Street Treats Around Asia


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  • GodlikeFreak
    GodlikeFreak 55 minutes ago

    When she said you tiao I was like what?? But when she cooked it finished I realise that it is a food that I actually love very common in my country how she said it wrongly but I guess that's because she has not gone back to Hong Kong or said it like to for the American to hear properly. (HELLO FROM SINGAPORE)

  • Elisa Tayco
    Elisa Tayco 3 hours ago

    Hey were is Philippines 🇵🇭☹️

  • Denise Anne Baradi
    Denise Anne Baradi 4 hours ago

    Why not make or add a Tasty Philippines? Don't you have any Filipino members or producers?

  • Dayvideo
    Dayvideo 8 hours ago


  • The KPOPgurl
    The KPOPgurl 9 hours ago +1

    I love snacks from Asia ( they r mostly very healthy )

  • #魔道祖师
    #魔道祖师 9 hours ago

    I love those chinese long donuts. Their my memories.
    I wanna try the Indian one

  • Muslima Chowdhury
    Muslima Chowdhury 9 hours ago

    I am from bangladesh and i also it jelapies . Its really yummy tho.☺

  • Yasmin Rankwe
    Yasmin Rankwe 17 hours ago

    The last one looks like a magwenna in English my family calls it fat cakes I'm born in England but my family is born in Africa aka Botswana.

  • Jack Stoutamore
    Jack Stoutamore 20 hours ago

    Where's the Ppopgi?
    -- Confused Korean

  • Alisha Mansuri
    Alisha Mansuri Day ago

    I love Jalebis as I mentioned from India...😎😘

  • jessheekaaa
    jessheekaaa Day ago

    ayyyyy okinawans represent!!!

  • Cake Playz
    Cake Playz Day ago

    For the third one I think for Hong Kong, the thing she made is also made in China which is where I'm from. We pronounce it the same way and actually some of my family is Cantonese

    • Cake Playz
      Cake Playz 2 hours ago

      I've never heard of that surprisingly

    • Emmarellda1
      Emmarellda1 10 hours ago

      Cake Playz my family is from Taiwan and i always have mine from fan tuan? Idk the pin yin. Its a sticky rice kind of sushi stick with you tiao and seaweed , etc. I always say (you-tee-ah-ow)

  • jessiimymy loves puffins and pandas

    I'm from Hong Kong too but like I live like where it was not very like busy u can say but at least the was a big big mall in front of my apartment

  • Sarah Schoepp
    Sarah Schoepp Day ago

    Its seems like no matter what country you go too EVERYBODY loves doughnuts

  • fiza Alam
    fiza Alam Day ago

    I think you didn't do justice to Jalebi.. Terribly made.. But atleast its something..

  • Jayscaslife
    Jayscaslife Day ago

    3:26 i was thinking must be an old lady from asia talking and got shocked at 3:36

  • Thegfreddy 123
    Thegfreddy 123 Day ago

    5:06 Hong Kong is not a country

  • Lily Vuong
    Lily Vuong 2 days ago

    Why does greasy and oily food have to be so good...

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S 2 days ago

    this is making me so homesick. My grandmother also lives in Korea and we eat kwabaegi all the time. It's sooooo good.

  • Maureen Thomas
    Maureen Thomas 2 days ago

    Which Korea?North or South,I'd assume South but I don't want to assume.

  • powerful beauty
    powerful beauty 2 days ago

    I'm not Korean, BUT I have watched Dae Jung Geum since it come on the TV in my native language ! 😊👌💜

  • bbyxhi _
    bbyxhi _ 3 days ago

    I thought the first one is only in cebu lollll "shakoy"

  • Arnavi Sharma
    Arnavi Sharma 3 days ago +1

    To be honest that Indian guy INSULTED JALEBI!!!!

  • Anshuman Gupta
    Anshuman Gupta 3 days ago

    Indian, and I love Jalebis!! And the Japanese sweet in the ending looked like a sweet version of the South Indian breakfast called Mysore Bonda/Bajji

  • Hafsa Khan
    Hafsa Khan 3 days ago

    why don't you show Pakistani foods....

  • Joshua Olithao
    Joshua Olithao 3 days ago

    Philippines have the easiest check it out

  • 민수
    민수 3 days ago

    Man, now I wanna go out rn into Seoul and go get some street treats man. Wish I had money though, wont be able to buy anything with ₩3,000

  • Blob fish Animations

    I will make one

  • Marsonlord Gaming
    Marsonlord Gaming 3 days ago

    Daraius speaks like bianca del rio

  • Jomm Velasquez
    Jomm Velasquez 3 days ago

    5:58, Did she just mean she’s going to make her grandma?

  • Fuzzy Muffins
    Fuzzy Muffins 3 days ago

    How do videos like this get dislikes!?

  • Nerdmana
    Nerdmana 3 days ago

    This is awesome, I need to make kkwabaegi for my Mom! She will be so surprised, lol.

