Confessions of a Cyber Spy Hunter: Eric Winsborrow at TEDxVancouver

  • Published on Feb 1, 2013
  • With over 20 years of experience leading high technology companies out of Silicon Valley, Eric has played a part in shaping the industry as an executive at heavyweights like McAfee, Symantec, and Cisco. Today, he is the CEO of ZanttZ, a company that is developing stealth cyber security technology solutions. Eric and his company are at the forefront of the latest developments in the world of global espionage, and the merging of man and machine. He attests that the Hollywood-created image of the daring secret agent sneaking into a foreign government's laser protected server room to steal top secret information couldn't be further from modern reality. In fact, the "James Bond" of the 21st century doesn't just use a computer, he is the computer.
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  • The Kaiser
    The Kaiser 22 hours ago

    Nonsense! There is only one spy-hunter on the planet. That's me. My former competitors didn't live to tell their story.
    ... and you, as the obvious originator of Stuxnet, are on top of my list now. NOBODY tampers with Siemens boxes unpunished!
    That is Urheberrechtsverletzung, the worst crime of all!
    A Red Notice to Interpol shall be good enough to extradite you to the ECC for investigating all your crimes. Stand ready to face justice!

  • John Kean
    John Kean 11 days ago

    The real reason they don't like hackers is that hackers will discover what a fallacy it all is and MI havent got any secrets worth hacking! Its a boring world and they have to make it appear interesting full of secrets and intrigue. Didn't you see : "the Wizard of OZ?"

  • Jacob Potischman
    Jacob Potischman 17 days ago

    Who agrees that this guy is thoroughly unlikable?

  • Kristin FROST Lazerbeams


  • MissNebulosity
    MissNebulosity Month ago +2

    "on the youtube, and the facebook (and everything like such as)" LMAO

  • Ethan Cook
    Ethan Cook 2 months ago +2

    aah, Stuxnet. Skynets younger brother.

  • Arkadiusz Templar
    Arkadiusz Templar 3 months ago

    That is great that US hacks other country, but that is bad when US is hacked. Especially by China :P Isn't that kind of propaganda? No? Uff, I was afraid of that... Good :-)

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 3 months ago

    So basically they use a big honey pot to try ND catch them

  • Nathan Bennett
    Nathan Bennett 3 months ago +1

    Do all the Ted talk presenters follow the exact same talk structure

  • Webberjo
    Webberjo 3 months ago

    I'm okay that his talk went a few minutes over his allotted time.

    BASSCODE PROJECT 3 months ago +1

    07:10 wasn't that stuxnet or something?
    11:41 Yay I remebered something,according to 21st century mentality I now deserve a medal.

  • mr. dingo
    mr. dingo 3 months ago

    Imagine The Fallout

  • Johnny Rutz
    Johnny Rutz 4 months ago

    Sounds better @g3nt 0101

  • Manic Geno
    Manic Geno 4 months ago

    This guy is mesmerizing

  • Bruce Galleco
    Bruce Galleco 4 months ago

    So this is a cyber security expert but has no programming skills. Weird

  • Larrythebassman
    Larrythebassman 4 months ago


  • Wells JustGofaster
    Wells JustGofaster 5 months ago

    A great Ted !

  • michael evangelista
    michael evangelista 5 months ago

    Step back to the roots to understand the present and future
    1. Who is the only one that used the nuclear bomb?
    2. JFK a good leader was killed because he tried to stop the Israel nuclear plant
    3. Then France gave the atom to Israel
    4. Who used the first Virus?
    5. Who did the first cyber attack?
    6. Then after, connect all what he's talking about
    7. Add A.I and others
    8. Then ask yourself Who will use the next destructive weapon?
    "Scary but its a perfect recipe for?
    What they have done to our world.......

  • Zhang Wei
    Zhang Wei 5 months ago

    14:30 That's what happened on 9 / 11 . Unenterupable auto pilot .

  • PST3K NaN
    PST3K NaN 5 months ago

    Yeah real clean...2 people were blown up in the physica/social part of this hack, uh mission...

  • Robert keys
    Robert keys 5 months ago +1

    Leon Musk.. said they have a military robot that moves so fast that you can only see it with a strobe light that is in 2017

  • Robert keys
    Robert keys 5 months ago

    why am I just hearing about this stuff now when I was searching for it at the time was coming out why am I only finding it now I mean I found some but not as much information as I have in the past two weeks November 2018

  • Robert keys
    Robert keys 5 months ago

    sounds a lot like doesn't it..!!!???

