Gang Stalking...Woman Confronts Gang Stalker... 2016

  • Published on Sep 11, 2016

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  • Education Fun Online
    Education Fun Online 11 days ago

    Women especially should be careful wgen going on dating websites, they have your profile, they know if you have a pet, if you live along, and if you go out on a date with them your phone number.

  • Barbara Ann
    Barbara Ann 27 days ago

    Old stupid dumb ass fucken low life's.

    King DEATHBOT 28 days ago

    Christian whore

  • Jacob Graves
    Jacob Graves 2 months ago +1

    Tremendous idea for certain ~~
    Turn it arounD on the devil .. let it be for an opportunity to share the Gospel. ~~~ When someone stalks you turn it around and share the Gospel. The devil hates that very vERy much.

  • henree simp
    henree simp 2 months ago

    He couldn't face her rubuke these demons in the name of jesus Christ

  • Aatikah Carmen happy
    Aatikah Carmen happy 2 months ago +1

    the middle graphics are masonic are french are from Moroccan design and satanic

  • Jennie Huebner
    Jennie Huebner 2 months ago +1

    Damn coward couldn’t even look at her!

  • LaMereACaniche
    LaMereACaniche 3 months ago

    You all need major help from mental health pros.

  • Annoying Flo
    Annoying Flo 3 months ago +4

    Anyone from Edmund's Twitter?

    • flame9058
      flame9058 3 months ago +2

      Yeah, and GOD these comments are crazy. I hope these people all get/got mental help :(

  • TinKy Tink
    TinKy Tink 3 months ago

    Tell him girl

  • SaraK
    SaraK 4 months ago


  • Kendra Lock Art & Home
    Kendra Lock Art & Home 4 months ago

    Good job Shanna!

  • sun shine
    sun shine 5 months ago

    OMG you're so handsome stop being crazy

  • Raymond L
    Raymond L 6 months ago +2

    Imprecatory prayers like in the Book of Psalms where King David of ancient Israel prayed to God to rain down curses of death down on his enemies, could be interesting. King David used them to slaughter entire invading armies of Assyians, destroyed entire cities, whole populations, livestock. Evil iniquity must be destroyed.

    • Jon Rock
      Jon Rock 4 months ago

      @Raymond L Don’t believe those guys with their wives tales. Nobody took creative liberties with the scriptures. I can’t explain my Bible Introduction class I took as a freshman in less than 1,000 comments. So you’ll have to take my word on it. If Paul called people a brood of Vipers that’s what he said. They are digging up Dead Sea scrolls and all the different texts all day the same thing. Anyway do I curse sometimes? Yes. Should I? No. So at the risk of being a hypocrite. I get just as angry as anyone else and I hope nobody would thing that I’m a terrible person but I ask, pray & beg God for what may *seem* some terrible ruthless things. So your not in the boat alone. However we should be sinning less and less. Getting comfortable sinning and being in sin will in turn cause the unlikelihood of God moving in your behalf. We need all the help we can get so don’t block your help from helping you or make excuses to get in your own way. I’m talking to myself as I give advice. Believe me I’m starting to take my own advice and to live it and just not talk about it. Hope that helps.

    • Raymond L
      Raymond L 4 months ago +2

      +Jon RockI have a great disdain for all forms of unfairness, unethical behavior, bullying people who are innocent. I have a bit of a ruthless personality and I have stepped on people before. The organized harassment has humbled me a little from what I was, but the other personality is still somewhere lurking behind. Apostle Paul was named Saul when he was hunting Christians as the Roman Emperor's thug and tax collector. He was a real dick, to say the least. Even when he became one of the greatest Christian prophets, he still had a fierce fiery temper, but he only reserved that personality for when he chastised the churches for stumbling spiritually. It was said that his letters to the Ephesians, Corinthians contained some ancient swear words to emphasize his displeasure, but some assistants changed the words to make the letters less rude and crude. I looked up the terms swearing in the bible and ancient times, came up with some interesting things.

    • Jon Rock
      Jon Rock 4 months ago +1

      Raymond L. Remember God tells us to choose none of our oppressors ways. You can’t sin and expect God to bless you. You can only expect punishment from God so why sign up for the double whammy? Also language. I don’t know if your a born again Christian and many think they are and aren’t which is a long story in itself. Sorry not trying to be judgmental or a hypocrite myself but we have to be less like the unsaved even when it hurts. I preach to myself. Among those of us that are very few are doing what God expects us to do to be in the position for God’s protection. Most of today’s Christians want to make their own rules and do their own thing and they are delusional to believe God is going to dance to their tune. A reading of the Bible cover to cover you’ll see a trend of God’s people being rebellious and they suffer and are punished. Now that has nothing to do with being a TI & being a TI is inconsequential to being a Christian. But now that your here and if you’re a Child of God you need to be practicing out of love: Church Membership, Regular church attendance, Worship, Christian fellowship, Bible reading, Scripture meditation, scripture memorization, witnessing, Giving, and I hope you were Baptized after you were born again and NOT before. The biggest problem is people putting themselves before God and wonder why God isn’t working in their lives. God is the same as he was 5,000 years ago, it’s just that humanity has gone so far down hill and all these atheists movies and tv writers has given terrible propaganda of the a picture of God that isn’t even close to being true. God isn’t a man up stairs with a gray beard turning a blind eye to sin saying, “boys will be boys”. He’s the same fire, brimestone from the Old Testament and there just happens to be more grace now that Jesus died for our sins.
      But as society goes down hill and superimposes their beliefs upon God as their beliefs change; Gods word will always remain the same. Most Christians think we are clean when we actually reek as if we hadn’t had a bath in years and that’s because we are caught up in the culture. Right now I’m going through a spiritual fire and it’s painful. I’m back in spiritual bootcamp again. Feels like a stockade. Losing everything along end way. Lots of bad has happened to me recently and it’s God preparing me for a ministry for how long it is I don’t know.
      Copy and paste this comment and pray on each Christian discipline I mentioned. God will put you on another trajectory when your walking with him. Turn off the TV and only have a moderately conservative radio music playing 24/7. Get rid of any music that isn’t Christian and God honoring if you can. Turn your tastes to the things that are God pleasing & God honoring. Any marks of the world like men wearing earrings lose them. If we are who we should be we won’t have to pray Imprecatory prayers. When your being ruthless with what stands between you and God HE will practically remove all your obstacles by default. You won’t have to ask at least that’s my experience. I know situations differ but it’s true. You won’t have to pray Imprecatory prayers. Prior to me going to Bible college my Life was threatened by a local thug without cause and his name was erased from (the book of the living) within a year or two. Did thug life catch up to him or were arch angels intervening? Only God knows. Humility with a pure righteous heart goes a long way. I’ve actually had more divine intervention that I could count on a roomful of people’s fingers and toes. I’m like to think I’m special but obviously I’m here with all the other TI’s and not quite so special. Just another number in this invisible concentration camp. Anyway this is the best comment I have made this year so I’d hope you’d pray through it and copy it and ponder it. It contains almost everything you need to know to live a victorious Christian life.

