HIGH SCHOOL DANCE BATTLE V! FRESHMAN DANCE OFF! (Kaycee Rice, Gabe De Guzman, Angel Gibbs)

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
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    Featuring the incredibly talented:
    Kaycee Rice
    Gabe De Guzman
    Angel Gibbs
    Jevohn Gentry
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  • ScottDW
    ScottDW  3 months ago +106

    I love you guys! Enjoy the song for FREE! ScottDW - Nice to Meet You // Download: www.scottdw.com or Stream: smarturl.it/sdwnicetomeetyou

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      Sri C 13 days ago


    • G C
      G C 15 days ago

      The dances and songs are awesome!! Great work 🤙🤙

    • Anna Nichole
      Anna Nichole 15 days ago +1

      ScottDW 2

    • Cecilia Robles
      Cecilia Robles 24 days ago

      Scott l what that 🎵 anb my name Is Sofia cedallos @

  • Markus Carlsen
    Markus Carlsen 2 hours ago


  • Markus Carlsen
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  • Hilda Tin-ao
    Hilda Tin-ao 12 hours ago

    Guys you are a epic dancers👏🏻👍🏻😀

  • iiHuskyKate
    iiHuskyKate 22 hours ago

    Kaycee : Woah! Did you see that?
    Kiki : Woah! Did you see that?
    Hmm seems familiar

  • rori
    rori Day ago

    I DoNt dAncE aNyMoRe.

  • Paraiso Tours
    Paraiso Tours 4 days ago

    Saludos Amigo desde Colombia. Eres Excelente. Un gran saludo afectivo.

  • Rozalya Blevins
    Rozalya Blevins 5 days ago

    I would do home town because I am a tomboy

  • Paige Burman
    Paige Burman 5 days ago +1

    Saw Kaycee’s Name. I clicked.

  • rainfall
    rainfall 5 days ago


  • Luis Figueroa
    Luis Figueroa 6 days ago

    Boys won

    KATELYN NEFF 7 days ago

    does anyone think the two man characters the boy and girl should date thumbs up if you agree

  • Mr Wing din
    Mr Wing din 8 days ago

    1:13 ............. Chief we got em, ok boys grab him

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 9 days ago

    i love you guys

  • Zeit zocker
    Zeit zocker 11 days ago

    How is the Name thus song

  • angela is horRENdous
    angela is horRENdous 11 days ago

    the past part was the dude who started grinding on the table

  • Germanique Gleeton
    Germanique Gleeton 11 days ago

    Y'all are so awesome

  • Kaylee Romero
    Kaylee Romero 12 days ago

    Kaycee where’s sean

  • Dina Dina
    Dina Dina 12 days ago

    All of this videos say did you that

  • Sierra Callins
    Sierra Callins 12 days ago

    Okay... but who picked this music?

  • Ashley_ Playz
    Ashley_ Playz 13 days ago

    What song is that? I really like it!

  • XxGacha SnowxX
    XxGacha SnowxX 13 days ago

    Tbh the first guy is worst then the others

  • Phantom_Waters
    Phantom_Waters 13 days ago

    Furry patrol

    KING PLAYS JR. 13 days ago

    That was nuts”😂😂

  • chaitra rao
    chaitra rao 13 days ago

    OMG I love it so much your videos and you are my favorite

  • LilT Music and truck channel

    I liked the dancing seen but I never new how to dance

  • DNA Gamer Tube
    DNA Gamer Tube 13 days ago

    more nice dance and song we are need mr. boom boom rumba😊😊😊

  • Damon  Steber
    Damon Steber 14 days ago

    i woch 1 8

  • Damon  Steber
    Damon Steber 14 days ago


  • Damon  Steber
    Damon Steber 14 days ago


  • Lucas gaming
    Lucas gaming 14 days ago +1


  • Aleki Pefua
    Aleki Pefua 14 days ago

    Yah my mascot #fearlesshusky

  • Walker 17935
    Walker 17935 14 days ago

    I love thasssss😄😄😄😄

  • Tokiya Ichinose
    Tokiya Ichinose 15 days ago


  • durgacharan angaria
    durgacharan angaria 15 days ago


  • Avery Kennedy
    Avery Kennedy 16 days ago


  • builderbob26
    builderbob26 16 days ago

    Who is the Cheerleader on the Left. She also did a solo at the end. She dances sooo great. Kaycee...... we'll we know she's the Queen.

  • Josh Dave
    Josh Dave 17 days ago

    What is the name of the song they are dancing... Anyone?

  • Shenasia Stevens
    Shenasia Stevens 17 days ago

    I like the different flips they did

  • Le Padriné
    Le Padriné 17 days ago

    I really love your videos !

