Rachel Nichols: Why Kevin Durant doesn't win defensive awards | The Jump | ESPN

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Stephen Jackson of The Jump react to Kevin Durant's comments saying "hate" is the reason why the Golden State Warriors star does not win individual regular-season awards or receive NBA All-Defense recognition, with Nichols saying it's because he plays alongside the likes of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, as well as his stats.
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Comments • 731

  • Brian
    Brian 4 months ago

    A great offensive player , but very weak ! He would have got broken in half like Ralph Sampson if he played in the 80s. Sorry , but now hes been injured a few times in NBA. It will continue to happen. Its not like he got injuries due to diving for loose balls, etc. Great shooter n thats about it.

  • DaggerMan11
    DaggerMan11 5 months ago

    It's simple: he's not that good a defender.

  • Unspoken Voices Inside Media

    Lebron doesn't have to say anything when he has Fanboys like Rache, Amin, Shannon, Nick, Chris, Brain, and other in sports media producing print/TV storyline narratives as favorable content everyday.

  • Ethan Ashby
    Ethan Ashby 11 months ago

    Lmao he aint even in the top 20

  • Don Don
    Don Don 11 months ago

    KD's the best defender of a haircut

  • EpilepticRabbit
    EpilepticRabbit Year ago

    The only way Durant gonna get out of being called a snake/sellout/whatever is he joins a team with 2 or less stars, and then beats the best team, while being the main man on that team

  • Josh derp
    Josh derp Year ago

    He doesn't win it because his numbers aren't there you stupid, absolutely fucking retarded whore. He's a top defender but not one of the best. It has nothing to do with drama you unbelievably stupid cunt.

  • Niels Risolo
    Niels Risolo Year ago +1


  • Ninch667
    Ninch667 Year ago

    Haha so called beautiful

  • Cornell Cannon
    Cornell Cannon Year ago

    C'mon KD. Improvement on defense does not make you deserving of DPOY. And stop feeling sorry for yourself. You don't know what hate is. Real hate is what Lebron experienced in '2010-11 when the media gave D-Rose the MVP over a more deserving Lebron. Real hate was what Lebron experienced in 2011-12 & 2012-13 when he should have been MVP and DPOY both years. But something happened in those 2 years that had only happened twice in the previous 29-year history of the DPOY award, which was this. The DPOY award was given to players that weren't 1st-team All-Defense selections. At least in the previous 2 times it happened ('86 & '95), the players led the NBA in blocks or steals. Chandler and Gasol didn't lead the NBA in any major defensive category when they were given DPOY awards. If your going to give DPOY to someone who is not on the All-Defense 1st-team, that player sure as hell better lead the NBA in at least 1 defensive category. It's no surprise to me that "voting shenanigans" occurred in the 2 years where Lebron had the opportunity to join Michael Jordan as the only players to win MVP, DPOY and FMVP in the same season. That's real hate. KD has no idea what real hate is.

  • Evan Wrenn
    Evan Wrenn Year ago

    An expert at evaluating diamonds would spot a great diamond whether it were on it's own or on a diamond watch. The fact that Steph or KD can't win the MVP because they're on the same team is so dumb.

  • Fullmetal
    Fullmetal Year ago

    You idiots here talking smack about KD. He wasn't even a second or third team all defence that's his point. Lebron has never been a great defender but is all over all nba defensive teams

  • Jeff Samuels
    Jeff Samuels Year ago

    Nba voters < internet mob. Advanced stats?? You kidding me?? Y’all need to watch games. Seriously. Dude’s a beast, and Rachel is a bronsexual

  • Mr 1776
    Mr 1776 Year ago

    KD did a weak ass dance after he won the championship in 2018

  • Mash Madness
    Mash Madness Year ago

    05:28 i was left alone after a wedding speech, and now im feeling better im not the only one in that awkward Situation :) im still hopeing nobody saw me!!!

  • Quicktwosteps
    Quicktwosteps Year ago

    If Rachel cuts off her hair, it's game over. Every one will be thrown off and be like, "Who is this grandma? But she has big boobs though."

