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  • Published on Sep 7, 2016
  • With unprecedented access to the Thames Valley Police Domestic Abuse Teams, and the victims of violence they are helping, Behind Closed Doors gives an extraordinary insight into the most common violent crime to take place in the home.
    Shot over 12 months, and starting from the moment an emergency call is received, the film follows three brave women who each waive their right to anonymity to show how insidious and terrifying domestic abuse can be. The complex emotions involved when someone you love becomes violent are also exposed, and the difficulties for police when those feelings mean victims are not completely honest.
    With an unfolding, present tense narrative, the film also exposes the lack of consistency in terms of the length of sentence given to offenders. When the Police repeatedly take one perpetrator to court only to have magistrates release him again and again, the film demonstrates how the huge ordeal of going to court for these victims of domestic abuse does not mean that, in their eyes, justice will automatically follow.
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Comments • 3 434

  • thechampionessa
    thechampionessa Day ago

    Our personal definition of love is probably imprinted from a very young age, and lots of us have the incorrect definition to go by. So many of us are damaged and dont know how to love or what to expect from a loved one. Hats off to the people deal with this and get through it and those who work with those who have been traumatised, i couldnt hack it

  • Queen Mina
    Queen Mina 3 days ago

    And this is the reason why I'm staying single and getting dogs to live with me instead.

  • Hev Bushnell
    Hev Bushnell 3 days ago

    Do we know why she wears that wig?

  • EJ Johnstone
    EJ Johnstone 5 days ago

    Lefty liberal judges.

  • 99.999.999.999 Mr. Brown

    Omg omg omg I feel so bad to watch this! Poor lady!

  • yrv980
    yrv980 14 days ago

    They did a crap job blurring the kids faces

  • M R
    M R 19 days ago

    Yes the judge has put her at risk but at the same time I cant help but think she's constantly putting herself at risk by meeting up with him.

  • M R
    M R 19 days ago

    This woman can't stop seeing this guy. She's crying and crying and then she says I've seen him.

  • M R
    M R 19 days ago

    Gotta love those British teeth.

  • Ruairi Mccarthy
    Ruairi Mccarthy 19 days ago


  • Sara Suk
    Sara Suk 21 day ago

    56:00 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💓❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Donny H
    Donny H 22 days ago

    How did one guy get ABH for nearly killing his mrs and then the other guy get GBH for a few slaps madness.

  • Donny H
    Donny H 22 days ago

    Makes me laugh that the most thumbs up and commented post on here is about the dogs, this is why these fuckers get away with it cuz u care more for the dog than the woman.

  • agnes b
    agnes b 23 days ago

    They are grown up women, they can let them killed if they wish to. But I will never understand how on earth they can put their children in such danger.

  • Maria Müller
    Maria Müller 24 days ago


  • Angel of Joy
    Angel of Joy 25 days ago

    The man looks everything said about him. He's a killer!

  • Angel of Joy
    Angel of Joy 25 days ago

    Real men love Jesus... They are Holy Spirit filled!!

  • Katelin
    Katelin 25 days ago

    Seeing Sabrina in that state made me cry instantly, how can someone do that to another person ?

  • Apophis Rock
    Apophis Rock 26 days ago

    24:59 - the British are STUPID and I have seen MULTIPLE cases of this. Their laws are archaic and stupid. They dont even have laws about stalking or restraining orders. No wonder Asians have taken over their societies. In general, the British are extremely stupid people.

  • karimonster
    karimonster 26 days ago

    Laws are not written to protect women in dangerous situations. They're written to protect men who put women in dangerous situations. Having to sit and make a safety plan with a little boy in case his father, who beat his mother half to death, is found not guilty and gets out is absolutely appalling and pathetic. When will we actually stand up for marginalized victims and not their attackers?

  • Heather Zlotyh
    Heather Zlotyh 27 days ago

    Sounds like UK police and justice system is completely useless !!

  • Billy Gunz
    Billy Gunz 27 days ago

    I just saw this documentry today here in the United States. I know that it's kind've late for a comment. I'm just wondering how Helen and her son are doing today?

