Conservative Mother Disapproves of Black Wedding Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • Melody Choate has her heart set on wearing an edgy black dress on her wedding day, however mum has always dreamed on seeing her little girl wear a white ballgown when walking down the aisle.
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  • Beth Taylor
    Beth Taylor 14 hours ago

    This is stupid. The Bible says you shouldn't get married to the same sex. Just sayin.

  • Madison Dupont
    Madison Dupont 14 hours ago

    5:31 LMAO! The face that the brother made🤣🤣🤣

  • Madison Dupont
    Madison Dupont 14 hours ago

    The moms awful

  • A N G I E
    A N G I E 14 hours ago

    i still think the 2nd dress was beautiful😔

  • Panic at the Animation Studio

    Supportive bro for the win tho

  • Panic at the Animation Studio

    The mom isn't paying for it so she ain't gotta say

  • Diana Abarca
    Diana Abarca 15 hours ago

    That second one looked better. That mom ruined the true choice 😭

  • Amorette Colon
    Amorette Colon 15 hours ago

    If that was my mom I would just say were not having a wedding and then seek behind her back wear my black wedding dress and then not invite her

  • Alexis Hayashi
    Alexis Hayashi 15 hours ago

    26? God she looked 40, almost older than her mom jesus

  • Anna and Sophie the Service Dog

    Everything the mom is saying starts with “I want this...” “It just doesn’t feel right to ME” It’s about your daughter, not you. Just sayin’.

    Also it shows the black dress at the end for those who were wanting to see it

  • TheReprobate
    TheReprobate 16 hours ago

    started watching the video... wait, so... the conservative mom's issue is the dress and not the girlfriend... sigh.

  • TheReprobate
    TheReprobate 16 hours ago

    I saw a bit of the thumbnail and thought it said "conservative mother disapproves of black boyfriend".... nope.... well, it is 2019

  • Alaska Ag
    Alaska Ag 17 hours ago

    “It’s her wedding daaay”
    That means she gets to do what she wants for it lol
    Also, it’s not like the mom is paying for it sksksk

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez 18 hours ago

    expensive dress 6k God damn.

  • dewy.drawz
    dewy.drawz 18 hours ago

    Mom needs to understand it aint her day ok

  • Jenni Garcia
    Jenni Garcia 18 hours ago


  • Anubis, ,God of The Afterlife

    Melody is probably every lesbian atm

  • Olivia VanDerMillen
    Olivia VanDerMillen 18 hours ago

    The mom made me want to fuckin scream!! Just support your daughters wants! Its HER WEDDING!

  • Cassy Trash
    Cassy Trash 19 hours ago

    her mom sigh

  • N O
    N O 19 hours ago

    At least she's being supportive lol

  • C. B. Kitty
    C. B. Kitty 19 hours ago


  • Bree Holthus
    Bree Holthus 19 hours ago

    in my own personal experience, I think all parents have an idealized image in their head of their children. and the more attached they are to that image the more freaked out they get when their child inevitably differs from it.

  • Mølly F
    Mølly F 19 hours ago

    Ha *_gaaaaaaaay_*

  • Artemis Moon
    Artemis Moon 19 hours ago

    At 4:35, the look on the black lady’s face is literally me XD

  • lilyanna verdugo
    lilyanna verdugo 19 hours ago

    Listen if she's paying for the dress then the mother can sit down bc sis can get WHATEVER DRESS SHE WANTS. PERIODT.

  • Cheyenne Wildt
    Cheyenne Wildt 20 hours ago

    the daughter is paying for the dress herself. she should decide which one she gets.

  • 12Kyra121
    12Kyra121 20 hours ago

    Omg that wink at 7:23.

  • Sprinkles 1
    Sprinkles 1 21 hour ago

    Were the hell can I get her brother from!

