Street Treats Around Asia


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  • Angelika happy
    Angelika happy 4 hours ago

    where's Philippines?

  • Hajar Binth Musthaumid

    In Maldives we call jalebi zileybi

  • etherealsvt-
    etherealsvt- Day ago

    kkwabaegi is also (kinda) famous in the philippines. my family calls it as twisty lmao

  • Brendan Matelan
    Brendan Matelan 2 days ago

    I love how Maggie wore a traditional outfit in Korea, and the treats she made. I'm tempted to try and make my own.

  • Veena Bezarius
    Veena Bezarius 2 days ago

    İn Turkey we have a lot of street dessert too. Lokma, halka tatlısı etc

  • Lulu Lopez
    Lulu Lopez 2 days ago +1

    In the Philippines we have similar a treat like Kkwabaegi it's called Shakoy:)❤️

  • CredibleDerek6511
    CredibleDerek6511 2 days ago +1

    I was hoping for Rie

  • CredibleDerek6511
    CredibleDerek6511 2 days ago

    I dont know vietnamese but I know that we have these flavored waffles
    I dont think its vietnamese but its very good
    (Especially THE GREEN ONES)

  • Wierd Bomb
    Wierd Bomb 3 days ago

    did she just directly put the salt on yeast? it actually kills it. but it still rose

  • Soumita Kundu
    Soumita Kundu 3 days ago

    Hot jalebis and cold rabri is literally heaven on Earth. Yeah it has a lot of sugar but it's worth the sugar!😍

  • Sarah Pluta
    Sarah Pluta 3 days ago

    That first lady is cute and sweet I like her

  • Reshma Abraham
    Reshma Abraham 3 days ago

    That jalebi does not look good :(

  • Doris Odoi
    Doris Odoi 4 days ago

    2nd is Ghanaian Pinkaaso

  • Doris Odoi
    Doris Odoi 4 days ago

    1st one is Ghanaian boflot

  • Tea please 👏🏻🙌🏻

    I had the last one before I loved it

  • Abel Sumanas
    Abel Sumanas 4 days ago

    Was hoping that the youtiao is fluffier but boy I bet they're delicious!

  • Mirkonzo 1
    Mirkonzo 1 4 days ago

    Honk kong’s dirty as fuck

  • RG_ Vina
    RG_ Vina 5 days ago

    I’ve had the two first ones

  • madaaa__
    madaaa__ 5 days ago

    5:07 “Hong Kong is such a great country” Boiiiii

  • Ban Cadiogan
    Ban Cadiogan 5 days ago

    These guys had like 9.8 mil subs yesterday, I looked today and u guys have 9.9 mil...OWO

  • Matthew Lin
    Matthew Lin 6 days ago

    Omg I have had the Hong Kong one

    TIGER NINJA 6 days ago

    Most of these r fried bread coated in sugar

  • Jessica Animations
    Jessica Animations 6 days ago

    Michelle said lemon zest instead of orange zest

  • Dark_ Shadøw
    Dark_ Shadøw 6 days ago


  • Dranlie Lagdamen
    Dranlie Lagdamen 6 days ago

    Bianca del rio is also a chef.

  • Görgényi Viktória

    OMG, Jewel in the palace is one of may fav kdramas since my childhood😍

  • tronomy
    tronomy 7 days ago

    street treats are made of this...
    who am i to disagree?

  • True Aries
    True Aries 7 days ago

    Every video I say I'm going to make this stuff and never do but I keep watching.😂

  • Olivia Hong
    Olivia Hong 7 days ago

    There are plenty of korean bakeries in America too

  • Marc Ivan
    Marc Ivan 7 days ago

    my unhealthy ass thought the thumbnail was spaghetti

  • Acil ismu
    Acil ismu 8 days ago


  • Mintu Mizanurrahman
    Mintu Mizanurrahman 8 days ago

    I love JALAPIES! BUT... I am from Bangladesh

  • jAmZ uP mY AśŞh0ľe

    Bro jelebis do NOT look like that

  • hoshishoes
    hoshishoes 8 days ago

    I clicked bc jelabi

  • Bangtan Puppy
    Bangtan Puppy 8 days ago

    I love this, but where is the Philippines?

  • Wajiha Ali
    Wajiha Ali 9 days ago

    In Pakistan we eat jalebi with rabri its a very tasty combination....

