How To Make The Game of Thrones Pigeon Pie

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • We all have a colleague who refuses to watch Game of Thrones. For Billy Eff, this colleague is Nick Rose. Now that the final season has begun, Billy attempts to coax Nick into the GOT cult by playing to his biggest weakness: food. The guys head off to the distant and delightful land of Rawdon and try to recreate a meal from one of the shows most memorable scenes: The Purple Wedding. Together, they will prepare a deconstructed version of the famous pigeon pie, and in true Game of Thrones fashion: do so without running water or electricity.Subscribe to Munchies here:
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Comments • 154

  • Jimmy Baond
    Jimmy Baond 2 days ago

    Speak English or shut up

  • Gasset
    Gasset 20 days ago +2

    Smh all English native speakers triggered since someone won't change their language to accommodate their needs xd

  • Hugo Hugenotten
    Hugo Hugenotten 22 days ago

    It would take my whole life to write down all the things that are wrong with this video.

  • Ian Fimone
    Ian Fimone 26 days ago +1

    Where the frick is the pie ???

  • Sarah Kessler
    Sarah Kessler 27 days ago

    not the pigeons

  • Magnus Rosenkvist
    Magnus Rosenkvist 29 days ago

    Teach that guy english

  • 48162342
    48162342 Month ago +1

    Incoming comments from whiny twats about how much they didn't like the last season of GoT.

    • Strand
      Strand Month ago

      Incoming comments from whiny twats trying to defend the honour of a TV show LOL

  • Who CouldItBe
    Who CouldItBe Month ago

    Why are they talking French if they are perfectly capable of speaking English? Whyyyyy?

    • Gasset
      Gasset 20 days ago

      Because it's their native language in which they best speak, think and cook. They don't have to change their tongue to suit the needs of others in their own homes. Besides, this channel has many videos in languages other than English, surely reading subtitles is not that much of a drag.

    • Who CouldItBe
      Who CouldItBe Month ago

      @Maïna Parent well wouldn't it be easier to have them speak in English if you are addressing a mainly English speaking audience, instead of putting up subtitles

    • Maïna Parent
      Maïna Parent Month ago

      Because french is one of Canada's official languages and many people have it as their first language?

  • Walid Tounieh
    Walid Tounieh Month ago

    Why Canada... WHY would you butcher such an elegant language...

  • Billy Joel
    Billy Joel Month ago

    Wasnt really watching so I thought I had a stroke when they started speaking french

  • Conor
    Conor Month ago

    Every time Munchies posts a video that isn’t in English, I’m reminded that Americans are allergic to any culture that is different than their own.

  • Johnny Eclectic
    Johnny Eclectic Month ago

    Wow, great post! Thanks for sharing!

  • KinkyCurlyDiva16
    KinkyCurlyDiva16 Month ago

    Are they dating?

  • Skip Visser
    Skip Visser Month ago

    did this mother fornicator just call it the purple wedding?

    • Skip Visser
      Skip Visser Month ago

      @Sean Paul my bad shouldn't smoke and comment anymore

    • Sean Paul
      Sean Paul Month ago

      Skip Visser thats how its called

  • Shielah M
    Shielah M Month ago

    Everyone is complaining, telling them to speak English... let them speak whatever language they want, jeez, u can read!!

  • Joyboyleeroy
    Joyboyleeroy Month ago

    That Canadian accent is like kryptonite for my ears....

  • GeorgioTheChef
    GeorgioTheChef Month ago

    Damn this video fucking sucked.

  • Tamara had
    Tamara had Month ago

    What’s the name of the music in the beginning of the video ?

  • Blah Bleh
    Blah Bleh Month ago

    y spek chinese, spek engrish plz

  • awel mohamed
    awel mohamed Month ago

    This video SUCKS

  • redelesdie
    redelesdie Month ago

    just put game of thrones in anything for clicks, the white puta aint even gonna watch it.

  • Theo N
    Theo N Month ago

    canada FRENCH !

  • shearcuttingmutt mutt

    What a modern french guy looks......

  • Faris Siddiqui
    Faris Siddiqui Month ago

    What language are they speaking in?

  • Blackbean Burger
    Blackbean Burger Month ago

    what a shit video. so disappointing.. munchies, you're on THIN ICE

  • Crennan Crantley
    Crennan Crantley Month ago

    Binging with Babish type beat

  • AlbanZap
    AlbanZap Month ago

    .... not a pie.