  • cro4591
    cro4591 5 months ago

    Abandon all hope for privacy.

  • S1L3NT AP3X
    S1L3NT AP3X 6 months ago

    Smart Dust....

  • Marco F.
    Marco F. 6 months ago

    sorry, too many imprecisions. Go back and study, seriously

  • Tristan Kamp
    Tristan Kamp 6 months ago

    How is a shadow network different from a honeypot?

  • Sebastian Deutschl
    Sebastian Deutschl 6 months ago

    So u can have nukes but nobody else?

  • Bread Knight
    Bread Knight 6 months ago

    Oooo, im scared.....ohhhweeeee.......put it in da air winsborred but never repaid, so the loss you thought was late, was on time, hairless debate.

  • Teddy
    Teddy 6 months ago

    Damn that was a good speech.

  • l. morgan
    l. morgan 6 months ago

    get a real job..grow love not shadow networks

  • Inzemam Zahidi
    Inzemam Zahidi 6 months ago

    very nice

  • Rodney Little
    Rodney Little 6 months ago

    Thanks, TED 4 sharing.

  • Rodney Little
    Rodney Little 6 months ago

    Can a program steal control of ?

  • john doe
    john doe 6 months ago

    Shill fed, handing out out-dated misinformation to make you feel "informed"

  • Brock Degiorgis
    Brock Degiorgis 6 months ago

    If all cars became computerized. A hacker could make every single car on the road crash. That would be a lot of people dead. who needs war anymore. its true war is digital now

  • Roses and Songs
    Roses and Songs 7 months ago

    The International Nuclear Energy Commission through its inspectors on the ground keeps saying again and again that Iran is not building nukes BUT the US and Israeli spy agencies keep saying we're in grave danger, oooooohhhhhhh, be scared!!!! Well, I guess it's just another case of who do you believe, the spooks or your own eyes, pathetic.

  • shoromeo
    shoromeo 7 months ago

    Israel is who told Bush about WMD and got all these poor U S soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan for nothing. Israel will be the cause of world war 3

  • Victor Rey
    Victor Rey 7 months ago

    Google "Price Fixing Wristbands" to see just how badly people behave and see why cyber spys are needed. You could be supporting other terrorists like these and not even know it!

  • Aerial
    Aerial 7 months ago

    Yeah, the Chinese right? lol...Not the NSA .. noooo

  • 10 Billion Subs - 1 Sh*t video

    unplugging my toaster, don't want to get hacked.

  • Keith Cooper
    Keith Cooper 7 months ago

    Great video!

  • yosoydelpatio
    yosoydelpatio 7 months ago +1

    Who else heard of the troyan hourse virus🤚🏼

  • Geoffrey Lee
    Geoffrey Lee 7 months ago

    Diamonds Are Forever is about computer break in, with an audiocassette ...

  • Eric Green
    Eric Green 8 months ago

    ya guys messed up when u got me ai intergrated man

  • shep kohler
    shep kohler 8 months ago


  • cooldawg2009
    cooldawg2009 8 months ago

    The 270 dislikes are hackers.

  • Bobby Morelli
    Bobby Morelli 8 months ago

    17:27 hes sending hackers to the mirror dimension. dr strange would be proud

  • Greg
    Greg 8 months ago


  • Brad Horner
    Brad Horner 8 months ago

    Imagine the fallout...... chuckle chuckle guffaw
    That's a funny joke. Hehe

  • Richard Benoit
    Richard Benoit 8 months ago

    Thanks for the post.

  • Sound Addiktion
    Sound Addiktion 8 months ago

    "Will we ever realise it" made me think of Brave New World in a chilling way

  • over00lord Unknown
    over00lord Unknown 8 months ago

    5:46 DAMN IT! The gyroscope in my phone will burn out and I won't be able to use the compass... XD

  • John Gammuto
    John Gammuto 8 months ago +2

    How can you reach President Trump ? The man does not have a clue.

    • jcnash02
      jcnash02 8 months ago

      John Gammuto that’s not true at all. He’s provided with more information about this subject daily than you will ever hear; yes, even when he’s golfing.

