Jennifer Lopez Teases Super Bowl Halftime Show, Reacts to Changing Google with THAT Dress

  • Jennifer Lopez reviews her epic year that included her engagement, her blockbuster movie Hustlers and being chosen to perform at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show with Shakira.
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    Jennifer Lopez Teases Super Bowl Halftime Show, Reacts to Changing Google with THAT Dress

Comments • 80

  • Afif Abdullah
    Afif Abdullah 21 day ago


  • Chalboi
    Chalboi 28 days ago

    she turned 23, this is a lie
    i refuse to believe this

  • Stephy K
    Stephy K Month ago

    That joke came from Ellen DeGeneres!! 3 years ago she asked her if she would be in a super bowl halftime show! And Ellen suggested that!! lol!!! Love it!!!

  • Teresa Checo
    Teresa Checo Month ago

    This is the 2nd time in my whole l see her outfit and Jaír not look good
    Normally she’s cool

  • neetrab
    neetrab Month ago

    4:10 - *and of course I google "google images wiki" and this is the first line...* "Google Images is a search service owned by Google that allows users to search the World Wide Web for image content.[1] It was introduced on July 12, 2001 due to a demand for pictures of Jennifer Lopez's green Versace dress that the regular Google search couldn't handle..." -- HA! I guess it's true!

  • selam hailu
    selam hailu Month ago


  • vanessa Lugo
    vanessa Lugo Month ago +1

    JLO is just beautiful and that on PERIODT LUV i Can just look at her for hours and hours

  • Jeniffer Reate
    Jeniffer Reate Month ago

    Jlo es camalionica..aqui parece una maind in Manhatan, ropa de uniforme, pelo,color de piel, cara bien nativa. Eso me encanta...los maquillajes que le ponen impresionante.

  • Alies Alies
    Alies Alies Month ago +1

    I love her!!

  • Edu
    Edu Month ago

    i fancy Jimmy badly lol

  • Ruth Lombard
    Ruth Lombard Month ago +5

    Perfect Half show Jlo! one of the best! Thank You.

  • Vylkeer
    Vylkeer Month ago +9

    The fact that Google Images was created because of her and that dress is actually pretty incredible. Thanks Jen :P

  • Rob Rod
    Rob Rod Month ago

    The clothing Jennifer is wearing could fit in a episode of a space lunar population senator . ..

  • Megan Frost
    Megan Frost Month ago +3

    Seriously she doesn’t age! She’s so gorgeous.

  • AedrdeA AedrdeA
    AedrdeA AedrdeA Month ago

    what's wrong with jimmy's hair?

  • Claudia Tejada
    Claudia Tejada Month ago

    Is Jimmy a Jlo fan? 😂

  • Sophia Sanders
    Sophia Sanders Month ago

    jimmy so fancies jlo and shak

  • Za'Vyon Marshall
    Za'Vyon Marshall Month ago

    Jennifer is cute and my girl

  • Farimah Dilmaghani
    Farimah Dilmaghani Month ago

    Jenny we love you, you were so beautiful and fantastic with Shakira. You two are legends.

  • Alexis Balmaceda
    Alexis Balmaceda Month ago +2

    I love her outfit. Classy, clean look for a classy goddess.

  • toby Golding
    toby Golding Month ago +1

    i didn't even see Hustlers yet or her on SNL or walking runway she does more than i can watch ..glad i found out i am part Spanish thought we were Indian but it's Spanish which explains why i can dance w/ Dominicans

  • Martha Rodrigues
    Martha Rodrigues Month ago

    Show for adult people

  • SpiritHawk7
    SpiritHawk7 Month ago +4

    Forget her weird outfit, what the eff is up with Jimmy's hair? XD

  • Capricosm
    Capricosm Month ago

    Who is she ?

  • viciousgsx1
    viciousgsx1 Month ago

    And she killed it! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Monika Varongi
    Monika Varongi Month ago

    She has a strange taste in clothing, but I don't care... She is just such a normal human being, and she seems to be a smart business woman. Absolutely beutiful with some help of plastic surgery and botox but again, that's OK because she is the one and only....

    • neetrab
      neetrab Month ago

      what she's wearing something different. Not boring like what you'd typically wear.

