Arctic Foxes Destroy Filmmaker's Camera

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • Motion-sensor cameras are no match for mischievous foxes!
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    "Fox Tales" premieres Wednesday, Oct 11 at 8pm ET on PBS.
    Curious arctic fox kits, having discovered one of our motion-sensor cameras, proceed to tear it apart.
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Comments • 34

  • Alina Mitchelson
    Alina Mitchelson 2 months ago

    Ahh, wish I could have one

  • Nick Severance
    Nick Severance 7 months ago

    Its okay little babies it was an accedent.

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  • Aoi Shania
    Aoi Shania 10 months ago

    Music at 1:40 pls?

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 11 months ago

    That was kinda funny to watch. By the way, I wonder how the red foxes reacted to the cameramen in the episode (I remember much of the episode was centered around those cross red foxes)?

  • Alex Ellryn
    Alex Ellryn 11 months ago

    Cutesy foxsey

  • Vadim Kudryavtsev
    Vadim Kudryavtsev 11 months ago +4

    Писец подкрался незаметно

  • IC
    IC 11 months ago

    THE KAWAI LEVEL IS OVER 9000!!!! 💀😍

  • Quelquefois1793
    Quelquefois1793 11 months ago

    Destroys? Where?

  • Hunter Battelfild
    Hunter Battelfild 11 months ago +1

    Это песец

  • Pyro Head
    Pyro Head 11 months ago

    *NOTHING* on this planet is fox proof. Put a few foxes at the presidents bunker and they'd *FIND* a way in.

  • Fish
    Fish 11 months ago

    Looks like a lil Pokemon

  • peter h
    peter h 11 months ago


  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy 11 months ago +6


    • Nature Boy
      Nature Boy 11 months ago

      Colonel Grande You're right. How careless of me to forgot about them

    • Colonel Grande
      Colonel Grande 11 months ago +4

      the camera's family

  • pierre korlaar
    pierre korlaar 11 months ago

    it's just fox ,,, don''t trow evolution in mix ,,,

    • anvior45
      anvior45 11 months ago +1

      Ehm.. Because he was explaining why their ears and legs are much shorter than other foxes. Longer extremities would freeze, so selective pressures over time favored shorter ones.

  • Christopher Chase
    Christopher Chase 11 months ago +2

    Camera destroyed, but the footage is priceless.

  • Christopher Chase
    Christopher Chase 11 months ago +2

    Camera destroyed, but the footage is priceless.

  • Solomon Conroy
    Solomon Conroy 11 months ago

    artic fux

  • Krupovich Ivan
    Krupovich Ivan 11 months ago

    yes, it was im

  • StarlitShadows
    StarlitShadows 11 months ago +5

    Little rapscallions! Lol

  • How To Vegan
    How To Vegan 11 months ago +2

    Cutey Pies.

  • A Nein
    A Nein 11 months ago +5

    Who would dislike this?

  • Katherine Uribe
    Katherine Uribe 11 months ago +21

    Naughty little foxes! Hahaha! Too cute!

  • Rocket Power
    Rocket Power 11 months ago +5


  • kinateks lucky
    kinateks lucky 11 months ago +1

    Love your videos

  • Dijaa Jamal
    Dijaa Jamal 11 months ago +13

    I will never can be mad at them. They are too adorable to be mad at 🤤

  • Dennis Taylor
    Dennis Taylor 11 months ago +6

    Rest in Peace Camera. Your contribution is deeply appreciated.