Why Pink Himalayan Salt Is So Expensive | So Expensive

  • Published on Jun 1, 2019
  • Pink Himalayan salt is used in speciality foods, spa treatments, and even home design. 100 grams of it can cost $5 to $8, up to 20 times more than generic table salt. So, why is it so expensive?
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    Why Pink Himalayan Salt Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Comments • 7 786

  • Nate Ross
    Nate Ross 2 hours ago

    "I don't think it will be around forever."
    It is salt, it will literally be around forever. 🤣🤣🤣

  • The D3RP Clan
    The D3RP Clan 5 hours ago

    That salt taste test 👌🏻

  • Juan Pablo Velásquez
    Juan Pablo Velásquez 12 hours ago

    Then why is it so expensive?
    I know it needs to be extracted from caves, like coal, but where else does the cost comes from? I mean, its abundant like coal, but like 20 times as expensive.

  • Sanjana !!
    Sanjana !! 16 hours ago

    Is that kala namakkk??

  • Alex Vikendi
    Alex Vikendi 17 hours ago

    Enjoy your heavy metals in it. Most are fake anyway.

  • Mocchaq
    Mocchaq Day ago +2

    Wait really? Its cheaper where i live O.o

  • Xenomorfik 43
    Xenomorfik 43 Day ago

    Mmmm cadmium, thats what i want to eat

  • Shehreen Ktk224
    Shehreen Ktk224 Day ago

    Since this salt is only found in pakistan so its really really cheap here u can find like 3 jars of this salt in my kitchen

  • el pepinillo
    el pepinillo 2 days ago

    Wait a minute
    My grandma have three lamp of himalayan salt :v

  • Paytin Sommer
    Paytin Sommer 2 days ago +1

    Imagine the salt had red 40 in the mineral list

  • Al
    Al 3 days ago

    Sea salt is the best. Pink salt won't make you immortal. We need only minerals ,don't arsenic, plutonium and other harmful ingredients.

  • Karan Nainwal
    Karan Nainwal 4 days ago

    Wait until we sell Ghee to the World as an alternative for olive oil. Revenge for Unilever dumping products in India 😂

  • Bhasker Thapa
    Bhasker Thapa 4 days ago

    Have anyone tried black salt from Himalayas as well, you can mix regular salt and black in lemon/lime juice and really tell the difference. Both taste and smell wise. I like it.

  • Caleb Pearl
    Caleb Pearl 4 days ago

    I thought it was salmon.

  • GRV
    GRV 4 days ago +1

    Pink salt last forever, yet in the store it has an expiration date. What's that about? 🤔

  • Shauny jimenez
    Shauny jimenez 5 days ago +1

    Video: *pink himalayan salt can cost you up to thousands for a few grams*
    Me: *stares at my pink himalayan salt lamp across the room*
    Me: stonks

  • Yusra Ali
    Yusra Ali 5 days ago +5

    I didn’t even realize this was considered expensive

  • Shana
    Shana 5 days ago

    I think issue lies in the overdose of less beneficial properties that are put in our regular fine white salts (like sodium etc). himalayan salt is less popular thus goes through less processes and thus equally healthy as cooking rock white salt

  • squiders Marine
    squiders Marine 5 days ago

    Pink salt or sea salt are similar in my view. The trace minerals are very good, because although minute, your body only requires tiny amounts to get the benefit. Would you survive without it. As long as your not drinking water which has been through reverse osmosis sure you will. Is it better than table salt. Hell yeah! Can the plecebo effect be beneficial! Hell Yeah! Your mind is powerful can be manipulated to heal oneself.

  • aedan833-_-
    aedan833-_- 6 days ago

    I have a light made out of this

  • Serious PAK Chaid
    Serious PAK Chaid 6 days ago +1

    Pakistan has largest reserve of pink salt in the world at khewra mine in pakistan.

  • lucid
    lucid 6 days ago

    In Pakistan, we feed this salt to cattles. 🤣

  • Greatest Comment of All Time

    I just licked my lamp.

  • Audi Azham
    Audi Azham 7 days ago

    It's funny how "Trend" will mostly Increase the prize of the related things, like this Pink Salt, smh.

  • aesteral
    aesteral 7 days ago

    I use this salt,,

  • 310
    310 7 days ago

    *Joe rogan sent me here

  • kelpylogan
    kelpylogan 8 days ago

    But i have a big bottle from costco and its not that much

  • Panagiotis Kavalieratos Archery

    The answer is simple. With the following story, all can be answered . Japanese merchant : "buy our deluxe super duper special traditional mystical and legendary KATANA swords. They can cut through diamond walls and fire lightnings. Also to do that... you have to go to that other Japanese guy to learn his ancient super duper deluxe special and mystical martial art. After many years or dedicated training you might reach the master level. Ok give us Japanese your money now.

