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  • Published on Apr 15, 2018
  • Wow! Thank you so much for supporting the Real Doctor Reacts to series. I said that if you get the grey's anatomy video to 15k likes I'll do another episode and you CRUSHED it by getting it 200k+ likes. I dove into the comments section to see what medical tv drama you wanted me to review next and it seemed like the good doctor was the obvious choice. Get ready TV Doctors, because Dr. Mike is coming for you =]
    Full disclosure, I have never watched an episode of the good doctor on ABC so I decided to go ahead and start my tv medical drama review off with the first episode ( good doctor 1x01 ) of the series. I was really curious myself to see if the good doctor is a medically accurate show.
    I really did enjoy this medical tv show because I think it did a lot of things well. It gave an interesting look into what life is like a for a surgeon and a resident. Being a surgical resident is not an easy job and to make the situation even more complex Dr. Sean Murphy has autism so they did a great job of breaking down these circumstances.
    I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches The Good Doctor / Real Doctor Reacts to the Good Doctor. If you want me to continue making this series please like the video and leave me a comment on which show or episode you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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  • Doctor Mike
    Doctor Mike  3 days ago +441

    Your requests have been heard! DR HOUSE MD review is now LIVE -
    Please keep submitting the shows and episodes you'd like for me to review. Love you all!

    • room2seat15
      room2seat15 4 hours ago

      Doctor Mike thankk youu!

    • vince dulaycan
      vince dulaycan 5 hours ago

      Please watch the good doctor korean series i think you'll love it

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    • Theresa Lynn
      Theresa Lynn 6 hours ago

      review/react to Any of these House MD episodes;I'm listing some of My favorite episodes: season 1 episode 3 "Occam's razor", season 6 episode 18 "Knight fall",season 1 episode 19 "Kids", Season 2 episode 2 "Autopsy",season 3 episode 19 "act your age" Honestly all those episodes are intriguing to me, and I think have a decent amount of things you can comment on medically....there are some great episodes where the acting is just amazing it gives Me the chills season 1 episode 21 "Three stories" being one of those....but it's probably not a great one to review like you have done for this video grey's anatomy and the pilot episode of House you watched! and the list above I think you would Enjoy those episodes,but for a review\reaction I actually Really Really want to see you react to Season 2 episode 2 "Autopsy" because that one is well amazing what they do to save the patient's life!!!! sorry this comment is so long haha but hope to see you react and review to that episode of House MD!

    • Posidium
      Posidium 19 hours ago

      no hate btw just saying. i do have to say it was intresting.

  • natalie jones
    natalie jones 2 hours ago

    Please react to Fox’s the Resident. It deals a lot with hospital politics

  • Hannah Faith
    Hannah Faith 2 hours ago

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  • Emily E.
    Emily E. 2 hours ago +1

    The rabbit! That made me cry because I have a bunny of my own and I wouldn't know how I would react if he were to die in front of me like that.

  • Aziah Bernard
    Aziah Bernard 2 hours ago

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  • Sónia Santos
    Sónia Santos 2 hours ago

    why are you so cute and yet so smart? explain

  • Erica Bucciacchio
    Erica Bucciacchio 2 hours ago

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  • beastly12817
    beastly12817 2 hours ago

    *I absolutely love what you do with these videos! you literally explain these terms like we were in elementary school!*

  • Nuclear Henry
    Nuclear Henry 2 hours ago

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  • odeleya rosner
    odeleya rosner 2 hours ago

    Do docs get checkups from other docs? Wouldn't that be weird?

  • Azn Mayne
    Azn Mayne 2 hours ago

    Never pull out

  • Null Shock
    Null Shock 2 hours ago

    Thanks for making this video Doctor Mike. I usually can not watch these shows, I have panic disorder, and generally panic attacks come out of no where, but I avoid medical shows because I had a massive panic attack during an episode of House M.D.. So I have avoided all of them(I stopped driving for a few years thanks to panic attacks, was afraid I would potentially cause an accident if I had a really bad panic attack..), though I've been interested in this show(I heard about it awhile back, saw this in my recommendations, which is odd I do not normally watch reaction videos, I prefer videos about the process of animation, photography, science(Any field is interesting to me, but I focus on computer science, then cosmology and then other Sciences.). . .I don't watch TV much, though I do watch TV shows particularly fond of animation. So I usually hear about shows after they have aired.) Though this little bit did cause some anxiety, I think I may be able to watch this show. I will try a few episodes. Again Thanks for making the video Doctor Mike.

