Save the World Dev Update #11 - Winter Event

  • Published on Dec 8, 2017
  • Nathan Mooney, Community Coordinator gives a sneak peek into some of what you can expect in our Winter Event - "The Fortnite Guide to Holiday Survival"
    For a deeper dive, catch our dev livestream next Wednesday, Dec 13th -
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  • Anandhuspai 2002
    Anandhuspai 2002 Month ago

    From which site can we get fortnite in india???

  • Maria Buyer
    Maria Buyer 3 months ago +1

    When is it going to be free???


    Fortnite is just a stupid game!

  • BixL
    BixL 8 months ago

    the option of authentication of two steps is a garbage I lost the code and I can not enter my account that is registered since season 4 and I lost everything I had and there is no way to have another code, epic?

  • Kingtom 1010
    Kingtom 1010 8 months ago


  • Jose Ignacio Silveira
    Jose Ignacio Silveira 9 months ago

    Saquen la beta de android y pongan la de lg

  • Anonimus5 _TraM
    Anonimus5 _TraM 10 months ago

    Pliz 13 000 vbacks îs profil TraMsTeK

  • Johnny nelson
    Johnny nelson 11 months ago

    Can I get an invite code plz

  • Shyy_cloakz 5
    Shyy_cloakz 5 11 months ago

    When will save the world be free on ps4

  • TeoMannen2008 ,
    TeoMannen2008 , Year ago


  • Rasmus Tagu
    Rasmus Tagu Year ago

    Zak and darren?

  • Sam Fuzz
    Sam Fuzz Year ago

  • Logan For mvp
    Logan For mvp Year ago

    When will the scoped AR be better

  • The Zombie12killer Killed a zombie

    When is save the world coming out

  • Carter Bowles
    Carter Bowles Year ago +1

    Sniper mode only

  • Abdullah Ejaz
    Abdullah Ejaz Year ago

    When save the world will be free

  • TnT_V0ID
    TnT_V0ID Year ago

    I need save the world my name on ps4 in tnt_trenton2k8

  • xXAdogg0620Xx
    xXAdogg0620Xx Year ago

    We need the ability to repair weapons, and more storage space at your shield

  • C L O W N S A N I T Y

    Can we get taunts and skin from battle royal in the base game?! Pvp gets more things then the pve wich is for people who did pay for this game, a pretty dick move.

  • Flame .m
    Flame .m Year ago

    Is save the world free on Xbox one

  • ReD RafaSz
    ReD RafaSz Year ago

    Fortnite, why now i have to wait to enter the game?
    Ansawer me please

  • Ignatius Kudso
    Ignatius Kudso Year ago

    When is pve coming for free

  • XxBloody HunterxX

    when the save the world will be free

  • Vertix
    Vertix Year ago

    When you will make save the world free

  • Savage Gamer
    Savage Gamer Year ago

    When is save the world going be free

  • neebs 734
    neebs 734 Year ago

    we need more info for mishon

  • ian schoonmaker
    ian schoonmaker Year ago

    I believe there should be more explosive weapons, other than the grenade launcher and rocket launcher. Especially for the new special event "Heavy explosives." This mode gets boring after some time because the fact there are only two weapons available. Also, legendary shotgun at some point? Otherwise, I love this game!

    LUBRAX GAMING Year ago

    I know we should not ask for anything because Fortnite is the best game but to lie down would improve the gameplay experience once again. I would be very happy about a backpack, of course, only as a costume, but that just gives a different feeling when you play. it's actually about an apocalypse with zombies :) and there must not be missing a survival backpack ....

  • Black Dragon
    Black Dragon Year ago

    Sono italiano
    Ho visto un trailer di 3 anni fa epic games siete molto migliorati . Ma la data precisa del rilascio di salva il mondo qual'è

  • beastmode 27
    beastmode 27 Year ago

    my save the wold got lost and now i cant play it when will it be free

  • Ant The Knee
    Ant The Knee Year ago


  • JD Sutho
    JD Sutho Year ago

    when abouts next year is save the world going to be released free. BR is great

  • gamersspace
    gamersspace Year ago

    What month will it be free?

    JRTEKK Year ago

    You gonna fix the random bullet spread for console?

  • eagle bunny
    eagle bunny Year ago +1

    local multiplayer?

  • 煙ZAINX
    煙ZAINX Year ago

    Is he indian?

  • Chaletta Hurley
    Chaletta Hurley Year ago

    Will yall make building on my storm shield defense easier cause im fucking sick to having to break shit for 39 minutes because it takes 7 hits for each floor wall and traps

  • Brairie -
    Brairie - Year ago

    Mooney come back to Paragon community corner

  • Nikolai012 F
    Nikolai012 F Year ago

    Is save the world going to be free?

