Medvedev Surges Past Djokovic; Goffin Hits Milestone | Cincinnati 2019 Semi-Final Highlights

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Daniil Medvedev stunned the defending champ and will face David Goffin in the final at Cincy Tennis ... Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:
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  • Евгений Кузьменко

    Медведев плешивая хуйня

  • Abiola Davis
    Abiola Davis 19 days ago

    Too Short

  • unrepeatable raddish
    unrepeatable raddish 20 days ago +3

    medvedev getting booed by the US fans for showing the finger, serena williams threatens a line judge and gets cheered...... US fans for you

  • jordan
    jordan 26 days ago +1

    Medvedev > Putin

  • Andriy Atomick
    Andriy Atomick 28 days ago


  • Cidclay Abreu
    Cidclay Abreu 29 days ago

    Salve Medvedev!! 👏👏👏👏

  • Eric Bell
    Eric Bell Month ago

    I was at the match, and it was amazing how the Mednedev fans (or butt hurt Federer fans who cheered out of spite) came out of the wood work at his first break point in the 2nd set, Djokovic was taken back by the uproar before his serve and lost. Med had all the momentum and his adjustment to bang the 2nd serves was too much for Djokovic to handle. Novak just got a little careless in the 2nd set after winning fairly easily the first set, his serve was never challenged. He had a handful of backhand drop shots and slices that were catching the tape, but he also got away from making Med run. You could see him doing that in the 1st set highlights, yet he got away from that, or instead thinking that Med struggled on drop shots, but they just weren’t worth the risk when he was missing them time and time again. Once Med found some rhythm/confidence in the 2nd set, Djokovic had no answer.

  • Efrem Tommasi
    Efrem Tommasi Month ago

    And the fab four are ko and back to their fab houses

  • She moves in her own dab

    These are not highlights

  • SkySoushi
    SkySoushi Month ago +2

    1:06 1:26 commentator always has a feeling breaks are coming XD

  • Jose  Bustamante
    Jose Bustamante Month ago

    Highlights was too shorts.

  • Zamrah Mohamad Zam
    Zamrah Mohamad Zam Month ago

    Djoker gives thumb up for opponent. Good guy

  • iRsopp
    iRsopp Month ago

    2 minutes of highlights for a 3 set match and literally 2 points from the 3rd set. Worst highlights ever.

  • Trafala32
    Trafala32 Month ago +7

    Remember I use to hate when djokovic was dominating Nadal starting in 2011.Have to admit that not only he gain my respect he is in my opinion the most complete tennis player of all times and a great role model.Hope he keeps playing for many more years

  • Edoardo Ronchi
    Edoardo Ronchi Month ago

    Nole può essere o non essere simpatico, ma con l'avversario è sempre sportivo e rispettoso vai Nole!!!

  • James Major Burns
    James Major Burns Month ago

  • K Terapevt
    K Terapevt Month ago

    Медведев по делу вынес джоковича ))

  • Viggen
    Viggen Month ago

    Russians are coming 😱

  • Ammon _
    Ammon _ Month ago

    was that ball out at :32 ?

  • R Michael
    R Michael Month ago

    Wow. Amazing. His wife. Good tennis too.

  • William Marshall
    William Marshall Month ago

    Where was the telecast? I couldn't even see a replay either.

  • vadim ignat
    vadim ignat Month ago +1

    Даня чемпион!!!!

  • Jovan P
    Jovan P Month ago +1

    He's not bad, but he doesn't have what it needs to be in top 5! This was the best he could do!

  • alex duio
    alex duio Month ago

    its s unbeliveable because medvedev has the same game of djokovic but djokovic is better only nadal or federer have a chance for me its a accident like federer rublev

  • Romeo Alpha
    Romeo Alpha Month ago

    Does the court make these balls slower? Or it's just the speed of the video?

  • Marc Pagan
    Marc Pagan Month ago

    Advertising on the net = me not watching.


    I missed a good match yesterday....Dang it...>>>>>>

  • brod298
    brod298 Month ago

    More people were watching women finals but they are paid less. And by the way on this one everybody plays 2 sets out of 3. Not fair :)

  • Anthony Chua
    Anthony Chua Month ago

    Goffin vs Medvedev in the final. Just what I predicted from the start of the tournament. Can’t wait.

  • Alexander Mayorov
    Alexander Mayorov Month ago

    Hard to believe but it’s true!!! Daniil beats Novak!!! Great match!!! Thank you guys!!!

