Drake Chenault radio jingles

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  • Marty Sanchez
    Marty Sanchez 4 years ago +2

    Khj 93 am boss radio

  • Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco 4 years ago +3

    What a racket! One basic catchy no-brainer jingle with donut. Same thing used by PAMS.
    You will not see the singers of these jinglalos getting residuals or driving pink Cadillacs.
    I know my truthful comments exposing this scam will never be posted.
    But I did so anyway.

  • TheRokjok
    TheRokjok 4 years ago

    Classic Top 40 Radio ..... Jingles, Jocks, Breaks, Hitz ...... Real Radio The Way I Think It Should Be Done ..... RokJok

  • Loren Mike Lundy
    Loren Mike Lundy 4 years ago

    Had to be Thurl. He worked often with Johnny Mann. He did TONS of work for Disneyland and Disney World. Live hosting all summer for the Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters. I was privileged to sit in the booth with him one night, then a personal tour backstage during intermission. And TONY THE TIGER was classic Thurl. What a kind and wonderful and gentle and talented man. (After his passing, the North American voice of Tony is performed by LA radio and wrestling announcer Lee Marshall.)

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 4 years ago

    WIBG-Philadelphia, The Big 99, was a FAKE-Drake station. It was owned by Storer Broadcasting in Miami, and not by RKO-General, as were the other Drake stations.
    WIBG was programmed by Paul Drew, Drake's national Program Director, in his capacity as an independent consultant.

  • Robert Cohen
    Robert Cohen 5 years ago

    I think 'Boss Radio' would work even today. but if you're too young to remember when it ruled the AM dial back in the late 1960s and early '70s, google "The Nine Tape" and you get a pretty good idea of how bad small-market radio sounded back in the early and middle l960s. Boss Radio just eliminated all the useless clutter and streamlined the top 40 format.

  • Jeff Missinne
    Jeff Missinne 5 years ago

    Being that it's the Johnny Mann singers on these tracks, is it safe to assume that's Thurl ("Tony the Tiger") Ravenscroft as the bass voice in the chorus?

  • themightyjaybird
    themightyjaybird 5 years ago

    Where's the famous 20/20 news sounder>

  • John Henry Wheeler
    John Henry Wheeler 6 years ago +1

    A middle KHJ jingle (legal ID/Los Angeles) isn't Drake, it's the TM You campaign by Dick Hamilton. The rest are, tho...

    GREG GOLDEN 6 years ago +1

    Love this stuff. Most of the jingles are good quality. When I used to collect this stuff in the 1960's, I could only get AM airchecks, never very good. Thanks for the collection.

  • nanlisa
    nanlisa 6 years ago +1

    I listened to KHJ when I was last in Los Angeles back in 1983. It's a pretty good station.

  • newhotman1001
    newhotman1001 6 years ago

    I was a DJ at WJIM in Lansing, MI. while at MSU on the weekends. Our jingles were similar but not quite the Drake jingles. I did try to emulate the Big 8 (CKLW, the Motor City) jocks as closely as possible. We had the Sound Power survey (I don't know if anyone else used it or not) and after the news at 5 minutes after the top of the hour the jingle would say, "DJ's name, WJIM plays power sound and it would countdown 10,9,8,7,6,5,5,5" and you would play the no.5 song of the week.
    Grew up w/Big 8.

  • frankp3
    frankp3 6 years ago +1

    @Glinkaism1 The Drake jingles were recorded by The Johnny Mann Singers. I believe at RCA studios in LA.

  • Wayne Sandifer
    Wayne Sandifer 7 years ago


  • Loren Mike Lundy
    Loren Mike Lundy 7 years ago

    CHICENMAN was certainly not created at CKLW. "The Big 8" may have leased CHICKENMAN from creator Dick Orkin at WCFL. His "Famous Radio Ranch" is now in the Sherman Oaks area of the City of Los Angeles. Orkin is still going strong, according to last reports, and he deserves the credit--along with several others--for creating and producing CHICKENMAN at WCFL.