    • Raymond L
      Raymond L 4 months ago +2

      +Jon Rockalways use technology to connected with TIs around the world because the perps want TIs alone and depressed. These evil fuckers must be challenged, mind fucked with, and intimidated back whenever possible. I have seen some TI videos where they do just that. Give it back to them.

    • Jon Rock
      Jon Rock 4 months ago +2

      Raymond L. I have no tactical plan. Long story. The handler who put me in thos mess is a top Handler so he made short work of me. The guy is probably CIA/FBI trained in Quantico or CIA HQ? Or is it Langly? Anyway his gangstalkers have access to military grade DEWs. It’s as if I’m playing 4th grade flag football *alone* against last years Super Bowl Team. So it’s pointless. This is the “A” team not the C of D team that everyone else is up against. So all I can do is pray and trust God.
      Making friends with TI also turned out to be a disaster. I thought I made a friend who last week publicly backstabbed me for hanging out At another TI’s channel. I was devastated.

  • Raymond L
    Raymond L 6 months ago +2

    Organized harassment perps anywhere in the world get anxious about being recorded and shared on every social media. Make these clowns famous, I do on my TVclip.

  • Theresa Montz
    Theresa Montz 6 months ago


  • Vincent Marquez
    Vincent Marquez 6 months ago

    Poor guy

  • Ice Phoenix
    Ice Phoenix 7 months ago

    I'm coming for your souls you crazy delusionals. We all know where you live and your habits....HERE WE COME, LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW...I'm here! Bleep Bleep Hisssssss

  • Wangja Jihoon
    Wangja Jihoon 7 months ago

    I can't get away from these people they have my whole neighborhood taking part this is a person who has commented on other videos under grey Mann close.

  • Wangja Jihoon
    Wangja Jihoon 7 months ago

    I see them sculls all the time.and people invading my space and privacy.

  • Southern Girl
    Southern Girl 7 months ago +1

    Evil is always a coward!! Praise the ONLY living and reigning God who protects us. May we all look like fools for HIM! I admire you both so much and pray for you. Keep fighting!!!! We are cheering you on!

  • Southern Girl
    Southern Girl 7 months ago

    WOW!! You go girl!!! He would not even look at you!

  • Bowtie Davis
    Bowtie Davis 7 months ago +1

    Fucking freaks

    ICONIC..TV 8 months ago +1

    That was crazy

  • The Crying Gypsy
    The Crying Gypsy 8 months ago

    You go girl. God bless both of you. They target us because we're filled with the Holy Spirit. Don't ever give up. You guys are an inspiration to me and I'm so glad y'all are making these videos. Much love to you guys.

  • Shelby Lynn
    Shelby Lynn 8 months ago +1

    Love it imma confront mine

  • fight back
    fight back 10 months ago


  • MK Ultra Facts
    MK Ultra Facts 10 months ago

    Without really talking to that guy in the truck you have no idea why he is putting those stickers on there nor why his patterns are similar to hers. He may not even know that he is "gangstalking" her. In fact his experience as a targeted individual could be that he constantly gets accused of stalking even though he is mindlessly going about his business.

  • Tech Girl
    Tech Girl Year ago

    You lost me when you said Obama was the Anti Christ. You are obviously disturbed. It seems you are the one doing the stalking and harassing.

  • Yon Ber
    Yon Ber Year ago


  • Len Rom
    Len Rom Year ago +1

    love your videos!

  • Brandy Spivey
    Brandy Spivey Year ago

    thanks for the video from brandy Spivey in Miami dade county Florida

  • J P
    J P Year ago +1

    Skull...death cult losers

  • Erica's Tarot
    Erica's Tarot Year ago +8

    Wow. He couldn't even look at her. That's how afraid they are.

    • Billy Batson
      Billy Batson Year ago

      I'd be afraid, too, if I was an old man being harassed by a couple in this day and age. He started off by looking at her, but then she started talking crazy and he probably thought they were going to hurt him.

  • Private Account
    Private Account Year ago +1

    *People! Please Listen!!*
    If you suspect that people are following you or trailing you in a vehicle, it does you no good to confront them because they are being controlled unbeknownst to them. Our world has been hijacked by higher dimensional aliens (Greys) and their collusion with our leaders. They have hyper advanced technology that can manipulate our reality and the people around us. This is what happens when we don't insist that they disclose the UFO phenomenon. We've let them get away with this for far too long. And now, it's costing us our freedom...and some of us our minds. Start looking in the direction of Area 51 and leave innocent people alone!

