Uber vs. Lyft

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • The rivalry between Uber and Lyft is in full swing. They're both going public and we finally get a look into how they're doing. A perfect time to compare the 2 rapidly growing companies.
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  • jim cherkas
    jim cherkas 46 minutes ago

    Ubereats makes money

  • Niamh MC
    Niamh MC 5 hours ago

    i live in the UK and i dont think you can get lyft here at all, so on that basis I definitely prefer Uber- I have a feeling lyft might only be in the US but im not sure on that, whereas uber has expanded into loads of different countries, its all over europe, in japan, australia (id assume), etc. i think thats another big problem with uber and why its losses are so much bigger than lyft, lyft is concentrated on growth in the US market whereas Uber's objectives are too sparse, trying to become a dominant force in several countries all at once is so expensive, especially considering their current business mode which operates at a loss, trying to become a multinational just multiplies this loss, and taking on competitors from different markets, like deliveroo for food delivery, at the same time only worsens the balance sheet.

  • WeGon Holla
    WeGon Holla 2 days ago

    I've driven for both companies. They both pay little to nothing. Uber's map is very outdated and inaccurate. Good thing I know most of the roads in the city I live in. And Lyft takes you completely out of your way... Lyft sends you to pick up a rider 25 minutes away just to bring the rider 4 blocks up the road for a $3 fare. That's a major L and very frustratrating.

  • Why Is Roblox Still Popular

    I’m in England for a 1 year break so I can only use Uber

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson 5 days ago

    Honestly Uber and Lyft are both better than taxis since they are much quicker and much cheaper.

  • Sean Hart
    Sean Hart 5 days ago

    I don't use either of them because I actually enjoy driving and biking to where I need to go. It also helps that I don't live in a fuckhuge city like LA, NYC, Berlin, London, etc.

  • Michael Mancuso
    Michael Mancuso 5 days ago

    I had been an Uber user since 2011. I changed to Lyft because they partner with Delta, I like getting the extra miles.

  • scottieman2
    scottieman2 5 days ago

    First time user might go with cheaper. I never used any.

  • scottieman2
    scottieman2 5 days ago

    Don't forget about the taxis. I've always known for that Uber and Lyft will not be here.

  • Lowly Worm
    Lowly Worm 5 days ago

    I choose Lyft because I heard they actually do background checks on their drivers and that they treat their drivers a bit better in general

  • juanharrybear
    juanharrybear 6 days ago

    These two companies were made by lazy Americans for lazy Americans.

  • SwellDrew
    SwellDrew 6 days ago

    Both Uber and Lyft are on strike.

  • steven gloria
    steven gloria 6 days ago

    Please make a podcast!

  • Matthew Young
    Matthew Young 7 days ago

    I had no idea Uber was made by the guy who created StumbleUpon. I remember actually using that service.

  • Matthew Young
    Matthew Young 7 days ago

    This is such a fascinating channel. Congrats to figuring out a content focus that isn't already over-saturated.

  • Anthony Oyola
    Anthony Oyola 8 days ago

    Like Uber comment Lyft

  • Noah E
    Noah E 8 days ago

    Lyft donated $1 million to the ACLU in protest of Trump's common sense travel bans. I will never use Lyft due to such a blatant Anti-American publicity stunt.

  • Kaya and Juniper
    Kaya and Juniper 8 days ago +1

    I only decide based on price, everything else about the ride is usually equal. A lot of drivers do both services.

  • Lord Manatee
    Lord Manatee 9 days ago

    Self-Driving cars will make or break this industry. Either A, self driving will enhance their profits and reduce scandals, or B, everyone will get fast, self driving, cheap "pod" cars, and no one will have use for them

    FLEX KAVANA 11 days ago

    They should pay the drivers a specific wage or wages. Simply to know exactly what's coming in and going out. And maybe make the screening process for the drivers a little bit more difficult, like a 1 month class. Just to ig be on your way to going public sooner apon release, under the belief that you now have the best drivers and a legit business. And now investors will trust you more. Cause you'll have the more steady numbers with a cheaper price in the beginning but price hikes would happen eventually. Also make them pay for there class. Apon completion give em some cash back. And now we have to get a deal in place with fuel companies,such as shell,BP and so on. So that our drivers apon "clock in/sign in",get gas for cheaper prices in exchange for free pairing advertisements or endorsement. Thus boosting awareness of there brand. But I'm rambling...