  • VampireEmily1234
    VampireEmily1234 3 days ago

    I’ve tried all these except for jalebi

  • VampireEmily1234
    VampireEmily1234 3 days ago

    My dad said he would make me youtiao but he didn’t have time

  • Kassuhday
    Kassuhday 4 days ago

    Tasty seems to love Asian foods.....and I am so about this. #yummy

  • loveme DIY
    loveme DIY 4 days ago

    Actually the last treat they made is a African treat

  • Fatima Dar
    Fatima Dar 4 days ago

    I Wanna Eat Jalebis Right Now🤤😭

  • Samina May
    Samina May 4 days ago

    India is not in Asia!!

    • Belle Marfori
      Belle Marfori 3 days ago

      Samina May sub continent is a smaller part of a larger continent. The smaller part is the South Asia Region, where it belongs to the larger continent w/c is Asia. Therefore, India is in South Asia so it is in Asia.

    • Samina May
      Samina May 4 days ago

      Belle Marfori sub continent

    • Belle Marfori
      Belle Marfori 4 days ago

      Where is it then? 😏

  • Ishika -
    Ishika - 4 days ago +8

    In India Maggi is the name of an instant noodles just like u guys have ramen and all in india we have maggi😂❤

    • Future Aests
      Future Aests Day ago

      Maggi is from Switzerland and today, due to now being part of Nestle, internationally sold lol

  • Ishika -
    Ishika - 4 days ago +1

    You're not a true indian if u don't love jalebi

    • What the?
      What the? 2 days ago

      i love jalebi and im not even indian

      and i haven't taste it yet, but i bet its delicious.

    • Anoushka Shenoy
      Anoushka Shenoy 3 days ago +1

      Ishika - personally it is too sweet for me lol

  • Lxxa
    Lxxa 4 days ago

    street treats or sweet treats

  • Imaan Parker
    Imaan Parker 4 days ago

    We make that first one here in South Africa but we cover it in sugar syrup

  • saiful islam
    saiful islam 4 days ago

    Jalebi is from Bangladesh to and Muslims like me form Bangladesh and India eat it more

    • opm !
      opm ! 2 days ago

      are you an idiot? everyone in India eats jalebis. it's not just you "Moslems" that eat it! it's a dish from Hindustan

  • Nokachi
    Nokachi 4 days ago

    if ur filipino these are the choices
    ube ice cream (the name itself purple yam flavored ice cream)
    ube paste or like cooked and mashed ube (purple yam cooked and mashed added with cream)
    buko pandan (shredded coconut and nata de coco with green cream and pandan flavored jelly)
    pandan (green cream with pandan jelly optional:nata de coco)
    taho (soft tofu with small jello balls and sweet sauce)
    halo-halo (shredded ice with coco beans and ice cream)
    toron (banana coated with sweet breading and sweet glazed)

    • Nokachi
      Nokachi 3 days ago

      Angela Mabasa jalebis aint donuts so yeah

    • Angela Mabasa
      Angela Mabasa 4 days ago

      If you noticed, they're only making donuts

  • Irie2286
    Irie2286 4 days ago

    "problem for my waistline...but I'll be happier" ain't that the truth?

  • Just Some Weirdo
    Just Some Weirdo 4 days ago

    Why doesn't anyone ever mention Kazakhstan? Lmao

  • I Love my Cat
    I Love my Cat 4 days ago

    The Chinese donut thing is really good. We usually call is yo tiao (excuse my bad ping ying)

  • hey you
    hey you 4 days ago

    kkwbbaegi here in the philippines is called "Pinipit" :)))))

  • Sakuraa
    Sakuraa 4 days ago

    bji it’s u tiao not yaou tiu u chinese still dk how to pronounce

  • ReallyWeirdTaste
    ReallyWeirdTaste 4 days ago

    oh god i need to try kkwabaegi like... RIGHT NOW

  • Harmony Funtime
    Harmony Funtime 4 days ago

    Kwabaekki is like shakoy in Philippines, but nice recipe I’d like to try and make it myself😊

  • Mason Nguyen
    Mason Nguyen 4 days ago


  • farsana nasri
    farsana nasri 5 days ago

    jalebi from India😍😋

  • Afaa Mohamed
    Afaa Mohamed 5 days ago


  • Shubhdeep Gill
    Shubhdeep Gill 5 days ago

    Those are some of the saddest looking half his I've ever seen

  • The family Of 5
    The family Of 5 5 days ago

    My family’s from Hong Kong

  • Shekeal Hagenaars
    Shekeal Hagenaars 5 days ago

    Where is Indonesia?
    Dawet or chewndol is delicious

  • Rayless Øverqast
    Rayless Øverqast 5 days ago

    0:56 p u n c h

  • Eggnog
    Eggnog 6 days ago

    Who else only came for that cool thumbnail?