  • Jess Lynne Weiss
    Jess Lynne Weiss Year ago

    This is so tragic. LMAO

    I AM DELTA Year ago

    its so refreshing to see a TI approach one of these CREATURES in such a classy and composed manner. ... its so easy to be angry and frustrated (which is what they want of course) after everything they do.... well done x

  • David Dunlop
    David Dunlop Year ago

    Welcome to the South.

  • stop gangstalking
    stop gangstalking Year ago +1

    well, you guys did your part. they can take it or leave it.

  • Johnny Reid
    Johnny Reid Year ago

    Gangstalkers good at creating illusions in the form of reality, they really good at spying manipulating heads, research rfid chips, nano particles, acoustic weapons, V2K, remote neural monitoring.

  • Jay D
    Jay D Year ago +2

    your the stalker

  • Dillon Friend
    Dillon Friend Year ago +2

    "Obama is going to be the antichrist." Seems to be the statement whenever religious people don't like someone or something.

  • James Harken
    James Harken Year ago

    She said was though, is she not a target anymore? How'd you guys make it stop

  • veni vidi vici #1
    veni vidi vici #1 Year ago +1

    shes craaaazyyy

  • James Harken
    James Harken Year ago

    GangStalking and organized terrorism is the biggest conspiracy known today. It is so well hidden it is buried in google search. The masons, jesuits, eastern stars, and shiners put you on a proverbial shit list and slander you professionally in the community. They blacklist you and stalk you by paying people to monitor " dangerous people". They vandalize your property or vehicles or home. They break in and take insignificant items that make it appear that your crazy. The goal is take the person down and force them into the system (mental health institution) , or jail or prison. But the ultimate goal is suicide. These horrible acts of domestic terrorism are so hidden with the Masonic lie protocol that it's hard to almost believe it. But it's very real and I've been a victim since September 2016. Watch my channel for more information on this horrible global atrocity.

  • unknown territory
    unknown territory 2 years ago

    you 2 are the stalkers trying to brain wash people into religion...

  • Blue Lotus Organic Red Wine

    masons believe in the god you worship and your holy see

  • Tech Girl
    Tech Girl 2 years ago +1

    You had me until.... "Obama is gonna be the Anti-Christ". Well, you were wrong about that, so you are not credible

  • Sharon Oconnor
    Sharon Oconnor 2 years ago

    Well it gets worse,raping of shakras,killing of pets,entering your home every time you go out,much more no matter how much evidence you get the authorities will not act,they are the ones breaking the law,these perps are no longer human beings.

  • ross mcgarry
    ross mcgarry 2 years ago

    I'm not sure whether this is a fake and somebody's having a laugh, or are these people delusional and paranoid? And they managed to weave all that religious mumbo-jumbo into it. America has gone to the dogs. So sad. What a human junkyard.

  • Suhayl Howaida
    Suhayl Howaida 2 years ago

    bunch of skitzo bible thumpers, she sounds like a previous or current drug addict... wow...

  • ☼ Heirloom reviews ☼

    wait what are those symbols called on the back of that truck window??

  • Louise Hansen
    Louise Hansen 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. Im also being gang stalked..

  • 2TLW K
    2TLW K 2 years ago reviews for G4S field investigators orG4S surveillance investigators talk about
    driving around in cars all day spying on people.

  • Fat Lip
    Fat Lip 2 years ago +1

    i just did intensive research on this subject, check this out!
    Mainly jewish communities organized world wide through the rabbanic
    networks, they form groups which contain all the elements to create a
    old school criminal gang, one banker, one insurance broker, one coin
    collector, one lawyer, even one detective or cop!!! all JEWISH!! min 5
    people involving a minyan 12, they share their own files to track anyone
    live via google maps on their phones, you can save your fav places and
    share them via a java script but police have a live tracking system used
    by software that shares locations of suspected criminals, pedophiles,
    rapists etc, but these people are not police and use the anti terrorism
    to claim their community security they inform each other about these
    individuals and why they are been targeted, some codes conceal the
    reasons why, most assume its antisemitism but 90 percent are about
    exploiting the individuals resources and money.
    lets say the target is a tenant in a building located in NY where the
    market value is going high but its a controlled by the city, a rent
    controlled building, stabilized, this means the landlord can not raise
    the rents unless a tenant moves so he organizes a harassment campaign,
    he gets people together from his elements and the bank tells him they
    wil do all the upgrading once the tenant can be removed, to remove the
    tanant he gets fellow congregates visiting from israel to claim the
    tenant committed grave violations and is a menace in the building,
    remind you some people pay as little as 150 bucks a month because they
    lived in these apartments for 25 years and allot of victims are taregted
    over land or property even by siblings in disputes over wills.
    incidents i heard of,
    1- Fire burned down the apartment and one person died, tenant was a
    young female and NYFD claimed it was due to a candle, however she never
    used a candle ever, has no idea where it could of came from.
    See was been stalked via google maps with a imported java file with
    stars spots and live tracking info of the TI, they (landlord, landlords
    lawyer or friends) knew where she was and plotted this as a insurance
    claim and to vacate the property.
    2-Tenant was renting a portion of his apartment as agreed by the
    landlord and his agency , tenant paid all his rent, insured the
    apartment, while tenant the roommate turned out to be a fellow
    congregate of the landlord and agreed to lie to the police that she
    lived in the apartment alone and the tenant illegally sublet'ed the
    place to her, although only a Marshall or sheriff can vacate an
    apartment before this primary tenant returned he heard from neighbors
    that his things where on the sidewalk, the neighbors where trying to
    scrap everything back inside their place until he returned, when he
    finally arrived he found the doors locked and the police standing in the
    hall way ready to attack him, lucky primary tenant had a reputable job
    and the police then shared with him how his landlord not only tried to
    set him up and stalked him with a network of crooks but the prior
    roommates where also promised the apartment if they lied and claimed
    something to the police to help the landlord DEFAME the tenant so he
    lost his job!!!, this is seriously how they work!
    Later this same tenant goes to europe and finds out no one will rent him
    a place, the landlord also stalked him there and told his fiance lies
    that he had a history with the police in regards to assaults and arrests
    how ever these where all false allegations made by women who later
    never fallowed them up, so this landlord tracked him down via the local
    synagouge near his europeen home, yup, he simply called the place and
    claimed his prior tenant now lives there and was a menace, to defame
    him, the people at the synagouge he was going to never told him anything
    because they promised not to tell anyone that the police where
    supposedly unto this old tenant now living in europe and closing on to
    arrest him, how ever after several years went by some finally asked
    around and where told if this TI was really a criminal the US would of
    apprehended him within 48 hours he registered his new address, or paid
    taxes, or opened a bank account via the US Consulate, in fact when he
    got his new passport...but thats how it goes, DEFAMATION!
    the info i share here ive seen the EVIDENCE myself, they are making a
    TVclip video, one case involves a 2 siblings (Antonio Kotatis and Anna
    Kotatis) out of 5 kids who where separated from the rest of their
    family before they where even teenagers and living with their mom, yet
    for 35 years this girl and her brother who joined the navy STALKED and
    defamed their father and other two brothers as women beaters, the girl
    pretended she was a victim including some of her own friends (Leslie
    Seligson) and called police in NY remotely from VIRGINIA and NEW JERSEY
    to create false police complaints so her mother can go back to GREECE
    and use this in the event the TIs ever returned to the country to get
    with false documents claiming they where given power of attorney! thats
    right for 35 years these TIs had no idea the navy brother was tracking
    down where they lived, worked while completely avoiding communication,
    they told girls after girls to watch out depicting the TI as crazy, even
    asking them to poison the TI, some times they paid prostitutes to get
    close to them to get copies of their ID, the Siblings Tony and ANNA
    even tried to invent new names in the US (Anna used ANNAI RHOADS FORD)
    and buy their own fathers property with these false IDS so they can re
    sell the property with out sharing anything with the siblings by law but
    got caught because they needed to show a birth certificate!