  • Rachel Tolbert
    Rachel Tolbert 12 days ago

    I wish Lyft had gift cards. We sometimes have complaints about Uber, (higher cost mostly, but some other stuff too), but when you want to gift rides, they are the only game in town. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 😩

  • The This Guy Experience!!!

    I’m a super part time Lyft driver and I usually watch all ur videos, but I originally was gonna skip this 1 because I’m too close 2 the subject, but now am glad I watched another great episode. Also the strike that’s happening next week

  • ShAdOwMaN
    ShAdOwMaN 13 days ago

    Taxi: Am I a joke to you?

  • Weaseltube
    Weaseltube 13 days ago

    Uber and Lyft are simply automated dispatches for cabs. But dispatching is a tiny fraction of the operating cost of a cab service. Their real cost advantage has been their willingness to lose money. There's no reason that should change with the eventual arrival of AVs. Traditional cab services can use AVs too, and they can also use apps to dispatch them. The only way they make money is to charge what cabs actually cost, and the only way they make a lot of money is if they attract almost all the service providers and the customer base. Which anti-competitive law should't allow, so... unless everything goes their way, and they bribe politicians, they will never be tech giants.

  • Harry martin
    Harry martin 14 days ago

    how do you not make a profit on this? I cant see them having much overhead as last i herd drivers use their own cars.

  • Benjamin Crookston
    Benjamin Crookston 14 days ago

    Someone’s probably just gonna make an independent driver app that will destroy both.

  • Laura Beaird
    Laura Beaird 15 days ago

    I always take Lyft and it's entirely because a friend told me they actually interview drivers but idk I think now they don't do that anymore. But they told me this a while, so it's possible Lyft started that way and changed, but I remember specifically they told me about how much better Lyft was after all those cases of Uber drivers taking advantage of their passengers and ever since then I just don't feel safe in ubers.

  • HansFlix Channel
    HansFlix Channel 15 days ago

    Merge and become Ubft. Or Lyber. Or Lyftuber.

  • kevin
    kevin 15 days ago

    I tell you what I think; I would never invest on UBER or LYFT . As time goes they will have more and more competition

  • mschallable
    mschallable 16 days ago

    Something interesting about Lyft compared to Uber is that Lyft has drivers capable of transporting wheelchair-bound riders while Uber does not. That segment is a drop in the ocean but I suspect that Uber will continue to not offer that service based on what was stated in their prospectus.

  • veerchasm1
    veerchasm1 16 days ago

    I hear this is the basis of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4

  • David Ex
    David Ex 16 days ago

    Hey Company man- I know you tend to stick to American companies or at least companies that are popular in the West, but you should look into Yandex (яндекс) which is Googles only real competition... Well, in Russia. But keep this in mind, Google enjoys a (something like ) 80-90% market share on search in every country that it does business in (so we exclude China) EXCEPT in Russia. where it is more like a 60/40 split between them and Yandex. Basically, every for service google provides, there is a yandex service. Anyhow, there are a few ride hailing services here but Yandex is THE service... From what I am told, there used to be Uber but then Yandex bought 50% of Russian Uber, so now Uber is just Yandex but you can still use the Uber app (a Yandex taxi will actually pick you up). Also, have you done a video on Tata yet? The Indian super giant? Well, it's your show, I'm just shooting spitballs

  • Old Favorite
    Old Favorite 17 days ago

    is just the low price

  • Joshua Acosta
    Joshua Acosta 17 days ago

    New viewer, enjoyed the video, but uh why is circuit city in the intro? Not judging just curious.

    EDDY SPEED 18 days ago

    Both companies CAN'T make money because will die under legal issues. As both companies are employers and which don't follow their legal obligations. If both companies just match a drivers and passengersand got a fee from the drivers. It would deal with their legal obligations. And driver could set their price

  • Dave Daniels
    Dave Daniels 18 days ago

    If you work for Uber. Fuck you and your kids. From a citizen who has to pay more taxes because you fucking cucks don't.

  • tesytes318
    tesytes318 18 days ago

    Well me personally i like to drive my own car i didn't spend time reading the driving manual anf practicing how to drive and take a test so i can drive and buy an car to have someone else put me up and drive me somewhere

  • Jeenkz K
    Jeenkz K 18 days ago

    I prefer driving for Uber. Lyft is still a viable company to work for, though. I can make $160 on weekdays and $200 on Friday and Saturday

  • Brevincampbell12
    Brevincampbell12 19 days ago

    Cut down on marketing maybe?

