Forensic Investigators Till Death Do Us Part S03 E02

  • Published on Feb 11, 2015

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  • Nicole Clements
    Nicole Clements Month ago

    Obvious he thinks he is smarter than the police. That's why they made him do the walk can't lie doing a walk thru

  • Nicole Clements
    Nicole Clements Month ago

    He had way too much blood on him. That circle on the counter the beer ring is hin drinking right after he killed her

  • Nicole Clements
    Nicole Clements Month ago

    Judy's blood should not be in that truck

  • Nicole Clements
    Nicole Clements Month ago

    Who walks in the blood like that. Naw he did this.

  • Nicole Clements
    Nicole Clements Month ago

    I think he walked all over that crime scene to mess it up. He probably did it and then tries to obstruct justice by messi up the crime scene.

  • Nicole Clements
    Nicole Clements Month ago

    Why is he cursing so much....

  • Nicole Clements
    Nicole Clements Month ago

    If he didn't do it then what did he do? Roll in the blood.

  • Nicole Clements
    Nicole Clements Month ago

    Naw she probably was kicking him out the house...

  • Nicole Clements
    Nicole Clements Month ago

    If he hadn't been acting the fool when the police had gotten there he would have been believed guilty. Drunk bloke

  • Mich Was
    Mich Was 2 months ago

    I dropped the beer at least he remembers the beer proper Australian

  • Fraser M - Targeted & harassed by Police Scotland

    shouldn't be talking to police without a lawyer present. guilty or not the police are trying to convict you. for example 12:53 this is gunna be brought up in court... that you had arguments. you can be convicted even if you didn't do it. THINK. give them nothing... even if you are innocent. let them be reliant on the little forensic evidence implicating you.

  • Fraser M - Targeted & harassed by Police Scotland

    every time the camera cuts to the narrator she's always walking towards the camera. is that really necessary? it isn't artistic... at all.

  • Dan McG
    Dan McG 6 months ago +2

    β€œBee-yahs gaawn”

  • Kizzabell
    Kizzabell 9 months ago

    The way he keeps calling her "my fucking wife" makes me think he's guilty.
    He never refers to her by her name at all...

  • Anastasija Jelic
    Anastasija Jelic 10 months ago

    "My fucking wife"...what kind of people use such expresion on dead spouse?

  • Wata Machine
    Wata Machine 11 months ago +1

    If I had a relative murdered there's no way ANYONE can convince me that I would be 'pissed off'

  • North Sea Brent
    North Sea Brent Year ago

    I’m Ronnie Pickering.

  • Christine Matthews
    Christine Matthews Year ago +8

    Instead of killing their partners, why don't people just get divorced

    • Joseph Cooper
      Joseph Cooper 2 months ago +1

      Sadly the reason is that men get put through a meat grinder in family court and they know they have no chance of fairness. I am not saying a violent response is appropriate, but let's not pretend to be mystified as to why this sometimes happens.

    • Tina McLeod
      Tina McLeod 9 months ago

      Christine Matthews wow there’s an idea !

  • Sunflowers Are Awesome

    In his defense, one's perception of time is totally off when they've been drinking! I know mine is!

  • Sunflowers Are Awesome

    If he were innocent, he'd be completely distraught over the loss! Instead, he is making himself look suspicious by being belligerent to the investigators.

  • Susan Di Laudo
    Susan Di Laudo Year ago

    Im not half way thru; however, i really hope this guy is innocent. He's a character

  • Tong Yang
    Tong Yang Year ago +3

    That police man looks like Mr Bean a little.

    • Cheryl Leanne
      Cheryl Leanne 6 months ago +1

      Tong Yang 🀣🀣🀣

  • Alejandro G
    Alejandro G Year ago +2

    This was a very boring episode, 40 minutes of that nuts case interrogation, uuuuffffffffffffff

  • Jesta747200
    Jesta747200 Year ago +4

    12 schooners of New and his memory of the events were inconsistent.... I wonder why...