  • Peter Paz
    Peter Paz Year ago


  • Louis Williams
    Louis Williams Year ago

    So...... according to their logic.....playing along with offensive minded players negates KD from winning a DEFENSIVE award! #AwwOk 🧐🤨🙄🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Keisean Burke
    Keisean Burke Year ago

    Lebron wasnt forgiven until he went BACK to cleveland. People are forgetting how much everyone really HATED that heat team with lebron lol.

  • The Isolated Male

    He didn’t start playing defense until he got to golden state. He wasn’t locking people down in OKC. When klay erupted for 37 in a quarter, where was KD to lock him down? KD delusional as hell. He’s not even the best defender on his own team.

  • Mr JOB
    Mr JOB Year ago +1

    KD still a 🐍 lol

  • Young Man
    Young Man Year ago

    fk kd

  • BigPrimo33
    BigPrimo33 Year ago

    her argument makes zero sense and she even contradicted herself... If these "select" writers are that good and follow the NBA closely then they would be able to notice any diamond among other diamonds stick out.
    KD got a dose of reality when Steph went down. He was absolutely 100% defensive player of the year for the first half, then Curry went down and KD had to pick it up on the offense and be the defacto leader and his defensive play fell off. It was plain as day. He went from blocking everything and being the premiere rim defender to feeling the pressure of stepping into Curry's shoes and his play suffered.

  • Trey Johnson
    Trey Johnson Year ago

    How does anyone like her

  • Kenneth White
    Kenneth White Year ago

    Get out your feelings nigga. Smh. You were suspect on d before the Warriors. Now your work load is lighter. So you can step up. But he was never was a top defender. Cut the crap.

  • Ingagi
    Ingagi Year ago

    KD doesn't win MVP mainly because of his story. People tend to give Lebron going to Miami more of a pass because when he joined the heat with Bosh, the heat were a good team but lost in the first round of the playoffs. While the Warriors beat the Bulls wins record the season before he joined and got to the Finals. Miami would've never been that good without Bron and Bosh, while the Warriors were comparable with the '96 Bulls.

  • Misi Lamositele
    Misi Lamositele Year ago

    Bron gonna win the DPOY this season, you heard it here first !

  • Edwin Hernández
    Edwin Hernández Year ago

    The only reason people hate on him is because By him going to golden state everybody knows They don't have a chance To beat golden state,So the only thing they can do Is cry in the comment section

  • Joseph
    Joseph Year ago

    Well he is the most defensive player in the NBA

  • Bill Russel
    Bill Russel Year ago

    KD ranked 88th in DWS
    Klay and Dray are at 26th and 28th respectively.
    Even Curry is higher at 68th.
    WTH is KD talking about?

  • Jerry Lu
    Jerry Lu Year ago

    This dude KD always got some to say. If he want to be recognized for All NBA defensive team or DPOY than go get more blocks get more steals, average more defensive rebounds, average league best in all defensive categories. Awards are all based on stats son. Greedy ass...

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep Year ago +1

    Rachel needs to tuck in her titties. They're wayyyy played out. Nobody watches the same porno over and over ago without months in between

  • KimJennie
    KimJennie Year ago

    My dear Rachel, the media is trash lol

  • R. Martinez
    R. Martinez Year ago

    How is it that Rachel has this job and Molly Qerim doesn't? Rachel is overly judgemental and flat out annoying

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E Year ago

    He's a getting to be a great defender, but he's still the 3rd best defender on his team.

  • Dubfansince 1980
    Dubfansince 1980 Year ago

    I don't know how to put the time of a video as a link in the comments, but I want 2:18 signed and framed. Hey! It's automagic!

  • steve vang
    steve vang Year ago

    awww qq cry more lol.

  • bubbachuck14
    bubbachuck14 Year ago

    WHO CARES ABOUT KD THE 🐍🐍🐍? that cleavage on rachel is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Willie Jones
    Willie Jones Year ago

    KD to Boston🍀

  • ¿SabesQue...?
    ¿SabesQue...? Year ago

    kd sounds like kat williams right now.

