How Pierogis Are Keeping Eastern European Comfort Food Alive | Food Skills

  • Published on Dec 25, 2017
  • NYC is a dumpling-lover's paradise, with versions from all around the world available at all times of day. But in a pocket of the East Village known as Little Ukraine, the pierogi is the clear leader in the savory, meat-stuffed dough category. Also packed with cheese, cabbage, and potato, Veselka's plump and savory potstickers harken back to grandma's cooking from the old county. Dipping the dumplings in apple sauce is optional, but remember: At Veselka, onions and sour cream are always required.
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  • Google+ suck my cock

    Drop that S ffs... Pierogi is already a plural

  • IamTheaveragegamer
    IamTheaveragegamer 6 months ago

    You fry them in butter and garlic not deep fry! Poland has it right.

  • The Legend 27
    The Legend 27 8 months ago

    I go here every time I go to nyc. Now that I know the recipe I don’t have to go to nyc anymore.

  • Awesomegamer 1
    Awesomegamer 1 9 months ago


  • Niggas On The Roof
    Niggas On The Roof 10 months ago

    I went here for a 6th grade trip. Back when i hated beets but their borsht changed my mind.

  • Nathan Heffernan
    Nathan Heffernan 11 months ago

    Pierogi is already plural

  • SiilUdusProduction
    SiilUdusProduction 11 months ago


  • Hatbirb
    Hatbirb Year ago

    everytime that borscht crosses the screen my stomach grumbles

  • Nick Bread
    Nick Bread Year ago

    Hey I love it, thanks for making a video on this! I'm Polish and Pierogi is everyone's favourite.
    I love that production line style kitchen lol - pierogi, no matter if they're homemade for family dinner or in a restaurant, are always always always a big undertaking that takes a long time, and you always make a lot. One time me and my dad made 200 in one afternoon. We had to roll out the dough ourselves and also didn't have a mince machine or a food processor so we had to mince all the meat and cabbage by hand with a knife.
    Some things I will say though, and some people might think I'm being anal, but it might be useful for those who genuinely are interested in this stuff:
    -Pierogi is already plural (Pieróg is singular but you probably won't need it in that form lol)
    -Pierogi aren't usually prepared the way they do it here, aka you boil them through and eat them warm right after boiling. However when you have leftovers the next day, they're pretty good fried on the pan.
    -Some of the fillings they're using seem to be rather non-traditional. That's not a bad thing, of course people will experiment and Eastern European culture in America will take its own wing. But if you're interested, traditional fillings are usually: meat, cabbage(pickled, sour cabbage that's been boiled), potato with savoury white cheese, sweet 'cottage cheese'/white cheese, or even fruit such as blueberries or strawberries.
    Hope to see more of Eastern European cuisine here!!

  • john normal
    john normal Year ago

    slava pierogi

  • CymetricCymphony
    CymetricCymphony Year ago

    Also gunna need a video on some holopchi next

  • CymetricCymphony
    CymetricCymphony Year ago

    I don't even give a fuck about the internet but I will always like/bump/whatever pierogis without fail in all its glorious forms, fuck the world eat more pierogis

  • Tom Praytor
    Tom Praytor Year ago

    This guy seems cool.

  • Sjef
    Sjef Year ago

    I thought these things were called pelmeni or cheburek ( idk how to write it exactly mb) what's the difference between these and pierogi?

  • Alex Fishman
    Alex Fishman Year ago

    Based on my experience living in a Ukrainian family, these are more like Varenyky or large Pelmeni. Pierogis are usually a baked roll with filling, not usually a dumpling. Really depends where in Eastern Europe you’re from.

  • uniqueflowsnake
    uniqueflowsnake Year ago

    Stay cheeki breeki my friends!

  • daniel romanczuk
    daniel romanczuk Year ago

    pierogi is the multiple already, no need to add an S at the end

  • r turo m
    r turo m Year ago

    fucking fakest piorgis ever lmao

  • Lezerni Wolf
    Lezerni Wolf Year ago

    How does everyone eat their pierogis?
    I like mine with a lot of butter and a bit of sugar. It's weird but it's good. XD

  • Bones_ _dealer
    Bones_ _dealer Year ago


  • Shane Singleton
    Shane Singleton Year ago

    A good friend of mine who grew up in Ukrane introduced me to pierogis a few years ago. I've been hooked ever since. Luckily there is a Polish store close to work where I can get my fix. Not an incredibly common thing to come across in the Dallas, Tx area. I'm fortunate that there are some available close by.

