• Published on Aug 20, 2017
    In the debate about what country will be ruling the future world, usually only two contestants pop up: The USA and China.
    These are the countries with the strongest economies in the world giving them close to unlimited power all over the planet.
    The Chinese economy has a huge advantage over the USA, since the economy of China is growing much faster. Many predictions say that the Chinese economy will be larger than the economy of the USA before 2025, thus making China not only the largest economy in the world, but simply the most powerful country in the world. I propose to place India in the list of contestants of future superpowers. I am serious about the possibility that not China or the USA, but instead India will have the largest economy in the world in 2050. In this video I give 8 reasons to support that idea.

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  • Jayanta Bose
    Jayanta Bose 4 days ago +1

    Now there is only hope sir. But we believe. From kolkata, India. Jai Hind.

  • Bivan Das
    Bivan Das 4 days ago +2

    Thank you everyone for loving india

  • Gerrit Smith
    Gerrit Smith 4 days ago


  • yonggang li
    yonggang li 4 days ago +2

    India would be No.1 world super power on 2050 definitely. No.2 will be China. I am Chinese, I have lots of Indian friends .

  • ajay kumar
    ajay kumar 5 days ago +2

    I don't 🤔 think. But it's fascinating to listen

  • Pravat Kumar Tripathy
    Pravat Kumar Tripathy 5 days ago +1

    Though India has potential, it has to concentrate on all-inclusive growth of its population which is a huge challenge.

  • Jerry Silk
    Jerry Silk 5 days ago +1

    1. Its economy does not do anything to reduce poverty and provide a huge middle income population.
    2. India is way overpopulated and needs to reduce it to way less than 200 million to sustain its economy and resources. It will also help clean up its environment. Population growth is not good. Starvation and civil war will come if not reversed.

  • Ganesh Saha
    Ganesh Saha 5 days ago +1

    We proud to be an India....

  • Crypto Guy
    Crypto Guy 5 days ago

    Dreaming is not a good way for progressing countries. Arise

  • GamaKo
    GamaKo 5 days ago +2

    Love from India to India
    Oh wait..

    • GamaKo
      GamaKo 5 days ago

      Oh wait..

  • Shrikant Joshi
    Shrikant Joshi 5 days ago +1

    You should all add some details about the other video" The World Order" like their capabilities and so on...but thanks it was a good video.

  • Lokesh Narwat
    Lokesh Narwat 5 days ago +1

    It's the people of any country which makes it or breaks it.

  • Namdev Patil
    Namdev Patil 5 days ago +1

    India was superpower in the past and will become again. Indians believe in Law of Karma . Do good to others and automatically good will turn to you. Thank you for your heart warming video. Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  • Pasam Global Solutions
    Pasam Global Solutions 5 days ago +1

    Pace at India is growing it'll be a super power very soon, it well on its way....

  • powerone1
    powerone1 5 days ago

    To think in terms of "world domination" is a stumbling block from the start. The reason that US is so powerful is because it set the rules of the game that everyone else plays by. The reasons you give in this video are important, but they are not the keys to why the US is the hegemon of the world. International relations are controlled by global institutions that the US largely created and control. China and Russia understand this and it is why they are trying their best to change this US dominated world order, but it very difficult for them to come close to doing it. The US is watching everything and it will react forcefully whenever it feels that its power position is threatened.

    GOPI NAIDU TANNIRU 5 days ago

    #peace 💕#loveindia🇮🇳

  • Veervenky Venkat
    Veervenky Venkat 6 days ago

    Dear European , India shall never rule the world. It is clear that Indians never had such aim since last 5000 years.Had they wished so it would have been only one country in this world ( not exaggerating) Sure as per today's world it should be most Influential by 2050.

    GAME BOOSTER 6 days ago +2

    India will grow faster when all political people replaced with youth people

  • Kay G Singapore
    Kay G Singapore 6 days ago

    I'm from Singapore!
    Sooner or later, but certainly YESSSSS!