  • Goth Tune
    Goth Tune 2 years ago

    Yi just recieved my drone and record play bsck dish/ let the war begins/ it os iime to turn the tables/ u gangstalk i gangstalk bytches

    RAINMAN XQUPE 2 years ago +1


    RAINMAN XQUPE 2 years ago


  • Doris Leyba
    Doris Leyba 2 years ago

    AARRGH! Do any of the commenters READ, the FOUNDING FATHERS WERE ALL freemasons, if your ancestor isnt one, then youre a proletariat - oops, youll have to use dictionary cant make this easy for you.

  • Doris Leyba
    Doris Leyba 2 years ago

    Quote "Obama is gonna be the Anti Christ", welp, no we know why Trump is office. SMH Dolts, oh you probably dont know what 'dolt' means, read, look it up.

  • Eymard G
    Eymard G 2 years ago +4

    Way to go, lady. Nice to have a partner to support you under God's blessing. Psalm 91 for all TIs.

  • Jimmy Templeton
    Jimmy Templeton 2 years ago +1

    Greetings. I have a good friend that has been gangstalked for years. Recently we found a hive of them at a place called the Anacapa Yatch Club. Tina is main gangstalker, sadistic individual who sits on the opposite side of his house and electronically tortures him. She is the worst of the worst.

    • Sharon Oconnor
      Sharon Oconnor 2 years ago

      Jimmy templeton,Newbury Berkshire England has totally fallen,police doctors frightened of pretty lethal grannie sorceress,demon pimp family's of all names,Churches and blacks real real deceptive were talking real demonic stuff don't even look human speen,anagram of turnips Hee! Hee!

  • Spiros Mavrudis
    Spiros Mavrudis 2 years ago

    is this real

    • Bird Topaz
      Bird Topaz 2 years ago

      Spiros Mavrudis **Yes, it is.** The makers of this video are telling the truth. I'm a Christian T.I. myself: I bear witness to the truth that **gangstalking exists, and that it is a terrible form of persecution.**

  • Spiros Mavrudis
    Spiros Mavrudis 2 years ago +2

    why dont all the gang stalking victims meet up and walk down the street wearing red

    • James Harken
      James Harken Year ago

      Spiros Mavrudis they won't let us meet each other in person

    • Andreea Damask
      Andreea Damask 2 years ago

      I think it would be a Great Idea to turn the Tables!! PROTEST AGAINST THIS CRIME and FOLLOW THEM!! Now how Awesome would that be Haha

  • Bogus Bozo
    Bogus Bozo 2 years ago


  • SassyPants
    SassyPants 2 years ago

    And who's "stalking" who?? Ya'll better be careful about who you walk up on and start accusing them of stalking you...Life's not like it was even 10 years ago, you may get up on someone that won't take to kindly to being harassed & end up making a scene no one expected. It's dangerous what ya'll are doing. Do you not see that? I get it, you have a mental illness, but that doesn't mean you can't think 5 steps ahead of an action you take, you couldn't you wouldn't be able to get a drivers licenses.
    Be careful, what you're accusing others of doing, YOU'RE DOING TO THEM.

