• Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Controversial TVclipr Ricegum clears his name in this episode of Impaulsive.
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    Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
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Comments • 17 654

  • max r
    max r Hour ago

    People are mad at rice for promoting gambling to youngsters, mean while in finland it was legal for 15 yr olds to gamble REAL MONEY at almost EVERY gas station and supermarket only like 10 yrs ago and it was a thing for a long time

  • bikkibikki
    bikkibikki 10 hours ago

    Tried to insult chinese but with a Asian face ,racist ,does your Vietnamese parents know about it ? What a shame

  • NFLyoungboy305 MNW
    NFLyoungboy305 MNW 22 hours ago +1

    RIP kong

  • Brian Brennan
    Brian Brennan Day ago

    I love how he says he hates to be irrelevant and hasn't posted in months

  • Apex
    Apex Day ago +1

    Why cant kids gamble?

    Dude really rubbed his last two brain cells together for that one huh

  • Duhreel Vlogs
    Duhreel Vlogs Day ago +3

    I like these vids because it shows the human side from your guest including yourselves

  • Young Money
    Young Money 2 days ago

    He is so cringy

  • Golden Supernova
    Golden Supernova 3 days ago

    “He called you a MeLnOuRiShEd LeSbIaN”

  • Golden Supernova
    Golden Supernova 3 days ago

    34:10 he literally just confirmed rice uses ghost writers 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • iMDiamondCrafter
      iMDiamondCrafter 3 days ago

      yeah litterally everyone knows dumbass his ghost writer is lit he is a badass

  • Team random Knox
    Team random Knox 3 days ago +1

    Rip KONG

  • Matthew Cochran
    Matthew Cochran 3 days ago +1

    kid scammer talks to kid scammer about how what they r doing is right

  • Steven Jonik
    Steven Jonik 4 days ago

    Dropping a vid on this man soon, remember this comment. I clipped from this video #securethebag

  • RyanTheKiller254
    RyanTheKiller254 4 days ago

    Rice is a real 1

  • Jay fulton
    Jay fulton 4 days ago

    Ye all these left wing ppl keep getting offended over comedy vidios like ricegums vid xD

  • TD Gaming
    TD Gaming 5 days ago

    Rice is cool af.. Brian weak tho.

  • Drunk Monkey
    Drunk Monkey 5 days ago

    get ksi in this show

  • babi gogo
    babi gogo 5 days ago

    Logan : 2019 feels goodddd !!!
    2019 : i gotta fuck him up...
    No one : ...
    2019 : *makes coyote take kong*
    Logan : 😭😭😭

  • MarcusDibble
    MarcusDibble 6 days ago +1

    Rice is an arrogant asshole

  • PandaGamer 68
    PandaGamer 68 6 days ago

    Rip kong

  • Hollywood Gavin
    Hollywood Gavin 6 days ago

    He is high af

  • Sids Father
    Sids Father 6 days ago +2

    Im triggered he wouldnt pet the dog earlier in the beginning

  • Mand Co
    Mand Co 8 days ago

    Rice aint got no spirit, got no deeper layer.. lmaooo

  • Elian Halimi
    Elian Halimi 10 days ago +1

    27:21 Wroteshaw hit it better im just saying

  • sol a
    sol a 10 days ago +1

    The why don’t we boys? Please?

  • Lucas McCullar
    Lucas McCullar 11 days ago

    Rice gum vocal chords are douche level 10000

  • Tyler Berghan
    Tyler Berghan 12 days ago

    Get banks in there yo

  • how to properly clean your plastic computer

    Well, I *DID* sell gambling to kids and foster new addictions, BUT...

    *I M A D E T H E B A G*

    • JakeSimmer
      JakeSimmer 6 days ago

      Yeah LOL... 3 topics in one sentence... he's good...

