Confessions of a Cyber Spy Hunter: Eric Winsborrow at TEDxVancouver

  • Published on Feb 1, 2013
  • With over 20 years of experience leading high technology companies out of Silicon Valley, Eric has played a part in shaping the industry as an executive at heavyweights like McAfee, Symantec, and Cisco. Today, he is the CEO of ZanttZ, a company that is developing stealth cyber security technology solutions. Eric and his company are at the forefront of the latest developments in the world of global espionage, and the merging of man and machine. He attests that the Hollywood-created image of the daring secret agent sneaking into a foreign government's laser protected server room to steal top secret information couldn't be further from modern reality. In fact, the "James Bond" of the 21st century doesn't just use a computer, he is the computer.
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  • Spiri Rosetti
    Spiri Rosetti 4 hours ago

    Used by fb and social media with the same awesome success

  • Axel Kvilekval
    Axel Kvilekval 10 hours ago

    Our public Shadow government covers all such activities with secrecy,as it must, illegal intrusions,our side and theirs!

  • Axel Kvilekval
    Axel Kvilekval 11 hours ago

    Bell labs research son of director 1967,68,sent the first replicating Trojan horse virus on the Ethernet . 6months in jail!

  • Murtaza Bijani
    Murtaza Bijani 17 hours ago +4

    β€œImagine the fallout.” ...hah! I’m dying at these dad jokes!

  • Steven Reid
    Steven Reid Day ago

    Nerds the real slight on humanity.

  • Franny Ward
    Franny Ward Day ago

    Cyberdyne Systems series T-800 Model 101 is already old news.

  • judeska de bom
    judeska de bom 2 days ago

    waiting till the day comming AFTER ME, accusing for ,.,, MINORITY REPORT! fk them all!

  • judeska de bom
    judeska de bom 2 days ago

    2030dc we can life ,but we need WATER .FOOD, WIND ,FIRE and INTERNET ! hahahahah

  • Leon Corriveau
    Leon Corriveau 2 days ago

    Someone has cotton mouth

  • Karman Hoyt
    Karman Hoyt 3 days ago +1

    Nerds act like there wasn't a life before modern technology lol.

    • Chris Willis
      Chris Willis 2 days ago

      For nerds there actually wasn't life before modern technology 🀣🀣🀣

  • Reichieru1
    Reichieru1 4 days ago

    I think he needs to talk to some old British people about who actually invented the computer. They may have invented new ones, during the cold war, but it started during WWII in Bletchly.

  • sylvester john
    sylvester john 6 days ago +1

    Wait cyber spy. Your shirt doesn’t fit πŸ˜‚

    M ZAKRIA 8 days ago +1

    When Quantum arrives , the internet will be gone , No information will be safe ! The Race is on with China and USA ... 2025

  • West Wind Zigns
    West Wind Zigns 10 days ago

    Hm... this very guy comes across as a trojan horse himself. Best thing you can do is ditch all tech stuff, cellphones ipads etc.

    • West Wind Zigns
      West Wind Zigns 8 days ago

      @Harley Me Nay, ditch the net run to the mountains hide in a cave, cuz AI will terminate you (or at least will take all your jobs)

    • Harley Me
      Harley Me 9 days ago

      or simply find the hacker and kill him. well a little extreme but hey,, no more hackers is a good thing

  • Lolly Pedregosa
    Lolly Pedregosa 12 days ago +1

    The USA must concentrate on Cyber Technology development because this is the backbone of the US Military and defense. The US must protect its Satellites from the attack of the enemies because this is the GPS that guides Military Aircraft, Missile, and other Smart Bombs, UAV, etc. which protect our FREEDOM and Democracy.

  • Dustin Rodriguez
    Dustin Rodriguez 14 days ago +7

    'What was once a covert operation to protect us from a nuclear threat'... no. It was an attack on the Iranian power grid. And when such attacks are used against our own power generation facilities, we had best not act surprised and offended. If we wanted to stop the Iranian power program, it would have been a better idea to accept their offer when they offered to completely shut down all nuclear facilities if the US and the IAEA were willing to build and run heavy water reactors for them to generate power. Panetta may have been right about his warnings, but it's impossible to trust him at all. He openly lied to Congress on multiple occasions and is actively opposed to cooperating with our democratic system of government, believing he knows better than any representative elected by the people. He speaks only to manipulate and should be ignored as completely untrustworthy.

    He mentioned the Sony gaming network hacks, but didn't mention who did them or their motivation or anything. He suggested that the next step might be invading the food supply. That betrays a complete misunderstanding. The Sony gaming network hacks weren't done by a state actor. They were done by consumers who were angry about Sony's corporate anti-consumer practices. Those gamers have no interest in attacking anyone's food supply. Companies certainly should be worried about their systems, and even more worried if they're actively hostile to consumers who have far more time and expertise on their side than Sony is even remotely willing to pay for.