    A Pakistani pink salt merchant comes....................

  • Perfeccionista
    Perfeccionista 8 days ago +1

    Disliked because they put it on the floor... 🤨

    • Esinam Adzo
      Esinam Adzo 3 days ago

      All salt end up on the floor before getting to your table. You just don't see it

  • m3t4llic
    m3t4llic 8 days ago

    "Help in weight loss, reducing aging, regulating sleep, increasing your libido" The same people claim vaccination cause autism, and global warming is a hoax and the earth is flat.

  • Iskalder
    Iskalder 8 days ago

    arsenic.. iin the salt, nice

  • Alif Firdaus
    Alif Firdaus 9 days ago


  • saumya srivastava
    saumya srivastava 9 days ago

    So you telling me the container full of pink salt in my kitchen is expensive.. Nice

  • mrq91est
    mrq91est 9 days ago

    LOL and here in Estonia a kilogram of Himalayan salt is 2 dollars

  • Johann Ulloa
    Johann Ulloa 9 days ago +4

    Now I'm gonna lick my cousins pink rock salt lamp to see if it's salty

  • Ashraf Muhammad
    Ashraf Muhammad 9 days ago

    In pakistan this salt is very cheap

  • Hair hair
    Hair hair 9 days ago

    I’m a hair

  • Dank Meme Lover
    Dank Meme Lover 10 days ago +5

    Pink Salt has Uranium?
    *USSR National Anthem intensifies*

  • Priscila
    Priscila 10 days ago

    Idk why people in comment section are saying bad things about pink salt🤦‍♀️. It is more healthier than your table iodised salt

  • Maheen Shoaib
    Maheen Shoaib 11 days ago

    Not in pakistan tho

  • Ismaeel Mohammad
    Ismaeel Mohammad 11 days ago

    Thank God i am From Pakistan... Its soo cheap here

  • J Lop
    J Lop 12 days ago +5

    I can get a bottle of pink salt for a dollar at “dollar tree”

  • Aliyah Khan
    Aliyah Khan 12 days ago

    H ah ah ah.whitch we were talkin about natural salt which is naturally pink.
    Not some juice or bakery product

  • Emily Cosgrove
    Emily Cosgrove 13 days ago

    when you suddenly realize how great of a deal your 15 lb $12 Himalayan salt lamp is... I love you Amazon

  • Pinky Mixology
    Pinky Mixology 13 days ago

    The taste is unique though. Bron Bolivian to the salt mines under the Great Lakes, mined salt is so flavorful from place to place, and it isn't contaminated with micro-plastics like sea salt.

  • Mian Amir
    Mian Amir 13 days ago

    Pakistan is selling pink salt at low rates, don't know how it get so costly?

  • Shan Jeck
    Shan Jeck 14 days ago

    The guy cutting the salt has really good skin and obviously he is in fkn Pakistan so I guess pink salt does work.

  • 露帝
    露帝 14 days ago

    I scared for that dudes hand near that rotating saw

  • shyam challay
    shyam challay 15 days ago

    Our country also have this.but why u make video only for pakistan.mr reporter u dont know about nepal.if u dont know about nepal.plz study more.otherwise dont make this like this video

  • lotusborn
    lotusborn 16 days ago

    You can find this at the dollar tree tho

  • yeongii
    yeongii 17 days ago

    okay but like i got 3 bath bombs with pink himalayan salt at dollar tree

  • Waail Atif
    Waail Atif 17 days ago

    It has many benefits only West is jealous
    If cranberry juice still hasn’t proved to be useful for urine infection or was said America had those bushes lying around n sold it as item of worth and still no verification
    But pink salt definitely is used in homeopathic treatments and has real benefits
    Shame on BI for making it a common salt

  • Feenita charles
    Feenita charles 18 days ago

    Its cheap in places like india and Pakistan

  • a wild slime
    a wild slime 20 days ago

    i like it because its tasty (i can taste tiny differences in flavor)

  • Shahzad Ali
    Shahzad Ali 20 days ago +1

    This year it's exportation to India is closed because the people or factory that was importing this salt from Pakistan from my city Jhelum those indian business man hypocrites were selling it to other countries with their branding along with fake stickers of "made in india"

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith 21 day ago

    I just had to click to confirm. Yeah, that was a man holding his hand right next to a massive spinning saw blade.

    MASS ONE 21 day ago

    this is propaganda bs

  • Adam Colbert
    Adam Colbert 22 days ago

    I'd read that if you heat it up, it ionizes the air, causing dust particles to fall to the ground instead of floating around, so you breathe in less dust, so that's why salt lamps are beneficial.

  • MissCarolineKay
    MissCarolineKay 24 days ago

    Pink salt is saltier than sea salt 🧂 and I don’t like that lol

  • harry chua
    harry chua 24 days ago

    Because it has blood??? 🤣🤣🤣