  • Feng20 Hui
    Feng20 Hui 13 days ago

    Fuck u ricegum

  • Vincy red dragon
    Vincy red dragon 15 days ago

    faze banks

  • Lucy Ford
    Lucy Ford 16 days ago

    Rice doesn't even realize that he made himself seem even MORE like a piece of shit by saying he's not motivated by money yet he promoted some sketchy ass website that is most definitely a scam FOR THE MONEY. The money that he really doesn't NEED. I hate how these influencers promote all these sketchy ass sites without doing ANY type of research. Why would you risk your reputation for 'THE BAG' that they DON'T NEED!!! I don't understand why people like Rice even have "fans" he's not funny and his diss tracks are trash. He sounds like he forever has a clogged nose.

  • Ch syt
    Ch syt 16 days ago

    don't waste second on such a morality fucked person

  • Daniel Bell
    Daniel Bell 18 days ago


  • Ana Banana
    Ana Banana 20 days ago +12

    you know it's bad when even Logan is speechless.

  • Bryson Hayden
    Bryson Hayden 20 days ago +2

    Put Alissa on impaulsive

  • RidingChica
    RidingChica 20 days ago +1

    5 days a week!!!!!!! All day podcasts!!!!! Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!

    • Duhreel Vlogs
      Duhreel Vlogs Day ago +1

      It ain't all day unless its 7 day's a week lol

  • T Nguyen
    T Nguyen 21 day ago

    lmao rice's face when logan said go for ur dreams

  • Nexus Galaxy
    Nexus Galaxy 21 day ago

    for me ricegum is shit
    that shit don't know how to respect
    did he go to kindergarten?

  • Raeann Douston
    Raeann Douston 21 day ago

    Ummm guys .... Shane Dawson did a taco bell commercial lol so ricegum isnt the first youtuber to do one .. just saying 🤣🤣

  • 阿里啪啪
    阿里啪啪 24 days ago

    But this is your own culture... so ricegum is ok to be referred as a “Robot”.. OMG this guy needs an IQ test

  • derek zhou
    derek zhou 26 days ago

    Red shirt guy sounds like a big red neck.

  • MrBlackxbull
    MrBlackxbull 27 days ago

    R.I.P Kong

  • jackson schmitt
    jackson schmitt 27 days ago

    Fuck ricegum

  • Donovan Not McNabb
    Donovan Not McNabb 27 days ago

    Lmao he really said paspifics. Stay in school kids

  • IDK what my name is
    IDK what my name is 28 days ago +1

    We do fucking understand English, I was born in Hong Kong, so why the fuck I understand English? WTF is wrong is you guys? And also, why does Ricegum want to find hoes when he go to another country, I just don't understand. And, you know that Hong Kong already set up the law in 1983 that no more eating dog or cat, so that why we are mad. And also, your behavior was so bad when you are asking people who is Ricegum, he didn't just say "Do you know Ricegum?", he say "Do you fuck with Ricegum?" , that just not very respectful to the people. The time that Ricegum with his friend have go in the store without PERMISSION by the worker, like dude, that just very uncool, you should know that Hong Kong is a hard place to live, people work so hard, and they even need to take care of their family too! Like really, that just very uncool bro. This is not about joking or not joking, the problem is are he being respectful to us, I been thought a lot of thing when I came to America, I been bully by people, I been ELD 1, and I work very hard to be like this, and I just don't understand, so does Ricegum know Chinese, I mean both Mandarin and Cantonese. And I don't give a fuck about the joking stuff, ok, just like, give some fucking respect on our motherfucking people, Do I make it clear????????? And one last thing, Ricegum's parents will be embrassing because of what he did. THE END.

  • Harry Chen
    Harry Chen 29 days ago


  • ahitzkenny428
    ahitzkenny428 Month ago

    Damn Logan Paul is articulate as fuck

  • ninjajonnyboi
    ninjajonnyboi Month ago

    tfw rice made this podcast and Lp has the nelk boys on and probably will have banks on and will get insulted by banks......he gets rice on again and rice disses him again. ...prediction

    • ninjajonnyboi
      ninjajonnyboi Month ago

      worse than h3h3 podcasts.
      since when did youtubers become podcasters, or (((comedians)))

  • Colin Williams
    Colin Williams Month ago

    I don’t like this RiceGum guy

  • thechosenMOE
    thechosenMOE Month ago

    Dumbest asain ever

  • my name is LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL

    WTF do u fucking mean by you cant read that shit???? i tell you that a person is not Chinese and American is shit lol

  • my name is LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL

    ricegum go to hell ,you son of a white whitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhite(I did not say that you are a quarter Chinese.)lol

  • my name is LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL

    我并没有说你是亚洲人 You don't know Chinese. Are you all robots?

