DP/30 Abbreviated Chat: Molly's Game, Idris Elba

  • Published on Dec 22, 2017
  • Idris talks to David Poland about Molly's Game, his work on his new film as director (that premirre's at Sundance), and more... all in just 15 minutes so he could get back to the cutting room.
    Shot in Los Angeles, November 2017
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Comments • 12

  • Kim
    Kim Year ago

    oh! Mr. Poland you have such a welcoming face! It make sense that all those actors and actresses enjoy talking to you :D!

  • would thatitweresosimple


  • Lofa Toa
    Lofa Toa Year ago

    Hes a lot more likable than i thought itd be. Short but still an interesting interview

  • Mike
    Mike Year ago

    Uoooooh!! I can see you David!!!

  • obiwantchocolate
    obiwantchocolate Year ago +2

    Methinks the fifteen minute shortage this time means Idris should do 45 minutes with David next time!

  • nullunit
    nullunit Year ago

    Lean and mean interview and you still managed to get some solid questions that kept Idris engaged. Good stuff.

  • Mareeen14
    Mareeen14 Year ago +10

    The mistery of what you look like is being solved in this video! Kinda sad about it to be honest, it was funny to always hear the same faceless voice haha :)

  • Luis_Cunha /Conta2
    Luis_Cunha /Conta2 Year ago +2

    Nice interview again Sr.

  • poontang3zizo
    poontang3zizo Year ago +7

    I adore this man

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Year ago +14

    The mirror shot is back! Yes !

  • Luvie1980
    Luvie1980 Year ago +2

    He is the best. I hope he teaches a masterclass soon!

  • El Los er'
    El Los er' Year ago +24

    Idris be like, DP/15