The IMPOSSIBLE Gaming Laptop

  • Published on Aug 31, 2019
  • Intel has made the Lightest Gaming Laptop in the world and it's impossibly good. This unit is the Mag-15 from Eluktronics
    Available Here -
    It's equipped with a fully magnesium body, an RTX 2070 MaxQ, i7-9750H, a BIG battery and great thermal performance. It's REALLY weird that they made something better than so many other big name brands.
    It's lighter, a better performer and has a bigger battery than the MSI GS65, Razer Blade 15, Alienware M15. The Aero 15 has a slightly bigger battery but this is noticeably lighter.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  3 months ago +3054

    I dunno HOW they did it. But they did. Intel just dropped some serious hardware. Thanks for watching!

    • Leonardo Wong
      Leonardo Wong 27 days ago

      @Lionel Lim there is a Singapore version from Aftershock. It's the Vapor 15 Pro

    • M T
      M T Month ago

      I think Intel has serious motivation to do this, in the IC market they are facing a lot of pressure from AMD, ARM & manufacturers supporting RISC-V (RISC-5). So that is the reason.
      As a gamer is easy to dismiss all the other manufacturers specially if they don't use the latest & greatest on gaming. But gamers are not the center of the computer market, they are a niche, a fringe niche. That is why they went with small laptop brands, they want to be the center of attention in this product.
      They have to solidify the market they have before they keep loosing it to others.

    • Christian
      Christian Month ago

      @Anthony Chavez Do you think 10th gen will make 9th gen drop drastically? I can't even find 8th gen laptops for much cheaper.. I'm thinking of keeping my eye out for this around Black Friday.

    • yung LI
      yung LI Month ago

      The laptop is really small, looks and feel more like a 13 inch

    • Mr Fenemache
      Mr Fenemache 2 months ago

      @Lionel Lim aftershock sell it! Its call the Vapor 15 pro.

  • Nic V
    Nic V 37 minutes ago

    Dear Dave ,
    i'm currently looking to buy a laptop with 144Hrz refresh rate and g-sync which can run also similarly as low on temps and quiet as the one presented above.
    Could u possibly propose a few from 2019, that can get the job done as good as that, if any? Budget is 1000-1500$.
    Tnx in advance ! Btw luv ur vids man.

  • Peter P.
    Peter P. 42 minutes ago

    they could have done this years ago ,my alineware 15r3 is almost 8 pounds ,the heatsink, motherboard and ssd is like half a pound altogether ,everything else is frame ,metal and plastics. just got new battery ,99wh is same size and still half plastic


    Background is too dull

  • Simple edits
    Simple edits 2 days ago

    Is it available in any other stores ?

  • Eyez zeyE
    Eyez zeyE 3 days ago

    Since it's so impossibly amazing, why don't you replace your Razer Blade 15?

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee  3 days ago +1

      don't like the look of the mag15 as much
      blade isn't the best performing 15" device out there, but it's good enough on performance and i really like the way it looks

  • Electrex
    Electrex 3 days ago

    Trash computer that was rigged with the Intel Optane Memory. The crap doesn’t even boot after a month. Eluktronics should be sued.

  • Joshua Orange
    Joshua Orange 3 days ago

    Really nice cooling. however that shell is trash.

  • Niclas Ericsson
    Niclas Ericsson 3 days ago

    I bought this laptop in Japan, where it’s called Thirdwave Galleria. From the very start I had problems with the trackpad. Half of it would stop registering touch intermittently and only the lower half would work. I returned it for a replacement which had the same problem. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this, or if it’s limited to the Japanese version.

  • Mueqa Trae
    Mueqa Trae 4 days ago

    Still not to my expectation

  • SubstanceD91
    SubstanceD91 4 days ago

    So it looks like intel basically designed a laptop themselves but they had no desire to manufacture, assemble, market, sell or support the laptop at all? So they're just contracting with a bunch of small pc builders around the world to do all that for them? Is that not really bizarre?

