Save the World Dev Update #17 - Energy Ammo, Perk Re-Rolls, and v4.0

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
  • We sit down to talk about the recent changes to Energy Ammo, Perk Re-Rolls, and some things you can expect in Patch 4.0.
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  • Drunk Ω
    Drunk Ω 8 months ago

    BILLY switch save the world

  • Gage Boudreaux
    Gage Boudreaux 8 months ago

    What perk is a lynx made for

  • Zaden Romines
    Zaden Romines Year ago

    Remake the crossbow in battle Royale please

  • omar 7024
    omar 7024 Year ago

    Fix your game

  • Amazing Goose
    Amazing Goose Year ago

    When is save the world going to be free?
    It says 2018

  • yamil playsyt mota

    When will save the world be free?

  • Curd’s The word
    Curd’s The word Year ago +1

    When will save the world be half price

  • Chronic Ps4
    Chronic Ps4 Year ago

    When is fortnite Android my phone is a zte blade A320

  • ABDULLAH منصر


  • Magic Manny
    Magic Manny Year ago

    Plz add builde pro on save the world

  • Rosa Medrano
    Rosa Medrano Year ago +1

    Save the world is good

  • eddy smash
    eddy smash Year ago

    Plz help me fortnite save the world is crashing

  • steve fenrir
    steve fenrir Year ago

    They say PVE going to be free in 2018 but it already 2018 it steel not free yet

    • Boel B
      Boel B Year ago

      The year hasn't ended

    • Soggy Potato
      Soggy Potato Year ago

      Later this year, if you're that eager just buy the game.

  • steve fenrir
    steve fenrir Year ago

    PVE for free please

  • kindnuguz
    kindnuguz Year ago

    With the "Recombobulator" just announced and as I said 2 weeks ago- "So the biggest thing that sticks out in my mind in this update is. "This system is still in progress, we are in early play testing""We got told this was early play testing , yet the news just announced is anything but "early testing" . The Recombobulator is something that has taken a lot of time and man hours to come up with. - with this said - I am confused and feel a trust issue now.

  • Jeffrey Montezuma

    Is ultimate edition coming back soon

  • Jeffrey Montezuma

    Ultimate edition coming back

  • Calvin Gardner
    Calvin Gardner Year ago

    can you make stw free

  • Saint Mull
    Saint Mull Year ago

    Can you allow us to select favourites for recipe ingredients/parts. Then we wont have to memorise the parts and make more room in our storage/backpack

  • Faze Powerful-bagel
    Faze Powerful-bagel Year ago +1

    When is fortnite cooking to android

  • Dragon Del Sur
    Dragon Del Sur Year ago

    for when will Save the World be free? If it never will be, say it, I uninstall the game, and I will not have to keep wasting space on my console.

  • Matteo Molinari
    Matteo Molinari Year ago

    Love fornite

  • Dominic W
    Dominic W Year ago

    Thanks epic, for releasing fortnite, only for you guys yo forget about, and the players who played it, thank you.

  • Prince Brothers
    Prince Brothers Year ago +1

    Slippery slopes (water park)

  • Prince Brothers
    Prince Brothers Year ago +1

    Slippery slopes (water park) please that would be awesome (by loot lake)

  • Unicorn Madness
    Unicorn Madness Year ago

    Hi billy

  • The Killer for Two

    Will it be possible to replace old traps in the Stormshild? I mean in Twine they going down so fast....

  • tricky ghost
    tricky ghost Year ago

    Does anyone else think adding a trade system would be good? Would really help make the game less toxic.

  • Alonso Ceballos
    Alonso Ceballos Year ago

    Hi I was wondering if the hydra will ever come back to save the world I really want it

  • KingZ
    KingZ Year ago

    "Hi, Billy here." is not as good as Overwatch's "Hi, I'm Jeff, from the Overwatch team".

  • the unknown gaminguy

    Can you guys bring hoverboard quest grave digger and nocturnal schematics back for like 1 week

  • Zain Ali
    Zain Ali Year ago +1

    Is there gonna be a grenade that freeze the people

    • Zain Ali
      Zain Ali Year ago

      Ok cause people are saying so i was like is goint to be cheated

    • ItsInsonal
      ItsInsonal Year ago

      Zain Ali Good idea but would make soldiers not use freeze traps anymore

  • Vivid Strand
    Vivid Strand Year ago

    I wish they would add schanamic trading cuse I have a freind that doesn’t use the gravedigger schanamic lol 😂

  • KritikalMass
    KritikalMass Year ago

    Can you rework the reward system for the repeat quest in canny and twine? We shouldn't be getting blue schematics at level 70.

