Shadow on the Mesa 2013 - David S. Cass Sr.- Action Western Movies [ Fᴜʟʟ Hᴅ ]

  • Published on May 3, 2017
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    Wes Rawlins (Wes Brown) is a bounty hunter, a man of few words and the West's quickest draw. Wes is devastated when his mother is murdered by a couple of outlaws still on the run. He is determined to solve the crime and bring justice to his family. Wes leaves his grandparents (Meredith Baxter and Barry Corbin) to find the father he never knew, Ray Eastman (Kevin Sorbo).

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  • Lyn F
    Lyn F 6 days ago

    There's always a wicked money hungry step mother lol

  • Mane Mirakian
    Mane Mirakian 25 days ago

    The poor guy at the beggining

  • Earl King
    Earl King Month ago


  • ken john
    ken john 2 months ago

    lost count of the number of people killed ... the best old style Westerns have the justice of the gun but not with such monotonous repetition

  • ME 3 PLAYER 3
    ME 3 PLAYER 3 2 months ago +1

    Good Movie Thanks 4 Sharing .

  • Kent David/Keith Uyboblante

    Thanks 😋, Nice movie

  • Charlene Cox
    Charlene Cox 4 months ago +2

    I am such a sucker for Westerns.....Loving this one thanks for sharing:-)

  • Guy Weisz
    Guy Weisz 4 months ago

    This is like a modern western with an old script. Similar story to older scripts with modern direction and shooting, more realistic gun fights than the old movies but not so much violence and disgusting takes as modern westerna. Very good acting as well. Worth watching.

  • Bridgette Hull
    Bridgette Hull 4 months ago

    good movie. worth watching

  • Chloe Zambrano
    Chloe Zambrano 5 months ago

    Nice movie indeed 😎

  • modeste nomad
    modeste nomad 5 months ago

    merci beaucoup

  • Great White Shark
    Great White Shark 5 months ago

    Awesome western. Cheers for uploading!

  • steve harris
    steve harris 5 months ago

    tv melodrama with a very cloudy plot; only the horses are genuine; bailed out at 40 minutes...

  • Christopher Billionaire

    A masterpiece of a movie, well don- beautifully put together.

  • Ester Marcojos
    Ester Marcojos 5 months ago

    Great movie! Good acting, good plot and handsome lead actor.

  • gloria amparo arbelaez bedoya

    lastima qe no esta en espanol se ve qe esbuena

    • Guy Weisz
      Guy Weisz 4 months ago

      pues a aprender inglés, chato, no pasa nada, un idioma más y encima vas a poder ver todas las películas del oeste en su versión original.

  • Yakov Isaacs
    Yakov Isaacs 5 months ago

    Wes Brown plays the role of Wes Rawlings in the movie.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 months ago

    tv film = total crap

  • Leah Junta
    Leah Junta 5 months ago

    A very good story love it

  • Yakov Isaacs
    Yakov Isaacs 5 months ago

    Superb movie....kudos to the acting of Rawlings. What is his real name?

    • Yakov Isaacs
      Yakov Isaacs 5 months ago

      +לסלי לגסקה
      Thanks, so much. Will check them out.

    • לסלי לגסקה
      לסלי לגסקה 5 months ago

      +Yakov Isaacs a few of his tv films : nanny seduction and Christmas in Mississippi from lifetime channel, his recent , Christmas in Graceland where he got to sing & play piano and guitar.... under the autumn moon (he got to ride horse again) , Christmas cookies , love under the stars all from hallmark channel

    • Yakov Isaacs
      Yakov Isaacs 5 months ago

      +לסלי לגסקה
      Brilliant acting.
      Any other movies with Wes in the lead ?

    • לסלי לגסקה
      לסלי לגסקה 5 months ago

      Yakov Isaacs Wes Brown....

  • effemess
    effemess 5 months ago

    A good western movie, good acting too with unknown to me actors, script a little wooden , but still an excellent watch, Thanks.

  • Belul Tekle
    Belul Tekle 5 months ago

    Good muve tanx

  • Charlescellor Lideks66
    Charlescellor Lideks66 5 months ago

    Worth watching. Thanks.

  • Md Iqbal Hossain
    Md Iqbal Hossain 5 months ago

    Very good entertaining movie.Thanks

  • Phennie Morghane
    Phennie Morghane 5 months ago

    Worth your time. Perfect! Perfect!