  • Peter Bacon
    Peter Bacon 4 days ago

    I'll wait for a UHD OLED variant and see how it compares to the Razer Blade Pro.

  • Vaidant Kabra
    Vaidant Kabra 5 days ago +1

    The desk is too big for you look like a kid in his dad's office.

  • Makarov The Plat
    Makarov The Plat 6 days ago

    5:00 what's the software you're using? Looks cool

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine 6 days ago

    0:08 You can stop right there. You're right gaming laptops don't make any sense.

    jk dont kill me.

  • Baddy Kay
    Baddy Kay 6 days ago

    Thin and light
    Best thermals
    Biggest battery
    Reasonable price
    Me: thats awesome i need this
    My wallet: nope
    I meam this is one of the best values for money..but a gaming desktop would still be cheaper than this..

  • Baddy Kay
    Baddy Kay 6 days ago

    Thin and light
    Best thermals
    Biggest battery
    Reasonable price
    Me: thats awesome i need this
    My wallet: nope
    I meam this is one of the best values for money..but a gaming desktop would still be cheaper than this..

  • Enkidu Kyrielight
    Enkidu Kyrielight 6 days ago +1

    I think they collabed with lesser known companys to have a bigget influence on it and get more profit because of the amd war

  • Jose Herrera
    Jose Herrera 7 days ago +1

    Did you get the gaming laptop you wanted?
    What did it cost?
    Everything. ;-;

  • Wali Hamid
    Wali Hamid 9 days ago +1

    Wait magnesium is a metal, but that looks like a plastic.

  • Wali Hamid
    Wali Hamid 9 days ago

    What are those lights in the back called?

  • GreenSweeper77
    GreenSweeper77 11 days ago

    Jeabus these things are expensive, way cheaper alternatives with same or better specs out there.

  • Rick Silveira
    Rick Silveira 11 days ago

    u talk too much

  • Daniel Louis
    Daniel Louis 12 days ago

    It is just based on Clevo model. Same device with different logo named XMG fusion in Europe and Aftershock in Asia. It can be re-pasted the thermal as you want in factory. Good performance but bad quality control and warranty. I’d prefer Razer or ROG

  • DR. Vince
    DR. Vince 12 days ago +3

    So how does this compare to Asus Strix g core g531gu
    They have same specs and I don’t know which one is better to buy

    • DR. Vince
      DR. Vince 8 days ago

      Nicolas Baroja I’m getting the Asus one I think

    • Nicolas Baroja
      Nicolas Baroja 8 days ago

      Which one are you going to get? Im also between those

  • Fire Hunterz
    Fire Hunterz 13 days ago +1

    What?! Holy shit is this real? There's no way a gaming laptop is that is professional looking,thin, light and has a long battery life! Seriously this is one hell of a machine!

  • Saintsol V
    Saintsol V 13 days ago

    impossibly expensive

  • jlhopwo
    jlhopwo 13 days ago

    Hi Dave, I'm just some joe shmo who bought this laptop based in part on your glowing review. They sent me one that arrived broken. I sent the old one back the same day that it arrived, and they said they would send me another one (same specs) as soon as they received the old one, which they did two days later. So far (now one week later), they have gone off the air and aren't responding to my emails. Can you please help me contact them? Do you know someone there? I'm not an influencer, just a paying customer. Any help from you would be very appreciated. Not sure where else to turn. Thanks!

  • zafar safarov
    zafar safarov 13 days ago

    I just bought one it is really working well. Thanks for video. it helped me a lot buy it you will not regret for any cent of your money

  • Marco Notarnicola
    Marco Notarnicola 14 days ago

    is there a version with 2080 maxq ?

  • Kelainos
    Kelainos 14 days ago

    The IMPOSSIBLE gaming Laptop?
    For me, that would rather be one with 0 dB noise under load!

  • Omar Nader
    Omar Nader 14 days ago

    I ordered it!!!