  • ursus the pipe smoker
    ursus the pipe smoker 2 years ago +2

    you people are mad as cheese

  • Małgorzata Drożęcka

    Bright Light on black shadows - Dr Rauni Kilde
    "This book is a must to understand the years of research conducted by Dr Rauni Kilde, always alongside the victims, and about how the modern world is secretly run by unknown forces, terrorizing the population, as if it was their puppet, by mass media manipulations, but also by the mind control, using secret military weapons, made of directed energy, from bases to the ground like HAARP, and also satellites, using beams of electromagnetic waves, and masers, and targeting innocent civilians, who are called targeted Individuals or TI, and that through electronic tortures and harassments done by gang stalkings." - by TI from France "nobody will help us , no police, no doctours, no governments- only our energy and knowledge about this technology will do it"-last words od late Rauni Kilde MD

    Chapter I: How did it all start?
    Chapter II: Para psychological research
    Chapter III: Psychiatry and politics
    Chapter IV: Space and our cosmic contacts
    Chapter V: New World Order and terror actions
    Chapter VI: False flag operations
    Chapter VII: WHO and vaccinations
    Chapter VIII: Medical abuse
    Chapter IX: Chemical trails, Morganelles Disease
    Chapter X: Population control with food and Codex Alimentarius
    Chapter XI: Mind Control
    Chapter XII: Anti-Zensur-Koalition Conference lecture on MK
    Chapter XIII: Nanotechnology and microchips and Directed Energy Weapons
    Chapter XIV: Mobile phones and microwave plague
    Chapter XV: Radiation
    Chapter XVI: Working methods of secret services and Military intelligence
    Chapter XVII: Military research
    Chapter XVIII: Overview of harassment methods by covert community recruits (COINTELPRO. Gladio, Stay-behind)
    Chapter XIX: Personal harassment experiences as target
    Chapter XX: Catholic Church and pedophilia
    Chapter XXI: Healing - fact or fiction?
    Chapter XXII: Love is the key

  • Edward Jr
    Edward Jr 2 years ago +1

    Can you guys give me some information? I know that I am being gang stalked or multiple people harassing me.

  • Fogo Enhistry
    Fogo Enhistry 2 years ago

    Stuff your religion. Go science, it's better and more productive.

  • Lakeland Records
    Lakeland Records 2 years ago


  • Seeker of the truth
    Seeker of the truth 2 years ago +3

    Jesus is the way the truth, and the life! Your doing Christ's work keep it up brother!

  • Ashley Rodriguez
    Ashley Rodriguez 2 years ago +8

    so I WAS being gang stalked for yrs and I barely found out about almost 4 months ex put it out on me cuz i was sharing my story to other females about how gang members filming other females having sexual activities and posting them on the Internet making money off cuz i knew to much thats why I'm being gang stalk......but i can tell you one thing and this isn't BS all you can do is go to church and build up your faith in God (as simple and may be stupid as it sounds its very true and real)......he is the only one who can protect you and you need to have faith cuz.... God was seeking into my heart (when i always believed in him but never cared for praying and i didnt have faith)....and he was telling me to pray before i even found out what was actually going on me with the whole gang stalking...God chose me cuz he knew i had a target on me so i went to church with my friend who invited me and i was so scared for my life i couldn't stop crying nor stop thinking about how evil the system is....but ive been going to church but my church is so different from others... watch our pastors videos.... on a daily basis read the bible....i mean what other choice do u have? theres literally nothing that can stop this evil gang stalking in the world but you turn to Jesus and give your life to him by having total faith in him he will FLIP EVERYTHING AROUND YOU! Try it I PROMISE HE DOES MIRACLES..... ive been going to church now for about 3 months and I can tell you one thing......I'm covered by God! but as ur starting to build up ur faith just know its not will be at warfare which means the enemy aka the devil will bring distractions and he will use your family and friends....which u need to understand that its not their behavior its the enemy behind their behavior....even the ppl who are stalking you....its not their behavior its the enemy behind it have to learn how to avoid as much drama as you can and when certain talk smack to you....avoid it cuz God doesn't want you arguing nor fighting with other fools....along as you obey our father from above he will cover you.... TRUST ME AND DO IT! I've been in the same thing and cuz i have experience it myself with gang stalking IM TRYING TO HELP OTHERS WHO ARE GOING THROUGH IT AND THERES ONLY ONE WAY OUT OF IT! THATS BY TURNING AND GIVING YOUR LIFE TO GOD!

  • Kona jinx
    Kona jinx 2 years ago +4

    Nutjobs are always entertaining.

    • sun shine
      sun shine 5 months ago

      no doubt

    • unknown territory
      unknown territory 2 years ago

      They don't realize they are the ones brainwashed not the people they are bothering.

    • gary busey
      gary busey 2 years ago

      toemasie How did Hitler use gangstalking to get into power? Please enlighten me.

    • John Baptist
      John Baptist 2 years ago

      toemasie they demonically possessed. I had to deal with them email @ I will give you more info off line.

  • EncryptedKnight
    EncryptedKnight 2 years ago +1

    You guys want to know what a real tragedy is? Having our 4th amendment taken away, please sign this petition to restore our rights :

  • First Amendment to the United States Constitution

    He said your right so it sound like he is admitting to being at fault. I have gone through the gang stalking and community mobbing crap out here in Austin, Texas its sick

    • Matthew Williams
      Matthew Williams 3 months ago

      Oh yeah, I was one of your folks in Austin, hope all's been well since you've been reassigned.

    • Linda Parker
      Linda Parker Year ago

      I'm in Waco & it's saturated here as well. Sick & psychotic without meaningful lives at all.

  • wayne maynard
    wayne maynard 2 years ago

    Haha You fucking deluded inbreds

  • Holyvessel34
    Holyvessel34 2 years ago +20

    They never like to look you in the face. You can trip and fall in front of them they still wont look. Its always an emergency vehicle around when you confront them as well. Good vid

    • Len Rom
      Len Rom 11 months ago +1

      I know when they come beside me in my car I just stare at them and I also pray for them when they are in front of me behind me and beside me..I will not be god is all more powerful then these cult koo koo's

    • Ashkenazi Christian
      Ashkenazi Christian 2 years ago +1

      +Holyvessel34 Yes, I've noticed that - they hate it when you look them in the eye.

    • Ashkenazi Christian
      Ashkenazi Christian 2 years ago

      +V. Smith The Fleur de Lis IS a Satanic symbol, not merely "construed" as one.