  • Werner Geer
    Werner Geer 5 months ago

    Good one ! Thanks

  • Jack Hsia
    Jack Hsia 5 months ago

    有意思吗?希望好看。is it a neat flick?

  • Sion Mar
    Sion Mar 5 months ago

    Beautiful movie. thank you, Jake Bryan, for the upload.

  • Luke Capistrano
    Luke Capistrano 5 months ago

    Matingnan nga kung talaga ng Nakaka antigen ng puso into movie na into smile

  • Hinemoa Mateara
    Hinemoa Mateara 5 months ago

    Thanku top of the crop

  • Brad Mount-Earle
    Brad Mount-Earle 5 months ago

    Excellent Movie...,Great. Story. .Well worth Watching. Thanks.!

  • Asas As
    Asas As 5 months ago +5

    So touching..

  • Sathyanarayana Narasimalu

    Nice movie

  • Yerfeoj
    Yerfeoj 5 months ago

    Worth to watch....good movie

  • Iori Edwards
    Iori Edwards 5 months ago


  • Solt M.
    Solt M. 5 months ago

    a great movie

  • Sam Aji
    Sam Aji 5 months ago

    Good movie

  • Victor Lee
    Victor Lee 5 months ago


  • Michael Reeve
    Michael Reeve 5 months ago

    Yes good movie, I enjoyed it

  • buddhika weerasinghe
    buddhika weerasinghe 5 months ago

    thank you so much. excellent movie.. really enjoyed..

  • 1safety4all
    1safety4all 5 months ago

    Great Western, Excellent story, I love it. :)

  • Ruth MacClure
    Ruth MacClure 5 months ago +1

    Pretty good movie, the music did my head in would have been better without it, still, a good story

  • jasper25445
    jasper25445 5 months ago

    Very nice movie thank you!

  • Philip Goh
    Philip Goh 5 months ago

    classic western excellent movie thank you

  • Erina Morrison
    Erina Morrison 5 months ago

    Bit corny!

  • 박종의
    박종의 5 months ago


  • Teodora Antonio
    Teodora Antonio 5 months ago

    Very touching movie

  • Gerald Swain
    Gerald Swain 5 months ago

    Baldi is lay by the rocks ,why don't you call on him .

  • tod wellous
    tod wellous 5 months ago

    A brilliant film love it. Thank you

  • Monique McDonogh
    Monique McDonogh 5 months ago

    Loved it!

  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas 5 months ago

    Wonderful movie. Congrats

  • Lenny Murphy
    Lenny Murphy 5 months ago

    Pure shit..

  • rodney kitchen
    rodney kitchen 5 months ago

    great movie

  • Sommer Sebastianos
    Sommer Sebastianos 5 months ago

    Very nice movie, thank you for the upload and thank goodness for TVclip.

  • andy fletch
    andy fletch 5 months ago

    Always find it annoying that folk in films who need a crutch almost always use it on the wrong side, they should ask a physio'.... just saying!

  • Vigilante Jake
    Vigilante Jake 5 months ago

    Truly entertaining ! simple life reality.

  • Jas Carver
    Jas Carver 5 months ago

    Great movie

  • Nards Sanga
    Nards Sanga 5 months ago

    hope you up load more nice movies like this / and love story /comedy /drama/ thx friend...

  • J E
    J E 5 months ago

    Fooooking cowboys had killing as a life style....yeeeeeehaaaa

  • Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    is that you [look alike} John Wayne?

  • david dee
    david dee 5 months ago

    good movie

  • docaw filex
    docaw filex 5 months ago

    Worth watching movie........👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Samuel Garcia
    Samuel Garcia 5 months ago

    I love cowboy

  • greywolf0167
    greywolf0167 5 months ago

    excellent movie and Rawlings kid is a great actor and believable role...whats his real name i want to try another film that might include him in it hopefully lead role again

  • Ken Reeve
    Ken Reeve 5 months ago

    Pixl you spoil the film along with that piano player !

  • dixie omd
    dixie omd 5 months ago

    thnx for this great movie.

  • Fly Oz
    Fly Oz 5 months ago

    Excellent Movie thanks for uploadinhg.

  • Frank Geeraerts
    Frank Geeraerts 5 months ago

    for snowflakes

  • Brian Spencer
    Brian Spencer 5 months ago

    Good job

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia 5 months ago

    Screen full of "Transparent Spamming Traps" !!!
    Beware and report this Boxes redirecting any clicks on the screen to his site !!!