  • Liz Ventura
    Liz Ventura 2 hours ago

    "Put you're mask on" -Dr. Mike😂😂😂

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    siddiqua shaikh 3 hours ago

    Its a remake of korean Good Doctor....n its my fvrt

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    muffin man 3 hours ago

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    Paul_So 3 hours ago

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    Haley Livers 3 hours ago

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  • Rice God
    Rice God 3 hours ago

    I miss Daniel dae Kim in the Hawai’i five o series

  • Ninja Crazy
    Ninja Crazy 3 hours ago

    I kinda hate it how this drama is actually based off of the same Korean drama and i mean exact same. It shocks me a lot and makes me a little pissed

  • Timothy Edmond
    Timothy Edmond 3 hours ago +1

    *"It's going to lead to drama, lots of drama."* oh boy, you have noooo idea

  • Jean Aquino
    Jean Aquino 3 hours ago

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    wadha abdullah 3 hours ago

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    Pearlsey 4 hours ago

    0:23 Well that’s not a good sign...

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    Emily DeClue 4 hours ago

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  • TygerBlueEyes
    TygerBlueEyes 4 hours ago +1

    Isn't this based of a Korean drama?

  • Trisha C
    Trisha C 4 hours ago

    You need social skills to be a good doctor...this show is so unrealistic!!

  • Katelynn Stoltzfus
    Katelynn Stoltzfus 4 hours ago

    please do Emily Owens MD :))

  • Rich 91
    Rich 91 4 hours ago

    whats with the fucking music lol, sounds like a brazilian carnival

  • Luis Li
    Luis Li 4 hours ago

    The good doctor is the American version of the Korean drama of Good doctor which came out first

  • Bucky Shots
    Bucky Shots 4 hours ago

    My acne won’t go away and it’s been 3 months I was prescribed retin-A but it’s not working. I tried leveling out my hormones with birth control. I stopped exfoliating too often and drink 2.7 liters of water a day. I work out for an hour twice a week and hit the steam room for the 3 months I’ve had my adult acne. What can I try?? I’m tired of teenagers hitting on me in the mall HELP! Sorry for reposting this comment but I’m desperate

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    I want to be an anesthesiologist because I don’t want to talk to patients but want to be a doctor. maybe a little bit talking.

    • Rui Rodrigues
      Rui Rodrigues 3 hours ago

      Faaz Arshad do a effort m8 if you get to be a doctor social skills are vital . You can pass very hard exams I’m sure you can talk to people Good luck 👍🍀

  • winglessburst
    winglessburst 4 hours ago

    I would absolutely love for you to watch Doctor Stranger. It's a Korean medical drama.

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    Mr Wizzykin 5 hours ago

    I've never watched this show - and just came across this video randomly... I remember seeing the advertisement for this and seeing him just walking into an OR with his hands up and his mask down... Drove me mad. It's not the circulator's job to pull your mask up for you - you do that before you enter the OR; you shouldn't be in the OR with your mask down in the first place when stuff is open.

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    Lydia Owens 6 hours ago

    I watch this show so it was cool to see a real doctor’s perspective/opinion on it. It was cool learning some medical terms and advice from this vid too :D loved this video!

  • Elsie Campbell
    Elsie Campbell 6 hours ago

    I’ve never watched tgd but I’d watch the whole show if you gave commentary on every episode

  • Jesse LaChat
    Jesse LaChat 6 hours ago

    Hi! Great autism awareness! This is more male-focused diagnosis, though, and girls often aren't diagnosed until they are well into adulthood because of differences in child rearing between boys and girls.
    Here's an article!

  • Dumpster
    Dumpster 6 hours ago

    Damn i know doctors were smart (obviously) but anything that happens you just explain it in detail that's impressive lol

  • Beloved Goddess
    Beloved Goddess 6 hours ago

    Thank you dr Mike cause I love love this show and greys too

  • Terrie McBroom-Marsh
    Terrie McBroom-Marsh 7 hours ago

    I just noticed that this show is the same events from a similar Korean drama series with a special doctor/resident in training who has autism and a powerful mind to remember nearly anything. Spitting events, this is just the americanized version. And the name of the Korean version is also Good Doctor (2013)
    I watch the Korean version because I needed a new show to watch coming home from my first year in college. Good to know there is a version I don't have to read in subtitles - but hope credit is given to the South Korean creators and their credit given to whomever they may have received the idea from.

  • Someonez Mom
    Someonez Mom 7 hours ago

    I will take a surgeon on the _spectrum_ doing my surgery than a chatterbox with great bedside manner leaving a sponge in me any day lol

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    Yokari Castro 7 hours ago

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    CherryGryffon 9 hours ago +1

    My step-son is Autistic, I'm so glad you watched this episode! He's no savant, but the savant syndrome has been something that my husband and I have loved seeing in practice. This is a great thing to see!

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