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago

    This is as much a pigeon pie as a burger from Mcdonalds is. If it weren’t for the fact that these guys fucked as soon as they were done cooking I would have hated this video.

  • Sosa
    Sosa Month ago

    Black Hipster speaking french randomly, absolute state of Munchies

    • rese
      rese Month ago

      He's Quebecois...

  • André Cascais
    André Cascais Month ago

    This is just ....sad...

  • teonna weakfall
    teonna weakfall Month ago +4

    Why go back and forth between french and English 🙄🙄

    • oliviaaap
      oliviaaap Month ago

      because bilingual people switch between languages in their every day life and they weren't going to make them reshoot little parts where they accidentally say one line in english when speaking to each other

  • Gojira Graphics
    Gojira Graphics Month ago

    More weird rawdon shit pls

    INEEDTHAT ENT Month ago

    English plz wtf

  • ToshPointFro Eats
    ToshPointFro Eats Month ago

    Does it come with the Ale Joffrey had? lol

  • Jeremy DeMarco
    Jeremy DeMarco Month ago +1

    looks literally nothing like the shows food lol

  • Ian MacDonald
    Ian MacDonald Month ago +10

    They are speaking french, even though they speak english
    One dude asks other dude to pass the garlic
    Dude passing the garlic says says "voilà"
    Subtitles say "here you go",,,,,
    Oh Munchies, never change.

  • Monika
    Monika Month ago

    The level of cooking skills and how themself comedic - wow!

  • Monika
    Monika Month ago

    Epic pie recipe. With a dash of French feeling.

  • Bay Ridge
    Bay Ridge Month ago

    Le petroleum jellee unos galeone minimal enjoye pepe le pew

  • mike hawk
    mike hawk Month ago +4

    now make arya pie from season 7 ep 1.

  • Karl P
    Karl P Month ago

    In English, fuckers

  • Jizz King
    Jizz King Month ago

    This was Fucken annoying to watch them speaking half English half fucked French

  • CH
    CH Month ago

    The purple wedding LOL

  • dan emp
    dan emp Month ago +23

    Wtf is that? Doesn't even slightly resemble the pigeon pie in the show lol

    • Gary
      Gary 22 days ago

      @TheEpicnesscontained aka NOT A FUCKING PIE

    • TheEpicnesscontained
      TheEpicnesscontained Month ago

      thats why they said its 'deconstructed'

  • Ross Martinez III
    Ross Martinez III Month ago

    Had to douche up the pigeon pie....

  • Pickled Ginger
    Pickled Ginger Month ago

    This bites. .......and not in the "oooh, hurts so good" way.

  • Zachary Folse
    Zachary Folse Month ago +1

    This should have been two French guys catfish munchies and still get published 😂 also the clickbait lol

  • melloe
    melloe Month ago

    the french was fun

  • Isaiah Shaver
    Isaiah Shaver Month ago

    Why is it in French jw

  • s
    s Month ago +1

    speak English

  • A Channel
    A Channel Month ago

    My PIGON is GONE

  • MsToccora
    MsToccora Month ago +2

    Longest 7 mins of my life...

    • Just Being
      Just Being Month ago +1

      MsToccora then don’t watch it you stupid fuck You fucking idiot no one forced you to watch it

  • BillQuag -
    BillQuag - Month ago

    What a creative topic! Kudos to tge writer...

  • Bisayan_Tek
    Bisayan_Tek Month ago +2

    screw pigeon pie, I'll have two chickens!

  • That Guy
    That Guy Month ago

    What kind of idiot can't build a god damn fire WITH matches. I know he's french but damn...

  • minusseasons
    minusseasons Month ago +4

    More of this pls. Honey capons, buttered turnips, lemon cakes etc

  • Lucky Bass Turd
    Lucky Bass Turd Month ago

  • Forever Trill
    Forever Trill Month ago +5

    They clearly both spoke English wtf

  • A I
    A I Month ago


  • Earning Attorney
    Earning Attorney Month ago +6

    The French really brings out the annoying nature of this

  • Kbab
    Kbab Month ago +3

    Damn. I thought they were speaking in Finnish several secs in until I realise its actually French. Nvm that, that was fun to watch !

  • MrSeth1387
    MrSeth1387 Month ago

    Why speak ugly language, wenn you could speak English like humanes....