  • Madison Hutto
    Madison Hutto 19 days ago

    I use Uber Eats all the time and only use Uber for ride hailing. Never really even considered Lift other than the times I've gotten a promo offer to install the app on my phone and my girlfriend's phone. With Uber I know what I'm getting, and never had an issue. Since the price is the same or more pricey on Lift in my city...why change? Also the Eats app is awesome even if expensive. Everyone has told me that they have had a negative experience with delivery and that their driver did something crazy but outside of for getting a drink (which honestly does happen to me too often) I can't imagine these stories to be more than exaggerated complaints. Also heard many women and girls say they dislike Uber because they had a bad experience and when I've asked what happened they often just tell me "the guy" was "creepy" or "gross" or "silent" or... have you ever rode in a cab before hon? They aren't therapists.

  • 29 North Motorsports
    29 North Motorsports 19 days ago

    You go on a fight for your life riding with Uber.

  • Benson Wishart
    Benson Wishart 19 days ago

    bumfarts in my stinky shrimp

  • Dregs
    Dregs 19 days ago

    i prefer lyft
    i recently gave a driver one star and the instantly gave me a $10 credit and the driver wasn't pair with me again.

  • John Bretz
    John Bretz 20 days ago

    Price is the main thing that makes me choose one over the other. If Uber is a little more expensive but the wait for the car is shorter I'll pay the extra for the shorter wait. But price is my main factor for which app I use. Sometimes I get an Uber somewhere and Lyft on my way home purely based on price.

  • Tech Deals
    Tech Deals 20 days ago +1

    I don't take either... I suppose I might if I were traveling to another city, but generally you can find a taxi or a black car anywhere you're likely to go and don't know anyone.

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart 20 days ago

    Why did cabs get angry? Couldn't traditional cab companies make their own apps as well? They already have the fleet and employees.

  • Seth's Custom Creations

    CNN news reports? Come on man

  • Snowing Fate
    Snowing Fate 20 days ago

    Im sure they sell the data from drivers/customers yo make up the loss. I use lyft every day and recive promotions from them to go eat out.

  • suntanman99
    suntanman99 21 day ago

    Thanks for posting this very informative and timely video. The situation with Uber and Lyft reminds me of Satellite radio over a decade ago. Sirius and XM were both growing quickly but they spent so much money competing against each other that both companies lost lots of money year after year. They eventually had to merge. I wonder if an Uber-Lyft merger could happen in the near future?

  • um t
    um t 22 days ago

    Uber can be profitsblenif it stops aiming for growth. But if it does that... No ipo and no big payout for investors and early adopters. And then a competitor comes along

  • um t
    um t 22 days ago +1

    Thankyou venture capitalists for subsidising my taxi rides for nearly a decade and I'm sorry drivers for your shitty fares.

  • Sidra Kamal
    Sidra Kamal 23 days ago

    can you do youtube or macys next?

  • Patrick Santos
    Patrick Santos 23 days ago

    I only use uber. I use Google maps and when my car broke down, uber was a better priced match. Public transportation sucks so I hope them & TSLA can develop self driving fast. I hate maintaining cars

  • Chris Markiewicz
    Chris Markiewicz 23 days ago

    You rock, Company Man!

  • Money Recall
    Money Recall 23 days ago

    Higher prices...

  • Jill Wilkerson
    Jill Wilkerson 23 days ago

    I hate Lyft. Their customer service is the worst. Their rides are okay, but if you have a problem, forget it. Bad bad bad customer service.
    Uber customer service is excellent. Very professional. Very customer oriented. If you have a problem they take care of it no problem.
    Other than customer service, I don’t see any difference in the two. So it’s Uber all the way for me. I use the service often. But I will not use Lyft and absolutely will not recommend that any one use Lyft. I also hate that ugly pink Lyft logo. It looks like a child designed it.

  • the Isak Serhan Syndicate

    Do warner media next ( bigger than you know)

  • Firas Sanioura
    Firas Sanioura 24 days ago

    You forgot about how the Careem deal fitted into the picture!

