Tactical Distributors Down Range Hooded Jacket 2.1 - Review

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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    This is the jacket that everyone has been asking about;
    The Tactical Distributors Down Range Hooded 2.1 Jacket!
    Is it worthy? Absolutely!
    Link : www.tacticaldistributors.com/products/td-down-range-hooded-jacket-2-1?variant=13617955635284
    Price : $120
    Weight : Medium Size : 1lb 2.4oz
    Sizes : Small - 2x Large
    Colors : Gunmetal Gray, Ranger Green and I believe there is a black version but I haven’t seen that one for sale.
    In designing our all-new hooded TD Down Range Jacket, Tactical Distributors set out to create that perfect piece for your mid-layer and outerwear needs in our highly coveted down fabric technology: Heat Sealed Baffling. This innovative construction helps to eliminate down migration that occurs from traditional quilting methods. Our latest upgraded version features an array of convenient EDC compatible features like deep side pockets with stealth interior dump pouches and an easy-access chest pocket with com/music ports. With 3 colorways to choose from, we hope you enjoy making this particular jacket a key part of your cold weather kit essentials to keep you warm every time.
    600 Fill Power Down Insulation
    Innovative Bonded Baffle Technology
    Lightweight & Packable (11oz in pouch)
    Stuff Sack Included For Easy Storage
    Attached Hood with Peripheral Drawcord Adjustment
    Elasticized Binding at Cuff, Bottom Hem, and Hood Openings
    Zippered Hand Pockets
    Zippered Chest pocket with Interior Sound Port
    Interior Stash Pockets

    Note : This jacket isn’t waterproof but can be washed with a water repellent treatment if you wish to go through the trouble. I would suggest skipping that and going with a shell in wet weather as you really don’t want to get down we as a general rule.

    Note : There is a version of this jacket that doesn’t have a hood.
    Review :
    Pros :
    Thick but not too puffy.
    Warm and can take me into the 30’s with just a t-shirt on underneath. At that point I will add an sweater or merino long sleeve and I’m good into the low 20’s easy. Of course, your mileage will vary as every is different when it comes to comfort and temps. I run hot in general and I’m usually in shorts even in the winter months.
    Wind resistant
    Good fit/ flattering fit
    Cool design which has gotten a lot of attention from the viewers as I have received many questions about it when it is seen in my videos.
    It is fitted and if you are muscular you will likely want to go up in a size.
    No issues with down coming through that I have noticed. Down Loss will happen eventually as that is the nature of down but it’s a very low rate with my use so far.
    Cons :
    Hood is poorly adjustable and is uncomfortable. Draw cord is on the inside of the hood and pulls directly to your skin and it will have to be fit to fit correctly which makes it uncomfortable.
    Needs an additional adjustment for the top of the hood.
    Summary :
    As far as negatives go, there isn’t much to complain about with this jacket, it checks all of the right boxes and the price is excellent for what you are getting. Down jackets can be pricey and for a jacket that performs and looks as good as this one, I readily recommend it.
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  8 months ago +5

    What do you all think of this jacket and the design? - Luke

    • James Basuel
      James Basuel 8 months ago

      Sweet lookin jacket that isn't like every other down puffer out there. I would be interested to see a review of the hood less version, given how funky this version is. Also generally speaking, maybe a vid on the pros and cons of using hooded and non hooded down or synthetic down jackets, in conjunction with other layers, like a shell. Thanks for all your reviews! You rock!

    • out and about with Don
      out and about with Don 8 months ago

      I like the jacket but i have a. 5 in 1 ,511 tactical that i love , it has loads of pockets, and options.

    • Diana Hammond
      Diana Hammond 8 months ago +1

      I worry about the longevity of any elastic areas. After time most of it tends to get stretched out, so I'd rather see better adjustment methods particularly around the wrists. How well do those heat sealed areas block the wind? The hood is just weird, but wearing a cap or buff with it keeps it from being a deal breaker for me.