  • Rochelle Bailey
    Rochelle Bailey Month ago

    Cool.think I'll sub chicken though lolol

  • Pablo Eskibar
    Pablo Eskibar Month ago

    what about the poison?

  • Leather Pants Guy
    Leather Pants Guy Month ago +2

    What's next a Game of Incest cream pie?

    • Bay Ridge
      Bay Ridge Month ago

      Next is hug and plug all night long,very cold out there 😋

  • Adrian Mercado
    Adrian Mercado Month ago +1

    I wanted a real pie. Oh well.

  • IG: ohhitznene
    IG: ohhitznene Month ago +1

    If it was the reap game of thrones y'all would just say fuck it . Eat it raw like a beast

  • JAGWAH66
    JAGWAH66 Month ago

    Uh....... NOPE.

  • Ironbooze
    Ironbooze Month ago

    But why a decomposed pie? Extra pretentiousness?

  • panda12333
    panda12333 Month ago

    jesus what language is this sounds just wrong

  • HachiZenki
    HachiZenki Month ago

    Flying rat pie. Nummy.

  • MarPower Gaming
    MarPower Gaming Month ago

    I heard that brans going to seat on the iron throne

  • nick lay
    nick lay Month ago

    That aint a pie lol

  • George Patrick
    George Patrick Month ago +42

    You better no forget about the gravy or my boi *HOT PIE* gonna be pissed

  • Lunala Moon
    Lunala Moon Month ago +1

    Never tried pigeon meat but it sounds interesting! Is it like chicken?

    • Andre Coleman
      Andre Coleman Month ago

      More like duck imo. Darker meat than chicken.

    • Bomrad
      Bomrad Month ago +1

      yeah kinda but more gamey tasting - eg. kinda like venison vs beef i guess?

  • Mc Lovin
    Mc Lovin Month ago

    What is this snowy place ?

  • Matt LeGroulx
    Matt LeGroulx Month ago +26

    Oh, I hear a Quebecois accent!

  • Joker Productions
    Joker Productions Month ago +122

    You both clearly speak the common tongue, but spoke Valyrian anyway... rather annoying.

    • BEggerton
      BEggerton 27 days ago

      I subscribe to both Munchies and Joker... NOW THIS IS WHAT IT'S LIKE WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE

    • rhn94
      rhn94 Month ago +2

      who gives a fuck fatty

    • area51r
      area51r Month ago +2

      you're rather annoying

    • Katie P.
      Katie P. Month ago

      They should've put it in the title

  • MsPookie
    MsPookie Month ago

    Game of dirt

  • Moxie Beast ASMR
    Moxie Beast ASMR Month ago +6

    Better than any episode we’ve seen this season 😔 hail ya its in French! 😍

    • area51r
      area51r Month ago

      you're en France

  • ThatZenDude
    ThatZenDude Month ago +14

    "Are you watching Season 8 with me? " " Not a chance" - rekt

  • The Gourmet Grandad
    The Gourmet Grandad Month ago +11

    Mmmm Pigeon pie with sticks in ... lovely... great Video guys and a *BIG LIKE* from my Small Channel..

    • Brian McNay
      Brian McNay Month ago

      I like how you comment on every popular food video. Not too pressing with promoting your own channel, but still just a hint of self promotion. I commend you Gourmet Grandad. You get a sub from me. Don't let me down!

  • Taylor Slinger
    Taylor Slinger Month ago +16

    Why the hell did this video go french with an English intro. Just make it all french if your going to use French dialogue for the main portion of the video.

    • Paulina Cioffi
      Paulina Cioffi Month ago +4

      @jimichou GOB very much so, I am a huge fan. Yours doesn't translate.

    • jimichou GOB
      jimichou GOB Month ago

      @Paulina Cioffi Are you aware of the existence of sarcasm ?

    • Paulina Cioffi
      Paulina Cioffi Month ago +3

      ​@jimichou GOB No, it's not french from France. It's a dialect of the french language spoken by millions and deserves respect nonetheless. Don't insult a culture you don't know. Period.

    • jimichou GOB
      jimichou GOB Month ago +5

      That is not french, that is Québécois which sounds terrible. Please do not make the mistake again !