  • Mediblade
    Mediblade 10 days ago

    isnt Hong Kong part of China, its not a country...

  • Noor El Huda
    Noor El Huda 11 days ago

    I wanna see something related to Turkey, it'd be cool, Turkey have great street foods and treats
    But this rocked, I really liked the Indian Jalebi! ^^

  • Sarah Inmae-bawi
    Sarah Inmae-bawi 11 days ago

    I've tried all of these before .

  • Mr Oooofs
    Mr Oooofs 12 days ago

    I’m not even Indian and jalebi is awesomeness

  • Mr Oooofs
    Mr Oooofs 12 days ago +1

    They have the first one at yum yum bakery in Brandenburg Kentucky

  • King Wasteman
    King Wasteman 12 days ago

    the guys cant even make the jalebis swirls properly, its like watching my 5 year old brother paint, lol

  • Kiefer Narwandi
    Kiefer Narwandi 12 days ago

    I wanna try jalebi

  • Sho_B
    Sho_B 12 days ago

    Omg im Korean but jalebis looks so yummy in this vid

  • Sumsum HUI [10U03M]
    Sumsum HUI [10U03M] 12 days ago

    Yeah, I know it as yao zha guia (I can’t really spell it out)

  • Div Ya
    Div Ya 13 days ago

    Jalebis are GOD DAMM amazing but they way this guy said jalebis ticked me off soooooooo muchhhhh

  • sana abbas
    sana abbas 13 days ago

    Is imarti the same as jalebi??

  • a_lonely_unicorn
    a_lonely_unicorn 13 days ago


  • Joyik 69
    Joyik 69 14 days ago


  • Soukaina Aaouatif
    Soukaina Aaouatif 14 days ago

    But jalebi comes from Morocco?

  • Alex Le
    Alex Le 14 days ago

    The chinese bread i call it 'chuk kwai'

  • anirban halder
    anirban halder 14 days ago

    Turmeric in Jalebi!? Blasphemy! Add saffron for colour and flavour!

  • Lily O'Moore
    Lily O'Moore 14 days ago +1

    Maggie's hanbok is really pretty

  • RAIN &Rainbow
    RAIN &Rainbow 14 days ago

    Jalebi is lifeline!!!

  • Lovely Ivy Lusterio
    Lovely Ivy Lusterio 16 days ago

    Most of those are found in the Philippines.

  • andreas gm
    andreas gm 16 days ago

    5:41 Cakue??

  • Royal Jasmine
    Royal Jasmine 16 days ago

    I am alway’s sad when my small forgotten culture, Vietnam, is not in these videos. I went their, it’s a very poor state. Huh. The small parts of this world are alway’s forgotten.

  • sily sister
    sily sister 16 days ago

    Jaleble is like fun ocake

  • countrysisters 1
    countrysisters 1 16 days ago

    I love this video! Can you please do more I love hearing about and listening to people talk and after that I love baking!

    P.S. Plz subscribe to my channel😝

  • Amaranthalys Shadow
    Amaranthalys Shadow 16 days ago

    I thought jelebi was from surinam, it is so delicious!

  • jaylene lee
    jaylene lee 16 days ago

    She said youtiao wrongly

  • katie wong
    katie wong 17 days ago

    Hong Kong's 油條 has another name called 油炸鬼,which translates to Fried ghosts sticks 😂

  • literallymylife
    literallymylife 17 days ago +1

    You tiao is cakoi? Or i'm wrong? Idk but in my country we have something that look similar to you tiao but we called it cakoi and dip it with kaya. Sorry for my english :)

  • AleXander
    AleXander 17 days ago

    i remember japan eat the whole,not double bite

  • therealmkposh
    therealmkposh 17 days ago

    I don’t mean to be rude but that was the ugliest jalebi I have ever seen in my entire life as a Pakistani. Jalebis aren’t random ugly squiggles (no offence I realize not everyone is an artist) but creating the shape is half the game of the fryer and it’s meant to be crunchy on the outside but sugary goodness oozes out from the inside when you snap it in half. It’s sad that South Asian food is so misrepresented in the video. Also putting turmeric for the colour in jalebis? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before. Or putting saffron in the mixture if it’s as expensive as it’s known to be. Jalebis are a street food and pretty cheap. But someone can correct me if I’m wrong maybe it’s done in India and not Pakistan...

