Congressman Raul Labrador Meridian Town Hall | Idaho Reports

  • Published on Apr 21, 2017
  • The complete 3+ hour long town hall meeting in Meridian, ID.
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  • LowLife.
    LowLife. 7 months ago

    How do these cocksuckers keep getting in power. We the people must be responsible when electing these guys!

  • Daven
    Daven 8 months ago

    Raul is a straight shooter. I had a chance to meet him in a Verizon store on Eagle Rd, and like me, he was shopping for an affordable data plan to include his kids phones. I share his stance on limited government, and I'm a proud resident of his district. On healthcare as a fundamental rite... as a taxpayer, I don't believe I should have to pay for healthcare, including open heart surgery for those who choose to injure themselves with cigarettes and Big Macs. Also, if people can afford iphones (about 100 million Americans own them, many more can afford them), they can afford to pay for their own healthcare.

  • Panzer Blitz
    Panzer Blitz 8 months ago

    If he's pro life he's against the late term abortions. Fine. Don't support that. But you're using that as a vicious attack on family planning, contraception and breast cancer. You're a disgusting liar. You don't care about life. You want to murder women and children for your Trump corporate thieves, you disgusting Republican slimebag. Voting for coal dust in streams. Dirtbag.

  • Zach Jones
    Zach Jones 8 months ago

    piece of shit

  • Geneva1968
    Geneva1968 8 months ago

    This guy didn't answer over 85% of the audience's questions.

  • Geneva1968
    Geneva1968 8 months ago

    This fucking condescending bitch. He admonishes the ADULTS to BEHAVE civilly, much like my 5th grade teacher in elementary school. What a cunt.

    • Geneva1968
      Geneva1968 8 months ago

      Ya neo-fascist cunt. If "Daven" is your real first name, then I possess as many academic letters after my last name as you have letters in your first. Don't forget to unfurl that GED of yours, frumpite. (M.Ed., BA.) Ouch, huh?

    • Daven
      Daven 8 months ago

      Don't worry, in the 6th grade life gets better.

  • Mamo
    Mamo 8 months ago +8

    What a cock holster.

  • sioux cline
    sioux cline 9 months ago

    he sounds he american..POS

    • momo_fishcake
      momo_fishcake Month ago

      sioux cline I don't like the guy but your comment was just racist

  • Craig Holman
    Craig Holman 9 months ago +5

    Limited government? That sounds like charter schools. NUTS. Pro life all the way? So private and home should provide for all our needs. Don't rely on government. People should be taking care of each other with government. I would not vote for this man. He also does not believe in climate change. I enjoyed the boos. I would not vote for him. Vote him out. I enjoyed the question about internet. Prostitution is alive. "a very good question" a complicated bill. It as Obama's fault. BS