  • Ninja PlayZ
    Ninja PlayZ Year ago

    When will save the world be free you guys said it will come in 2018 plz fortnite let save the world be free I love it

  • FilipSerbb
    FilipSerbb Year ago

    I got scammed on save the world help

  • Reoler Mt
    Reoler Mt Year ago

    Is grave, noc ore hydra coming back

  • Tim Heise
    Tim Heise Year ago

    can u please bring horde bash back :D

  • dutch man :p
    dutch man :p Year ago +1

    Fortnite please please do somthing whit low ranks in high level map please please Some or level 24 in a 70 zone i meane come on

  • GAR3
    GAR3 Year ago

    Will you guys ever add back the ultimate edition?

  • AJPlays
    AJPlays Year ago

    When is Save the World going on sale? I really wanna buy it, but can’t afford it at full price. Please, if you can make this possible, that would be truly amazing. Thank you!!!!

  • Karen Patrick
    Karen Patrick Year ago

    Make this split screen

  • Karen Patrick
    Karen Patrick Year ago

    Make this split screen

  • Karen Patrick
    Karen Patrick Year ago

    Make this split screen

  • Karen Patrick
    Karen Patrick Year ago

    Make this 2 player

  • Wolfgaming142
    Wolfgaming142 Year ago +1

    Please make Save The World free

  • NoBoi
    NoBoi Year ago +1

    Bring back the OG music. The new music is okay but not as good.

  • sorry this account has been deleted

    Plz can you bring save the world for free

  • Deanie Beanie
    Deanie Beanie Year ago +1

    Afk, leechers and scammers are the biggest problem in STW.

  • AGalaxy CalledSam
    AGalaxy CalledSam Year ago +1

    @fortnitegame are the removed editions coming back?

  • mr mc85
    mr mc85 Year ago

    When will it be free

  • KoKoPuffs
    KoKoPuffs Year ago

    When save the world comes out for free 90% of the people in global asking to trade will be scammers because they’ll just be dedicated BR players that don’t care about save the world and it’s players.

    • Soggy Potato
      Soggy Potato Year ago

      They'll scam good guns and never use them

  • FierCe Soar
    FierCe Soar Year ago

    When will Fortnite Save the World come out for free😵😫😩

  • william Smith
    william Smith Year ago

    What yah need to is fix is the upgrade rarity on some heros.

  • Snappyboy Games
    Snappyboy Games Year ago

    MAKE SAVE THE WORLD FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xX-Dholmes-Xx Memes

    When is save the world.coming

  • Tiny Rivers
    Tiny Rivers Year ago

    When "save the world" would be free?

  • ItzLightningPVP
    ItzLightningPVP Year ago

    What are you guys even doing about scammers in stw because I'm pretty sure I'm speaking on everybody who plays stw's behalf that you aren't doing barely enough

  • z- Noah-z
    z- Noah-z Year ago +1

    whers the re rolls guy

  • Rubber duck Clan
    Rubber duck Clan Year ago

    When’s save the world free

  • Magma Warrior
    Magma Warrior Year ago +1

    Should I buy the game or should I wait?

    • I Will Eat Your Children
      I Will Eat Your Children Year ago

      I'd say yes, it's repetitive but still fun, and the community is great! There's very little clickbait videos.

    • james benson
      james benson Year ago

      Buy it here's why if you really like br you get ez vbucks for it it's not repetitive and really fun don't trade with people it's not got to be free till like next year if your on ps4 I can give you stuff any other questions my dude ☺

  • Denischh h
    Denischh h Year ago

    I Love Fortnite I would Like play Fortnite of my Switch

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones Year ago

    yall need to add the ability to fix weapons

  • Roberto Naranđa
    Roberto Naranđa Year ago

    get a better mic

  • X.Isabelle 23.X
    X.Isabelle 23.X Year ago

    Make it so you can get nocturnos from lammaas

  • Vogel der Zweite GD

    All waht we want is
    Save the World for free

  • Astro Peanut
    Astro Peanut Year ago

    Make it free

  • Maxx Rain
    Maxx Rain Year ago

    Hey @Epic @Fortnight me and a group of friends have played the pve *Save the World* for a long time now. And one feature we would love that would also be balanced. Is a Character overlay . It would be added in the Squad tab under the primary hero. (Example of the Overlay slot would be ) the main hero slot is . Dragon Scorch. With the Overlay slot having lotus edge . This will make Dragon look like lotus. This way it isn't simply a skin system and would actually require you to own both characters.

  • ThePotato
    ThePotato Year ago

    So when is Save the World Going to be Availble ?
    *I am Jelouse*

    • ThePotato
      ThePotato Year ago

      They said summer of 2018 and winter is almost here *in my country at least*

    • Soggy Potato
      Soggy Potato Year ago

      Ahmed I doubt, they said it will be free this year

    • ThePotato
      ThePotato Year ago

      I think they'll just Let it for 2019 or something

    • Soggy Potato
      Soggy Potato Year ago

      Ahmed They said this year but if I had to guess I'd say one or two weeks after E3, but that's what I think

    • ThePotato
      ThePotato Year ago

      I mean FTP

  • ItsInsonal
    ItsInsonal Year ago +1

    Why are there no comments about PvE?