• Published on Aug 20, 2017
    In the debate about what country will be ruling the future world, usually only two contestants pop up: The USA and China.
    These are the countries with the strongest economies in the world giving them close to unlimited power all over the planet.
    The Chinese economy has a huge advantage over the USA, since the economy of China is growing much faster. Many predictions say that the Chinese economy will be larger than the economy of the USA before 2025, thus making China not only the largest economy in the world, but simply the most powerful country in the world. I propose to place India in the list of contestants of future superpowers. I am serious about the possibility that not China or the USA, but instead India will have the largest economy in the world in 2050. In this video I give 8 reasons to support that idea.

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  • Random Show
    Random Show 13 hours ago +1

    I'm proud to be an Indian JAI HIND

  • Time Space
    Time Space 14 hours ago +1

    India came through a lot struggles and hurdles and competing the new world with immersive Brian power .as we go deep into indian culture .the whole world has influenced by indian culture .even the whole China 🇨🇳,Japan and eastern counties all inspired and changed to Buddhism.its all indian ideology ,the yoga and meditation and even the lots to maths and science .india don’t want to rule the world .it only want to lead the world to a great future for humans and humanity and to all living beings to the entire earth

  • Prembai Patel
    Prembai Patel 14 hours ago

    Bharat has great because of spirituality power. It has become poverty stricken due to outsiders taking from them,that's lands,jewels,and imposing their beliefs unto India, India has lost their true spirituality and identity. Bharat has never gone to war to conquer lands, money,or to promote their religious beliefs unto others. Bharat is original title not word India that is foreign bodies changed it. Bharatwasi identity has been taken over the centuries. They changed from devta dharam to Hindus which is a place where once devta worshippers lived also someone decided to call them Hindus,from a place called Hindustan. How you ever heard any other religions called after a land they reside,no I haven't? In history before westerners invaded, mamoud gaznavi era,where he went around looting temples ect and running original bharatwasi out of the lands, he forced bharatwasi to change their religion, some left some stayed. That was sad thing to read. Because these people who came to Bharat showed no respect Bharat or their people and their religious beliefs also worshipping Devta's ect. bharat has created very good karma. This is why they always will be at the top because the land is historically old. Whatever outsiders taken it will be returned. It is called karma philosophy. What you so you shall reap.be proud to be Bharat wasi. 😀😀😀😀Respect all and live in peace together with one religion of peace and love, which is our souls original religion god given birthright. I hope this view does not offend anyone out their. 😁😀😂

  • cookies the wolf
    cookies the wolf 18 hours ago +1

    Im in india i might very supportive to orther counterys


    We don't want to rule.... We want to love...

  • Rudra Ray
    Rudra Ray Day ago

    Agree to all your points except for the last one. How dare you call India a underdog? Go back 300 years. Indian contribution to world GDP was more than 23%. Diamonds used to be found in India till the early 20th century and it used to be the biggest exporter of Diamonds. Gold that was found in our ancient temples is more than the gold in all other countries combined. It's a pity that India was plundered & pillaged for centuries for the same reasons. Brits funded 2 world wars by the money looted from the Indians. Even they channelized food grains causing famines & left millions of Indians to die. Inspite of this & 55 years of worthless Congress leadership and 4 major wars we are managing a GDP of close to 8% under the strong and able leadership of Narendra Modi. Give us 10 more years and we will reprise & reclaim what is rightfully ours and lead the world very soon.

  • Christian Jimenez
    Christian Jimenez Day ago +1

    Love from the USA

  • Surekha Chohan
    Surekha Chohan Day ago

    Love your presentation. Let me add the ninth reason. History is on the side of India. This is the only nation with an unbroken civilization extending more than 5000 years when the Indian Vedas surfaced and are endeared today. The development of consciousness and enlightenment is worshipped in this secular land despite economic disadvantages. In the long run, India will emerge as a superpower, welcoming all, and respecting all. It's greatness will be judged not by military might or economy but by it's enlightenment of soul the incorporeal essence of a living being.

