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  • Published on Jan 20, 2017
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  • Indiglo gal
    Indiglo gal 16 days ago

    This is so crazy bc I’ve been astral projecting since I was a kid but still I can’t fully fly. I can jump and stay in the air for a time but I keep coming back down. I’ve always known that I could fly. So this is just confirmation that like oh shit I’m not the only one with this problem.

  • Lily Lei
    Lily Lei 2 months ago

    You are a brave everyday hero . Thank you.

  • WanderingAngel
    WanderingAngel 4 months ago

    Maybe that time traveling,and you went in the future.What kind of clothing ,and other things look like.Year and stuff of things in your travels.

  • WanderingAngel
    WanderingAngel 4 months ago +2

    Have you heard of Tory Smith channel,he speaks of intermensional beings.He also said corrupt beings that control world gov injected him with cancer while he was sleeping.He passed away last spring.I believe his channel is still on here.But he is extreme in other things he speaks up.Saying we are being examine and raped even while we slept.Thats creepy.But he also mentioned that some good beings are helping children world wide.

  • Warning Signs
    Warning Signs 7 months ago

    sarah adams talks about this she is a super soldier and now she is not mind controlled max spiers spoke of this also

  • mountainsun
    mountainsun 8 months ago

    You're mixing up the teaching of Jesus and the occult. God made it clear in the bible that we are not to use occultic practices. We are to rely on faith in God only.

  • Matthew Mackey
    Matthew Mackey 8 months ago

    That was a trip dude

  • james gilbert
    james gilbert Year ago

    put down the crack pipe man

  • E. Kelbell
    E. Kelbell Year ago +2

    how can a follower of Jesus participate in astral projection? it's occult activity

    • Pamela Cave
      Pamela Cave Month ago

      It's all thru the Bible, silly

    • Affected Collective
      Affected Collective Year ago +2

      Emily K. Sister, with love I ask you... How do you know what God would approve or disapprove of? It's my understanding, because Jesus Christ was VERY CLEAR on the matter of who was welcome into His Father's House, and ALL GOD'S CHILDREN ARE WELCOME to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus reminded us all of this every time He healed a "sinner," leper, or removed demons from people. There were hundreds of "disapproving onlookers" to Jesus's miracles who would say (with the same surety you just had about something that only God is the authority on) that for whatever reason, Jesus shouldn't go near "THOSE PEOPLE."
      I mean no disrespect, my friend. It pains me to see us all at opposition with eachother rather than following the teachings of Jesus to love one another, praising God by lifting our combined voices to sing thanks for this blessed gift He's given us all. Caring for our brethren's safety and well-being is the ONLY jurisdiction one should take over the activities of another human being, and this is true because we have all been given FREE WILL from God.
      It is no one's place to say to another what is wrong or right, sin or good deed, and we certainly must avoid doing anything to provoke "the debs" (I don't like to give "satinne" the respect of saying nor spelling his little 'titles' for himself correctly) from weaving hateful influence over our behavior.
      To exclude our brethren from our hearts is to invite such nefarious influence into our hearts, which is where we're supposed to be hiding His Word. Jesus is in your heart, my friend. I find it best to let Him & Him alone speak of "the rules of good & evil" to our brethren. I pray that you feel me, my dear sister. I mean no harm, and I ask Jesus to open your heart to the simple understanding that we are ALL God's Children and only He has authority to pass judgement on anyone. I beg you to refrain from inviting that rascal "lousy-ferr" around you by saying such things as you said above. Much love to you ❤️🙏🏻🌹

  • John Redwoodseed
    John Redwoodseed Year ago +2

    Found a zapper device in my yard that was blaring 60hz and I found it 3 days after I made a chembuster. Could someone possibly be targeting me?

    • damn sonboi
      damn sonboi 10 months ago +1

      yes, a metal detector

    • Monica Sp
      Monica Sp Year ago

      I wonder if there is a device you could buy that would detect something like that in your yard?

    • Marilyn Hill
      Marilyn Hill Year ago

      John Redwoodseed you prolly almost caught somebody listening in

    • Marilyn Hill
      Marilyn Hill Year ago +1

      John Redwoodseed yes,

    • John Redwoodseed
      John Redwoodseed Year ago

      SavePlanetDecreeEveryday yes as soon as I felt that there was something wrong and I was looking all day over my property and found a cell phone looking device with no buttons on it just speaker and then back said 12v 60hz and it was very loud ticking and static noise. I immediately smashed it and tossed it in the trash

  • jklfds85
    jklfds85 Year ago

    wait... is this all a dream you are dreaming? Im confused.

    • SavePlanetDecreeEveryday
      SavePlanetDecreeEveryday Year ago

      Astral Projection is when you come out of your body when you are conscious or awake. You come out of your body each night when you sleep but your not conscious, thats why you dont remember. When you Astral Project your intention is to be awake and in control. Thats the difference. Research more about astral projection so you can learn how to do it.

  • Vector 01
    Vector 01 Year ago

    Is astral projection dangerous ?

    • poatenimik
      poatenimik Year ago +2

      Many things/ entities want to trap your energy learn to fight, dont fight with fire Dont defend yourself with fire !! Only Light ! And POWER of your Mind.

    • Elizabeth Sisney
      Elizabeth Sisney Year ago +2

      Vector 01
      ys it is, it will open you up to Demonic possession.

    • SavePlanetDecreeEveryday
      SavePlanetDecreeEveryday Year ago

      Not at all read my above note.

  • tioGa - of God's army

    hey this video skips repeatedly back to the beginning don't know what's up never seen this quirk on TVclip before just a heads up