    When Sony WAS attacked by a state actor, we got to see just how flagrantly and blatantly incompetent they were. Despite the fact that modern companies rely almost completely upon their computer systems to operate their businesses, they are still unwilling to concern themselves with security in any real way. Companies have started to at least hire some people to do 'cybersecurity', but it's a joke. They're nothing but 'patch patrol' and go around making sure computers are updated. They don't hire software developers who have knowledge and experience with security to make their own custom code safe. They don't provide developers with the tools and training necessary to learn how to create secure software. If a company isn't actually a software company, the executives at companies still say "IT is an expense to be reduced, we're an X company, not a software company." Then when their software goes down, like it did at Sony, they literally have to close the doors and send everyone home until IT fixes it. One day they'll wake up and understand the world they're living in.

    Here's a fun thing I like to do. Next time you hear a news story about a company getting hacked, and hear their statements that they take security seriously and will do better in the future... go to their website. Click on their "Careers" link. See if they even have any openings for cybersecurity folks. They might, some companies do nowadays. But they ALWAYS have openings for software developers. Check THOSE listings. See if they even MENTION security there. See if they require knowledge of safe and secure coding practices. It doesn't matter if their OS is updated and they're running Symantec on all their servers if the code they're running on those servers that actually runs their business and manages all of your data is full of holes. And oh, I can tell you from personal knowledge, it is FULL of holes. If you're not in the industry, I promise you, it is worse than you could ever possibly imagine.

  • Justine Baker
    Justine Baker 15 days ago +2

    USB not surprising, I remember I love you and everyone at the company being warned BUT STILL opening it. Uggh, pain for the day.

  • Aaron R
    Aaron R 15 days ago

    Um... Agent 111, maybe?

  • Duke Ellington
    Duke Ellington 16 days ago

    They almost ended the world....

  • Xavier
    Xavier 16 days ago +1

    Quit snake Oiling us and JUST SAY HACKER!

  • Nemesi Your
    Nemesi Your 17 days ago


  • Ronib Sarep
    Ronib Sarep 17 days ago +7

    "And we don't. Even. Realize it."
    *cue dramatic music*

  • Bobby Richards
    Bobby Richards 19 days ago

    less drama dude. I wish ted people would stop thinking they need to sound like ted people

  • Jason Mills
    Jason Mills 20 days ago

    This speech is informative about the way the present and future will be on cyber defense and infiltration. The down side is its bias to oneside, saying that this country or that country is making nuclear weapons. Let countries like the USA, Russia and China also have stock nuclear weapons. So if another country tries to arm itself it is added to a sanctions list. Its a case of a story not being bias to one country and keep it neatral to all countries. Keep it to science and tech and not politics.

  • ChaosInFlux
    ChaosInFlux 21 day ago

    Funny this video now has no sound on it.

  • John Stutz
    John Stutz 23 days ago

    This was 2013, now we know Kaspersky was actually the Russian government.
    Kaspersky was successful in deploying their products to the us government.
    We paid them to penetrate our systems.

    • brisc lan
      brisc lan 19 days ago

      Uhhhh, I think you're crossing the streams, never cross the streams

  • Pam Cota
    Pam Cota 25 days ago +1

    Excellent Presentation !! Although scary !!!

  • Calm Energy
    Calm Energy Month ago

    What a great presenter! These jokes really kept me engaged lol

  • Samuel Turner
    Samuel Turner Month ago

    The first virus was written on punch cards in 1968. The internet didn't even exist as we know it today, it was a connection between universities and military so that data could be quickly shared. A collage kid wrote it to see what would happen. And he also wrote the first virus protection program.

  • Hummer Ram
    Hummer Ram Month ago +1

    You did not acknowledged that iloveyou virus came from phils!

  • William Griffin
    William Griffin Month ago


  • Yardmaster's Wealth Education Center

    Old School Theory (not uploaded to my channel yet...) counters this threat beautifully!

  • David Edgerly
    David Edgerly Month ago

    We're all dooomed!!!! run away!!!

  • Bill Bird
    Bill Bird Month ago

    " they'd never send in a spy, he'd never get in" Then who stole the digital keys to the controlers hacked by the 'Olympic Games' (STUXNET) virus? You had to get into the facility that holds those keys and physially remove them to then add them to the program. A spy had to do that.

  • Adawg420
    Adawg420 Month ago

    the chinese had access for 10 years, huh...that 1 Trillion dollar annual defense budget is really worth the price tag

  • A YZ
    A YZ Month ago

    Fascinating talk....

  • chris kaprys
    chris kaprys Month ago

    If you close your eyes you can enjoy Patrick Swayze giving a talk on cyber spy technology.