  • ell
    ell Month ago

    when you flex the WHOLE podcast

  • 小便饼干
    小便饼干 Month ago

    Post-handover, the colony of Hong Kong became the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) and for official purposes is a part of China. But, for all intents and purposes, it is allowed to operate as an independent country.

    read that shit just google shit dumbass

  • 1 234
    1 234 Month ago +1

    R.I.P Cong

  • Shawty Joselyn
    Shawty Joselyn Month ago

    -Shane Dawson

  • Pay Up
    Pay Up Month ago


  • MK8
    MK8 Month ago

    People will BITCH and moan however they want. Damned if you do damned if you don't. LIVE HOW YOU CHOOSE AND FUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M Month ago

    Ricegum`s such a fucc boi.

  • Ralius
    Ralius Month ago

    for fuck sake, learn how to fucking talk without sounding like an idiot.

  • Nikki Lee
    Nikki Lee Month ago

    Ricegum what a fstupid name! Don't even start that I am the American shit, the true American will never suck on China's balls beg for a fking china visa then talk shit about Chinese you fhead. You and your stupid dumb f Asian English accent and stupid ass looking shit face tell us you will always be bullied, not only get bullied by Americans but Asian as well. Go suck on bags of dicks..

  • KolorBlind
    KolorBlind Month ago +1

    Why have I watched this 3 times in the last week

  • ching liang
    ching liang Month ago

    Rubbish chanel....

  • Ivy Kwan
    Ivy Kwan Month ago

    on9 :)

  • crow Hachi
    crow Hachi Month ago


  • Shi Qi
    Shi Qi Month ago +1

    Ricegum hates the fact that as an american he borned with an asian face. He has to do all those ridiculous stuff for attentions and to prove that he has nothing to do with China. How pathetic.

  • olatz armendariz
    olatz armendariz Month ago

    I want John Cena to be on it.Goddd

  • Yexiao Gao
    Yexiao Gao Month ago

    ricegum is clearly retarted. He should try to do the same “jokes” in the State and see how that will go.

  • cheers Fish
    cheers Fish Month ago

    Obviously, helping a pure stupid people to talk himself out of his shit just makes you looks stupid as well. The only enjoyment of finishing this video is getting knowing that brainless people could easily survive and being popular. God bless you.

  • CLARK Lee
    CLARK Lee Month ago

    Hey Ricegum, you are not popular in China. you are now top 3 most hated youtuber in China,congratulations, you did it,You let 1.4 billion people hate you, not many people can done that! WOW!

  • Mosquito chany
    Mosquito chany Month ago

    Actrully ppl in Hong Kong understand English they just dont waste time on retards

  • GeasyNoob XJ
    GeasyNoob XJ Month ago +1

    Sometimes Logan Paul knows wt shit retarted things is Ricegum saying. But he s reacting like nothing .😂😂。

  • Otto Elson
    Otto Elson Month ago

    get banks in here

  • Cristian Garcia
    Cristian Garcia Month ago +3

    U think LA is small I live in the middle of Kansas

  • hong lu
    hong lu Month ago


  • Lingbo Tang
    Lingbo Tang Month ago

    Actually, if you think we are robots just because we don’t want to interact with your stupidity, we will just laugh. PATHETIC

  • Janna Smith
    Janna Smith Month ago

    request- why dont we boys

  • Vhunj
    Vhunj Month ago +5


    • Young C
      Young C 19 days ago


  • Ben Klein
    Ben Klein Month ago

    Says he’s not irrelevant proceeds to dab

  • Rap monster
    Rap monster Month ago

    umm tf is this bullshit. this dude film this after he came back from recess the fact that he said “it my culture” make it some how “okay” to do this and it is not okay. And the fact that he gave the ice cream to that old guy is even worse. I don’t fucking know if this bitch has std or hiv or aids and I don’t think that guys wants it. Rice gum more like rice dumb. He doesn’t not deserve the things he gets. I don’t seem to know why the fuck people would want to support him when all you get is losing brain cells.