  • Mac Morris
    Mac Morris Month ago

    Her look is a homage to Maid in Manhattan.

  • Natalie Love
    Natalie Love Month ago


  • Iron Man
    Iron Man Month ago

    Fallon is such an ass kicker.

  • Gulliver Negrete
    Gulliver Negrete Month ago

    No like Jelloooooooooooo 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • M.E. AndOnlyM.E.
    M.E. AndOnlyM.E. Month ago

    AND she’s LATINA!!! #enoughsaid

  • Vy Lee
    Vy Lee Month ago

    J lo , I use to like her, but now she act she to good , she look like Shiss act like trash , don't involve in politics when she try promote her self, she not special lady anymore, she fuck to many men , now she hook up with Rod she think she hot . She don't need to forget where she from.

    • neetrab
      neetrab Month ago

      You need to work on your English.

  • life like lorenz
    life like lorenz Month ago

    Here post halftime U DID AMAZING!!!!! Best show!!!!

  • Pati Pena
    Pati Pena Month ago

    The flyest girl in the wold ever! I love my girls J Lo & Shakira!

  • M V
    M V Month ago

    She is gorgeous at that age

  • tagabicolini pinay
    tagabicolini pinay Month ago

    Soo gorgeous 😍😍

  • Felix Grant
    Felix Grant Month ago

    J-Lo .. keep your clothes on

  • jezus nawrocenie
    jezus nawrocenie Month ago

    This man is such an idiot

  • bigred6 61
    bigred6 61 Month ago

    she is so fake

  • Gonzales Ross
    Gonzales Ross Month ago

    Blessed and goddesss

  • JooJooBee
    JooJooBee Month ago +66

    Everyone is talking about her clothes... this woman is 50 YEARS OLD and she looks hot and healthy af.

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D Month ago

    Jimmy would be a much better interviewer if he didn't studder so much when speaking. Maybe thats his way of buying time to think of his next move but it comes off as awkward and clammy. Get it together Jimmy!

  • Odra Hernandez
    Odra Hernandez Month ago

    God bless you!! Jennifer!!!

  • big belly
    big belly Month ago

    Funny how TVclip was made because of Janet Jackson video and now JLo google image. Maybe I should follow celebs more to get some big idea

  • Paola Cajares City Life Review SHE IS MAKING HISTORY

  • GaneshaTatoo
    GaneshaTatoo Month ago

    She was spunked with makeup, that nose is a lol, clown, and more older she is more fake she acts, that laught tells all.

  • Vanessa Mraz
    Vanessa Mraz Month ago +9


    LA TAINA Month ago

    All the hype about sucked...skanky strip show and then they throw in the children...sick

    • Dani P
      Dani P Month ago

      LA TAINA oh stfu

  • Terry Buckalew
    Terry Buckalew Month ago

    how ashamed she must be after her filthy nasty half time show no morals in those dances filith america deserves better than this

    DEE HOP Month ago

    The halftime show was a total disrespect for America! It did NOT represent ALL Americans, AT ALL!!
    It was terrible and sleazy.
    I use to like them, but now, they are just 2 added political puppets, on a stage.
    Shame on both these ladies! If it weren’t for ALL nationalities in the USA. They wouldn’t be where they are today! They need to think about that!
    They lost A LOT of popularity last night at Halftime. Was it worth it, ladies?

  • Anne B.
    Anne B. Month ago +16

    She deserves all this and more. She looks amazing for being 50... so beautiful, talented and sweet.

  • monica loni
    monica loni Month ago

    Looked her without make up lol

  • NotGerhard NotRichter
    NotGerhard NotRichter Month ago +3

    Y'all americans need to catch up with European fashion trends 😄🤘

  • Dixiele
    Dixiele Month ago

    Yoga should have been there to advice her! Lol!

  • Amanda Steven
    Amanda Steven Month ago

    she didnt stand when Demi sang the national anthem... if she doesn't like this country she can go shake ur butt in Iraq

  • Florence Blackburn
    Florence Blackburn Month ago +1

    JLO rocks!!! Love you Jennifer!!