  • Victor Osvaldo Agusti Godoy

    Porqué pasa película en inglés si estamos América del sur aquí se habla español gringos pinche cabron

  • Siyavuma Biyela
    Siyavuma Biyela 6 months ago

    I alwyz love this movie

  • Helen Traill
    Helen Traill 6 months ago

    Good movie. Thank you.

  • ElleSHour
    ElleSHour 6 months ago

    Isn't it wonderful how completely historically inaccurate this manages to be.

  • william mclay
    william mclay 6 months ago

    1 of the Best cowboy films ive seen in years .

  • Janet Young
    Janet Young 6 months ago +13

    I used to have a gun. It had red tape that you rolled up inside. When you pulled the trigger it made a pop sound. I was pretty good with that.

    • Shah Shah
      Shah Shah 6 months ago +2

      I used to have one as well.
      Tried to shoot myself once.
      It didn't work.

  • Kaz Azim
    Kaz Azim 7 months ago

    was alright...could be better if it was less cheesy!!

  • carole ellis
    carole ellis 7 months ago

    Amazing movie, thanks for sharing

  • Ivan Raskino
    Ivan Raskino 7 months ago

    Decent movie.

  • Benance george
    Benance george 7 months ago


  • Morten Eriksen
    Morten Eriksen 7 months ago

    Coudnt watch the movie from all the kristian sugar running down the screen. Dream on fools

  • Mihai Ciubotaru
    Mihai Ciubotaru 7 months ago

    One of the biggest pile of crap I saw in my entire life..

  • Aranyanee Terkelsen
    Aranyanee Terkelsen 7 months ago

    Good movie love it 😍😘

  • 50young603
    50young603 7 months ago +2

    I give it two hairy thumbs up

  • Anup Basu
    Anup Basu 7 months ago

    thanks for uploading such a good movie

  • unclecolt
    unclecolt 8 months ago +2

    Damn good movie. It has a reasonable thoughtful plot and understated acting. Kevin Sorbo at his most serious.

  • Terence Woodcock
    Terence Woodcock 8 months ago +2

    A brilliant film. So well worth Watching. Inspiring film. Love the film.

  • george henry jr
    george henry jr 8 months ago

    good movie , I" ve enjoyed watching it, thank you.

  • Vern Mosquin
    Vern Mosquin 8 months ago

    Lousy script - mediocre acting - if you like sappy unrealistic stories then this is your gem.

  • Raul Ramirez
    Raul Ramirez 8 months ago

    Thanks, great movie.

  • alessandra Benz
    alessandra Benz 8 months ago

    liked it very muc

  • Norman Appleton
    Norman Appleton 8 months ago +3

    It is REALLY NICE to find a movie without in your face sex, without swearing and with a humble reverence for our Creator God Almighty - Thanks heaps

  • LyanNine Simon
    LyanNine Simon 8 months ago +3

    Good movie its sentimental but story is very meaningful, i love it

    PETER GRAY 8 months ago +2

    A little bit naive but ok....

  • King Marvin
    King Marvin 8 months ago

    Great story! Great movie!

  • mahmod abdulsalam
    mahmod abdulsalam 8 months ago

    good movie i like it

  • dumbo7429
    dumbo7429 9 months ago +6

    Maybe check on Baldi BEFORE burying Mona...

    • Raewyn Cormack
      Raewyn Cormack Day ago

      what y’all talking bout, they jus finished praying over her grave then the last line in the film was “ mebe I’ll go check on Baldi “

  • ken john
    ken john 9 months ago

    Hate modern Western movies but this one avoids being offensive (though there is quite a lot of killing) while creating interesting characters and an engaging story. 8/10. My wife says 7/10 ... no romance!

  • Robert
    Robert 9 months ago +5

    Why must the background music be so overwhelming - ridiculous!

    • Elly May
      Elly May 5 months ago

      I can’t stop hearing the music now you’ve mentioned it 😳

    • Ruth MacClure
      Ruth MacClure 5 months ago

      I enjoyed the movie and agree with the background music, that did my head in!

    • Ronald Arthur Dewhirst
      Ronald Arthur Dewhirst 5 months ago

      @Robert - I agree.

  • Richard Keeling
    Richard Keeling 9 months ago

    good movie. didn't like the shop brought horse shoes on the forge