    • V. Smith
      V. Smith 2 years ago +2

      Many of them are confidential police informants and get police protection.

    • V. Smith
      V. Smith 2 years ago +1

      Yes those sirens were her benefit and to also let the gangstalker know to keep his mouth shut because he is being watched too. Fleur de Lis can be construed as a Satanic symbol.

  • Bryan Tew
    Bryan Tew 2 years ago +1

    The CIA DIA Hive Mind Teams are using a pattern of your previous choices to stalk you in order to provoke the Trauma Based Mind Control Victim into emotional responses which can be remotely measured and integrated back into RNM data.
    In order to understand it you must go back and look at a pattern of your previous choices, such as favorite cafes, stores, etc..
    While Organized Stalking is based on your CHOICE REFERENCE PATTERNS it is actually comprised of two things:
    Those situational and conversational scenarios will always be based on events or topics which will capture the attention of the mind control victim because each time they capture your attention it produces a Synaptic Response in the brain of the mind control victim which can be remotely measured and integrated back into RNM data.
    The CIA DIA Hive Mind Teams are using physical and psychological trauma to map out the sensory and neural pathways of the victims brain and central nervous system in order to build a cognitive model of the victims brain in order to achieve DIRECT BEHAVIORAL CONTROL over the victim.
    Basically the CIA DIA Hive Mind Teams move close to the victim and obtain, remotely, a digital copy of the victims brain wave signature, similar to an EEG read out, known as your Digital Brain Wave Imprint, and maps your brain and then uploads that digital brain wave imprint & ties you to a supercomputer (Conscious Computer) for life which downloads all synaptic responses, evoked potentials, etc., back into a database and monitors all electromagnetic activity of your brain 24/7 for life until the day of your death.
    This is known as Transcranial Brain Stimulation and is also used by the military with brain to computer interfaces such as those used by pilots with the new F­35 stealth aircraft.

    • Billy Batson
      Billy Batson Year ago

      Man, this site really needs a laughing emoji. lol

  • Rick James
    Rick James 2 years ago +3

    Cocaine's a helluva drug!

    • LionessTee d
      LionessTee d 2 years ago +1

      M L mind control is a terrible drug and most are high on it. This is truth

  • theymusthatetesla
    theymusthatetesla 2 years ago +3

    Looks like some folk have WAAAAY too much spare time on their hands, if that's how they get their jollies!

  • Jimmy Rustles
    Jimmy Rustles 2 years ago +2

    i have the stickers as well we shall prevail
    obama will control the world soon

  • Jimmy Rustles
    Jimmy Rustles 2 years ago +4

    Praise satan the devil shall prevail

  • sora nokentai
    sora nokentai 2 years ago +17

    i feel bad for the old man being harassed by these crazy people

    • henree simp
      henree simp 2 months ago

      She did the right thing these demons will crumble in the name of jesus

    • henree simp
      henree simp 2 months ago

      Ok whatever

    • LionessTee d
      LionessTee d 2 years ago +2

      sora nokentai the old man said "you right". Sooo how is that harassing him again?

  • Official Silke F
    Official Silke F 2 years ago +1

    could please anyone help me? why are strangers outside my house looking into my appartment? they are all in red clothes. also cars are outside with people inside looking at my appartment. and when i go away into the city, a red car would drive next to me and 2 people would inside the car look at me WITHOUT LOOKING AWAY FROM ME. what is going on here? why do i get monitored 24 hours on such intense level? and who can help me to do something about it? i went to the police but the police said they can not help. so what now? and who are these people? on internet someone said this is called organised gangstalking. but why?

    • pbr streetgang
      pbr streetgang Year ago

      Venetta Bejenaru "There's a verse n the bible that says ...or something like that " Yeah ok LOL

    • Andreea Damask
      Andreea Damask 2 years ago

      Awesome Reply!!

    • Venetta Bejenaru
      Venetta Bejenaru 2 years ago

      trust me it's probably not something you did wrong, something you did right.....ppl that are targeted are because they have a light. there is a Bible verse that says, They stalk and prey upon the truth so hide your good deeds." something like that.
      study up on it, once you are more familiar it is hard to deal with but becomes less intimidating , because you shouldn't be afraid. they are afraid of You

    • Venetta Bejenaru
      Venetta Bejenaru 2 years ago

      +Jimmy Rustles you're a jerk

    • Official Silke F
      Official Silke F 2 years ago

      what is wrong with you and what are you talking about?

  • A targeted individual Stop this evil

    hilarious. I love the "remember me? you have been following me for years!" great job! I have been thinking about passing out Bible tracts too! the idea if the link to your TVclip video is even better. great work! much love from a target in Oregon...

      JOSEPH LILLIE  2 years ago

      Amen...Thanks for the encouragement...yeah on judgement day the " I don't know what your talking about" it ain't gonna work...Fight the good fight of faith...Be blessed in Jesus name!

    • A targeted individual Stop this evil
      A targeted individual Stop this evil 2 years ago +1

      PS they all day " I don't know what you're talking about. can't wait till they try to b.s. the lord god. not gonna work. PS. go trump 2016!

  • Bryan Becker
    Bryan Becker 2 years ago +3

    I've been stalked for 11 years now. If anyone who is a TI feel free to email me. We need to support each other.

    • Patrick Lynn
      Patrick Lynn Year ago

      God bless you Andreea. Will be praying for you.