  • Neutrale Libero
    Neutrale Libero Year ago

    Night in the wood food xD

  • Charlie Wood
    Charlie Wood Year ago

    And I thought Pierogis came from Pittsburgh lol I live 30 mi south and its a once a week meal for 50 years

  • barbara Corcoran
    barbara Corcoran Year ago

    eating prawn goyza as I watch this haha

  • Sharaf Abida
    Sharaf Abida Year ago

    will these are called haliva in the circassian community who are people who live in the Caucasus region

  • Theatre Research Institute

    Us making about 350 of these little parcels of joy (mushroom, sauerkraut, potato, cheese and more!) for christmas a few weeks ago:
    Best way of spending an afternoon in the kitchen with the whole team! Original Polish Pierogi recipes used.

  • justwhat youreallythinking

    We need matt stonie on hot ones

  • JayLeePoe
    JayLeePoe Year ago +1

    You gotta panfry them, folks. Same with Nepali momos and everything else. Sear the outside a little, toss some herbs in whatever oil you've got in there.
    The ricotta cheese desert pierogies are underrated. Sear them with brown butter and nuts, greens and something orange like yam.
    I do an anchovy sauce with your traditional potato + cheese pierogies-- boi. They come out like wontons if you bake them or "airfry" them.

  • Donray Williams
    Donray Williams Year ago +1

    Pierogies *

  • Johnnyboy
    Johnnyboy Year ago


  • Rick D
    Rick D Year ago

    That’s the stuff I grew up eating! Shoutout from Pittsburgh (Da burgh).

  • Luke Derivan
    Luke Derivan Year ago

    Place is home 🙏

  • JINXtheGamer
    JINXtheGamer Year ago

    Just FYI it's Pierogi, not Pierogis because Pierogi is already plural so by adding "s" you just making it "double plural" lol

  • Drew Kabala
    Drew Kabala Year ago

    My great grandma came from Poland to America and my grandma used to make pierogis all the time. That and cabbage rolls. Soooooo good. I miss these. She would put sourkraut in them though.

  • VeanZann
    VeanZann Year ago

    Yeah, cool but Poland is placed in Central NOT Eastern Europe. Polish people argued a lot with Russians, Ukrainians etc. and have plenty of bad memories connected with comunism.

  • WillWhiskey
    WillWhiskey Year ago

    As someone from eastern Europe, I fucking hate pierogis

  • StealthPlatypus1
    StealthPlatypus1 Year ago

    Just made 30 dozen pierogis a few days ago. Coming from a ukrainian family is great.

  • Volcanoman
    Volcanoman Year ago

    My grandmother called them "pyrohy." In the dialect of Ukrainian she spoke (which was likely heavily influenced by Polish for reasons I'll get into), the "yr" almost sounded like a "ud" with a soft "d" and the "hy" more like "heh", so you can envision pyrohy as "pudaheh" as she pronounced it. She was born in Canada though - her mother, who taught her the language and the cooking techniques was born in the Old Country and immigrated here in her youth, so there may have been some drift in accents and such over the years of their combined lives, as they lived in the Ukrainian community in the Prairies. It's also interesting to note that while that branch of my family tree goes back to what we'd call Ukraine today, when my great-grandmother was born, she lived in what was then Poland (and has since become Ukraine) - she was part of a wave of thousands of immigrants from that area to Western Canada. So there are a whole bunch of people who emigrated from Poland at the turn of the 20th century (to Canada especially, but also the USA), who used and passed on a variant of the pierogi term for this delicious dumpling, since that was what it was called where they lived at the time. Now, their home villages/cities are mostly in Ukraine, and the people living there likely use predominantly the word "varenyky" (which just doesn't sound right to me!).
    But whatever you call them, keep sauerkraut as far away from them as possible, that shit's gross. Cheddar and potato filling ftw.

  • Chris Kerr
    Chris Kerr Year ago

    House of Targ in Ottawa, Norm's in Bowmanville. For the real shit.

  • Vladeks Obamagurovs

    Pirogi/pirozhki are small pies. They can be stuffed with meat or cabbage amongst other things. But the difference is, pirogi are baked goods. The ones in the video are pelmeni. Pelmeni are boiled or fried. They are called pelmeni in Eastern Europe and Russia, so I don't know why they insist on calling them pierogi in the video.