    • Tony Boleno
      Tony Boleno Month ago

      a dozen schooners of new is good

    • Tony Boleno
      Tony Boleno Month ago

      my memory is consistat after about 6

  • djolivierastro
    djolivierastro Year ago +8

    anyone else agreeing the narrator is hot?

    • Adam R
      Adam R 7 months ago

      Blue Heelers Lisa McCune

    • NeanderthalRetardo
      NeanderthalRetardo 10 months ago

      @Chozeh Abaddon lmao

    • Chozeh Abaddon
      Chozeh Abaddon 10 months ago +1

      @NeanderthalRetardo 'a real ripper of a beaut'...

    • NeanderthalRetardo
      NeanderthalRetardo 10 months ago

      Lisa McCune mate, Aussie TV legend and yeah, a real ripper of a beaut.

  • truthsout
    truthsout Year ago

    Poor husband is rough around the edges, probably been bashed a lot as a young person. His anger makes him an easy mark to be judged and blamed and helps the police close the case quickly, and not look any further. She may have been one of a few who've been kind to him. I don't believe he harmed her.

    • Tony Boleno
      Tony Boleno Month ago

      who the hell did if not him and why?

    • Sunflowers Are Awesome
      Sunflowers Are Awesome Year ago

      truthsout Hmmm....this makes alot of sense. I may need to reevaluate my perception of this case.

  • truthsout
    truthsout Year ago

    He didn't do this, you nutters.

  • Malcolm Washer
    Malcolm Washer Year ago +6

    I have nothing to.hide wtf lol good start telling the cops that

  • Y Nailah
    Y Nailah Year ago

    God this cursing old Yabber is SO STUPID!! I'd have laughed if not for some respect towards the deceased woman.

  • Guruton10
    Guruton10 Year ago +4

    Dirty lowlife old Drunk!!!!

    • TheKid266
      TheKid266 Year ago +1

      He was only 44 when being filmed but yeah he did look a lot older

  • Guruton10
    Guruton10 Year ago

    Its embarrassing to even say this piece of shit is an Aussie!!!!

  • truthsout
    truthsout Year ago

    This was a fit-up. It is a mistake to assume a person should behave a certain way in a circumstance. We are all different.

    • Sunflowers Are Awesome
      Sunflowers Are Awesome Year ago +1

      truthsout that is true but wouldn't you think if it was someone he truly loved lying there dead, he'd be damn near inconsolable? Or at least, more cooperative. Maybe I am just putting too much emotion into this.

  • truthsout
    truthsout Year ago +1

    Where are Ross' bloody clothes? Where is the blood on the bathrm sink or bath? How could he have gone off to the beach and then the pub with blood all over him?

    • Lorretta Lewis
      Lorretta Lewis Year ago +3

      He may have taken clean clothes to the beach and changed and dumped them there, a cold windy day so the chances of anyone being there are very remote,wash himself off in the beach.

  • truthsout
    truthsout Year ago +1

    Ross seems to me to be straight up, cooperative and truthful.

  • Anthony Kernich
    Anthony Kernich Year ago +2

    If he didn't physically do it, he knows exactly who did.

    • Wata Machine
      Wata Machine 9 months ago

      Mate get your head out of your ass

  • Jade Ravenwolf
    Jade Ravenwolf Year ago +5

    wow!!!! alcohol rage then blackout ? im more worried about poor floyd , whats hapened to him ??? lol

    • Caracol Caracolito
      Caracol Caracolito 9 months ago +1

      Jade Ravenwolf Yeah I was of course thinking of the wife but secondly about Mr. Floyd. What happened to him? Did he had a beer 🍻 did he become a non drinker, did he got married, did he stayed or did he moved to another place & area...questions questions lol 😊 Hope he is doing well...πŸ€— β™₯

    • Freda Jordan
      Freda Jordan 10 months ago +1

      Jade Ravenwolf : Yeah, I was wondering about the dog , too.. Dogs DON``T like to be around drunk ppl. at all...