    • Timothy Mckee
      Timothy Mckee 8 months ago +1

      @Trib Ulation I was going with the 5th element police trooper armor helmet.

    • DanMadviking H
      DanMadviking H 8 months ago +1

      almost looks like hood is for helmet other then that me likyyy

  • Deezyyeezy
    Deezyyeezy 3 months ago

    how tall are you? i cant decide between the S and the M i am 5.7-5.8 and 158 lbs

  • Michael Pinto
    Michael Pinto 5 months ago

    Hi mate, this was a great review. Would you recommend this for an Everest base camp trek in Dec ?
    I believe this would be great. Welcome other recommendations though.
    Dwayne from Australia.

  • Roy Kindrick
    Roy Kindrick 5 months ago



  • Ghostginthree
    Ghostginthree 6 months ago

    Good review. Love the jacket. Is that the gun metal color you are wearing?

  • Deputy Prepper
    Deputy Prepper 7 months ago

    These jackets are on sale for 80 bucks on the website. 2/14/19

  • HefeFPV
    HefeFPV 7 months ago

    Who in the hell wears a jacket at 45 degrees?

  • spankyspankworth
    spankyspankworth 7 months ago

    What's your height and weight? Medium looks like a perfect fit

  • aden kunz
    aden kunz 7 months ago

    Bas d in the look of the good. No go

  • JBdrum Outdoors
    JBdrum Outdoors 7 months ago

    I’m not crazy about the look of the jacket, but if it works, looks are secondary...

  • netsuj yenrav
    netsuj yenrav 7 months ago

    on sale for 79.95 right now

  • Backlash Bry
    Backlash Bry 7 months ago

    The jacket is on sale right now for 89.99! Think I'll pick myself up one (well maybe the hoodless one, lol) on your recommendation. Keep the great vids.

  • Kevin Piggott
    Kevin Piggott 7 months ago

    You could wear a cap to stop it syncing on the face

  • Ben Tompkins
    Ben Tompkins 8 months ago

    Mountain Hardwear makes a down stretch that's similar. Much more expensive though.

  • Yonghwan Yi
    Yonghwan Yi 8 months ago

    Right now as of January 14th, 2019, these are on sale for 25% off on TD website.

  • nonvisi79
    nonvisi79 8 months ago

    Mountain Hardwear has a jacket with similar seam sealed tech. Called the stretch down DS Jacket for $300 . Good review, I've been on the fence with this jacket for a while, I think I'll purchase now. The only con I see with this jacket is the uneven distribution of down, hence the uneven distribution of warmth because there is no down where the seals are, which could be a good comparison the Mountain Hardwear since it has a different seal pattern, looks to have less surface area with no down. Thanks for the review, love the channel.

    • ML F1
      ML F1 7 months ago +1

      nonvisi79 yes the MH is the one I want especially since the outer shell is stretchy which is a must for me.

  • Senderismo Anfibio Tenerife

    Luck. I think that the hood is of this form befause is to use with helmet

  • Almonte Paolilli
    Almonte Paolilli 8 months ago

    Great review. You can create a fold on the hood and that will make it fit better but not attractive but functional.

  • Canyon Overlook
    Canyon Overlook 8 months ago

    Another terrible zip through collar. Look at how it hits you in the face at 2:53.

    COAR OAS 8 months ago

    It looks WEIRD!

  • out and about with Don
    out and about with Don 8 months ago

    Great jacket, but i have a question, if you still have the trail cam in operation, could you please put up some more pictures of the animals ? thanks luke , strength and honor, buddy.

  • leila jalili
    leila jalili 8 months ago

    No worries- gonna fix that hood for version 2.0. Thanks for the positive review!

  • carmas54
    carmas54 8 months ago +1

    You just lost a little street credibility with this review

  • carmas54
    carmas54 8 months ago

    I got a condor puffy jacket and paid 59.00$!!! And it’s great and it’s been holding up for years... and you can still get them it’s now 70.00$ still a great buy tacticalgear.com/zephyr-lightweight-down-jacket-black?hp=y&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlryXjdLe3wIVkorICh1fJAHCEAQYASABEgIZXvD_BwE#/28522/653,2394/1&dl=b 😆. I take that back... it’s 57.00$ on Amazon!!!