  • karen bowen
    karen bowen Month ago

    Too bad the half-time show was a badly done strip joint show. Old ladies doing vulgar dances, wearing vulgar costumes and embarrassing families watching the football game at home with their kids. one told them it was so disgusting when they were planning the horrible show...say what??

    • Elizaveta Cassel
      Elizaveta Cassel Month ago

      Ooohhh you must be talking about Trump...
      Show some respect to JLo and Shakira.
      Au revoir idiote!

    • Fien Shanin
      Fien Shanin Month ago

      karen bowen Typical American; unable to enjoy spectacular performances lol

  • zanthus7
    zanthus7 Month ago

    I still get chills when I watch Jennifer and Richard Gere dance the tango in Shall We Dance.


    Google should Thank Her

  • Lenneke Beckham
    Lenneke Beckham Month ago

    Like her earings where is shakira jimmy?

    RON SCHUELER Month ago +1

    Halftime was inappropriate for families and looked like a freek show. Courtesy of the NFL

    • Pati Pena
      Pati Pena Month ago

      but guys tackling each other for a stupid ball is very appropriate..

    • LA TAINA
      LA TAINA Month ago

      AND PEPSIE!!👎👎👎👎

  • Dr. Teferi Legese
    Dr. Teferi Legese Month ago

    Yes. Shekira is second to one.

    • Jim Richmond
      Jim Richmond 25 days ago


  • JWR
    JWR Month ago

    Use the pronoun "I" when the person speaking is doing the action, either alone or with someone else. Use the pronoun "me" when the person speaking is receiving the action of the verb in some way, either directly or indirectly. ... In each sentence, "I" is the subject of the verb

  • pearlie badri
    pearlie badri Month ago

    Congrats JLo

  • Kalo
    Kalo Month ago +4

    She looks amazing in her 50.

  • Claudia Villatoro
    Claudia Villatoro Month ago

    Can’t wait to see jlo 🔥🔥🔥in the super bowl

  • Yolanda Mojica
    Yolanda Mojica Month ago

    Always is fun this show Jlo and Jimmy

  • Yolanda Mojica
    Yolanda Mojica Month ago +1

    Ours Jennifer Lopez in the SuperBowl Go Girl!

  • Rose J
    Rose J Month ago +37

    Gtfo. GOOGLE created Google images because of the green dress.

    • neetrab
      neetrab Month ago

      @Rose J google created images because she made the dress look stunning.

    • Rose J
      Rose J Month ago

      @mokai1618 by any chance are you under 30 or 20 years old?

    • Jerry Seibert
      Jerry Seibert Month ago

      mokai1618 Someone needs a nap.

    • mokai1618
      mokai1618 Month ago +2

      Rose J Rot in hell, bitch! Google created Google Images because JENNIFER LOPEZ wore that dress. That green dress was worn before - twice, in fact. 🔥

  • Shannon
    Shannon 2 months ago +1

    The NFL is catering to all the 50 million illegal aliens in our country! Gheesh!

  • Daniele Di Lorenzo
    Daniele Di Lorenzo 2 months ago

  • Jennifer Nicole Lee
    Jennifer Nicole Lee 2 months ago

    more here! the JLO of fitness is here:

  • Cinthia Itza
    Cinthia Itza 2 months ago

    JLO is very humble for accepting to share the half time. Lady Gaga, Beyonce had their own scenario, why can't she?

  • R. Margarita
    R. Margarita 2 months ago +3

    Mujerona! La admiro muchisimo!❤💪
    #JLo #Shakira #LosTigeresDelNorte #SuperBowlPerformers

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 2 months ago

    And when I was in Brooksville. Not a drink, no powder. But you cut the supply. You assume too much.

  • C J
    C J 2 months ago

    Uhmmmmm...her fashion choices are confounding me lately. I don't like this or her ponytail. She's usually on it.

  • s r
    s r 2 months ago +1

    She is confused she got it wrong she ages backwards

  • Francine Trimboli
    Francine Trimboli 2 months ago +1

    Jennifer Lynn you are so beautiful love U forever

  • ruben tellez
    ruben tellez 2 months ago +1

    She looks unbelievable

  • Martin Zubero
    Martin Zubero 2 months ago

    See what campaigning for an Oscar gets ya?! Nada JLo. But I love you my queen. Humble yourself please.