  • Sara  J
    Sara J Year ago +1

    **triggered Polak**
    pierogi are already P L U R A L

  • mthmchris
    mthmchris Year ago

    1:48 What is that dish inquiring minds want to know

  • Cornee
    Cornee Year ago

    Pirogi is Polish, from Russian Pirog (baked small bread with stuffing), in Ukrainian it's Varenic usually made with cheese curd filling and in Russian it is Pelmeni, they all have Asian roots

  • David Buschhorn
    David Buschhorn Year ago

    I'm a writer. Just found a new addition to my character's meals! Fortunately, one of them's Ukrainian :-) !!!

  • AG Wreck
    AG Wreck Year ago

    I would spend all my money at restaraunts if I lived in NYC. So much amazing food there

  • Sha4lo
    Sha4lo Year ago

    Vareniki with cherries are the best

  • N A
    N A Year ago

    Now Eastern Europe eats kebabs instead.

  • Eric Budd
    Eric Budd Year ago

    WHO is disliking this video? I simply do not understand, these dumplings look very interesting and fucking delicious.

  • kinderakakid
    kinderakakid Year ago

    it's called VARENYKY in Ukraine

  • Ed
    Ed Year ago

    Pierogi is plural.

  • Moses Bushido
    Moses Bushido Year ago

    Shoutout to Paul's Pel'Meni in Madison, Wisconsin. Keeping the midwest's dumpling game strong.

  • deFNoxLukin
    deFNoxLukin Year ago

    Pierogi ≠ Pelmeni : I

  • LittleTreeX
    LittleTreeX Year ago

    The best consumer frozen pierogis available are "Peter and Pat's Pierogis". Do yourself a favor and get some. "Mrs T's" doesn't even come close. I live in the southeast, perhaps in the north east you can get other brands (or even get them fresh) but down here, Peter and Pat's is your only good option.

  • Conservative
    Conservative Year ago +1

    There Russian!
    -Frank (Hell’s Kitchen season 15 contestant)

  • Lebko
    Lebko Year ago

    Wrong wrong wrong wrong, pierogis comes from the Slavic part of Europe, and it isn’t Jewish, definitely not fucking jewish

  • BlackJack21
    BlackJack21 Year ago

    how tall is sean evans?

  • Rockweather
    Rockweather Year ago

    Thats not pierogi, thats varenyky, telling you as a russian. They are also not dumplings analogue, there is another thing called pelmeny.

  • Soft Stinky Sneeze

    I only had pierogi like a month ago for the first time. And they were pretty fucking good. And they were frozen. So now I want to go to a legit restaurant to eat them, cause they'll probably be fucking awesome.

  • Mariusz Szewczyk
    Mariusz Szewczyk Year ago

    Gotta get em with blueberry, strawberry, or cottage cheese. With some melted butter and sugar. Sooooo good.

  • Salkanis
    Salkanis Year ago

    Mannn i ate so much of them on christmas eve❤.

  • Drty Porcelain
    Drty Porcelain Year ago

    They love pierogis in Hamtramck

  • W -
    W - Year ago

    Perogies cabbage rolls and sour kraut with ham mmmmm mm that's the best

  • martin vega
    martin vega Year ago

    Bitch these are EMPANADAS a South America origined dish

  • yaboi
    yaboi Year ago

    Google "Gorby's Pirog". That's a Swedish fast food version of a Finnish pirog.

  • caramell sicko
    caramell sicko Year ago

    Babushka seeing 2k-3k pelmeni made is not enough

  • Burak Eren
    Burak Eren Year ago

    Great guy. He's not interested in picking fights about the origins of recipe and focused on serving the food instead. I wish more people had that mentality.

  • John Kapp
    John Kapp Year ago

    Great-grandmother was from Zamosc and made the best pierogis in Canada.

  • Nikolay Vakulich
    Nikolay Vakulich Year ago

    Чебупели лучше

  • Edon Thefirst
    Edon Thefirst Year ago

    Is it just me, or are they also called pelmeni?

  • Avi Chetri
    Avi Chetri Year ago

    0:11 There's a man that clearly loves what he does for a living.

  • TrySomeVitaminD
    TrySomeVitaminD Year ago


  • Rod Pasichnyk
    Rod Pasichnyk Year ago

    Bet, ya can't just have one, lol!

  • Rod Pasichnyk
    Rod Pasichnyk Year ago

    A entire life!

