The Rise And Fall Of Forever 21

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • At its peak, Forever 21 made $4.4 billion in revenue and was one of the fastest-growing fast fashion empires. Now, the retailer is preparing to file for bankruptcy after alienating its core customers and struggling to keep up with the rise of e-commerce. As one of the largest tenants of American malls, a large-scale shutdown of Forever 21's stores could exacerbate the ongoing retail apocalypse.
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    The Rise And Fall Of Forever 21
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Comments • 5 249

  • Flawrence Isenhart
    Flawrence Isenhart 32 minutes ago

    Wala talagang poreber..

  • Wakili Njogu
    Wakili Njogu 34 minutes ago

    Blame amazon

  • Jessica Martinez
    Jessica Martinez 5 hours ago

    I don't have a F21 store in my city but I remember that the very first time that I went to one was on vacation in 2017 and I noticed the terrible phrases that all the t-shirts and hoodies had, like my god I only need a black, good quality t-shirt and there's no one? Well. How could it be that they became an internet meme and been literally YEARS ignoring this fact? Actually, it would be cheaper to sell shirts with no prints! If they are that blind, well, bye bye Forever 21. I hope this fast fashion insanity and shady brands to evolve into something better.

  • Radha Krishna Ramagiri

    Janitor and hairdresser. The flow of time was everything not their brains.

  • Nea Long
    Nea Long 6 hours ago

    Greed at it’s finest, worked there before ,was wondering why there stores were so empty and there clothes were piled up on top of each other.

  • Daniel Solis
    Daniel Solis 9 hours ago

    I still have an application. !

  • That Hippie Vegan Chick

    I knew it was a wrap when they came out with those hot Cheetos clothes

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn 9 hours ago

    their clothing is soo cheesy and NOT 21 lol

  • Sailing 3.14159
    Sailing 3.14159 9 hours ago

    Bruh I actually like their normal clothes like sweaters and graphic tees 😭😭😣

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 10 hours ago

    Regular t-shirt: So cute
    Turns t shirt around: nvm

  • chicken nuggets
    chicken nuggets 13 hours ago

    Me: buys in 2017 a forever 21 taco t shirt
    Me in 2019: ew i hate that t shirt now

  • presto9000
    presto9000 13 hours ago +2

    H&M youre next, cause the clothes are turning into Old Navy

  • kiddadd
    kiddadd 14 hours ago

    I have better more inexpensive options for clothing, so I don't even shop in malls anymore.

  • kiddadd
    kiddadd 14 hours ago

    My favorite pair if skinny jeans are from there

  • kiddadd
    kiddadd 14 hours ago

    Forever 21 wasn't the first to do it. There was 5-7-9, Charlotte Russe etc. Their clothes got really ugly that's the problem.

  • kiddadd
    kiddadd 15 hours ago

    Does this mean I can get great going out of business sales?

  • Mana Val
    Mana Val 15 hours ago

    Wiat they are from South Korea!??

  • Johana Anguiano
    Johana Anguiano 16 hours ago +1

    the clothes there is SO expensive, probably why it’s failing

  • maleandfemaleatthesametime okiwantthed

    i know it's weird but i like the cheesy designs they put on their clothes

  • Michele Nichols
    Michele Nichols 20 hours ago +1

    I'm so sad the one near me is on the list. I hope it doesn't close. IMO they're way better than Rue 21. Truth be told I get overwhelmed in how large a store it is. I tend to sell my clothes than shop at uptown cheapskate but I like filling in my wardrobe with forever 21 pieces. It allows me to buy special event, theme party items, costume items, & trendy pieces on the cheap. I usually shop for them online because I used to not live near one. The problem is malls are dying. So many other stores are closing in malls because the rent is so high. I think they'd do better as stand alone or in shopping centers.

  • apieceofmoldedclay
    apieceofmoldedclay 23 hours ago

    The last time I went through that store I had to really search to find anything reasonable. They sell a third of a shirt for the price of a whole and the fabrics are thin and cheap. Clearly a store meant for 50 cent whores. I'm amazed I found anything at all. The store was two levels and out of all of that I only found 2 things. Anything else there you would have to pay me to wear bc it looks like it belongs to a child prostitute.

  • ᗷᗩᖇᗷᎥᗴ ᗰᗝᑎ丅ᗩᑎᗩ

    first charlotte russe now this WHERE TF AM I GOING TO GO FOR EMERGENCY FUNCTION FITS ????

  • Erika Martinez
    Erika Martinez Day ago

    I don't have a perfect body so I still like to shop at the actual stores and try it on lol

  • Joshua Emanuel
    Joshua Emanuel Day ago

    Its not easy staying relevant. Ppl change overtiime

  • Maya Martinez
    Maya Martinez Day ago

    there loosing business because ...
    -let’s be honest who’s gunna buy a friken hot cheetos shirt,sweater biker shorts etc.
    -all there clothes are really cheap quality
    -and there somewhat over priced
    -there entire store is the exact same thing but with different cuts and colors
    -also some of there stuff isn’t very appropriate for some occasions
    -there fashion is a lil behind like someone said in the comments now a days teens are wearing like mature things
    -and who tf is going to buy a shirt that says some cringe saying like “fries before guys” or sum shiz like that
    - and finally some of there stuff is just plain weird like who’s gunna buy biker shorts that have newspaper prints on it (well i mean no offense to people who like it but you get what i mean)

    add more to this list if you want to...