  • Nishad Nishu
    Nishad Nishu Day ago +1

    I am Indian. And I love all the creatures. India Mainly need the Right kind of education system. In India actually there is NO Religion (Hindu is a geographical identity)
    Indians were not the kind of believing they were the kind of Seeking the Reality, the Life, the Love, the Human Intelligence. But now most of the indians don't knlw about this because of the education system here. I hope it will change in future!
    ! My love to all countries!
    No one need to dominate anything.
    Together we are Superior, Divided we are inferior!

  • Ferhina Nowrin
    Ferhina Nowrin Day ago

    India ll not rule.Indians dont crave to rule others.

  • akash chaudhury
    akash chaudhury Day ago

    being an Indian...Other than politics, Every thing is amazing in India...Do visit our country...You will not be disappointed after the money you spent in visiting our country due to its reach history and lively hood ....

  • Sutha Shini
    Sutha Shini Day ago

    im a 3rd generation malaysian indian!!!i love india!!! most of my families are still living in india and i was so shocked to see how much they have improved in a few years i visited!!!and they are so intelligent!!!

  • samir khairnar
    samir khairnar Day ago

    Heavily invested in India. Best returns on equity in the coming future...

  • Hoanh Trần
    Hoanh Trần Day ago

    And i love your culture and especially your film help me so much like three idiolts much respect from vietnam

  • Hoanh Trần
    Hoanh Trần Day ago

    Love india from VietNam

  • Amit Mishra
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  • Gaurav Nagar
    Gaurav Nagar 2 days ago

    Indias biggest problem is corruption.if we their r no corruption in india.india will become the dream place of every human being on earth.

  • Mitali Sharma
    Mitali Sharma 2 days ago

    India had the bravest of warriors and Kings before the Modern Era. But they only were up and arms when it was about protecting themselves and there nation.
    They never waged war unnecessarily just to rule and exapand like the Brits did. Also, I don't hate no Brit . Just clarifying.

  • Nandita Saha
    Nandita Saha 2 days ago

    India is ❤❤❤.
    I am indian 🤩❤🤗 my luck !

  • swarmagna
    swarmagna 2 days ago +1

    In 2050 I hope no country would be interested in ruling any other country. Hopefully the big powerful Nations will try to help weak countries on humanitarian grounds. °power balance won’t allow any domination.

  • Chakra Gk
    Chakra Gk 2 days ago


  • Mohit Rawat
    Mohit Rawat 2 days ago

    If all the Indians working in usa or in any other country will come back to india then what will happen to those countries ??

  • Jayesh Vashishtha
    Jayesh Vashishtha 2 days ago

    I believe it's true

  • S.Pozhil mugilan
    S.Pozhil mugilan 2 days ago

    India will...But not until corruption is abolished...

  • Subra Maniam
    Subra Maniam 2 days ago

    India will never become a dominating super power as thret. We believe yourself.

  • Deepa Kodnani
    Deepa Kodnani 2 days ago

    Thx the European you are very respectfull to India
    Love from India😃😄

  • _ Giovi678
    _ Giovi678 2 days ago

    The PIL per abitant in india Is less than 1500 $, less than many african states, and water Is not available to everyone. I dont think It will become a superpower.
    (Btw nuclear weapons mean nothing, i remind you all of the countryes in NATO Can use them by sharing them with US, France and GB)

  • Sahil Gamane
    Sahil Gamane 2 days ago

    Jai hind love my india

  • Riju Sarangadharan
    Riju Sarangadharan 2 days ago

    You don't know a thing how the population explosion affecting the quality of life here

  • Mr. Presi.
    Mr. Presi. 2 days ago

    Dammnnn this vedio need to be the most liked vedio of utube .......jaiiiio hind 😎😎😎😎😍

  • DEV prasad
    DEV prasad 2 days ago

    its possible, becoming a super power not to dictate any one but to help whole world who seek love n peace only through Modi in 2019 polls no one else in India.