    • Andreea Damask
      Andreea Damask 2 years ago

      I am Andrea and I am T.I for almost 4 years with this one, but the last Year they started with Electronic fizz zAP Street theeathre etc you can tell its BIG WORK ... Its Awful its ABUSE BY POLICE and CRIMINALS alltogether F THEM F THEM. Please Pray for Me I Live in Town State full of Corrupt Police and Insane fools with too much free time. I think if You did something illegal they should file a Report , NOT HARRASS AND KILL YOU LIKE A DOG!! Thats definetly not Healthy nor Legal.. I HAVEN COMMITED ANY CRIME.. WHAT THEY DO TO PEOPLE IS CRIME

    • John Baptist
      John Baptist 2 years ago

      Bryan Becker you contact me

      JOSEPH LILLIE  2 years ago can contact me

  • Miel Hernandez
    Miel Hernandez 2 years ago +4

    they get pissed off when you mension Jesus name !!!!

    • Bird Topaz
      Bird Topaz 2 years ago

      Miel Hernandez YES, THEY DO!!! Most gangstalkers will, although there's that rare one who won't--those are the "cause stalkers," who think they're doing God's will, or hunting bad guys. Sadly, when they find out they're working for the evil one. they can't get out...

  • LOL No
    LOL No 2 years ago

    God doesn't exist you fucking sheep. Its a dog eat dog world. The reason why gang stalkers exist is the very same reason why athletes study their opponents, why they never give up, why they stay persistent to achieve success no matter what.. Its the same exact reason why students study really hard for a test, knowing exactly what's on the test to succeed.. The very same reason why any competitor always keeps their eyes on the opponent.. Its the same reason why Bruce Lee was able to do what he did... YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO PLAY ALONG, not cry to JEEZUS!! they watch you, you watch them.

    • LOL No
      LOL No 2 years ago

      +Shanna Madison, All of us have Jesus Christ inside of us because we created him in our imagination. I also have imagination that can destroy your whole world into pieces, but it can also bring LOVE and LIFE to this earth. Because I have the imagination just as much as anybody else does

    • LOL No
      LOL No 2 years ago

      +Shanna Madison, It's spiritual uplifting, I know. And studies have shown that the main reason people believe in Jesus is because it makes them feel warm hearted inside. But Jesus is much more than a man on a cross. He is your life imagination onto to the world. The human imagination is so big that creating an imaginary friend can help you feel better

    • Shanna Madison
      Shanna Madison 2 years ago +1

      That's also a lie from the enemy! I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me! That will never happen! We are nothing without Jesus!

    • LOL No
      LOL No 2 years ago

      +Shanna Madison , Don't feel sorry for me feel sorry for yourself. Stop believing in Jesus and believe in YOURSELF.

    • Shanna Madison
      Shanna Madison 2 years ago +1

      Well I'm sorry you feel this way, but I know for a fact that there is power, love, and salvation in the name of Jesus! This is a spiritual battle we are in, and I just pray that you will seek the truth before its too late! That is the very lie that the enemy wants you to believe! I would be dead if God didn't exist! Praying that the scales will be removed from your eyes, so you can experience the true love of God! God bless you, and have a great day!

  • Jon Focker
    Jon Focker 2 years ago +1

    powerful stuff really, thx for posting. you can tell they are guilty by how they react.

  • Child of the Heavenly Father

    Brother Joe and sister Shanna, I replied to your wonderful response to my inquiry, but one of the down sides of being a T.I. is having your messages deleted.
    Thank you for receiving the message and its intent with the love of Christ. It was not intended to offend, but to keep satan's hands off of my precious brothers and sisters in Christ. As T.I.s we have suffered enough loss.
    Congratulations on your marriage, I pray for many, many years of love, peace, joy and abundant blessings in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Congratulations.
    I gave up my facebook account several years ago after experiencing strange phenomenon And filthy content kept coming up on my page.
    I discovered earlier this year after decades of strange circumstances, odd treatment from family, friends, and unexplainable situations... I found out I had been inducted into the coin tel pro program, the "enlightenment program" ...demonic targeting.
    After researching this "program" and found that there is no earthly recourse, no one to turn to for assistance. I began to seek and draw even closer to Christ.
    I looked at many preachers, evangelists, and ministers, but none spoke to my broken spirit the way you did. Since then, I have found three to four more, but since we are "targeted" it makes us "kindred spirits" in Christ.
    I believe we do have "supernatural recourse" through supernatural weapons from Jesus Christ. I believe there is a way to destroy this program by and through prayer, fasting , through the authority and power of Jesus Christ.
    Thank you for your boldness and faith in Christ Jesus. I am protective of the "few" who have answered God's call. I hope to answer this call soon.
    Again, thank you for answering my original response in love, and my heart is filled with joy to know all is in order with your marriage. May the grace and peace of God be upon your union. Amen

    • henree simp
      henree simp 2 months ago

      Jesus is my lord and savior

    • Enough is Enough
      Enough is Enough 2 years ago +1

      +Child of the Heavenly Father Amen, and once again thank you for allowing God to use you to help strengthen others even while you are going through your own trails. God bless and don't give up .Just from reading your comments I can tell you are covered with God's anointed Grace...your words spoke power...take care

    • Child of the Heavenly Father
      Child of the Heavenly Father 2 years ago +1

      + Enough is Enough, thank you for adding a special blessing to my day. The enemy has used some heavy artillery during his attacks against me for the past month.
      Your words "in season" helped to lift my spirit. I've had to really rely greatly on my Armour of God...especially my Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit.
      The physical attacks have been quite intense, as well as the psychological. Our gracious Father in Heaven sent you and +Joe Lillie today to let me know He will never leave me nor forsake me.
      You, my friend have the kindness and charity of our Messiah. Thank you for your edifying message. I pray that each of us will come together and share our love, joy, sorrow and our growth in Christ each and every day.
      You are so correct, the most important things we can do is to daily ask God to protect our hearts and our minds from satan by staying prayed up and to implant the Holy scripture in and on the tablet of our hearts.
      I pray that the heavens will part and shower you with blessings that will astound and bless you for the rest of your life. In Jesus Christ name, Amen!

