DP/30 @ TIFF '15: Letitia Wright, Urban Hymn

  • Published on Jan 31, 2018
  • Letitia Wright gives a stunning performance in Michael Caton-Jones' Urban Hymn, which premiered at Toronto 2015 and is now "the smartest person in the world" in Black Panther and more Marvel movies to come.
    Shot in Toronto, September 2015
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Comments • 21

  • Still Learning
    Still Learning Year ago +3

    Wow, what a good head on her shoulders. Intelligence + intuition. That's God's work, big ups to her

  • Dookie83088 !
    Dookie83088 ! Year ago +2

    Who are the two people that disliked this??? Really

  • Jaylen Mark
    Jaylen Mark Year ago +1

    I loved akleeah and the bee too😍👏

  • Jaylen Mark
    Jaylen Mark Year ago +3

    I love Letitia Wright, she's Amazing ,Talented and most of all...She's BEAUTIFUL😊💘💘💘💘

  • Kayli Thompson
    Kayli Thompson Year ago +2

    She seems like such an awesome person. :)

  • swordwhale1
    swordwhale1 Year ago +3

    She has so much light! Carry on Letitia!

  • Dajanique Jaee
    Dajanique Jaee Year ago +2

    I like how she worked w Danai and Lupita before Black Panther @ 20:00

  • Cherryl Boland
    Cherryl Boland Year ago +11

    Down to earth and so humble yet so beautiful and brilliant and talented. Black Panther is the best movie ever.

  • Tquanna DuBose
    Tquanna DuBose Year ago +5

    The UK has race issues as well. she is one dynamic actor. The interviewer seem to be answering his own questions.

  • Fredlee Johnson
    Fredlee Johnson Year ago +2

    And just one more thing maybe it's just me but this is/was "A CLASSIC INTERVIEW" I'm just saying for me Wow'wow. "FOOD FOR THOUGHT". (Is/was uploaded on February 13,2018)

  • Fredlee Johnson
    Fredlee Johnson Year ago +5

    And WELL'WELL in just about 29:43 minutes of this evening powerful and in my opinion "CLASSIC INTERVIEW" I'm just saying thank you so much for her powerful and truth be told STORY. THANK YOU

  • Leonardo Ramírez
    Leonardo Ramírez Year ago +5

    I hope you interview Elizabeth Debicki some day

  • mtta24
    mtta24 Year ago +9

    That was great, she's one of those people who you can listen to for hours.

  • pickle tarts
    pickle tarts Year ago +1

    Oh.. You need to get Macaulay Culkin, via Paris on the show.. David

  • xAd
    xAd Year ago +13

    Genuinely one of my favourite actresses. So down to Earth, and way too modest.

  • Jae Rell
    Jae Rell Year ago +24

    She is going to be forever known as Shuri when Black Panther drops.

  • Lucan Reynolds
    Lucan Reynolds Year ago +20

    She is an extremely promising actor. I loved her in Top Boy and she was excellent in that Black Mirror episode. I need to check this film out!

    • Christopher Flux
      Christopher Flux Year ago

      Also a main part in Black Panther

    • 98ashb
      98ashb Year ago

      That episode was so dark and intense, it gives American horror story a run for its money