  • jamesbondX PubG
    jamesbondX PubG 2 days ago

    We would have been something big , that big that no one would imagine .if it was not ruled by the british

  • Nilesh Patel
    Nilesh Patel 2 days ago +2

    India will be super-leader by 2040 provided BJP rules and Congress stays away from Parliament..

  • Axo Lone-Bot
    Axo Lone-Bot 2 days ago +1

    Im fine with this only if t-series gets deleted

  • Karan Gill Vevo
    Karan Gill Vevo 2 days ago


  • Hwúng Liüni 敏
    Hwúng Liüni 敏 3 days ago

    What ! rule the world !
    they wouldn't even defeat Pakistan 😂

  • neena samit dhir
    neena samit dhir 3 days ago

    Its is definitely possible India will one day become world power

  • paul smith
    paul smith 3 days ago


  • Aitish Kumar
    Aitish Kumar 3 days ago

    No it won't.😂
    I don't think what sort of delusions you keep in mind but any hindustani knows that our teachings are NOT to rule others.
    It's to create a place where people can sit on the ground together.Not on mighty chairs.
    But of course, it is Kalyuga at the moment.We have a lot of corrupted people with misplaced teachings in our country.These people have made our country very bad.
    However, rather than fleeing the country like most 'smart' Indians do, I would like to believe in the people of this country.
    And it's not blind fate.It's because things genuinely are changing.
    Homosexuality isn't illegal anymore.Empowerment of the weak(not women.Feminism is dumb in concept.)is a topic that gets discussed.Exams are getting better.Hygiene is getting better.
    5 years ago, I used to have a 512Kbps Internet connection (Yes.Not Mb.Kb.)and at the moment I have 50Mbps conncetion, smartphones are common and so is internet.
    And the world's most polluted city and the country capital has both Lake revival projects as well as the one of the world's cleanest metro services.
    It's nowhere near perfect here.But it's certainly getting better.Both our surroundings and the people.

    So, I have a request to your channel. DON'T MAKE VIDEOS PRAISING MY COUNTRY.Rather, criticize us.Laugh at us.
    The best out of a human comes only after struggles.Give us more of them so that we get even better while clearing them.

    JAI HIND!! Don't want my nation to be the greatest.I just want it to be the most beautiful.

  • indian nation
    indian nation 3 days ago

    Jai Ho

  • Sarah samreen
    Sarah samreen 3 days ago

    India is not developing it is rebuilding!!

    LEGENDARY SCNMS 3 days ago +1

    If the love for India is just for not dominating your then s crew g uys I hate them and I will forever because of them my pet three dog died they blocked when we were in crisis
    When the great earthquake accured...f-#k them....
    I hate them.i hate India
    From NEPAL🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳

  • om ranga
    om ranga 3 days ago

    I'll give you one reason why INDIA won't
    Because of our religion disparities
    We are so divided and fragmented among ourselves that basic development becomes a challenge

    THE ALMIGHTY GAMER 3 days ago +1

    Love India from india

  • Arya Waghmare
    Arya Waghmare 3 days ago

    #मराठा क्रांती मोर्चा 🚩🚩🚩🚩

  • Rktmtkl Jelrdkbn
    Rktmtkl Jelrdkbn 3 days ago +1

    I hate India I hope they will collapse by their population

  • Anish Tom
    Anish Tom 4 days ago

    We have work to do!