  • Joe joe Man
    Joe joe Man Year ago

    Kevin was my favorite player since TMac... Mcgrady kept failing his fans & that was hard to watch. Kevin started to do the same as Mcgrady. Then Kevins problem was Curry who took over the league.. Curry shined & over exceeded & Kevin stayed neutral without championship Rings. Durrant should never resent Curry but just pass the man the Ball because Curry deserves To chase Michael Jordan's greatness

  • Earl Smith
    Earl Smith Year ago

    Stat the only one I know who be one on Fox 1 and ESPN

  • Troll God
    Troll God Year ago

    Can we please eliminate Rachel’s monologues?

  • Anthony Ortiz
    Anthony Ortiz Year ago

    Here we go... now watch him win it this year lol 😂😂 once u cry about it to the media they will give it to u.

  • Juan Luna
    Juan Luna Year ago

    He is not only a player on his team...everyone has a rule..unless you hug the ball😂😂😂

  • The Solo
    The Solo Year ago

    And I cant believe he use to be one of my favorite players

  • The Solo
    The Solo Year ago

    I HOPE he keeps getting HATE. He slick made the last 2 finals TRASH. And those 2 rings he won doesn't really mean much when you have 3 other all stars on the team. So he will never be up there with a MJ MAGIC or Lebron. This will stay with him for LIFE. It's as simple as that. And don't start with me on Lebron doing the same thing or Magic had all stars or Bill too. Lebron didn't go to a team that won a championship just before he signed on.

    • The Solo
      The Solo Year ago

      @Dubfansince 1980 Clearly I said he had all stars with him AKA Kareem and Worthy

    • Dubfansince 1980
      Dubfansince 1980 Year ago

      The Solo Yeah, Magic had trash around him. I think I just sprained an eye from the eye-roll. Cause Kareem, Worthy and Silk were dogmeat.

  • kawhi jennings
    kawhi jennings Year ago

    KD gave up scoring titles for NBA titles... if the media didn't make the debate for greatness all about rings then KD would still be in OKC putting up Harden numbers. His frustration is that people don't fully appreciate his overall skill set. And y'all gonna hate on me for this but he's more talented than Lebron. Bron might be better passer but in terms of talent: shooting, ball handling, even on ball defending; KD is better.

  • Mr. Entringer
    Mr. Entringer Year ago

    Gobert won this past season and will win again. And again.

  • TV Jumpshot
    TV Jumpshot Year ago

    🤞🏾I hope the Celtics play these fucks in the finals and knock em the fuck off🤞🏾
    I'm tired of you scary muthafkas talking about can't nobody beat em and I'm tried of you bandwagon fks who just cling onto them bc they're winning.

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James Year ago

    They do got 2 snack

  • Hero 3
    Hero 3 Year ago

    I have no idea what she said the first 1:15 of video.

  • Marquese DeShields

    Not DPOY but he couldve made an All Defense team in the past 2 years

  • Adrian Rubio
    Adrian Rubio Year ago

    KD is Murdering everyone out here . All this hate makes sense

  • Andor Dénes
    Andor Dénes Year ago

    KD = whining. So boring... STFU and be grateful what you have.

  • Zach Thompson
    Zach Thompson Year ago

    He was DPOY the first half of the year but after that he slacker off. That's why he lost and I'm a warrior fan.

  • Carl Rice
    Carl Rice Year ago

    This guy....all he does is whine and cry abour what he doesn't get. Too bad there isnt a team he can go to that will guarantee DPOY like he did a championship.

  • Maurice Brodie
    Maurice Brodie Year ago +1

    Clearly his best Defense is His Offense.. WTF is he complaining about? LLS..

  • Sixeagles
    Sixeagles Year ago

    Green, Klay, and Iggy are better than him and that's just on the dubs

  • Riot Or diet
    Riot Or diet Year ago

    Lol Amin lebron not getting mvp cuz he not the damn MVP!!if he was u guys put him there even when he is not!!the man hasnt played defense in reg season for 5 years aint no way he mvp with 2 other all stars in weak east please!!