  • Slimey Annihilation
    Slimey Annihilation 6 days ago

    Jalebis looks likes funnel cakes

  • Connor Le
    Connor Le 6 days ago


  • Emily Philips
    Emily Philips 6 days ago

    Does anyone else think tiger tails on the first

  • Heena Lirani
    Heena Lirani 6 days ago

    I am from India I love jalebi

  • Ella Cate
    Ella Cate 6 days ago

    ughhh! kkwabaegi is sooo good! my personal favorite korean street food is either hotteok or tteokboki *drools while typing*

  • SuperWho 88 2
    SuperWho 88 2 6 days ago

    The youtiao looked best

  • Serina Patel
    Serina Patel 6 days ago

    ok but they way he pronounced jalebi...maybe I'm the odd one out but at home and with others we say juh-leh-bee not juh-lay-bee.

    • Serina Patel
      Serina Patel 6 days ago

      im not trying to be rude, i ust want to know if anybody else says it the same way as i do?

  • aclashzappie
    aclashzappie 7 days ago

    Hi I'm asian I eat Jalebi I hate it :p

  • Phosnub
    Phosnub 7 days ago +1

    _donuts_ around asia

  • tbhgrap e
    tbhgrap e 7 days ago

    I like how all of u have different kinds of sweets and it looks so yummy I actually tried making them 🤩😍😍😍😋😋😋😋

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan 7 days ago

    Jalebi is actually from Afghanistan .( i am not being biased , i am not from afghanistan)

  • Gabriela Alves
    Gabriela Alves 7 days ago

    Oh my gooood! We have the last one in Brazil! It's called "bolinho de chuva". Never imagined sharing such a meaningful dessert with Japan.

  • Pieces O Reeses
    Pieces O Reeses 7 days ago


  • MoonLight Neji
    MoonLight Neji 7 days ago


  • Shahad Al-Jahani
    Shahad Al-Jahani 7 days ago

    I don't have kosher salt can I use any salt ?

  • hoi6818
    hoi6818 7 days ago


  • Mehak Shahid
    Mehak Shahid 7 days ago

    I love korea and also culture and traditions food and dresses and i wanna go korea and i am from dubai and the most safeable and non-polution contry is only korea,china and thailand

  • FreakyB
    FreakyB 7 days ago

    Those jalebis look like ass I'm so sorry

  • Studio footS
    Studio footS 7 days ago


  • Reall
    Reall 8 days ago

    I lobe jalebi

  • Ha My Lo
    Ha My Lo 8 days ago

    Me:oh there is another Asia cooking vid hopefully there is a Vietnamese

  • Give Jin More Lines
    Give Jin More Lines 8 days ago

    You zha gui (it’s commonly called Cha kwai in my country) can also be paired with coffee, but mostly common with porridge. And you can only buy it in the morning which is a bit sad.

  • Luna Lovegod
    Luna Lovegod 8 days ago

    i love how it's all fried

  • SquishySlime
    SquishySlime 8 days ago

    We make Yao Tieu or whatever that’s called in Vietnam and we eat it with porridge/congee.

  • Bork351
    Bork351 8 days ago

    Why does he say jalebi like that

  • Farzana Maisha
    Farzana Maisha 8 days ago

    i say jeelapi

  • Farzana Maisha
    Farzana Maisha 8 days ago

    the way he pronounced jalibi

  • Olivia Byrne 💖❤️

    This is my personal opinion I hate Korea

  • Coconut Mangoes
    Coconut Mangoes 8 days ago

    the indian dessert looks so beautiful!!!!

  • Dua Fatima
    Dua Fatima 8 days ago

    What about Pakistani street food?

  • larwamotyla
    larwamotyla 8 days ago

    oooohohoh yes

    RANDOMGAMING 9 days ago

    Hong Kong obviously is a city but not country. You don’t even need to google this fact lol.....what’s wrong with that girl

  • Jagarnnatha Jagarnnatha


  • Min Yoongles
    Min Yoongles 9 days ago +1

    Guyanese likes jalebi too (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

  • Melody Abrogar
    Melody Abrogar 9 days ago

    I'm not indian but i'm gonna be honest,jalebis looks more delicious than the rest...

  • Aishani Singh
    Aishani Singh 9 days ago

    This video made me very happy.

  • •Cotten Lps•
    •Cotten Lps• 9 days ago

    I’m Korean and a thing my mom makes Jalebi’s on birthdays and on holidays along with other desserts though I’m half Korean and a crud lose of others stuff my Korean side shows a lot according to my friends, aish sorry for writing a life story in the comments I just wanted to share something about me with the comment section

  • Winnie da pooh
    Winnie da pooh 9 days ago

    i wanna try all of these T o T

  • _ Kyulie_
    _ Kyulie_ 9 days ago +1

    Ayyyyyy youtiao I love were youtiao~

  • Acorn bub
    Acorn bub 10 days ago

    I remember youtiao
    My mum would buy some and just guve it to us plain no soya milk
    But i dont like the blandness
    I also remember the sata andagi ive never been to japan and ive always wanted to go there
    They have deer parks with deers that bow
    So fun!

  • XxVeryOrigialNamexX
    XxVeryOrigialNamexX 10 days ago

    D Se Dab!