED IT because it had better cars and was more reliable. Focus on THAT (being BETTER than the competition) and raise rates. Let the cheapskates take the damn bus. We drivers are tired of running our cars ragged for people who don't appreciate it and who feel entitled to get in our cars and make a mess or make us wait for 10¢ (or less!) per minute while they go through the drive-thru or "run in" to a store. Some of these people leave their stuff in your car so you can't end the ride and leave - and SOME of them even leave their KIDS in your car!!! It's insane.

  • alim karmali
    alim karmali Month ago


  • Henry Scott
    Henry Scott Month ago

    I ride with lyft they are way cheaper

  • Michael Klein
    Michael Klein Month ago

    Both lyft and uber raise their prices when you become a frequent repeat customer. ( at least that has been my experience ). I use which ever quotes me the lowest price but will always avoid them if possible.

  • KalodexD
    KalodexD Month ago

    uhh man stumbleUpon is DEAD, I used to like it 😭

  • Matthew Familia
    Matthew Familia Month ago

    Uber, come work for us and you too can make half of minimum wage

  • Matthew Familia
    Matthew Familia Month ago

    Gotta love modern American business...how much money do you lose each month? Ok your worth a bajillion dollars then

  • lmpeters
    lmpeters Month ago

    In my (admittedly limited) experience, I've found Lyft to be significantly more reliable than Uber. The last time I tried to use Uber, I tried to request a ride to my local airport, and absolutely nothing happened. No request was sent to drivers, no error message was displayed to me, nothing. I then switched to the Lyft app, and I had a ride in five minutes.

    HORDAK SKELETOR Month ago +1


  • BeardedVeteran
    BeardedVeteran Month ago +1

    Uber is spreading themselves way too thin by expanding the different types of companies they owned and lift spends way too much goddamn money on marketing.

  • Varoom Zazoom
    Varoom Zazoom Month ago

    In my area Lyft is whooping the snot out of Uber, former taxi drivers after a review period are getting preferential priority.