  • carmas54
    carmas54 8 months ago

    He must have gotten it for free

    HOSTILE MGTOW 8 months ago

    I just wear 100% wool. Nothing beats wool.
    Down seems kinda played out 😞.

  • JBdrum Outdoors
    JBdrum Outdoors 8 months ago +1

    I love the Carlos Ray TD pants, you have to go down a size, but man, I love them. Comfortable, great look, around town and light hiking..., I’m surprised you don’t like them, I’ve got 4

    • Lars Bergan
      Lars Bergan 7 months ago

      Yeah I am with you here! Own two pairs myself, and as you say, go down a size and they're perfect

  • Bill
    Bill 8 months ago

    How's the hood when wearing a winter hat? Maybe thats why they left it so large and across the forehead.

  • PrepperPilot #
    PrepperPilot # 8 months ago

    Looking for a cool puffy jacket. Dammit Luke. Your review made me buy one of these!! Thanks man!

  • Hiker Marapese
    Hiker Marapese 8 months ago

    Hoods are really important to me, so I wouldn't buy that jacket!

  • Thanh Truong
    Thanh Truong 8 months ago

    The Mountain Hardwear StretchDown DS looks just like that jacket. It will cost you twice as much though. It also stretches. Didn't work for me, might work for some of you who like the looks of this jacket.

  • Matthew Huestis
    Matthew Huestis 8 months ago

    Cool jacket

  • NJ Chris
    NJ Chris 8 months ago

    i think its an awesome jacket, but i strictly would buy it for the phallic shaped hood...

  • carmas54
    carmas54 8 months ago

    So the seams that are sealed .... if offers no insulation and that are too wide which will allow loss of heat... how can that be good? Not for me. Now if there was down on the inside offsetting the sealed seams that’s a whole different story but from what I could see when opened the jacket I can only see one layer

  • Glenn Fryer
    Glenn Fryer 8 months ago

    Nice review Luke...

  • Drifus
    Drifus 8 months ago

    I am sure I can go to their site but I would have liked you to focus more on the seamless aspect. RE: Hood - measuring around your forehead how large is your head? Thanks, Luke!!

  • bob clark
    bob clark 8 months ago +1

    looks like u got ran over by a few tractors

  • TJ Ellis
    TJ Ellis 8 months ago

    Tactical Down? Is that really possible ? It wont stop a bullet-but it will keep you cozy while you wait for the ambalance. Tactical wool socks review-coming soon :)

  • Dan
    Dan 8 months ago

    at the beginning you state jacket is 120 dollars and then when you start the review you say 150. Is it actually 120 bucks?

  • Ib Erik Söderblom
    Ib Erik Söderblom 8 months ago

    Terrible hood.
    In high winds its gonna be a pain, so I would go hoodless, have a good fitting and wind-/snow-catching hood on a shelljacket, and a wool cap under that.
    I'm still more in to synth-fillings, living in an extremely humid and also windy environment i Scandinavia, but this jacket looks interesting, depending if those seams a coldspots or not.
    Can it keep you cold when wet..., if you are in "troble", when you really need it ?

  • Ence
    Ence 8 months ago

    Thank you very much 😎

  • PrepComms UK
    PrepComms UK 8 months ago

    I don’t see any point in doing a comparison video Luke. Those of us that have seen the other video won’t be be touching it. I think the hoodless version of this one may be just right.

  • John Gergen
    John Gergen 8 months ago +1

    Do they sell in any stores? I'd really like to try one on before I buy. Again, nice video.

  • Kaylynn Strain
    Kaylynn Strain 8 months ago

    you could use the hood as an extra pocket when not wearing it lol

  • Phil w
    Phil w 8 months ago

    Glad I didn’t get in on the kickstarter for that “other” jacket!