  • opt toadopt
    opt toadopt 7 years ago

    OMG, I love your post. These jingles remind me of the Hi-Lo's style. I love the way that they tone it down, when singing the name of the city.

  • ChuckJPC
    ChuckJPC  7 years ago

    It is in Windsor, Ontario ...eh.

  • ChuckJPC
    ChuckJPC  7 years ago

    Noted, having known Dave Diamond (KFRC, KBLA) and Barry Shane (Salberg) of KSTN

  • Ken Fisher
    Ken Fisher 7 years ago +1

    Love the Drake jingles, however I do take issue with KSTN being labeled an imitator. In reality, Boss Radio and the Bill Drake genius was given birth @ KSTN Stockton. A real imitator (and a poor one) was KAFY Bakersfield. They had the jings and not much else. There was no true understanding of the Boss Radio format. I worked for both. Bakersfield is where the "whole world would agree, I was no Dave Diamond, and never would I be".

  • Tyrone Thompson
    Tyrone Thompson 8 years ago +1

    KCMO FM was kinda doing a drake-style jingle clone at once!

  • Tyrone Thompson
    Tyrone Thompson 8 years ago

    one more drake station, WMEE 1380 fort wayne, in.

  • pinchas barry goldstein

    cklw at 3.12 was the best detroit/ windsor/cleveland/toledo

  • Tyrone Thompson
    Tyrone Thompson 8 years ago +1

    that KSTN was 2005, also used a combination of the CKLW top of hour fanfare, and then, after "and the hits just keep on comin," used a jingle made by Gwinsound, also used for WTRY

  • biggfred999
    biggfred999 8 years ago

    WIBG was not Drake Chenault. It was a clone, consulted by Paul Drew, an ex-employee of Drake's. There were many other clones out there as well.
    Also, by the late 60's, just about any radio station could buy the jingle package.

  • juan bptoe
    juan bptoe 8 years ago

    Grew up listening to the "Lucky 13" as a kid...and later worked there in the mid

  • juan bptoe
    juan bptoe 8 years ago

    I got a chance to work at 13/KYNO back in the early 70's...which was great, cause I grew up listening to the "Lucky 13" as a kid...Got a chance to work with Mike Novack, John Berry, Kris Van Kamp and Danny Romero...also worked for the rival station, KMAK...those were the days...

  • Tyrone Thompson
    Tyrone Thompson 8 years ago

    boss radio forever!

  • Mingowildcat
    Mingowildcat 9 years ago

    What a thrill to hear the KAKC jingle! Wow. Thanks.

  • ChuckJPC
    ChuckJPC  9 years ago

    Bill Drake passed away Nov 30, 2008.

  • nanlisa
    nanlisa 9 years ago

    I definitely remember CKLW. I used to pick it up at night right here in Philly.

    WIBG went off the air in 1977. It then became WZZD, which first featured the top songs of that day (the late 1970's), and it then switched to religious programming in 1980. It is now WNPT with Dennis Prager, Laura Ingram, and Rush Limbaugh.

    Besides WFIL, I used to listen to WIBG as well. We used to have WIBG on the school bus every morning.

  • 10TVMan
    10TVMan 10 years ago

    Awesome. I has inspired me to get out some of my old collections and post them.

  • Don Hurley
    Don Hurley 10 years ago +1

    wiping the tears from my eyes...cool shit!

  • djjas79
    djjas79 10 years ago

    Such a great sound. Thanks for posting this!!

  • RetroJoe66
    RetroJoe66 10 years ago

    Very cool! Another great imitator was 1050 CHUM, Toronto.

  • Joseph Frederickson
    Joseph Frederickson 10 years ago

    Somebody must have a compilation of the famous Hit Parade 68 and 69 packages. Drake syndicated them to radio stations all over the U.S. This is a terrific compilation right here and they would add to it.