  • Haniel Espinosa
    Haniel Espinosa 24 days ago

    Future suggestions:
    Hasbro vs. Mattel
    The Decline of Kraft Foods
    Detroit Three: The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again
    How Did Jollibee Get So Big?
    The Funko Pop Fad
    BMW - Switching Industries
    Volkswagen Group AG - Bigger Than You Know
    WarnerMedia - Bigger Than You Know
    The Decline of Coleco
    How Did Toyota Get So BIg?
    Adidas vs. Nike

  • 1212r12
    1212r12 25 days ago

    Depending on the time of day I could use either Uber or Lyft but overall I would choose lyft because of their friendlier service the friendlier drivers and overall lower charges I haven’t had that many good experiences with Uber unfortunately. Especially with Uber eats

  • DarkRoadRun
    DarkRoadRun 25 days ago

    Uber can Lyft my Balls

  • Glizzy Mac
    Glizzy Mac 25 days ago +1

    Uber eats now has a service fee and a delivery fee so I literally don’t use them anymore👎🏾

  • TheKokizz
    TheKokizz 25 days ago

    this type of business should be done by governments with all the profit going to the driver making cheaper rides and beating the comptetion, best way to use tax money.

  • Alyssa Hoeltke
    Alyssa Hoeltke 25 days ago

    i live in Buffalo and i have cars so i rarely need to use a ride app but i have before a decent number of times. When do need to use a ride app, i use uber and i have never had any problems out of the 10ish times i’ve used it. Tried Lyft twice and both times i said my ride was 10 minutes away.. for 30 minutes. i could see the little car on the map but it never moved. when i tried to get a hold of the driver i couldn’t and they just never came. so i canceled and of course got hit with the cancel fee. so yeah.. i’d say Uber wins for me.

  • James Russo
    James Russo 25 days ago

    I vote with my wallet by using Lyft since I think that in 2019 it has a stronger brand image and the lower rates makes it more appealing to tip higher. I've never had a problem with either, but I would prefer to see Lyft keep growing and start making some money (over Uber)

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez 25 days ago +1

    The pink Lyft moustache was the total gamechanger back then.

  • YellowBear 11
    YellowBear 11 25 days ago


  • Sam M
    Sam M 25 days ago

    Both are con artist...Rider's fee goes up but Driver's pay goes down

  • Devon Lopez
    Devon Lopez 25 days ago

    I've had nothing but bad experiences with Uber, from getting into political arguments with the drivers to not being able to cancel an accidental ride and not being able to get a refund for said accidental ride. I'll be trying Lyft as soon as i get my next paycheck.
    in conclusion, fuck uber.

  • RV Vagabond Jerry
    RV Vagabond Jerry 26 days ago

    How about doing a Frederick's of Holllywood versus Victoria's Secret video? Frederick's went bankrupt in 2015 - was it VS who took them down?

  • AnimeWolfgamer
    AnimeWolfgamer 26 days ago

    I remember using uber. Kinda worried I would get into those situation that creepy reddit like to post about.

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 26 days ago

    I'm an Uber Eats driver and I own 8 shares of Lyft. I didn't know how bad they were doing until I watched this video. I guess I'll be begging on the corner soon.

  • Darkside 91
    Darkside 91 26 days ago

    Much more tolerable video if you listen to it on SPEED = 1.25.

    • Company Man
      Company Man  26 days ago

      Why such negativity Darkside? It hurts.

  • Matthias Schwalbach
    Matthias Schwalbach 26 days ago

    Since driving for both, my gross during the week averaged from $20/hour to $25-$30 hour a week and $35+ on Friday and Saturday nights.
    I like Uber better even though they don't offer ride number incentives to meet. LYFT gets on my case for my Acceptance Rate all the time. Reasons?
    Passengers cancel thinking that they can obtain a driver 2 min closer. Folks, you are screwing your friendly drivers by not being at least a little more patient!

  • David Gilbarte
    David Gilbarte 26 days ago

    1990: “don’t get in a car with people you don’t know
    2000: “don’t talk to strangers on the internet”
    2018: UBER/LYFT

  • Unbalanced Binary Tree

    Whoever first dumps the drivers and uses self driving tech will be profitable and will win the market also musk is about to compete with these guys too with his robotaxi platform where he says there will be 1M tesla robotaxis next year but of course this is in ElonTime™

  • Jay Flora Music
    Jay Flora Music 26 days ago +1

    Lyft >< Uber

  • Jesse Ling
    Jesse Ling 26 days ago

    Only used Uber once. Took longer to arrive and cost more. From now on it's Lyft for me.

  • Jason Cannon
    Jason Cannon 26 days ago

    Lyft sounds better and no I never used either.

  • Tinashe Kavumbura
    Tinashe Kavumbura 26 days ago

    Watching from ZIMBABWE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • improvisewitme
    improvisewitme 26 days ago

    How about a video on the rise of FedEx to challenge UPS and the Postal Service.