  • Draco Gal
    Draco Gal 21 hour ago

    The mom: maybe if I smile enough they won't see how judgemental and homophobic I am

  • Julie Evans
    Julie Evans 21 hour ago

    if that mom had just said "i just imagined my daughter to wear a white wedding dress" i would have been like ye okey, sure u a old hoe but okey.. but "I ImAgInE pRiNcE cHaRmInG" ugggggggh go home, let the fucking NICE brother and the ACTUAL BRIDE SPEAK

  • Zoe Gold
    Zoe Gold 22 hours ago +1

    this mom needs to fuck off homo bitch also its NOT HER WEDDING stop trying to make her wear a white dress

  • Arwen Joseph
    Arwen Joseph 22 hours ago

    Why would you spend so much money to shop somewhere that doesn’t even carry but 2 black dresses?

  • Elise H.
    Elise H. 22 hours ago

    What a BITCH

  • HeyItsBobby
    HeyItsBobby 23 hours ago you can see the dress in this clip, her mom seems MUCH more supportive after seeing the dress actually on Melody

  • HeyItsBobby
    HeyItsBobby 23 hours ago

    Why do they always ask the moms? It's the daughters wedding day, not theirs. The mom doesn't seem fully support and all of her sentences start with "I want" as if it were her day and not her daughters.

  • Dante Ferrise
    Dante Ferrise 23 hours ago

    The mom is so condescending and passive aggressive...but I do think black wedding gowns can go so tacky!! I actually really liked the first one on her. But the one she picked was super cute BUT I THINK IT WAS PRETTIER WITH JUST THE ACCENT OF THE BLACK BELT INSTEAD OF THEE ENTIRE THING BEING BLACK. It went from beautiful wedding dress that is still unconventional with the accents of black (which I think is prettier than all black wedding gowns because there are only a few I have seen that have actually looked like a wedding dress and not a goth prom dress or just a pretty black dress for an event other than a wedding) to prom real quick once they made it all black. But hey GOOD FOR HER STICKING TO HER GUNS! I think she kind of did it to piss her annoying awful mother off hahaha... BECAUSE CLEARLY GROWING UP WITH A MOM WHO IS ALWAYS JUDGING AND KICKING THE FEET FROM UNDER YOU PROBABLY COMES WITH RESENTMENT AND OTHER ISSUES,

    PSYCHO PATH Day ago

    I don't get when they lady said "it's a good compromise" bitch it's here dress her choice she shouldn't have to "compromise" with what her mom wants

  • Lina luv luv 10
    Lina luv luv 10 Day ago

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    PSYCHO PATH Day ago

    The bride is adorable

  • k h
    k h Day ago

    That mom should be slapped. What a bitch!!! I wouldn't even let her come to the wedding

  • Just Kat
    Just Kat Day ago

    Ouf the mom is cracking

  • Shannon Ryan
    Shannon Ryan Day ago

    I don't like the mom. It's not your wedding shut up. She's homophobic & manipulative, not a fan. I hope the daughter looked stunning in her black wedding gown marrying a beautiful woman.

  • Cara Renee
    Cara Renee Day ago

    I hate moms like this. Like it's her wedding let her be happy

  • Kit Johnson
    Kit Johnson Day ago

    I would have said fuck u mom. I'm the bride. Not u.

  • Grumpy Pentagon
    Grumpy Pentagon Day ago

    The daughter looks 15 years older than her mom

  • Angela Dalessandro

    That first dress doesn’t looking like a wedding dress it’s ugly

  • Tussock Pride
    Tussock Pride Day ago

    Why does the shop lady even ask the mom about what she thinks about the dress? It has nothing to do with her what it looks like. She is just there as moral support (or maybe she refused to get out of the car when they were to drive to the shop -_-) Then again, that laugh...

    On top of that, is a black dress really that shocking nowadays? Why do they all react as if she asked to get married in a cloth made by her father's skin? It is just a dress, and it is just a wedding. Sure, a big day for all involved. But it is also far from the biggest of their lives. They should just calm down...

  • Pizza Unicorn
    Pizza Unicorn Day ago

    5:52 damn help me find a brother like that

  • Ili Khairul Anuar

    The mom is beautiful!

  • Sofia Flores
    Sofia Flores Day ago

    I don't see what's so funny!