  • Anna Sahlstrom
    Anna Sahlstrom 18 days ago

    Too bad it's not safe to fry things in my apartment. I love any kind of donut!

  • Emily
    Emily 18 days ago

    the lady said yaoting wrong and it is spelt youtiao get it right

  • anjali
    anjali 19 days ago

    jalebi is the sweetest thing you will ever have but its a classic so you have to love it :’)

  • Caesar Ho
    Caesar Ho 19 days ago

    You gotta be kidding me, you called that a youtiao ? It looks like shit! Don't embarrass our Chinese street food reputation please!!

  • Lavanya Dhyani
    Lavanya Dhyani 19 days ago


  • Fun with Me
    Fun with Me 19 days ago

    Jalabi is from Pakistan not India

  • nested bird
    nested bird 21 day ago

    I love jewel in the palace 😱😱😱😱

  • Anna Kwan
    Anna Kwan 21 day ago

    you tiao !!!!!! i havent had it for so long i - - T. T

  • Rounak Layek
    Rounak Layek 21 day ago

    Traditional jalebis are made with urad dal (black gram without coating) but the instant recipe is um okay? Works.

  • Jason crashers
    Jason crashers 21 day ago

    Oh no I'm from UK

  • Manuela Zapatta
    Manuela Zapatta 22 days ago

    cada região do mundo tem seu bolinho de chuva e sua cueca virada dhsuhs

  • Shannyrajay Stypayhorlikson

    I want kwek kwek from philippines😔

  • nana jaemin
    nana jaemin 22 days ago

    The best street food in Korea will probably be kimchi pancake and spicy fish cake and rice cake, well at least for me
    I miss my home in Seoul :(

  • king KKRR
    king KKRR 22 days ago

    2:10 scared me shitless

  • Jeffery from California

    Any Nigerian watching this think the last Japanese dessert looked just like puff puff? 😂

  • Hitesh Bhoir
    Hitesh Bhoir 23 days ago

    shape of jalebi tho

  • are_you_a_happy_ boi_
    are_you_a_happy_ boi_ 23 days ago

    I LOVE JALEBI BRAH!!!!!!!!!

  • Iplay Pokemon
    Iplay Pokemon 23 days ago

    Churro rip-off.

  • Perry Sy
    Perry Sy 24 days ago

    Go to the Philippines. Our most basic streetfood is kwek kwek. Hahaha! It's quail egg covered with flour mixture and deep fried.

  • Georaldo Kwan
    Georaldo Kwan 24 days ago

    I love that Hong Kong donut too,but in my country we call it "Cakwe"

  • Girl
    Girl 24 days ago

    it’s just donuts

  • andrew chin
    andrew chin 24 days ago

    It is yu tiao 余条

  • delen y kona
    delen y kona 25 days ago

    In chile we have some that will be better than the first one, is called calzones rotos, is the same but hardier and powered sugar

  • crying&dying
    crying&dying 25 days ago

    where is arabic dessert

  • Atri Raychaudhuri
    Atri Raychaudhuri 25 days ago

    Shouldn't the video be named as sweet treats?

  • persimm
    persimm 26 days ago

    doesnt maggie live in LA?? theres like hella lotta of koreans down here and korean bakeries. koreatown is basically a dirtier, poorer version of seoul imo. never homesick when im there

  • Jiwon Park
    Jiwon Park 26 days ago

    I am Korean

  • Life With Bk Vlogs and More

    Jalebi is sooooo good!

  • maggie
    maggie 26 days ago

    *G R E Z Y*

    I can't be the only one who hates grease I mean c'mon :')

  • Leo Material
    Leo Material 26 days ago

    They all look sooo good 😍😍

  • pablo chicot
    pablo chicot 27 days ago

    hong kong is not a country

  • Doonit Gaming
    Doonit Gaming 27 days ago

    The Indian one looks like a funnel cake

  • TCH bruv
    TCH bruv 27 days ago

    Dude they should put "luhdo" it taste a little bit like Jalebis except it's a ball and it's covered in a sweet liquid
    My mouth is drooling literally as I watch the donut and the food from India 😤👌

  • Harshita Vadlamüdi
    Harshita Vadlamüdi 27 days ago

    Screw you daraius they dont look like jalebis man

  • Eliyah Venice Santos
    Eliyah Venice Santos 27 days ago

    Pls do Filipino food