  • Ri Ranjo
    Ri Ranjo Day ago

    tbh i remember the day when i was so obsessed with their clothes but then they started re-branding and being all trying too hard to look cute and their stores didn't look as neat.

  • Brian
    Brian Day ago

    I gues forever 21 just is down to 17 and a half?

  • peace
    peace Day ago

    Fashion nova was the reason for their fall.

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres Day ago

    A size large was considered a extra small..

  • Alexis Lopez
    Alexis Lopez Day ago

    I actually love forever 21 this is really sad I always get something from there when I go to the mall

  • Maritoni Abanto
    Maritoni Abanto Day ago

    Epic closing line

  • Concepcion Garcia

    Bye “ good vibes only 👽 ✌️ “

  • kevnar
    kevnar Day ago

    This narrator keeps bouncing and swaying as she's explaining the story. Very distracting.

  • Kabrina Willis
    Kabrina Willis Day ago

    Forever 21 started to die in 2009. That was the last year they produced durable clothes.

  • Jonathan Cineus
    Jonathan Cineus Day ago +1

    5:00 💅🏻“So it turns out: Forever 21 might not be forever after all” 👀 ...WOW! 😳 THE SHADE!!!!!!! 😝 LOL

  • Wegahta Habtom
    Wegahta Habtom Day ago

    Sad it was my one and only favourite shop especially for summer outfits . well what can I say nothing has a chance of living forever even those people who are complaining about the logo and the fashion.

  • Wayne Bruce
    Wayne Bruce Day ago +1

    Amazon the Killer

  • iPeace460
    iPeace460 Day ago

    It’s not JUST the clothes with weird “I love pizza and naps” slogans, it’s also the styles themselves. A lime green fur jacket that looks like it can only fit a 5 year old? Shirts that are completely open in the back except for one strand? Long sleeve shirts that are so tight I don’t think a dog could fit into them? Don’t even get me started on the freaking Cheetos partnership.
    Every time I walk into a Forever 21 I am completely lost at who their target audience is. Five years ago, if they had a lot of floral hipstery stuff, I at least knew what they were going for, regardless if that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s sad to see Forever 21 go, some of my favorite finds are from F21. But if I walk out without being able to find a single good find, then maybe it’s time.

  • Ceilvia C
    Ceilvia C Day ago

    I stop going to forever 21 bc their clothes became ugly and cheap looking in recent years, not bc i shop online(i don’t)

  • Syd E.N.T
    Syd E.N.T Day ago

    I’m depressed,don’t gooo

  • Hershey.
    Hershey. Day ago +2

    I used to love Forever 21. I could go in there for a simple jacket for about 12 and some tax. It was quality and worth it and they had lots of colors. Every time I went back the jackets were cropped and overpriced, shoes were overpriced, some weird logo was across the clothing, body suits, dresses and so forth cost an arm and a leg. It got to the point where I walked in and out or past the store because I knew I was wasting my time.

    SAPHIA HATU Day ago

    Online stores have taken over, rebranding, change your fashion and quality clothing and maintain an online store. Be innovative

  • The real deal!
    The real deal! Day ago +2

    I Liked their stuff. But after a while they went up on they prices and they clothes and accessory start falling apart😕 then they try to tell you that you cant bring it back😒

  • Olivia Domik
    Olivia Domik Day ago

    tbh I'm sad forever 21 is closing. i mean I don't shop there, they don't sell things cute for average women, but my mall is very small and they had a big store. when sears closed everyone thought that the mall was going to slowly die. I hope that doesn't happen

  • Nola Girl
    Nola Girl Day ago

    Thanks for the SHORT video!!! You have us all the info and got to the point!!

  • sky cloud
    sky cloud Day ago

    wala talaga forever😂

  • ymarrero23
    ymarrero23 Day ago

    That last part made me sad 😢

  • Peachachu UwU
    Peachachu UwU Day ago +1

    One of the biggest things as well... Forever 21 only really sells to teens and young adults, but primarily teens, so with their prices having gone up, teens started buying cheaper options since they have limited income. Hence why Romwe blew up.

  • Raphael Fassy
    Raphael Fassy Day ago

    I love Forever 21

  • Donna Franco
    Donna Franco Day ago

    Who has noticed John 3:16 on the outer bottom of the bag? #Forever21

  • SD W
    SD W Day ago +1

    Sees yellow shirt oh this is cute.
    "I want tacos" on the back
    Ugh nevermind

  • John Peric
    John Peric Day ago

    I don't get buying clothes online

  • diaryofseresha
    diaryofseresha Day ago

    The kardashians culture bankrupted them and so many other stores shutting down due to the new cultural influences. But its the store's fault that they was not selling stuff according to new trends

  • Loremart Style
    Loremart Style Day ago +1

    I feel like the clothes designs are not fashionable anymore. Also, the quality of the clothes have gone down.

  • Angel Katzx
    Angel Katzx Day ago

    That pun at the end though😂😂

  • banana ooh nana
    banana ooh nana Day ago

    Uniqlo and H&M are certainly learning from their fast fashion mistake.

  • Omara Oliver
    Omara Oliver Day ago

    Go Zara! Make Spanish economy stronger 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Omara Oliver
    Omara Oliver Day ago

    Greed was their flaw

  • Andrew Kidoo
    Andrew Kidoo 2 days ago

    Customer:"They sell straight jackets too? I wonder what's on the ba..
    Factory 21: “Help! I'm locked in a sweatshop!”

  • Amy Kopper
    Amy Kopper 2 days ago

    Funny how Forever 21 is one of the most expensive clothing stores where I live