  • Lost Space
    Lost Space Month ago

    He is just talking about sandboxing smugly as if it will protect anyone

  • Lost Space
    Lost Space Month ago

    Those smiley faces lol

  • The Kaiser
    The Kaiser Month ago

    Nonsense! There is only one spy-hunter on the planet. That's me. My former competitors didn't live to tell their story.
    ... and you, as the obvious originator of Stuxnet, are on top of my list now. NOBODY tampers with Siemens boxes unpunished!
    That is Urheberrechtsverletzung, the worst crime of all!
    A Red Notice to Interpol shall be good enough to extradite you to the ECC for investigating all your crimes. Stand ready to face justice!

  • John Kean
    John Kean 2 months ago

    The real reason they don't like hackers is that hackers will discover what a fallacy it all is and MI havent got any secrets worth hacking! Its a boring world and they have to make it appear interesting full of secrets and intrigue. Didn't you see : "the Wizard of OZ?"

  • Jacob Potischman
    Jacob Potischman 2 months ago

    Who agrees that this guy is thoroughly unlikable?

  • Kristin FROST Lazerbeams


  • MissNebulosity
    MissNebulosity 2 months ago +3

    "on the youtube, and the facebook (and everything like such as)" LMAO

  • Ethan Cook
    Ethan Cook 4 months ago +2

    aah, Stuxnet. Skynets younger brother.

  • Arkadiusz Templar
    Arkadiusz Templar 5 months ago

    That is great that US hacks other country, but that is bad when US is hacked. Especially by China :P Isn't that kind of propaganda? No? Uff, I was afraid of that... Good :-)

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 5 months ago

    So basically they use a big honey pot to try ND catch them

  • Nathan Bennett
    Nathan Bennett 5 months ago +1

    Do all the Ted talk presenters follow the exact same talk structure

  • Webberjo
    Webberjo 5 months ago

    I'm okay that his talk went a few minutes over his allotted time.

    BASSCODE PROJECT 5 months ago +1

    07:10 wasn't that stuxnet or something?
    11:41 Yay I remebered something,according to 21st century mentality I now deserve a medal.

  • mr. dingo
    mr. dingo 5 months ago

    Imagine The Fallout

  • Johnny Rutz
    Johnny Rutz 6 months ago

    Sounds better @g3nt 0101

  • Manic Geno
    Manic Geno 6 months ago

    This guy is mesmerizing

  • Bruce Galleco
    Bruce Galleco 6 months ago

    So this is a cyber security expert but has no programming skills. Weird

  • Larrythebassman
    Larrythebassman 6 months ago


  • Wells JustGofaster
    Wells JustGofaster 7 months ago

    A great Ted !

  • michael evangelista
    michael evangelista 7 months ago

    Step back to the roots to understand the present and future
    1. Who is the only one that used the nuclear bomb?
    2. JFK a good leader was killed because he tried to stop the Israel nuclear plant
    3. Then France gave the atom to Israel
    4. Who used the first Virus?
    5. Who did the first cyber attack?
    6. Then after, connect all what he's talking about
    7. Add A.I and others
    8. Then ask yourself Who will use the next destructive weapon?
    "Scary but its a perfect recipe for?
    What they have done to our world.......

  • Zhang Wei
    Zhang Wei 7 months ago

    14:30 That's what happened on 9 / 11 . Unenterupable auto pilot .

  • PST3K NaN
    PST3K NaN 7 months ago

    Yeah real clean...2 people were blown up in the physica/social part of this hack, uh mission...

  • Robert keys
    Robert keys 7 months ago +1

    Leon Musk.. said they have a military robot that moves so fast that you can only see it with a strobe light that is in 2017

  • Robert keys
    Robert keys 7 months ago

    why am I just hearing about this stuff now when I was searching for it at the time was coming out why am I only finding it now I mean I found some but not as much information as I have in the past two weeks November 2018

  • Robert keys
    Robert keys 7 months ago

    sounds a lot like doesn't it..!!!???

  • cro4591
    cro4591 7 months ago

    Abandon all hope for privacy.

    FIELD AGENT 7 months ago

    Smart Dust....

  • Marco F.
    Marco F. 8 months ago

    sorry, too many imprecisions. Go back and study, seriously

  • Tristan Kamp
    Tristan Kamp 8 months ago

    How is a shadow network different from a honeypot?

  • Sebastian Deutschl
    Sebastian Deutschl 8 months ago

    So u can have nukes but nobody else?

  • Bread Knight
    Bread Knight 8 months ago

    Oooo, im scared.....ohhhweeeee.......put it in da air winsborred but never repaid, so the loss you thought was late, was on time, hairless debate.

  • Teddy
    Teddy 8 months ago

    Damn that was a good speech.

  • l. morgan
    l. morgan 8 months ago

    get a real job..grow love not shadow networks