  • Nirvana Urantian
    Nirvana Urantian 9 months ago

    So what is new? How much time is required before a hack is found? Are you relying on your trusted software developers for security? You are a target don't you think it prudent to test your vulnerability? Would you not bait and trap? Ever considered training and education in " computer espionage "? Cyber warfare anyone?

  • David Sandford
    David Sandford 9 months ago

    very interesting

  • sthral
    sthral 9 months ago

    The guy said the first e-mail virus was out around 2000. 'Nuff said.

  • LittleWing1 is LittleWing1

    Is that why Bond always wore red scuba gear?

  • Ruphus
    Ruphus 10 months ago +1

    Thank god the overwhelming espionage find out about terror threats. Thank god you see that Iran produces a bombs just as you saw that Iraq is producing some other sorts of mass desctruction weapons. Thank god the Intelligence Services installed their favorite leader in Iran before. Thank god the western world has become so democratic as it is now.
    I think the way I want to think and I think the us government has not told the truth to the public for starting their ridiculous wars ever. I think the EU needs to step back and become much more self confident. I think the Imperium Americanum truly needs to end. Throw books instead of bombs! Educate the people instead of killing them with F****** drones. You fear islam? You made the islam what it is right now. You, america and the screwed european followers, formed the form of hate against the west which is in place for at least a decade. Iraq is the beste reason, why I would not believe the twin tower story either. NATO pushes and pushes forward to russian territory. NATO is the F****** aggressor! omg ... I am ashamed of how my country and the NATO union seems to blindly FOLLOW THE LYING AND WARMONGERING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!

  • Tilen Cuk
    Tilen Cuk 10 months ago

    Imperialistic fucks

  • Cynthia B.
    Cynthia B. 10 months ago

    Technology replaces people, not so much

  • JP Sclafani
    JP Sclafani 10 months ago +3

    Big Brother is us.

  • My Kol
    My Kol 10 months ago

    Putin is telling me who to vote for.

  • john ramsey
    john ramsey 10 months ago

    Maybe a retaliation by Israel for the when iranian terrorists killed Israli athletes at the munich olympic games.......much more likely.

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 10 months ago

    My friend, you, like all white folks, always made yourself the victim and China the villain. Of course, why would you admit it was the America that started and mastered spying and hacked into countries, including computers in China. Aamerica has NSA and ICA and much agencies that constantly spying and hacking into every countries on earth. But, this is a game two can play.

  • J Just J
    J Just J 10 months ago

    Low on technical info; kept it simple. He did hint that the “honey pots” have gotten way more complex.
    Wanted more detail on the battle. Current events, who are the warriors, successes, failures, methods, locations (where in the network are efforts being applied).

    The first “viruses” I dealt with were “macro viruses” in ‘97. McAffee was worthless; Symantec saved the day. Now, it seems, Kapersky is doing the big work on the desktop.

  • Z Assassin
    Z Assassin 10 months ago

    You lost my interestat 2 mins and im interested in this topic.

  • saggy_dimes
    saggy_dimes 10 months ago

    The Melissa Virus was definitely not the world's first email virus. There were tons before that, but none as devastating to the world economy as that virus prior to that time.

  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith 10 months ago

    Thank You!

  • Snow s
    Snow s 11 months ago

    wow may have smart people but you do not need a doctorate to be smart should take a look at how and who you hire

  • Sean McKinnon
    Sean McKinnon 11 months ago

    Stuxnet did not "spin the centrifuges up to s supersonic speed until they fell apart. That would have been way too obvious

  • chumcool
    chumcool 11 months ago

    “Imagine the falloot “

  • Aldez
    Aldez 11 months ago

    Excellent Heads UP Glade Guys Like you are on our side

  • Nils Petras
    Nils Petras Year ago

    What also works instead of espionage? Diplomacy. Sometimes trust is worth more than having a thousand missiles or viruses. But we are taught to defeat the enemy, not befriend him.

  • Kirstine Termansen

    Yeah v left denmark 🇩🇰 bit of truth as c pirat

  • Ray Zatorski
    Ray Zatorski Year ago

    Wow! A great talk, informative and a little scary with a glimpse into the future. Thanks.

  • Peet Venter
    Peet Venter Year ago

    i like this channel

    MAVERICK 42 Year ago

    I've heard about this secret mission before. I believe there is a full documentary about it.