  • ThroatNotchingTrout ZZZ

    Looks cool and interesting for sure. I would guess, that with a cap (or so, like these "brims with elastic band"?) on, the hood will work much better, if the temperature drops enough, but you do not seem to be a "cap guy", wearing one very often, but just a thought? Some people are.

  • Zeljko Tomic
    Zeljko Tomic 8 months ago

    I really like the jacket and the design. Anyone knows the way to get in Europe, Ireland?
    This is a great review. You know what you are talking about and have no agenda. It is important to be able to trust the review. Thanks for that

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 8 months ago +2

    The hood looks like a shower cap lol

  • Chad Carrington
    Chad Carrington 8 months ago

    I got the Eddie Bauer Evertherm for $140. Great Jacket! Really warm-breathable and the hood fits perfectly but it doesn't have a chest pocket .... I like this Jacket..... I did PreOrder the Outdoor Vitals jacket. I hope they fix some of the issues with it before they send it to me.

  • TAFF ward - davies
    TAFF ward - davies 8 months ago +3

    The wife unit, in UK military wives are known as....the long haired commander...lol. jacket looks nice.

  • Mongoose
    Mongoose 8 months ago

    I would love to see a video on your favorite cold-weather pants.

  • Mike f
    Mike f 8 months ago

    Not sure but mountain hardware stretch down ds.

  • Lorin Devries
    Lorin Devries 8 months ago

    Hi Luke, I have the My Trail Co. 800 fill hooded down jacket. I live in Canada and used it recently in 0c to minus -24c weather and found it quite warm with a wool sweater. It has been washed once and after dryer and hand fluffing, returned to it's original loft. It often goes on sale if you are willing to wait. I highly recommend this jacket for a comparison or second jacket. I found it through your review of the original teepee tent video you did (I purchased the tent also). My concern with the heat baffles is the amount of area they take (no insulation where sealed) and possible bunching of the down after washing. Your videos are excellent... Thanks for everything you do!

  • oscarpont
    oscarpont 8 months ago

    Do it! 😁

  • Laura Weiss
    Laura Weiss 8 months ago

    Great looking jacket. So much nicer than the OV monstrosity. Thanks for your honest reviews!

    PAUL WOOLRICH 8 months ago

    Most excellent product and good value if the quality is maintained I shall purchase thank you Luke for your review.

  • Sebastian Mange Escobosa

    I love your reviews they are so complete, thank you so much for the videos and I really appreciate the very long ones they help me go through work. Keep Rocking

  • Joseph Troyer
    Joseph Troyer 8 months ago

    Great review Luke! Nice jacket. I think you should run for Congress-yes-A politician.
    We need Guys like you running the Country-Straight talk,clear,concise,no BS, etc,etc
    LUKE for Congress!

  • Joe Dunbar
    Joe Dunbar 8 months ago

    Jacket looks good, maybe use a ball cap with that hood. The bill should hold the hood out of your face.

  • Mike Boone
    Mike Boone 8 months ago +8

    Base ball cap, as I'm sure you know solves all hood problems at least it has for me for some 65 years now .

    • Mike Boone
      Mike Boone 8 months ago

      @Matt Spencer No problem I totally understand now take care stay safe out there . Happy Trails

    • Matt Spencer
      Matt Spencer 8 months ago

      i was just trying to say that you pick up on stuff as you go that maybe a younger person might not be aware of. i agree that luke does a fine job and am not trying in any way to put him down. i would say the same thing (jokingly of course) if he were standing in front of me. i am 64 yrs old myself and would urge everyone not to read too much into things and to keep our sense of humor about us at all times. as i am an older guy and from a different time i sometimes forget that we live in a time when even the most innocent remark is going to offend someone and if i have inadvertantly offended , i apologise.

    • Mike Boone
      Mike Boone 8 months ago +1

      @Matt Spencer At my age I really don't see why the word treachery was used in your comment but what ever . The young man does a great job in his reviews.

    • Matt Spencer
      Matt Spencer 8 months ago +1

      Once again old age and treachery trounce youth and skills.