  • Eshwar 17
    Eshwar 17 4 days ago

    Salute for this. Thank u for this nice viedo

  • Venkatesh siva
    Venkatesh siva 4 days ago

    India is possible to be a super power on 2050

  • shivansh aariv
    shivansh aariv 4 days ago +1

    Views chahiye to TVclip p India ya indian title me laga do or views mil gyege

  • celeb world
    celeb world 4 days ago

    Google CEO is Sundar Pichai an Indian

  • Rakesh kure
    Rakesh kure 4 days ago

    i m indian but we dont want to become any superpower we want to become happy country like norway ,sweden but indian nieghbours are not supports to indian hate us and tried to invade us many time thats why india need to grow like israel

  • diVinedoto
    diVinedoto 4 days ago +1

    Goose bumps when he talking abt my country "Great india".. proud to be an indian..jai hind jai Sri ram

  • Kanil Basumatary
    Kanil Basumatary 4 days ago

    Indian knowledge can be lead to superpower in world

  • Abhileen Singh
    Abhileen Singh 4 days ago

    When the europe is saying India is going to become superpower😂

  • -เอิร์ธ-

    Hello India! 🇮🇳✋ from Thailand.🇹🇭🙏

  • Venkata Ramana Tamminani

    We are a peace loving country. We never believe in fingering anyone. But if we are fingered, we even do not even forgive. We are changing.

  • Dęępąk. Ąńąńđ
    Dęępąk. Ąńąńđ 4 days ago +1

    Our india is a great country nd we have never even thought about ruling the world we just believe in love and peace . Love to be an indian Love from india to the beautiful country india ❤❤❤

  • Any Grace
    Any Grace 4 days ago

    Bullshit, Nonsense.

  • Haramita Saha Maity
    Haramita Saha Maity 5 days ago

    One of our Hero Swami Vivekananda already told that to....so we believe in this statement.

  • IdiotB
    IdiotB 5 days ago

    Everything is fine .. but *Mandir wanhi banayenge*.

  • Lalhmahruaia Chuaungo

    i will be always greatfull i was born a indian

  • Lalhmahruaia Chuaungo

    spot on my friend who want to be no.1 of a horrible word while we can rule over a peacefull country

  • Lalhmahruaia Chuaungo

    depends on the leaders

  • pilla pavan kumar
    pilla pavan kumar 5 days ago +1

    We,The people of India do not want to become superpowers or Superior than other countries,but we all have great desire for a friendly relationship with all countries and create a world with
    peace everywhere.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Arsalan Safdar
    Arsalan Safdar 5 days ago +1

    hahahhaha :D india cant even rule Pakistan and they are talking about the world pfffttt :D the cunts cant even enter our Airspace and they talk about ruling the world :D it aint one of their bollywood movies mate, this is real life! Real life has real consequences and their Captain Abhinandan knows that very well now !!

  • m kvp
    m kvp 5 days ago

    India is just a huge dump.

    STAR BOY 5 days ago

    They already started in TVclip.

  • The Information and Mysteries Inder Pathak

    I am Indian and I happy to see the love of other countries for India
    And I want to say that India and Indians also loves everyone
    Love for all countries from me and my India

  • Arjun Singh
    Arjun Singh 5 days ago

    I m an indian

  • Surendra Reddy
    Surendra Reddy 5 days ago

    Surely it happens but not in 2050 , jai hind

  • Matthew Philip
    Matthew Philip 5 days ago


  • gaming sp
    gaming sp 5 days ago

    Indian 🇮🇳

  • Mridul Ghosh
    Mridul Ghosh 6 days ago

    We dont believe in domination, rather in equality

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 6 days ago +2

    First they have to get indoor plumbing.

  • Manheih Konyak
    Manheih Konyak 6 days ago

    Indian is perhaps a land of diversity living together in the spirit of unity... We believe in the strength of Oneness. Although, there are ups and downs but this small scratches isn't going to pull us apart. Land of rich culture

  • Isha Bhatt
    Isha Bhatt 6 days ago

    More of the NASA scientist are Indians. If Indians leave NASA no one can run NASA. #proudtobeIndian

  • A Jiu
    A Jiu 6 days ago

    India will surpass the US? I don't think so.