  • Hmike Y
    Hmike Y 6 days ago

    Depends how they handle Kashmir and other regional issues. Also how they resolve ethnic , regional and religious conflicts within. How they handle vast Muslim population. It is a democracy but oppresses brutally. Does the world have any clue how brutally 800000 military men in Kashmir are suppressing. Feeding its huge population is a challenge which will become even bigger. And finally imbalance between haves and have nots. Just look at the richest Indian living in his tall multistory skyscraper house looming over slums. There is a potential of reverting back to princely states of pre British era if inequality based on religion and caste is not addressed. A democracy in which a cow holds more value over human life and the world conveniently ignores. Sure this look like small and hidden issues. But don’t forget hidden benign cancer cells bring down mighty human body. No chance if India can not cure these cancers within. Let us not ignore the fact that India is risking potential nuclear conflict with its neighbor. This miscalculation alone has the potential to send back India and the whole region if not the world to stone ages. So much for ruling the world.

  • Kiran goswamy
    Kiran goswamy 6 days ago +1

    My dear friend you are right India will rule the world by 2050

  • Aijaz Haider
    Aijaz Haider 6 days ago

    excellent video

  • ilyasabdullahishuayb dr

    India will troubleshoot my Computer

  • Two Cute Sisters
    Two Cute Sisters 6 days ago

    India is today also rulling the world but indians scientist and doctor lives in other country and working for them so the other countries are grown and the corrupted and uneducated people remain in indian that is the reason that india don't grown

  • Harsh Jain
    Harsh Jain 6 days ago

    India will rule the world from 2030

  • Sigit kusmaryanto
    Sigit kusmaryanto 6 days ago


  • navtej singh
    navtej singh 29 days ago +1

    India is a unique country because of following reasons:
    1 Presence of more number of cultures and traditions than in any other country.
    2 There is a lot of variety in language, literature, culture, tradition and ethnics. So people have lot to learn from each other and in a way they develop tolerance towards each other.
    3. Being a populated country, people here have to compete for everything, so this increases their standards of learning, hard work, tolerance and exhibition.
    4. Since the country struggles for clean and healthy environment, so whenever Indians go abroad and find such facilities, they are generous.
    So, it's 'INDIAN CONDITIONS' that make Indian widely accepted as workmen and citizens.

  • Sourabh More
    Sourabh More 29 days ago

    I am a proud Indian, most of my friends left India to earn more money, but I could never leave India, India is a addiction to me without which it would be difficult to survive, From the food to climate and understanding each other all these factors will never allow me to settle somewhere else :)

  • arikhana alffie
    arikhana alffie 29 days ago +1

    Beware we shall not forget the past History about thieves Britain, once again when we become the most powerful Nation then Britain and America will try to invade Bharat once again So what we'll have to do build very strong Nation in every aspect then no one will take the shit out of us. We know better Britain has outclassed against Bharat no chance in hell.

  • Souvik Das
    Souvik Das 29 days ago +1

    India is not a country which will dominate ,India is here to rule with all goodness ,kindness , forgiveness , and utmost sincerity ,JAI HIND

  • Tacit Dionysus
    Tacit Dionysus Month ago

    I have no doubt that India will do very well indeed. Whether that means becoming number one is uncertain, and perhaps not that important. Some of the comments about the rise of the USA, however, can be challenged. It's potential was recognised by the early 1800s, the most notable example being by the French political writer Tocqueville, who confidently predicted that the USA and Russia would be the superpowers of the future.
    It's advantageous position following the two world wars, and it's strong united sense of nationhood, enabled it to rise more rapidly economically, but there is also some inevitability to that because of geographic factors. Four things in particular stand out: (1) It's big and a high proportion of its land is arable, (2) It has large navigable river systems which enable cheap and easy commerce and transport in its interior, (3) It faces onto two oceans, on the other side of which are two huge sets of trading partners, and (4) It is relatively isolated from attack by potential enemies, although spends mega-dollars being an 'international policeman' (albeit with huge technological and economic returns).
    India's geography is similar in some ways and different in others: (1) It also has a high proportion of arable land, although also a larger population to support, (2) It is relatively isolated from one potential adjacent enemy on land, but not from another, (3) It faces onto an ocean that connects with at least two developed and one emerging set of huge markets, and (4) while it has waterways, they are not as developed for transport and commerce.
    India's fundamentals are very positive, but there are also risks. Being ruled by the British in the past has left a legacy of lots of good English speakers (which can help ease international communication) and things like railways, but perhaps has also cursed it with lots of bureaucracy (which slows everything down) and a bit of jingoism (which can allow people to become complacent and over-confident). Demographically it will have advantages over the ageing populations of China and others, and an existing Indian diaspora has meant it already has lots of contacts spread across the world. Good luck and best wishes to you all.