  • Heather Zlotyh
    Heather Zlotyh 27 days ago

    That blond wig isn’t working for that girl. It’s really obvious!

  • Jeanette Cowley
    Jeanette Cowley 28 days ago

    I put up with my husbands abuse for forty one years.He was twice sentenced to prison for breaking an injunction not to abuse me.I left him nine years ago, moving away to a different town, but he wouldnt leave me alone.The police wanted me to do a video for them, but l thought it was my private business, so l refused.He still walks into my home, as if its his, l have spoken to a soliciter about this, but as now there is no longer physical abuse, theres nothing l can do.The trouble is that l feel responsible for him and dont wanyt to hurt him, at the same time l feel l will never be free.

    • thechampionessa
      thechampionessa Day ago

      Ask yourself if you think you deserve to live this way and if you can imagine your future continuing this way. Whats comfortable isnt necessarily whats right and humans are immensely adaptable to whatever new situations or settings we put our selves in. I hope you can seek help and talk to people about it. You are responsible first and foremost for yourself

  • Emily
    Emily 29 days ago

    2 mins in and my jaw hit the floor. Unbelievable.

  • Khatuna KT
    Khatuna KT Month ago

    I feel so sorry for the dog.

  • Paula Brown
    Paula Brown Month ago

    As long as women are second class citizens and not valued judges...male of course...will continue to basically condone this f....g abuse against women!!! 13 months for basically attempted murder!!! 😡😡😡

  • letichia nunes
    letichia nunes Month ago

    Wow, they really don’t care about these women. Two years for beating up that woman the way he did. She’s going to go back, that’s no time to counsel her and undue 5 years of abuse.

  • Paula Brown
    Paula Brown Month ago

    That puppy is also traumatized 😢

  • Paula Brown
    Paula Brown Month ago

    That puppy is also traumatized 😢

  • Kerstin Schlägl
    Kerstin Schlägl Month ago +2

    All: that poor dog
    Me: Did no one notice that poor Woman?

    • Donny H
      Donny H 22 days ago

      Totally agree they make an effort to mention the dog but not a word about the woman or kid, society has priorities wrong.

    • Shueps x
      Shueps x 29 days ago

      Just because someone mentions the dog, it doesn't mean they don't feel worse about the woman.

  • Ramaraksha
    Ramaraksha Month ago

    There is a tell - when I see Burkha-clad women in the streets of Chicago that tells me that in the US violence against women is acceptable. A Burkha is simply violence against women - we see all these sad stories of women being abused and these are free women who can walk out, get a job for themselves, support themselves - how is a Burkha-clad woman going to do that? The guy can beat her, abuse her, rape her & she can do nothing and the way she is dressed, no one can tell that she has been beaten!
    When societies look away from such women, male abuse under the cover of religion, it is a tell that women are not valued as much as men
    In Europe some countries have banned the Burkha - that is the right thing to do
    As a liberal it is disheartening to see liberals fighting against such laws - the women are the victims here - who would in their right mind want to live like that? Showing her face is a crime?
    Who are liberals helping? Religion or women? It seems they chose Religion over women
    Choosing a primitive, backward religion over progress and women's rights
    Not one Muslim-majority country is progressive - they are not known for progress or for science
    If not for western technology they would have no clue on how to extract the oil

  • Марко Стипса

    21:00 Ain't women stupid?

  • Stichting NoFap
    Stichting NoFap Month ago

    Look at the comments, the woman is almost beat to death and some people only care about the dog.

  • Kristina Đurek
    Kristina Đurek Month ago

    Helen is a moron and her child should be taken away. You bring your kid, who watched you get beaten (and probably not the first time either) to a pulp on a lunch with your abuser?? You have any idea how traumatizing that is for a child and what that will do to him? Honestly to be that is child abuse, or neglect, disgusting, I have no empathy for women who put abusive men above their children.