  • Christopher Michael

    Are you going to bring back the chat invite option?

  • Nilsibus
    Nilsibus Year ago +1

    Please return that overpowered super Zombie. You can't defeat it, and it one-hits all buildings so you can't stop him from destroying the generator. It has waaaay too much health, like 100 times more than one of the bosses.

  • Alek Ilievski
    Alek Ilievski Year ago

    Its not working

  • Andrew Henderson
    Andrew Henderson Year ago

    What about battle Royale in the winter update

  • Joel Brassfield
    Joel Brassfield Year ago

    Note to self my new favorite game

  • Cosmic DreamZ
    Cosmic DreamZ Year ago

    Question: Will save the world be free in 2018

  • rocketurtle 28
    rocketurtle 28 Year ago

    If theres mini bosses theres big bosses right?

    THE_EMAN Year ago

    Put combat pro on save the world

  • music diverse
    music diverse Year ago

    corrupt data found please verify your installation fortnite

  • music diverse
    music diverse Year ago

    corrupt data found please verify your installation fortnite

  • music diverse
    music diverse Year ago

    corrupt data found please verify your installation fortnite

  • Бесшумный Brawl

    Way not free get many

  • Бесшумный Brawl

    Fay not free to play save te world

  • Itz SwAzY
    Itz SwAzY Year ago

    @Fortnitegame when does the new update for Battle Royale come out?

  • FortniteArena
    FortniteArena Year ago

    Anything new in fortnite battle royale?

  • LeffeZ
    LeffeZ Year ago

    please add skins to battle royale that you can buy with v-bucks!!!!

  • Ludwig Kucera
    Ludwig Kucera Year ago +1

    Let's be honest... A PC and Xbox cross-play makes much more sense than the current PC/PS4 cross-play. At least with PC and Xbox, they'll both still Microsoft. And since it's Sony who refuses to allow cross-play in the first place, it only makes since to give the cross-play to Microsoft who has tried to launch cross-play but was shut down by Sony.

    • Ludwig Kucera
      Ludwig Kucera Year ago +1

      It is a nice game but with crossplay between Xbox and PC it will be the best game.I speak for all crossplayers from fortnite

  • Ksi Join us RN RN RN

    Is there gonna be a winter update? On battle royale?

  • XxLodomir PL
    XxLodomir PL Year ago

    when a fortnite full version it will be free

  • Anamarija Hrvat
    Anamarija Hrvat Year ago

    Pls in new update put 1v 10th=100th place

  • RoboticTea
    RoboticTea Year ago

    this boi looks like he's wondering when he gets open bob vagene pic

  • zandre erwee
    zandre erwee Year ago

    Hi devs can you maybe consider to reward player in battle rojal if the win a match or place in top ten

  • Mert Dalar
    Mert Dalar Year ago

    Nice uptade ❄⛄

  • UpBomb
    UpBomb Year ago

    Add fortnite. To. Android and iOSdevices

  • James Reckless
    James Reckless Year ago

    Why can't I fix my sensitivity on PS4 Keyboard and mouse?
    Why can I only fix scoped sensitivity and target sensitivity?
    I would love to fix my normal sensitivity please!

  • SimulatedWhale
    SimulatedWhale Year ago +1

    Hi im simulatedwhale i think you guys should put the following things in the game to make it even better then PUBG here they are: Maybe put split screen in (PUBG doesnt have that yet so do it before they do), PUT SOME CARS IN!!! Cars the move that will be awesome everyone will play if you do that so please do it. Thank you Fortite if you read this i look up to you guys

  • Eileen the Crow
    Eileen the Crow Year ago +2

    I want a Fort defenders vs attackers mode. Like, let players set up their own tower defenses with some build limit and then let others come and try to capture the flag or something. Could be fun and introduce more BR players to the intricacies of the craft system in STW.

    • Vanguard Vex
      Vanguard Vex Year ago

      Eileen the Crow
      Yes, that sounds amazing, but please post this comment on a battle royale video. Thank You!

  • Frank Fernandez
    Frank Fernandez Year ago

    Wen will the next 40%off come

  • Cwqm
    Cwqm Year ago

    Will you be adding a snowy affect to the map like in Gta5 or WW2 headquarters ?

  • Derp Charger
    Derp Charger Year ago

    Anything for battle royale???

  • MJX
    MJX Year ago

    I got a question is PvE gonna be free? And Can you please add drive mode.