  • Sports Sidelined
    Sports Sidelined Month ago

    Did that kid next to Rice even say a word? Why the fuck is he there?

  • Martins Martins
    Martins Martins Month ago

    ricecam is americanchina

    ZHAO YITONG Month ago +1

    Bro if a Chinese guy go to America then say the people there are robots and ask then where are the bit*hs in Chinese and post it online is that stupid , I mean any normal people won’t I know ricegum really have no IQ now

  • Harry Hao
    Harry Hao Month ago

    I feel like I understand why ricegum talk shit like that. He has been upset about the fact that even if he is American, he still has an Asian face which brings him much discrimination. That’s why he went to Hong Kong and let go all his anger. As he said “I might look Chinese but I don’t understand that shit”, this line pretty much includes everything about his inner mindset. He’s trying his best to keep himself away from being labeled as Chinese. Such pathetic. U should know the way to earn respect is to be confident in yourself.

  • Michael Wong
    Michael Wong Month ago

    Tbh, I am not being racist but Vietnam is a place for people (especially for chinese) who is trying to flee and hide in faraway places to escape from creditors, law enforcement, enemies, etc. Ricegum is just a clown. He makes me laugh so please take so serious on this clown. He is just a joke😂😂

  • Sean Xu
    Sean Xu Month ago


  • Xiaoyu Ren
    Xiaoyu Ren Month ago +2

    长得就是个弱智像 说话驴唇不对马嘴 反正你也不懂我在说什么 所以我可以随意说 by ricegum

  • Yanjing Chen
    Yanjing Chen Month ago

    Is rice gum really thinking through before he talks? ..

  • Hi High
    Hi High Month ago

    Rip Kong

  • wu alley
    wu alley Month ago

    All this video just full of shit

  • _Anonymous _
    _Anonymous _ Month ago

    After this I was subbing to rice gum

  • Touch Sky
    Touch Sky Month ago

    I think ricegum is like a bot. Because he doesn't know how to speak chinese. When i say 含撚啦 死柒頭。 he still don't know , i told him[suck my dick , you just are a little fuck face.]

  • Vince Ling
    Vince Ling Month ago

    Heritage and culture aren't the same thing

  • Maddy Cloe
    Maddy Cloe Month ago

    52:56 Humans are indeed super sensitive, especially regarding how we develop psychologically

  • Maddy Cloe
    Maddy Cloe Month ago

    I’m really considering going vegan completely. There’s a lot of benefits mentally. Every time I listen to Impaulsive, especially with different guests, you start to understand how much the internet impacts society’s assumptions about the people on the other side of the screen.

  • Tzen Sco
    Tzen Sco Month ago +1

    Hey Ricegum, you know what you look more like Vietnamese than Chinese.

    • Nick M
      Nick M Month ago

      Tzen Sco he is

  • 薛陈乐
    薛陈乐 Month ago


  • Frankie SUN
    Frankie SUN Month ago

    what?ricegum???what a fuck?just go to die,pussy!

  • Catherine Huo
    Catherine Huo Month ago

    Hope Ricegum use the very same mouth to kiss his mother, father, wife, husband, son and daughter. If he really likes to build his famous and career on insulting others, I could not tell the difference between him and those sociopaths. I don’t why TVclip still pay for those people? Is that TVclip’s Corporation social responsibility? Hope one day when his daughter or son be called at the names which he just used on other nationals, he will understand what is mean: “What you do not want to be done to yourself, do not do to others.”

  • Su Haochen
    Su Haochen Month ago

    two words,Fuck U