  • Gaelle Meyer
    Gaelle Meyer 6 days ago

    Looks like a dream but who knows

    SAYAN DUTTA 6 days ago

    I'm Indian and we don't need to rule anyone because we need peace,love and friendship.
    If anyone hurt us we will destroy them.
    "Never Under estimate power of a common Man"
    🇮🇳🙏Jai Hind 🙏🇮🇳

  • Suhas Dhamorikar
    Suhas Dhamorikar 6 days ago

    Every nation has something to offer to world and we all should appreciate it.

  • Suhas Dhamorikar
    Suhas Dhamorikar 6 days ago

    Opinion is right but reasoning not correct.India was a great power upto 1800 when Britishers looted, and booted the world.India shall rise again without looting others but by hard work.

  • Rocky Bamon
    Rocky Bamon 6 days ago

    I would like to thank the video maker. If you look back hundreds of years of loot under the Mughals, then another 200 years under British. And then when India was finally free, they broke it into two. Thousands killed, blood shed, so many wars, so many hurdles in the path of MadereWatan. Please shed a year for ur beautiful country, that just provides provides and provides. And even after all that, India will finally take its rightful place at the top of the world. Jai Hind.

  • sherry jat
    sherry jat 6 days ago

    From Alexander the great to the British empire just who has not fucked India lol hahahahahaha Persians Arabs Mongols Turks Greeks Portuguese French and the British and a Chinese bull shit India lol

  • Siddhanth Shetty
    Siddhanth Shetty 6 days ago

    Yeah but India is still hated by stupid dumbfucks 9 year olds.

  • himynameisrev
    himynameisrev 6 days ago

    Have you looked at climate change trends recently? Summer temperatures in India by 2050 will be 54.5 degrees Celsius, or 130 degrees Fahrenheit. People will drop dead. I’m not sure how you will be ruling anything, no offense. Most of the country will have to flee as climate refugees...

  • Souhardya Pal
    Souhardya Pal 6 days ago

    No country will rule the world. Super companies like Amazon will rule one day.

  • Sachin Pratap Singh
    Sachin Pratap Singh 6 days ago

    Unemployment is increasing in india.

  • maxphilly
    maxphilly 6 days ago

    Yeaa.. India will never dominate anything other than scammers

  • King Koushik
    King Koushik 6 days ago

    Love To All Countries From India....
    We Don't Want To Rule....
    We Want Only Peace And Friendship With All Countries...

  • fxp
    fxp 6 days ago

    First, rule India properly. Fix problems within country, with neighbors and then things like "India will rule the world in 2050" will seem meaningless and silly. No one "rules" the world. People talking like this are stupid and childish and will never ever "rule" the world.

  • Tamoghno Dasgupta
    Tamoghno Dasgupta 7 days ago

    why do we need to dominate world? why invade? why war? India will be in itself not needing to dominate other countries.

  • Hem Joshi
    Hem Joshi 7 days ago

    India was great, is great and will be great . India always tells to all "Vasudev kutumbakam" means entire world is a family. I love India and proud to be an Indian

  • Cherry fox
    Cherry fox 7 days ago

    Am from India, thanks for the India... Most of them in the world view was India is nation poor, populated, poverty etc etc... But really Indians are talented not interested in superpower... We love peace and good life...

  • Pradeep Kumar M Sreedharan

    It will a sad day if India or any other country rules the world

  • Warning
    Warning 7 days ago

    Number 9: T series

  • Siddhartha Bhattacharjee

    3k 9yo pewds fanbois offended

  • INKAJO Channel
    INKAJO Channel 7 days ago

    I am very very great full that I am a INDIAN

  • Ujjal Saha
    Ujjal Saha 7 days ago

    this kid is jx tryn to gain viewers by showing what he actually doesn't wants.

  • Yash Rathi
    Yash Rathi 7 days ago +3

    *Ek din india puri duniya chaleygi,*
    *Sabse pehle tumhe dhona sikhayegi*