  • Doug Robbins
    Doug Robbins 2 years ago +6

    He probably went nuts because so many things in Australia are upside down

  • Erika Lopez
    Erika Lopez 2 years ago +8


    • Cheryl Leanne
      Cheryl Leanne 6 months ago

      Sunflowers Are Awesome 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍺

    • Sunflowers Are Awesome
      Sunflowers Are Awesome Year ago +2

      I know right!!!! If someone took a shot every time he said it, they'd be drunk in 5 minutes! !!

  • danoz danoz
    danoz danoz 2 years ago +11

    He is so guilty...the evidence is emphatic, Det Peter Fox is the best detective I've seen in Australia....he totally unraveled this nutters bullshit...I can't believe Ross Browns son Riley believes he is innocent....he just refuses to believe that Ross did it

  • Terrene Lock
    Terrene Lock 2 years ago

    what a fucking place to live ( ozzie)

  • Renee Sotelo
    Renee Sotelo 2 years ago +12

    He is a respectful old guy...NOT!

    • Cheryl Leanne
      Cheryl Leanne 6 months ago

      Renee Sotelo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • User968
    User968 2 years ago +3

    What a lying cunt. He needs the electric chair.

  • tebsa76
    tebsa76 2 years ago +10

    I haven't seen many of these videos in which I'm not totally embarrassed by our police officers, but this Peter seems intelligent and committed. Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!....

    • Cheryl Leanne
      Cheryl Leanne 6 months ago

      Susan Di Laudo yep I agree .

    • Susan Di Laudo
      Susan Di Laudo 2 years ago +5

      tebsa76 i think the Aussie officers are waaaay more intelligent than the ones on American shows

  • Rachel Simson
    Rachel Simson 2 years ago +6

    what a filthy mouth

  • Shawn Whinnery
    Shawn Whinnery 2 years ago

    7:44 Ayye xD

  • cynthia miller
    cynthia miller 2 years ago +12

    why is he cursing so much

    • Cheryl Leanne
      Cheryl Leanne 6 months ago

      Andrew Dawson ya we fucken don't

    • Cheryl Leanne
      Cheryl Leanne 6 months ago

      cynthia miller just killed his wife

    • Andrew Dawson
      Andrew Dawson 8 months ago

      @Jackyblue67 Same We fckn do not !

    • Jackyblue67 Same
      Jackyblue67 Same 2 years ago +3

      Agapeforgotten I get that that's funny hahahahaha they cuss like sailors lol.

    • AgapeForgotten
      AgapeForgotten 2 years ago +9

      I think you misunderstand, he's speaking Australian.

  • Finse 1222
    Finse 1222 2 years ago +9

    The bloke in the reconstruction looks like Jeremy Corbyn. πŸ˜‚

    • Cheryl Leanne
      Cheryl Leanne 6 months ago +1

      Serena Allen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • North Sea Brent
      North Sea Brent Year ago +2

      Serena Allen β€˜β€™Your fuckin joking’

  • irene gronewald
    irene gronewald 3 years ago +15

    me thinks the man protest too much....guilty

  • Ana Morris
    Ana Morris 3 years ago +8

    the son he is refers too, having to drop him off to footy later that afternoon

    • Lacy S
      Lacy S 2 years ago +1

      Ana Morris And he believes his father is innocent. That's amazing because just from this show he is so obviously guilty.

    • David Anthony
      David Anthony 2 years ago +1

      Noo...In this instance footy is Rugby League (NRL). Riley was not an AFL player

    • Janet Donald
      Janet Donald 2 years ago +1

      Johnson Davis footy is Australian rules football. Check it out, it's fun. I can recommend my team, hawthorn football club. Hope you enjoy πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

    • Guess who
      Guess who 2 years ago +3

      Ana Morris Can u tell me what footy is plzz..?

    • all about status
      all about status 3 years ago +3

      Ana Morris poor guy, but amazing how he still managed to become a pro athlete. Good on him

  • Dan McG
    Dan McG 3 years ago +19

    That bloke is a nutter... should never be released