How does your body know you're full? - Hilary Coller

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
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    Hunger claws at your belly. It tugs at your intestines, which begin to writhe, aching to be fed. Being hungry generates a powerful and often unpleasant physical sensation that’s almost impossible to ignore. After you’ve reacted by gorging on your morning pancakes, you start to experience an opposing force: fullness. But how does your body actually know when you’re full? Hilary Coller explains.
    Lesson by Hilary Coller, directed by Sashko Danylenko.
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    Does anyone know what software they are using to create these animated educational videos?

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    Tony Mathew 10 hours ago

    I felt that it was not just quantity, but also quality of food which contributed to fullness... but I didn't think of hormones. Thanks!

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    Kristen N Day ago

    They say that if you exercise a lot for eg ab exercises, your metabolism increases, what then?

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    The Ghrelin in my body is like some hormone on a hormone....I can never fast and then, i don't really eat that much! Hunger for me is like...You've got to go now!

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    I know I'm full when I start to gag.
    I don't even eat a lot, I just start to gag if I try to eat past being full.

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    Your animation makes my body look so cute! I feel so safe and protected with an army of smiley face organs and hormones inside me! Unlike other videos that neglect to show the smiles and double down on the textures. I always feel iccy afterwards.

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    I learn more from this channel than I do from school

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    I usually ignore whenever my stomach starts to growl (which is basically everyday for me). I usually have only one meal per day anyway. (BTW, I'm 20 and 103 pounds.)

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    Какого хуя это говно делает в трендах русского ютуба?

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    TL;DR/W - when food touches the top of your tummy it tells your body that you’re full

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    What about the stressful times where you feel the need to keep eating and you you just don't feel full like you normally would after some time?

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    Alexis Turcios 4 days ago

    Just turn all your food into a smoothie and inject it directly into your heart and then and only then will you feel full.

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    Man vs Food debunks this theory

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  • Ramona Brown
    Ramona Brown 4 days ago

    This isn't true, the feeling of fullness comes from hearing. Wear earplugs while you eat in a quiet atmosphere (no tv, no family talking) you will get full faster and you will lose weight.

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    I wish I could know the feeling of being "full"

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    I literally had an exam on this topic this morning lol, this explained everything very concisely. Great video!

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    The meal is not over when I'm full, the meal is over when i hate myself
    -Chronic Masturbator

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    Could increase intake of food cause you to get more hungry faster than others?

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