  • Karefor Urthall
    Karefor Urthall Month ago +1

    With an average age of 29 years per person, India will become the world’s youngest country by 2020 with an average age of 29!
    64% per cent of India’s population will be in the working age group by 2020, at a time when leading economies like Europe, US, South Korea, Japan are ageing, India holds the advantage of having an increased working population.
    “With western Europe, the US, South Korea, Japan and even China aging, this demographic potential offers India an unprecedented edge which could further contribute to the GDP growth rate". “The core aim of India’s foreign policy is to meet the developmental aspirations of its 1.25 billion people. Our diplomacy is for our development,” a World Bank envoy said. Lauding Narendra Modi-led Central Government’s efforts, the envoy coalition said that Indian foreign policy has become more proactive and the world appreciated India’s leadership. He added that there was a huge window of opportunity for India's continued GDP growth.

  • donald r
    donald r Month ago

    All that's said makes sense. When a man or nation has a vision and a mission they are bound to succeed provided they are dedicated and stick to it wisely.

  • aswanth_prem
    aswanth_prem Month ago

    India don't want rule in this world . We want peace in this world 💕🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Likun gaming
    Likun gaming Month ago +1

    India is best

    TEMPOLIFE L Month ago +1

    Anything is possible in ur dreams, time to wake up and build ur toilets

  • ali ali
    ali ali Month ago +1

    This is god damn joke right? No country on the planet could sustain a population of 1.3 billion people, America’s GDP is 21trillion and there is still some poverty there. India is a very poor country, their GDP is a joke if you compare it with their population. U.K. has 2.6trillion GDP and their population is 65 million, U.K. is struggling abit.
    India needs a GDP of over 100 trillion to sustain a massive population like India.

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh Month ago +1

    I am indian but this sounds too much.

  • Shiva  Manchanda
    Shiva Manchanda Month ago +1

    Respect every country who loves India and Indians
    Love from India
    Be Unite and save the world from problems
    We human civilization is not only rule the world if we unites we will rule the whole universe

  • Shiva  Manchanda
    Shiva Manchanda Month ago

    I am seeing the truth today that many countries love India thank you to everyone for giving us love we are always with you world but some people still think that India is an undeveloped country then I will say them fuck off if you think India is an undeveloped country

  • Darb R
    Darb R Month ago

    We indians do not want to rule the world. We would like our people to lead a good life by hard work, progress in technology, buissinesses, trade etc we have been ruled by foreigners. We would like to be strong so that no one enslaves us. And most importantly, we eant all countries to progress . We are not in any race.

  • Elli Alberts
    Elli Alberts Month ago

    If India develops a strong middle class they will q

  • Sadia Ilyas
    Sadia Ilyas Month ago

    Incomplete and biased info

  • Sanchita Murmu
    Sanchita Murmu Month ago

    Indian people know how to respect another country but what I see that other countries people don't know how to respect Indian people they just think India is a poor,cheep,dirt or anything when u don't know anything about India how u can say anything bad about India...huh give respect and take respect...🤨😒😄

  • Navin Sukhwal
    Navin Sukhwal Month ago

    *Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam*...... it's the real reason behind INDIA'S success.....
    India is one and only country who has a lot types of religion but here we live like a family.... We are INDIAN , INDIAN is our real religion...
    🇮🇳 INDIAN people always helps one other... but you will never see it in other countries... Jai hind 🇮🇳

    • Navin Sukhwal
      Navin Sukhwal Month ago

      *Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam*... Whole world need this type of thinking...

  • Devil Gaming
    Devil Gaming Month ago

    The futute is on asia😍

  • ASK ;
    ASK ; Month ago +1

    Underdog, Undervalued and Underappreciated 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Legendaro Football
    Legendaro Football Month ago +1

    Indians are very ambitious, but loyal and realistic people who want to get the best out of something . BTW you forgot India s space program , which is in the elite space club now . Coincidentally, proud to be an Indian.