  • Hossam Alden
    Hossam Alden 15 days ago

    Give me its

  • Todd Haynes
    Todd Haynes 15 days ago +3

    Who else makes this laptop? He said that it’s sold under other names.

    • Nigurt
      Nigurt 12 days ago


  • Niraj Shrestha
    Niraj Shrestha 15 days ago

    I really love this laptop.... already watched this video several times..😌😔 I wish I could own this laptop😥

  • Born 2 Win
    Born 2 Win 17 days ago

    Can we use it for school or nah

  • Lionel Jerrin Jr.
    Lionel Jerrin Jr. 17 days ago +1

    This is how many gaming laptops this dude has

  • Massimo Buob
    Massimo Buob 19 days ago

    What's about the batterylife?

  • Atherling
    Atherling 19 days ago

    This vs the Razer Blade 15? Which one is better because I'm in the market for gaming laptops.

  • devan johnson
    devan johnson 19 days ago

    and how does a grill cutout make a laptop look cheap. ur buying it for the hardware

  • devan johnson
    devan johnson 19 days ago

    lol such a low price.....1500 lol

  • Guy Dviri
    Guy Dviri 19 days ago

    as usual crappy speakes for 2000$ laptop. no deal for me.

  • okiesib
    okiesib 20 days ago +1

    I need someone to tell me if the CPU and GPU are upgreadable!

  • Arnaud DEBEC
    Arnaud DEBEC 20 days ago

    You're a fake Dave, the real one would have his desk perfectly aligned horizontally:

  • Yang Peter
    Yang Peter 23 days ago

    max q = not worth it

  • Mathew Boyd
    Mathew Boyd 23 days ago

    You should get some merch Dave

  • Alien EYE
    Alien EYE 24 days ago

    honestly, i dont see how its any diffrent than any outher laptop, yes you can talk about thermals all day, but I know a lot of laptops that with that spec hase no trubble at all.

  • Anon
    Anon 24 days ago

    Dave, Black Friday around the corner and razor blades may go on sale, so what’s worth my money? The Mag 15 or the Razer Blade 15 both with a 1660ti config and a 144 hz display option.

    TH1LEEP 25 days ago

    Now you can’t see how I got these likes

    **sarcastic laugh** hahahaha I have no likes hahaha you just got trolled lmao lmao lmao hahahaha
    I’m lonely ;(

    • dan R.A
      dan R.A 7 days ago

      Take my like ;)

  • Mihael Smilevski
    Mihael Smilevski 25 days ago

    whats the mouse ur using??
    i want to get it

  • Dhiraj Narzary
    Dhiraj Narzary 26 days ago

    Will it be available in india

  • renae nisbet
    renae nisbet 26 days ago

    Whats the best laptop to play final fantasy 14. Thise boss fights ... by the time i see AOE attack im already dead .. im assuming its fps screen issues .. maybe .. any way .. your advice will help me so much. Im thinking around 2500.00 usd anything from that price .

  • Stavy Duchene
    Stavy Duchene 26 days ago

    Would this laptop be appropriate to use for video editing? The performance are great but are the screen colors accurate enough?

  • Charles Yeo
    Charles Yeo 27 days ago +1

    It all comes down to I/O ports... I need my SD card slot

  • pa na
    pa na 27 days ago

    ...plant based gaming laptop.

  • mohyim02
    mohyim02 27 days ago +1

    Can we get this in Dubai?

  • Tyson Faulds
    Tyson Faulds 27 days ago


  • ShamRockJack
    ShamRockJack 28 days ago

    I've been looking for a new laptop in preparation for CyberPunk 2077 and was going to go with the Alienware Area 51m but this has the same specs for half the price, fuck yeah.

  • David Patino
    David Patino 28 days ago

    This or the Acer Nitro 7?

  • Arga Gabriel
    Arga Gabriel 28 days ago

    It's november and apparently this laptop is flying off shelves because of this very review. Have eluktronics show their gratitude?