Macro Activity- The FEDexes Fix the the Economy

  • Published on Nov 6, 2018
  • This is an awesome activity that will help you apply what you are learning in your macroeconomics class. Specifically, monetray policy and the role of the Federal Reserve.
    Teachers: I made a video that gives you more details about how to run this activity and gives you the link to the the PDF. The video is on my other TVclip channel:
    Link to Website:
    Send this video to your teacher so you can play in class. Also, be sure to leave a comment and let me know the name and score of the person that won in your group.

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  • Оля Закорчемна

    i like this game, but no =ne of my friends love economics

  • Janel Cox
    Janel Cox 8 months ago

    I did this in class today. It took us about 45 minutes total from passing out to end. The kids suggested a "lying limit" of 5 per person and suggested that the players take turns giving answers. They felt like the person going last has the best opportunity to lie based on what the others say. They really liked it and were complete engaged. They didn't use the game board much and were more focused on "one upping" each other.
    I teach both AP and non AP macro classes. I found it well suited to both. The AP students seemed to need a bit less review of these concepts and less help with the scenarios.
    Thanks for this. I love having something fresh for class.

  • Feynstein 100
    Feynstein 100 11 months ago

    I have nothing of substance to contribute, so I'll just leave a +

  • Junjie Josh Liang
    Junjie Josh Liang Year ago +1

    Love your video!! Verrry helpful!!!!

  • Michelle Lux
    Michelle Lux Year ago +2

    We played the game in class today. Thank you for posting video instructions and all the pieces in a user friendly format. Students loved it and it was a great review!

  • Margarida Sena Gomes

    I'm only having macro next sementer but i'm already hooked!

  • Casey
    Casey Year ago +1

    You should do a video explaining paradox of thrift.

  • Right-wing libertarian

    End the Fed

  • Mohamed Abdallah
    Mohamed Abdallah Year ago +1

    seems very cooooool but i kinda find it hard to understand .... maybe u can make a live game between students and record it for us ....would be funny .... ty for all of ur work tho

  • Claire Ziperski
    Claire Ziperski Year ago

    acdc econ!!! I have a micro test tmr and i dont understand why MR = demand with perfect price discrimination! Explain!

    • qwerty
      qwerty 11 months ago

      Marginal revenue is p x q duhh price multiplied by demand asked...

    • Claire Ziperski
      Claire Ziperski Year ago


  • Vegan Phobic
    Vegan Phobic Year ago +2

    Wtf district 12?
    This hunger games?

  • Afeez Oladosu
    Afeez Oladosu Year ago +1

    Interesting game

  • siddhartha jain
    siddhartha jain Year ago +1


  • Amod Raj
    Amod Raj Year ago +6

    U r making economics very intresting.. Am lovin it 😀