    • Child of the Heavenly Father
      Child of the Heavenly Father 2 years ago

      + Brother Jon Focker, I identify with the profane images on facebook and other odd events. I too, left facebook and have not looked back. I find myself more focused on my "best friend" and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for the info. May Jesus' grace and peace be with you, always.

    • Enough is Enough
      Enough is Enough 2 years ago +2

      Even though your message was intended for the response to this video...I would like to let you know your words of wisdom, your testimony spoke life to me. It helped me gain knowledge of the truth and the way we as T.I's have to have mind control and stay focused on the word of God.. Thank-you..and Thank the maker of this video...God Bless

  • Child of the Heavenly Father

    Thank you for responding with the unconditional love of Christ. Your love for Christ and your brothers and sisters is apparent and without compromise in your street preaching videos. I am deleting the original post. Congratulations, and many, many joyous years together.

  • Nicholas Meyers
    Nicholas Meyers 2 years ago +4

    Wow ! What a stroke of luck that he just happened to be there ! He was probably pretending to shop there and buy cheap crap he doesn't need so he can follow someone else on his list. I'm surprised y'all were able to stay so calm. Atleast you have the video to prove it.

  • Chartise wells
    Chartise wells 2 years ago +3

    yup they better give their life too God

  • dxguy
    dxguy 2 years ago

    Wow. What kind of drugs are you shit-oakies taking these days???

    • dxguy
      dxguy 2 years ago

      Prove it's real...

  • John Baptist
    John Baptist 2 years ago +12

    I told you there Freemasons they demonically possessed. See the sirens and motorcycles they work with them. I wanted to share that with you. They also JW and Mormons . They talk through satanic hive and get special texts when you go in their towns. I read the bible 2 cor 6:17 separate your self from them. If they everywhere the only way we saints survive is in the woods. I'm going pilgrimage to where Moses found God and John in Patmos island isolation to pray fast and to see who follows. God will provide protection especially if coming to seek him. Get away from the world. Be careful brother lots police fire and ambulance work with them. Check out gang stalking from guy out of North Carolina he got lots of footage of police fire and EMS following him with sirens and without. I heard it in the background of your video. Joe also the Harley's and crouch rocket motorcycles. Just see if you can observe that and landscapers, municipal trucks, garbage trucks.

    • Linda Parker
      Linda Parker Year ago

      Oh Bullshit that they aren't. My neighborhood is full of Texas (saturated here)

    • Fairy Lady
      Fairy Lady Year ago

      dagnyatl ...Well, I am an older, isolated woman who ain't gonna be committing suicide. I know who the perps are, where they work, live and where they go to their church. I know this jazz because I am angel class. And when I die, I will become a full fledged angel. Not a god like the perps believe they will become.

    • Fairy Lady
      Fairy Lady Year ago

      John Baptist ...I don't think Jehovahs Witnesses are involved.

    • Andreea Damask
      Andreea Damask 2 years ago

      Who Starts all this Crap ??
      Where do they get All Technology and approvall ?/
      They ARE sustained by Police and System i fileComplaint and they almost break my Door to my Ap and yet POLICE DOES NOTHING and all they do is Circle around my Apartment and Bang walls and behave like Stanaists Terrorists... Stalinists... FREAKS

    • Sharon Oconnor
      Sharon Oconnor 2 years ago

      John baptist,bless you thats the exact move I'm taking,the whole of England has fallen,they have stolen my passport,God willing see you there.

  • Jews CIA did 911 Fund Isis alqeeda

    USA isreal CIA Mossad did 911 and made isis alqeeda there pure evil they worship satan machelle obama is a man and Barack is a crack head ❌❌❌

  • Joseph Neigh
    Joseph Neigh 2 years ago +17

    WOW! Praise Jesus. She spoke with power, authority, love and respect!!

      JOSEPH LILLIE  2 years ago +2

      thank you Joseph for your encouragement and comment. yes I was proud of the way she handle that with love and respect and with authority. keep preaching with boldness and fighting the good fight be blessed in Jesus name

  • Ashkenazi Christian
    Ashkenazi Christian 2 years ago +18

    When I was being gang-stalked in summer of 2013, one of my female stalkers came up and asked me as I was playing with my dog in a dog park, "So, what do you think now that you've learned your life has been a 'Truman Show?'" I responded, "Well, now that I've learned who's been controlling my life all these years, I'm starting to feel pretty good about myself." THAT was not the response she was expecting from me and it freaked HER OUT!!! I imagine she expected me to crumple in a heap and cry. She avoided me after that incident. I'm thrilled to learn Shanna survived her gang-stalking experience and came to Jesus as I know women are committing suicide in huge numbers from being stalked; I almost did. God bless you for this video!!

    • henree simp
      henree simp 2 months ago

      Always say jesus is my lord and savior

    • Raymond L
      Raymond L 6 months ago

      TI Mike S channel called gangstalker perps Satan's Robots. Do everything to freak them out. I recorded and shared some up close photos of them at supermarkets and they now spy farther away. F them!

    • stop gangstalking
      stop gangstalking Year ago

      Martyrd ForJesus lol very clever

    • Fairy Lady
      Fairy Lady Year ago +3

      dagnyatl ...If a stalker had insinuated that my life had been a Truman show, I woulda said, I don't think so...Truman never tore a demon perp apart with his bare hands, sending it back to hell ;)

    • James Harken
      James Harken 2 years ago

      dagnyatl so what I'm supposed to cover up my tattoos now? Gtfo lady

  • Judy 1771
    Judy 1771 2 years ago +11

    Yeaa!!! That's right!! Loved this one:) And it IS in fact way easier to be nice to those dum dums. They are lost. Let's just keep smiles on our faces and spread the word of the Lord. I have the chills right now. Good job guys:)

    • Jon Focker
      Jon Focker 2 years ago +4

      only way to combat them is with love.