  • masterbrice
    masterbrice 26 days ago

    When I travel to and from work using lyft or uber, I make my decision based on price. Because the cost to travel from point a to point b never stays the same. Last night it cost me about 5$ to get home from work and on a really bad night (poor weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc or traffic) they charge extra so it can cost up to 14$+. Some times switching between services can save pennies because they are essentially the same king of service but different brand. You have no idea who you're stepping into the car with and you trust them to do their job and take you home.

  • Tom Chaude
    Tom Chaude 27 days ago

    No wonder I have rarely heard of Lyft, they don't even offer their services outside of America!

  • Arturo Stransky
    Arturo Stransky 27 days ago

    I prefer lyft, because of the prices and I think they pay the drivers better. But who knew they both are losing money?

  • ChuckandMax
    ChuckandMax 27 days ago

    I don’t know how Lyft is losing money, they take a big enough chunk out of the drivers pay. The company doesn’t have to pay the drivers for anything other than giving rides, while the driver pays for the maintenance the vehicle, the cleaning, they have to pay for tickets they incur wear and tear on their vehicle and save for taxes, as well as pay for all the gas. I know someone that drives for Lyft and they drive in LA. The cost they pay for gas is approx 24$ a day and they earn approx 100$ a day. When you factor in all the other variables they don’t really make much money and they are only paid for the time they are transporting a passenger. They don’t get paid for the time it takes them to get to the passenger or the long ride home while Lyft takes about 48% off their fare. You could say it’s great that they get to keep 100% of their tips but tbh millennials don’t know how to tip or even think they should tip a lowly rideshare operator after all they are just driving a car how hard can that be. I’m sure after the initial investment period in marketing and advertising Lyft will be able to scale those expenses back and generate a healthy profit. I know nothing about Uber but there are a lot of drivers that work for both companies. Lyft insurance has a very high deductible for the driver to pay and that driver still has to pay for their own insurance so it’s not clear to me why they are losing money. The company has very little investment put in and it’s all profit for them so if they can’t make money it’s their own fault. It’s not the drivers making all the cash and as soon as self driving cars becomes perfected all the drivers are going to be out of work anyways.

  • Mike H.
    Mike H. 27 days ago

    This battle will get more interesting if one or both of the new ride share companies comes online.

  • Devin Giles
    Devin Giles 27 days ago

    Company Man, please do GrubHub vs. Doordash.

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White 27 days ago

    Tesla is going to dent those margins a lot

  • Mel Lecompte
    Mel Lecompte 27 days ago

    I always pick Lyft. The quality is no different, since many drivers I've come across contract with both. Lyft has always done right with their drivers by allowing tips from the get-go. Also, Uber's disasterous reputation with sexual harassment issues (including their rules for hookups at their Vegas convention) still reeks to me.

  • KingFluffs
    KingFluffs 27 days ago

    Great apps for sex offenders and murderers.

  • Crystal Gem Sardonyx
    Crystal Gem Sardonyx 27 days ago

    What do you think about doing one about Shopko? They just went out of business to my understanding

  • 876vanred
    876vanred 27 days ago

    Uber or Lyft? I drive myself. HaHaHa!!!

  • Clayton Carter
    Clayton Carter 27 days ago

    Drove for both, how busy it is depends on where you are. Lyft treats drivers better though so I stopped using uber.

  • Puneet Tripathi
    Puneet Tripathi 27 days ago

    You should make a video on OYO, it's one of the most successful Indian startup company. Mainly because what niche it was focusing on and stories about how it's CEO struggled at some tremendous levels to make company big during its initial years. And, as arguably we can say that India is the BIGGEST industry for internet markets due to its high population and low broadband pricing; it can become one of the biggest market to serve services through the internet in coming one or two decade(s). And, it would also be interesting research work to do. Or, there are others such as Zomato, Swiggy, PayTM, OLA, etc. :)

  • Charles Yeo
    Charles Yeo 27 days ago

    Can you do one about SoftBank? Uber was the first one to bring ride apps to South East Asia then it subsequently lost to Grab and sold their operations here to Grab. Which I found out was also owned partly by SoftBank just as Uber was. Who exactly is this SoftBank?

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison 27 days ago +1

    Both are garbage companies.

  • Exxelenen Setijadi
    Exxelenen Setijadi 27 days ago

    There's a war here between grab, go-jek, and uber against local pickup taxis and stuff

  • The Rock Princess
    The Rock Princess 27 days ago

    I haven't used Uber since #deleteuber

  • willmatic 84
    willmatic 84 27 days ago +2

    Imma uber driver they better figure it out 🤔