  • its your boi landon collinsworth

    Im a boy and i rather join cheer team cause im in dance class and we can do better

  • Gamer Family and Friends

    I think I saw Landon Cube

  • Stefan Junghans
    Stefan Junghans 18 days ago

    Na klar wir wieder mit lederhosen 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 und dieses deutsch pls noooo

  • Sabson Retilifi
    Sabson Retilifi 18 days ago +1

    I love to break dance

  • Phillip hafeni
    Phillip hafeni 18 days ago

    this could be a serie

  • Treasure Ransom
    Treasure Ransom 18 days ago

    I definitely can see this as a TVclip series... probably the first one I would spend money for @kayceericeofficial. I kinda also ship them😂😂 (for the show of course) SEAYCEE FOREVER!!!!

  • yukigirl girl
    yukigirl girl 19 days ago

    i like cheer squad and home town heroes too

  • yukigirl girl
    yukigirl girl 19 days ago

    i know every dancr

  • fiesta del juego
    fiesta del juego 20 days ago

    Cual es la canción que ellos bailaron ?

  • Cr7 HD
    Cr7 HD 20 days ago

    What’s the name of the dance move at 3:46?

  • Farrist Danish
    Farrist Danish 21 day ago

    furry best boi

    HALEY_SNAKE 21 day ago

    Did you see the white sweatshirt boy humping the table?

  • heheheheheh hahahah i need halp

    *Gets pushed*
    Now u do

  • Jizzel Ordaz
    Jizzel Ordaz 22 days ago


  • xGacha _Crystalx
    xGacha _Crystalx 22 days ago

    I kind of dance....
    Few seconds later
    *busts the moves*
    (also I just realised that the mascot of the school was a FURRY and no there's nothing wrong bout it)

  • EveryUnicornCanGame :3

    This looks AMAZING!
    So much skill, talent and they clearly like doing it!

  • declan sprinkle
    declan sprinkle 22 days ago

    The cheerleaders are hot I like them to

  • hannah Bolor
    hannah Bolor 22 days ago +2

    Snd please tell me im not the one is not german here caus im scsred no im a filipino maybe ferman doeset like filipino please give me hope heer people and i really know kaycee i dont lie she was the one of mye favorite dancer in the whoule world😣😣😣😖😖😖😖😦😦😦😦😦😦world

  • Dark Angel pro
    Dark Angel pro 22 days ago

    sooooo nice guys💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Shanolle Wilkie
    Shanolle Wilkie 23 days ago

    I love u guys! enjoy the song one love

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    Satendra Singh 23 days ago

    i wanna join

  • joao tembe
    joao tembe 23 days ago

    tank you for to video and i love yor videos

  • joao tembe
    joao tembe 23 days ago

    tank you for ti video and i love yor videos

  • Daniel plays 101
    Daniel plays 101 24 days ago

    That was nuts is there every time

  • Dublast tec
    Dublast tec 24 days ago

    What name the song

  • Bboy Dom
    Bboy Dom 24 days ago

    3:50 did she rlly try to speak german ?😐

  • Thelilbear_ Honey
    Thelilbear_ Honey 24 days ago

    Sean and kaycee r way better

  • Thelilbear_ Honey
    Thelilbear_ Honey 24 days ago

    OMG Kaycee where’s Sean??

  • Seem Seem
    Seem Seem 25 days ago

    المخرج الذي يسوي هاذا العمل… مبدع جدا

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    Kevin Martin 25 days ago

    this stuff was dope bro

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    Ajhari NASA 25 days ago

    Anyone Saw Logan Paul?

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      hannah Bolor 22 days ago

      I dont like u one boooo you like if u agree

  • Eliza Betsy
    Eliza Betsy 26 days ago

    потрясающе!! просто волшебство!! очень красивое видео@! и все остальные тоже!!

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    Johana Pena 26 days ago


  • Jessica Nesnadna
    Jessica Nesnadna 26 days ago

    Home time heroes won

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    Danny plays stuf 26 days ago

    The cheering home tower

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    J Mitsuki 27 days ago

    That girl looks awfully familiar

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    jihad bou hamdan 27 days ago

    Home town heroes won

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    Carola LACHE 28 days ago

    0:24 was this german 😂
    It's sounded so funny ... I'm from Germany 😂

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    ayesha Bangura 28 days ago

    I go cherleding

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    ayesha Bangura 28 days ago

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    yukigirl girl 28 days ago

    i have teach how to dance even shuffle i know how to dance like that and alot more

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    Hani Hassan Month ago

    Hhhhh is so good bro

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    Andrew Felipe Month ago

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    Yvonne Meya Month ago

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    Liting Huang Month ago

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    fluffy pancakes556 Month ago

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    Has anybody noticed that it's like blood and Crip

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    Kaycee is so beautiful here

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    Jemsean Dalingay Month ago

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    Somya Khan Month ago +2

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    MasterRoblox wat Month ago

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