  • Creepyparty
    Creepyparty Year ago

    I grew up eating these quite a lot lol potato ones are the best

  • Björn Ironside
    Björn Ironside Year ago

    Poland kurwa mác

  • bryank47
    bryank47 Year ago

    Worlds most bland dumpling Sour cream and onions are needed to choke them down

  • Nurpus
    Nurpus Year ago +29

    Bonus fact:
    In Ukraine (and Russia) they are called *"varenyky"*
    If you order "pirogi" over there, you will get pies. Because it literally means "pies" in ukr and rus.

    • Nurpus
      Nurpus Year ago

      Jana Lichtenwald
      not over here, where they came from. They will be called "Varenyky" as long they have that dough and that shape. The filling can be anything: meat, mushrooms, fish, cherries, apples, potatoes...

    • my private profile jana
      my private profile jana Year ago

      Nurpus vareniky are filled with fruit and are sweet

  • dEiSeL5260xz
    dEiSeL5260xz Year ago


  • Ghoul Guy
    Ghoul Guy Year ago

    Do a video on the best mexican bollio bread.

  • ThePharaohGaming
    ThePharaohGaming Year ago

    My polish immigrant great grandmother makes a batch of these every Christmas. Calls them Ped-ogies because it's hurts her feet to stand so long while filling them.

  • THExTANK13
    THExTANK13 Year ago

    You should do more with Veselka! My favorite place to get breakfast in the East Village!

  • 2E0XAI
    2E0XAI Year ago

    Title might need editing? pierogi is already plural I think

  • Fumantony
    Fumantony Year ago

    Pierogies fried with butter and onions. Yum!!!

  • kurtusky13
    kurtusky13 Year ago

    I went here after partying all night in the city (they are 24/7!) and man, The portions are good, tastes amazing and the staff was great. Highly recommend them and will definitely go back/bring people here!

  • ivy Strauss
    ivy Strauss Year ago

    I grew up in Latvia, so the ones with chicken were the shit, frying it up and having Sour cream with it, but I recommend you eat home made ones incase there's some mafia dumped human meat in there

  • Adam Szuszkiewicz

    Love you guys but it's pierogi, pierogi is multiple, pieróg is one

  • Cassandra Szmajda

    Next time I’m in New York, I know where I’m eating!

  • Sting Rae X
    Sting Rae X Year ago

    like if you’re hype for the ooshky and varenyky on cyat vechir

  • Paul Woelke
    Paul Woelke Year ago

    Man, I've had like 40 of those in the last 3 days and I still want more. And that was only one of 12 dishes that are filling up the fridge right now.

  • Sting Rae X
    Sting Rae X Year ago

    Kramarczuk’s keeping it alive in the midwest

  • NinjaRider777R
    NinjaRider777R Year ago

    My grandfather made these by hand, but the ones he made were HUGE compared to the tiny bites in this video, he made them at least 4 times wide and longer.

  • KidAloha87
    KidAloha87 Year ago

    reminds me of gyoza

  • PrincepsComitatus
    PrincepsComitatus Year ago +1

    Eastern Europe for the win!!!

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze Year ago

    These are 'Varenyky' (Ukranian) or 'Pierogi' (Polish). So since this guy calls his restaurant ukranian, this is just embarrassing /: Anyhow, the Russian 'Pirog' (пиріг pyrih, pl. pyrohy пироги in ukranian - !) - also very popular in Finland ans Sweden - beats this any day.

  • Katie Beth
    Katie Beth Year ago

    Who cares if it is perog or perogi or perogies? I live in a part of the US were they are huge and everyone here calls them perogies. Anyway, I'm just glad that they are highlighting this great food!

  • Diogenes the drunk

    20 kopeks)

  • Lunar Nature
    Lunar Nature Year ago

    U should of came to Pittsburgh for this episode

  • Billy Rigby
    Billy Rigby Year ago

    There this place in the town I live called Russian hill, well, the Orthodox church has a pierogi sale ever Easter. You want to talk about good eats! WHEW! So good! Pierogi are big in Western PA where I am from, I remember moving to Alaska for a couple years and amazing my roommates and co-workers with the deliciousness of them! :) They really are a regional specialty so it's cool to see restaurants in NYC making them by hand like that. Very cool!

  • Jared Berman
    Jared Berman Year ago

    Veselka is heaven on earth

  • Wiktoria xzx
    Wiktoria xzx Year ago

    stop with that PIEROGIS shit, PIEROGI is already a plural form