  • FreeLeGiOn
    FreeLeGiOn Year ago

    Apparently hackers are using people’s smart fridges and stuff to ddos people the first thing that came in to my mind was: HP-PRINTER-HB4708 has ddos the government

  • Tim Spijkerman
    Tim Spijkerman Year ago

    NO device is safe, unless you unplug it.

  • lifeisgood070
    lifeisgood070 Year ago

    ooooo man this dude is sick. Interesting.

  • Robert Ruork
    Robert Ruork Year ago

    Judging from the responses to this video it is quite plain to me that you lot are not worth protecting. You’re just not worth protecting.

  • dreambuss
    dreambuss Year ago +1

    is there a usb-slot in PC which installed in Banks, Gov. facilities? - No... Think about nuclear facility? usually virus attack servers from web.

  • Dave Barnes
    Dave Barnes Year ago

    So many inaccuracies in this talk, I don't know where to start.

  • Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster Year ago

    21-minute presentation and the only thing new I learned was shadow networking as a counter measure to cyberspies.

  • zztop3000
    zztop3000 Year ago


  • tractor
    tractor Year ago


  • Vaniecia Ferguson

    Yeah, like the DNC/DCCC, who didnt trust our federal government to investigate and track the hackers. So I ask you , WHY? How can you trust a security company to trace the hack that the very same security company “couldnt stop the hack”?
    Heck, according to reports from heads of DNC/DCCC , & the FBI, The FBI was who alerted them to the possibility they were being hacked, and year and a half earlier! So, I dont trust any of that info...
    Cyber attacks, on the other hand, will continue, like suxnet, and I am sure some will be stopped or prevented, but “when” not “if “ it happens, what will it be? My opinion, Multiple attacks at once that overwhelms the cybersecurity community, just as 9-11... overwhelmed our defense systems, and first responders,yet this time, it will be done through cyberspace.....

  • AArcticAA
    AArcticAA Year ago

    If he would have just stuck with the joke about the Melissa virus... ha!

  • scooter800m
    scooter800m Year ago

    if i found a usb stick i would insert it into my virtual machine to check and wipe it. then use it. (the wiping also wipes and replaces the partition table so ALL data is gone, nearly pemenently)

  • Lloyd Joseph
    Lloyd Joseph Year ago

    this was technology back in2013 ,now after 5 years .
    we are at a way higher RISK

  • Elijah Sexton
    Elijah Sexton Year ago

    How do they get the radiation they use for chemo therapy......I think third world scientist SHOULD be working on improving that technology.......that could be the most important thing to come out of nuclear science.... Duh

  • Douglas Moran
    Douglas Moran Year ago

    The speaker gets a lot wrong and the sloppiness makes me doubt much more. For example, the Melissa/ILoveYou worm of May 2000 was not, as he claimed, the first case of SPAM. First, the first case of SPAM was in 1978 although the term wasn't coined until the mid-1990s. Second, although Melissa used email to spread, it wasn't SPAM. Another example, the Code Red worm hit in mid-July 2001, not after 9/11. A quick consultation with Wikipedia would have revealed these errors.
    And as others have noted below, his "shadow networks" are collections of "honeypots". Honeypots arose in the 1990s, although I don't know when the threshold was crossed of being populated with enough data to warrant that term. In 2000, there was at least one commercial product designed to facilitate creating custom honeypots by providing the underlying capabilities such as hidden monitoring.
    I didn't hear anything here that would help an executive be more aware of the threat. It was little more than "Be afraid. Be very afraid."

  • Andrei Vasily
    Andrei Vasily Year ago

    He's forte is hacking bitcoin database but he helped change my scores last year off my college database

  • Jan Geirnaert
    Jan Geirnaert Year ago


  • SP FPV
    SP FPV Year ago

    wow! I had no idea...

  • ops
    ops Year ago

    lolololol what isreal and america DONT KNOW is that computer cant distingush between target and friend and stucksnet can be modified slightly and run mass havoc and destroy all nuclear sites with no check with in seconds.

  • Saintsinnz
    Saintsinnz Year ago

    Ahh I remember the “I love you” hit just as panic died down when it became clear the Y2K bug wasn’t gonna happen

  • Gamma Guy
    Gamma Guy Year ago

    Fantastic... Knowledge along with humour.. great

  • Zork's Corner
    Zork's Corner Year ago