  • FakeAndTrolled
    FakeAndTrolled Month ago

    Medvedev has amazing depth on his shots. I don't know if I've seen a player able to hit 4-5 consecutive shots within a foot of the baseline.

  • Floyd Zepp
    Floyd Zepp Month ago

    Future number 1

  • Alan Ford
    Alan Ford Month ago

    Djoko fans don't take care of Cincinnati final, they will replay Wimbledon instead.

  • Ordinary Guy
    Ordinary Guy Month ago +1

    Good for Goffin! There's still a few players who aren't six foot something playing professional tennis. Gives us guys who are less than six feet tall some encouragement. 😊

  • Irgen Dwer
    Irgen Dwer Month ago

    Some scenes where Gasquet is not aware of what is going on and makes the wrong hit. Rather often in tennis problably because of percentage training.
    Medwedev is hot in the next tournament. Good conogratulation from Djokovic.

  • andresmiguel benitez

    In your face Nole!!!

  • whfan007
    whfan007 Month ago +1

    The better human won (Medvedev)!

  • Аугу́сто Пиноче́т

    Медведев уже жену завел. Зачем?

  • Suree Russell
    Suree Russell Month ago

    Well done

  • Ana Maria VR
    Ana Maria VR Month ago

    Uma fase apenas

  • Anuj Jyothykumar
    Anuj Jyothykumar Month ago

    Bullshit Russian

  • Akki Arafath
    Akki Arafath Month ago +1

    You know u are good. .when the Greatest of the game appreciates you. .

  • Lukáš Pecko
    Lukáš Pecko Month ago

    how much aces ? :D :)

  • Jigz La Madrid
    Jigz La Madrid Month ago

    Djokovic is unsuccessful actually at Cincinnati and he is happy to have one that completed his masters trophies... Daniil is too good today and even Djokovic wants to get back on the match but the serves to the job for Daniil.

  • Mario Peter
    Mario Peter Month ago +1

    He's such a gentleman. Thoroughly deserves the win. Novak was gracious. I loved Daria's reaction. Good luck Mr. Medvedev.

    M AFZAAL Month ago

    Medvedev serves were on fire even world no 1 couldn't played them.Amazing

  • Daniel Camargo
    Daniel Camargo Month ago

    I'm Brazilian, I always follow the tennis games ... Today Medvedev deserves to win for the games it has been playing this year. I'm rooting for him ... for sure will be among the top5 soon.

  • ShockWave
    ShockWave Month ago

    Three finals for Medvedev may not bode well considering he is young, and he is about to head into the US Open which is played best of 5. Unless his fitness is being reputed as one of the best even if young, it simply does not bode well, and while he does have 1 week to recover, it may not be enough.

  • Locke Lafleur
    Locke Lafleur Month ago

    i like goffin and medvedev cuz they r so humble

  • Locke Lafleur
    Locke Lafleur Month ago

    ya screw u djokovic no one likes u

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    Djokovic keeps his losing streak against millennials intact. All of them knows how to toy with him.

    • mihajlothe
      mihajlothe Month ago +1

      Yes but only at masters 1000 tour level, where are they at the best of 5 sets matches??? Djokovic never played on 100 percent unless it is grand slam match, he lost on every masters expect madrid and still won 4/5 last grand slams and he is 32 years old

  • Jon Wilbur Tan
    Jon Wilbur Tan Month ago

    Wow hope the wifey can restrain until he finishes the tourney hehehe... Nice one for Medvedev!

  • Listenchump
    Listenchump Month ago

    The thumbs up Djokovic gave shows how he really is a good person, as I said in my comedic video about tennis players.

  • Vaibhav Aggarwal
    Vaibhav Aggarwal Month ago +1

    Congratz to both goffin and Medvedev. they both deserve it... Lets go goffin win the Cincinnati open

  • Asmodeo Mammón
    Asmodeo Mammón Month ago

    Now eat it fed and nole fans, rafa will destroy them

  • Anant Joshi
    Anant Joshi Month ago

    Medvadev looks like new machine. He is light on feet. Got good and smooth serve. He will be on high for US open. If he wins it then he will win many more.

  • Chubi Del Rosario
    Chubi Del Rosario Month ago

    Why only 3 sets not 5 sets

  • Olly Paton
    Olly Paton Month ago

    Disappointing week for both Fed and Djokovic

    HSUN KO Month ago

    you can see how Djokovic style influences Medvedev. Especially those running forehand by Medvedev.... there's definitely some Djoko styles in it...