REACTING to my OLD FREELANCE WORK!! - I Can't believe I Did This...

  • Published on Jan 21, 2019
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Comments • 3 814

  • Alan Sanchez
    Alan Sanchez 7 hours ago

    Jazza what the fuck

    REDNECK 17 hours ago


  • Kristina Schäfer
    Kristina Schäfer 3 days ago

    Just here to say I still got advertisement before the video so, thats good right ? 🤣🤣🤣 like that means its still family friendly ( at least in Germany)

  • J D
    J D 6 days ago

    So PG13 👌🏻

  • Squiddle
    Squiddle 6 days ago

    Baaaaaabbbyyyy sssshhh-

  • MrLuigicp
    MrLuigicp 7 days ago

    4:14 Now, the night... is coming to an end...

  • Leila Bolen
    Leila Bolen 8 days ago

    0.4-(4 x 1)= -3.6 not 0.36

  • sco lo
    sco lo 8 days ago


  • Abyssaracnis
    Abyssaracnis 8 days ago

    Http:// i'm Trying to Play the Website.

  • Arsyah Rajaka
    Arsyah Rajaka 9 days ago

    If only he made the cool math games logo too

  • Gachakittygirlie
    Gachakittygirlie 14 days ago +1

    You should redraw some of your old art!

  • Bradderz
    Bradderz 16 days ago

    did this video get demonitised???

  • Renee D
    Renee D 18 days ago

    Jazza don't make me wanna smoke rn it's ten in the morning damnit!

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 25 days ago

    I came this vid and I’m now gonna leave, jazza I thought u was kid friendly

  • Sophi Brock
    Sophi Brock 26 days ago

    I thought Jazz’s was gonna sing it,... I am not disappointed, that song is so catchy

  • Ruby [Eyeball]
    Ruby [Eyeball] 28 days ago

    Free Internet Games *To The Max!*

    It's my childhood :0

  • Ender Yılmaz
    Ender Yılmaz 28 days ago

    2:45 actually you just now made the people that was happy second ago and angry people well they still angry sooo everybody is angry XD

  • Animation Outlet
    Animation Outlet Month ago

    I have to animate the rest of my video and make a banner and profile pic by Friday but yet here I am and i have to go to the orthodontist Thursday and babysit on Friday so yay

  • Will Kirwan
    Will Kirwan Month ago

    Why do I keep watching this over and over?

  • Kishi-Chan
    Kishi-Chan Month ago

    Australia man uses dead shark as bong and smokes it to tune of baby shark.

  • JT Gaming
    JT Gaming Month ago

    I wish i could be like you ❤👍

  • OG
    OG Month ago

    oh my god jazza, i know i’ve known about you for a while but i didn’t know i knew about you indirectly my WHOLE CHILDHOOD???

  • UnseenYoungGamer
    UnseenYoungGamer Month ago

    I KNEW YOU WHERE FAMILIAR. ive seen your art so many times without knowung

  • Quick GIFS
    Quick GIFS Month ago

    Which classes did you join as a beginner
    Please tell me ,
    I wanaa be like you
    I am your FAN

  • Yolo Swagger 6000
    Yolo Swagger 6000 Month ago

    Pi radical 2 / 0000.2 = what the frikin heck were you thinking

  • Pvz Plush
    Pvz Plush Month ago

    Can you make me a intro please about plants vs zombies

  • febriana cinta keberuntungan

    How do you thing about my profile pic and tell me that my profile pic is looking at you

  • Jacob Craft
    Jacob Craft Month ago

    Thank goodness he cut out baby shar......

  • iera dp
    iera dp Month ago

    People who call football soccer are gay.

  • Mero B
    Mero B Month ago

    BA-BY SHI-

  • Snarkbutt
    Snarkbutt 2 months ago

    Your American accent is not as bad as you think it is.

  • Tomas David Lambis Alvarez

    *p o n g*

  • Arty_mc_artist
    Arty_mc_artist 2 months ago

    ^ insert continuous snickering ^

  • Ryeslayer 64
    Ryeslayer 64 2 months ago

    no one:

    litteraly no one :


    11:43 screams "look at it, lOoK aT iT, THRE IN LOVEEEEEE

  • Gaming with Matthew
    Gaming with Matthew 2 months ago

    Do freelance art😑

  • Oi-Me-Is-Em
    Oi-Me-Is-Em 2 months ago

    8:01 sooo... I'm guessing that's not a gun.

  • TenLongFingers
    TenLongFingers 2 months ago

    Jazza: Hey, can someone comment below about what’s going on with my equations?
    Comments: MAX GAMES?!?!?!?!

  • Paulo Webster
    Paulo Webster 2 months ago

    Try making a mozzi from rainbow six Siege causeplay and wear it

  • AJ Cris
    AJ Cris 2 months ago

    Anyone else just start singing baby shark after he said baby shark?

  • Tara Kramer
    Tara Kramer 2 months ago

    Common theme amongst artists...hell I say common theme amongst adults!!

  • min yusuf
    min yusuf 2 months ago


  • min yusuf
    min yusuf 2 months ago


  • Kieran Budke
    Kieran Budke 2 months ago

    What the heck was the romance book called...

  • amorfati khb
    amorfati khb 2 months ago

    *choking on my lack of integrity* love it

  • STICKYArt Channel
    STICKYArt Channel 2 months ago

    Jazza: I swear I dont partake in the mary jane
    Also Jazza: pulls up another bong animation

  • meatpie
    meatpie 2 months ago

    We need shirts where the logo is just: >/=?

  • SpicyMelon
    SpicyMelon 2 months ago

    So that wasn’t the line for hell at the beginning?

  • Mule The Donkey
    Mule The Donkey 2 months ago is still up

  • Sergi Ortiz
    Sergi Ortiz 2 months ago +1

    No wonder how far you’ve made it, such a creative and talented guy

  • Akiee
    Akiee 2 months ago

    I actually got an ad about freelancing

    Is it a coincidence?

  • Vinicio Vázquez Mar
    Vinicio Vázquez Mar 2 months ago

    "and there is a shark!"
    no Jazza... no


  • Its Anschluss Time
    Its Anschluss Time 2 months ago

    History channel at 2 pm: Hitler killed himself and seal team 6 took out Bin Laden.
    History channel at 2 am: 0:00

  • 420 bluetongue Medication

    Ha hahaha hell yeah go Jazza I did not expect that 👊😁🇦🇺

  • Black Ninja
    Black Ninja 2 months ago

    Rip draw with jazza

  • MrMurfis
    MrMurfis 2 months ago

    13:50 FUUU!!! :D

  • ZeroTwo
    ZeroTwo 2 months ago

    That sign you draw was lessthan or equal to something

  • chad garganta
    chad garganta 2 months ago

    As an avid pothead, I enjoyed the Bong series 😂👏🍁

  • greg heffles
    greg heffles 2 months ago

    holy sbcshca i played max games

  • Wyatt Bauman
    Wyatt Bauman 2 months ago

    6:25 not that bad of a American accent 13:50 the reason it was cut off was because someone ran in and punched him in the nose (I commented this awhile ago)

  • Martin Valentin
    Martin Valentin 2 months ago

    i dont know what i just did