  • August
    August Month ago

    why didn't the white guys get as hard a sentence as the black guy, they all deserved the maximum

    • Donny H
      Donny H 22 days ago

      Not that it was a colour thing but i thought same. Problem is CPS wouldn't prosecute white guy with GBH and had to go with ABH. Also black guy was on record with lots of previous woman all with same allegations. I also thibk they consider the length of the relationship and that black guy was obsessed after a few months, psycho comes to mind.

  • hannah berkey
    hannah berkey Month ago

    Helen was on the phone but he looked right at you? She needs some support to stay away from him. She clearly cannot do it alone

  • David Baird
    David Baird Month ago

    At 45.40 that Lawrence guy shows his true colours were women are concerned. He deserves a one way trip to a secluded forest up the mountains. Scumbag!!!

    KRIS SCHNEIDER Month ago

    I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but I hope he got some time for devastating that poor dog too.

  • Aye No
    Aye No Month ago

    Helen isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

  • Louise healey
    Louise healey Month ago

    The poor girls face scared me so much wasn't expecting that I'm sorry u went through that 🙁

  • Mary Brady
    Mary Brady Month ago

    He is some liar.

  • Shirlz Dey
    Shirlz Dey Month ago

    Sabrina is another one!!! Has she lost her mind??? The scum beat you up!!! And you cry for him!!! Stupid bladdy fool!!!!

  • Shirlz Dey
    Shirlz Dey Month ago

    Helen, I have no sympathy for you... You bring all this upon yourself... what a stupid woman!!!!

  • Pretty little Penny
    Pretty little Penny Month ago +1

    Crying for what could have been, what should,have been, not what was. Those good times they hold

  • magency17
    magency17 Month ago

    I stop watching this at 4:34 minute, so messed up that even the poor pooch was feeling her pain🥺, get out he doesn’t love you he never will, guys like this one are so 🤬insecure .

  • okay dokie
    okay dokie Month ago

    Better than sexual harassers.

  • UFC&Weed !
    UFC&Weed ! Month ago

    Don’t feel bad 🤣

  • Queen Shakur
    Queen Shakur Month ago

    1:55 so we're not gonna discuss the cries of a terrifyed puppy??

  • Emmanuel Burnett
    Emmanuel Burnett Month ago

    When I was 17 years old my dad abuses me but he won't stop

  • Kaidence Madison
    Kaidence Madison Month ago +1

    God that first lady talking was all my thoughts everytime my first boyfriend beat me. It tore me up. I'm surprised I'm still alive also.

  • Rexl15
    Rexl15 Month ago +1

    He’d never do this to a man

  • Jamie Cousins
    Jamie Cousins Month ago +5

    They would hit a woman but I bet they’ve never hit a bloke.

    M NANDES Month ago


  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle Month ago

    We need to teach women to stop chasing these bad boys i seen it my whole life and they reject nice guys all the time.

  • Anna Francisca
    Anna Francisca Month ago

    Don't back. He never Will change.

  • Ms Honeygoddess
    Ms Honeygoddess Month ago

    He wrote saying *be safe, hon* from the prison. The thing is she was safe when he was not around.

  • Sonserae Designs
    Sonserae Designs Month ago +1

    The most insane thing is a restraining order where you have to meet your abuser in court and give him the address where you are living. If they don’t kill you at the courthouse, they kill you at the address you give them. They are above the law and don’t abide by them. I wish they would treat the victim like a kidnapping case instead of domestic violence. It’s brain-washing and pscychological warfare and most of all Stockholm syndrome where the victim defends the abuser and is addicted to them because of the Jekyl and Hyde personalities of the abuser. They remember their nice side without seeing that their monster side is eventually going to kill them. I believe this is demonic. I lived with a psychopath and chose to hide for 2 years to stay safe. If I did what most do and listen to the typical advice, I’d be dead for sure.

  • Pretty fish Tank
    Pretty fish Tank Month ago

    This must be very scary and I feel sorry for anyone who is at the mercy of bad people.😞

  • Queen Mama
    Queen Mama 2 months ago

    The black man sentenced for 7yrs easy???🤔