  • Sanjit Singh
    Sanjit Singh Month ago

    We Indians will become Superpower...but we are no interested to rule or dominate other country....always keep peace in the world

  • Aarkestra Club
    Aarkestra Club Month ago +1

    I'm Indian and i know that.

  • Robby Mann
    Robby Mann Month ago

    Nice video, soo true.

  • Mack Plymale
    Mack Plymale Month ago

    I went to New Delhi and it was so nasty. People love to poop on the railroad tracks. The city has the worst smell ever which is a soup make up of pollution, species, and rotting rodents and cows. They are dirty people. The place is corrupt. Very few stop lights. People dying on the streets by the millions.

    This video is a joke.

  • sujit Rawat
    sujit Rawat Month ago

    Yes you are right

  • Crazy Desi Gamers !!!

    extremely poor analysis. you basically just stated facts and dint go onto explaining on how that will make India so strong in the far future. Very disappointed.

    SUMIT GHOSH Month ago +1

    reality is very hurt

  • Jaladanki Ramanaya
    Jaladanki Ramanaya Month ago

    Got goosebumps when watching the video.proud to be an INDIAN.JAI HIND

  • Sam Jewellery 333
    Sam Jewellery 333 Month ago

    totaly correct observation.

  • Arturo Nevarez
    Arturo Nevarez Month ago

    Pero si la mayoría de su población! Son pobres y ignorantes y algunos parecen salvajes incivilizados!
    No creo !

  • IFS Lawania
    IFS Lawania Month ago

    Why is he showing antilla again and again...

  • noble jose
    noble jose Month ago

    Keep your Patriotism aside, Most of the best qualified people are leaving India for good reason. I have been observing past 10 year's Indian politics is full of shit. India is a sleeping giant but these uneducated politicians ruin the country.

  • Isu Hutini
    Isu Hutini Month ago

    You must be joking

  • Kaushik Gameplays
    Kaushik Gameplays Month ago

    Bro India is overpopulated now ............. and if it's population grows more ......... than it's not a good thing ......(I am From India)

  • Mangesh Bhatt
    Mangesh Bhatt Month ago +1

    India will rule the China first

  • Bhupesh X
    Bhupesh X Month ago

    India will definitely become superpower, but we will not rule over the world
    The human values in Indian are very high💚💚
    Proud citizen of Bharat

  • Micromotion dhk
    Micromotion dhk Month ago

    Muslim Will rule the world within next ten years insha Allah.

  • Steve RealHub
    Steve RealHub Month ago

    No doubt India as the birthplace of civilization, will once again lead the world!

  • Harvey Parhar
    Harvey Parhar Month ago

    India needs to get proper Governance before they reach the prediction depicted here. Rampant corruption at every Government level is like an Anchor tied to the Nations heels.

    • Dr. Andy Iyer
      Dr. Andy Iyer Month ago

      You shi***ng me? Talking from which country? Man get your head out from where the sun don't shine. India has had the largest continuous democratic election. On what planet are you now? With Modi governance has improved and accountability has increased. India grown MNCs are spreading the world over. Corruption is no longer an anchor tied to India, but is slowly giving way to effective governance with demonetization, AAdhar, banking for the poor, infrastructure projects and accountability. Try and visit. I am an american in India and the change is palpable.

  • chandan Reddy
    chandan Reddy Month ago

    I proud be an indian

  • Tino t idiculla
    Tino t idiculla Month ago

    happy to see all the comments below
    i am proud to be an Indian

  • Ravinder kumar
    Ravinder kumar Month ago

    I m just feeling blessed , that i m an indian

  • Thippeswamy T S
    Thippeswamy T S Month ago

    Jai hind

  • Dog lover
    Dog lover Month ago

    I am really proud to be an Indian

    RANJANA JEPH Month ago +1

    India respect all other nations. India love peace. We want peace on earth...... NO terrorism please.

  • hemant mamtani
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  • Subhankar Kayal
    Subhankar Kayal Month ago

    Love India and love
    Kalijuger akmatra mahamantra =
    Jai kalki jai jagat pate
    Padma pati jai Rama pate.
    Morning. 21 times
    Evening. 21 times
    In ananta multi-universe family.