  • ilovepork and chicken
    ilovepork and chicken Month ago +29

    What we really want to know is how to put live pigeons inside the pie, and how to make sure they dont shit the pie while they're inside

  • D34Dbox_21 CCC
    D34Dbox_21 CCC Month ago +9

    Would rather listen to someone with broken english than listen to people speaking french who very clearly speak english

    • jerry1488
      jerry1488 Month ago

      The video was made for Vice Québec therefore it's in French, so go ahead and expose your misplaced anger to the world. Also you can shit on people who did the subtitle if it satisfies you but remember you're just a sad person and should find a better way to deal with life.

    • trevorpinnocky
      trevorpinnocky Month ago

      Tough shit

    DEADPIXELS Month ago

    it's from season 4

  • no one
    no one Month ago

    Even this video was better than season 8 has been. At least I didn't waste my time watching it. Learning a new recipe is always preferable to get a brain aneurysm from the shittiest end season of any show that there is, was, or ever will be.
    That sure does look delicious.

    • Kristoffer Larsson
      Kristoffer Larsson Month ago

      @no one Thanks! You don't like season 5-7? I need to read the books sometime too. I'm just really bad at reading books. It's so boring 😁

    • no one
      no one Month ago

      @Kristoffer Larsson Well that explains a lot. I think we're done here. Enjoy your re-watch! I'll be watching season 1-4 and sighing a lot for the wasted potential.

    • Kristoffer Larsson
      Kristoffer Larsson Month ago

      @no one I did, in parts. I just didn't like how slow it was the first 2 seasons. Sooo many characters to keep in mind and there was like 50 people that had stories at that time. To me it was super confusing because I haven't read the books.
      We all know they won't remake season 8. It had its flaws but as I said earlier I'm satisfied with how it ended. What's your favourite season(s) btw? Mine is probably 5-7. Now that the show has ended I'm super excited to rewatch it all just to understand things I missed earlier 😊

    • no one
      no one Month ago

      @Kristoffer Larsson That sounds to me, like you didn't appreciate the earlier seasons.

    • Kristoffer Larsson
      Kristoffer Larsson Month ago

      @no one Of course not. I didn't even like it that much in the beginning. It grew on me.

  • Branford
    Branford Month ago +3

    im thoroughly depressed at the high volume of low quality memes and comments

    • WHP1200
      WHP1200 Month ago +1

      Youre actually so cringe bro

    • s
      s Month ago +2

      lick my ass bitch

  • Danika Lee Whitaker


  • K H
    K H Month ago +2

    Now you guys just have to invite joffrey and poison him for real this time

    • area51r
      area51r Month ago

      you're the poison

  • Gabriel Oliveira
    Gabriel Oliveira Month ago +16

    Why are they speaking french when they clearly speak english? XD

    • Fourien 45
      Fourien 45 Month ago +4

      Who fucking cares? You are an complete ignorant. They have the right to speak the language of their choice ... especially their mother tongue.

    • tyhyin1
      tyhyin1 Month ago +1

      @Gabriel Oliveira Yes, they can speak both and have every right to do so.

    • ilovepork and chicken
      ilovepork and chicken Month ago +4

      They are embracing their heritage

    • Gabriel Oliveira
      Gabriel Oliveira Month ago +1

      @tyhyin1 But they still speak english XD

    • tyhyin1
      tyhyin1 Month ago +6

      'Cos they're French Canadian.

  • JG ASMR High Quality Channel

    Look so yummy yummy❤❤❤❤
    I love food video !!

  • axel rod
    axel rod Month ago +53

    I know this will be better than the last episode of GOT.

    • area51r
      area51r Month ago

      you're the last episode

    • Ike Rofe
      Ike Rofe Month ago +2

      axel rod stop being a hater what did you expect to happen?

  • aliREGGAEE
    aliREGGAEE Month ago

    Yeah bash

  • Colin
    Colin Month ago +4

    Do how to make a Frey pie next

  • Tom Ribaroff
    Tom Ribaroff Month ago +32

    Better than Season 8

    • no one
      no one Month ago

      @Jpå List would be shorter if I say, what's good about it.
      Visuals and music. Everything else is bad, or retarted.

    • Jpå
      Jpå Month ago

      whats bad about season 8

    • no one
      no one Month ago +2

      @Ike Rofe Loose the "not" part and you're on the money.

    • Ike Rofe
      Ike Rofe Month ago +1

      Not liking season 8 is the same thing as self harm

    • axel rod
      axel rod Month ago +1