  • Enker Zan
    Enker Zan Year ago

    Please thoroughly test your patch before releasing it to the public, your last patch you released during the Vindertech event caused the game to be completely unstable.

  • Roje Galahad
    Roje Galahad Year ago

    U Fix the lag and now is again for u updates in the batleroyal lag is sooo bad

  • Jake Moulds
    Jake Moulds Year ago

    R there going to be Christmas skins for battle Royale

  • Yoda
    Yoda Year ago +1

    When will a new map arrive ? 👌

  • EFGxNOVA14
    EFGxNOVA14 Year ago

    When is it free without buying

  • PanicO KinG
    PanicO KinG Year ago

    Help My Epic Games Launcher Stay Screen When I Try to Open It Help

  • AKA tyler ftw
    AKA tyler ftw Year ago

    Is 50v59 going to stay after this or is it gone it's a grate add to the game you guys are doing a grate job making this game better

  • DeGameMaster
    DeGameMaster Year ago


  • GurreG
    GurreG Year ago

    Are we going to get gift Llamas and how manny???

  • CON05
    CON05 Year ago

    My friend said if my new video get 1,000 views he will pay me £100 go view it

  • DixTube
    DixTube Year ago


  • absolu Doushkay
    absolu Doushkay Year ago

    fortnite pourier vous mettre des camouflage en multijoueur

  • Tomtom
    Tomtom Year ago

    Comes fortnite Form Nintendo switch? I live this game but my Pc is Not so good

  • Anthony Rosario
    Anthony Rosario Year ago

    Please leave the 50v50 mode, Is so much fun! it only needs a few fix here and there. I had over 150 hours on BR with Solo, duos and Squads all Together. But it got repetitive after that many hours. 50v50 is fcking great! Such chaos at the final circles! Everyone building and all. I love it so much that even if I loose I don't get mad.
    I will keep supporting this great game. But please instead of removing modes just keep adding more.

    • Anthony Rosario
      Anthony Rosario Year ago

      Here is what I think 50v50 needs:
      The option to have a player join you in a Chat. Give me the option so when he is close to me it says "Invite to squad" so we can talk and make it easier to identify the player.
      Instead of both teams jumping from the same bus I think it would be better if we spawed in different buses where we all jump together and get resources and guns to get ready for the battle. I think the best part of 50v50 is how the beginning of the match is just you getting ready to fight the other team when the circle gets smaller. That's when all the chaos happens and I love it!. or you could just Mark players from your team right after they jump out of the bus and not when they land. That way players from the other team will not jump if there's not many from their team and we are both separated until the circle gets smaller

  • Anthony Rosario
    Anthony Rosario Year ago

    Will we get Snow in Battle Royale? that would be awesome too!

  • Anthony Rosario
    Anthony Rosario Year ago

    Is "Front end inventory" the option to access the storm shield deposit In the middle of a match do I don't have to leave a mission then go to my base to save stuff? Cuz that would be great! I hate loading screens specialy when I have to do it all time.

    (PS: If you mentioned it on the video my apologies, I'm still learning English and I better for me to read it than to hear it.)

  • Anthony Rosario
    Anthony Rosario Year ago

    What's up with Battle Royale's season shop? it's been over a month and every time the timer reaches 0 it resets and goes back to 7days left. Will we get new skins or what?

  • algo
    algo Year ago

    i just want to know if the actual game will be F2P or only battle royale lol

  • Money Man Stan
    Money Man Stan Year ago

    Can we get a option to create our own character on battle royale

  • Lolz Lolz
    Lolz Lolz Year ago

    When will the game full come out free

  • sdm103176
    sdm103176 Year ago

    Here's a suggestion. Fix the damned lag when people join into a session. Love the game but it's gotten so much worse it actually aggravates me to play with others.

  • SevenMusicflow
    SevenMusicflow Year ago

    we need perc rerolls

  • fusion games
    fusion games Year ago

    Fortnite if u see this please put save the world next update pls

  • TXL Strav
    TXL Strav Year ago

    When is the new town coming in BR?

  • CMS Rank
    CMS Rank Year ago

    Fix the stats

  • lighting hunter
    lighting hunter Year ago

    Add again zaporton

  • Joshwebber 05
    Joshwebber 05 Year ago

    I got 2 wins on solo and 1 on duo but they did not count can u update that plz

  • PoorLowEloPlayer LoL

    #Fortnite make Fortnite avaible for 32 bit pc pls

  • Zyn,
    Zyn, Year ago

    And then I have unsupported os.

  • NuggetPopnMike
    NuggetPopnMike Year ago

    What is fortnite an epic going to do about progression loss during the mishap over this past weekend when friends couldn't join friends and nothing in the game worked