  • Shahrain316
    Shahrain316 Day ago

    4:50 Damn, her weird over-the-top laughter can't hide that contempt. True feelings all in that one look. Yikes!

  • Ivy Özi Yilmaz
    Ivy Özi Yilmaz Day ago

    Her mom hates the whole situation but try so hard to hide it

  • SecretLittleDimond 2134

    2 minutes in and the mum is smiling so much, she looks like she's about to have a mental breakdown. 😂

  • Kara O.
    Kara O. Day ago

    this goddamn mom is being basic when her daughter wants to have her own wedding dress. WOW! SHOCKER! you're here for the bride, and what she wants! you're not here for you dumbass!

  • Wish Jordanne
    Wish Jordanne Day ago

    It’s good that everything turned around in the end. :) Heartwarming

  • Serenity
    Serenity Day ago

    She's a lesbian what can you expect. Same tho if i was getting married.

  • Rebecca Denicola

    I think that it’s up to the bride to decide how she wants her wedding. Yes, you bring people along for advice but you also bring them along to have fun and give you moral support. Not this! I hate seeing this!

  • Melodie Gaster
    Melodie Gaster Day ago

    The mom needs to back off, she’s not even paying for it! Like, ok woman! We get it! You want a classic wedding dress, but this is your daughter, whom you’ve loved and raised. She’s probably still mad but did it for the camera

  • Cari Winter
    Cari Winter Day ago

    Mom is being pretty unsupportive 😖

  • Your Small Animator


  • Gabby Dewey
    Gabby Dewey Day ago

    If my mom said she wanted a differant dress I would tell her to go get her own dress because it would be my day

  • Dog Cat
    Dog Cat Day ago

    I think black with white accents would be gorgeous on her

  • Harley Queen
    Harley Queen Day ago

    Awwwwwwwww so cute. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • big beech
    big beech Day ago

    The mom smells like homophobia

  • Pamela Russo
    Pamela Russo Day ago

    A black dress would look so good on her though! With her pale yellow hair, oomf. Imagine the contrast walking down the pretty.

  • Notsogracefulme
    Notsogracefulme Day ago +2

    "My vision for my daughter would've been she found her prince charming..." Well, not every girl finds their Prince charming. Some find their princess charming and that's wonderful
    "...Talk about getting baptised by fire!" Oh... Damn
    "My loyalty is with my sister!" GOOD BROTHER! YES!
    "The color doesnt make the bride. You see the smile on her face? That makes her a bride!" GOOD GIRL!
    "This isn't at all how i ever imagined my daughter on her wedding day!" OMFG GOD LADY STOP

  • oof claire i guess

    her mom keeps laughing to hold her anger back and disagreeing
    and her brother seems so proud

  • littlesaint
    littlesaint Day ago

    I would have been like, "Dude its not your wedding, a l r i g h t?"

    *i wouldnt have even invited her to the wedding l m a o*

  • The Box of Magic

    The mom is kind of creepy

  • HailG3
    HailG3 Day ago

    I have a feeling the mom's real issue is more with the lack of a groom...
    Thank god this woman has a sweet, supportive brother

  • Starbuckaddict 239

    That mom can burn in hell

  • Really Justreally

    I mean who wants to see their daughter in a black dress?? I wouldn’t but she’s buying it so whatever. The second dress looks like a prom dress

  • T.W. Maiden
    T.W. Maiden Day ago

    the mum is always saying "I want this, I want that" but she isn't the bride and she isn't paying for it. She doesn't realise that her daughter has her there for moral support, not to choose her dress for her.

  • Shann’s World
    Shann’s World Day ago

    Literally that mom needs to shut her mouth it’s not her wedding omg

  • Fr3ya_wh1te
    Fr3ya_wh1te Day ago

    When parents try and control their child’s wedding all I want to yell is “ITS NOT YOUR FUCKING WEDDING”

  • Catalina Jimenez

    Her mom isn't paying for the dress... GTFO Mom

  • Vriska Serket
    Vriska Serket Day ago +1

    Okay, mom, lay off. This is not your wedding day. Let your daughter do what she wants on her special day.
    She wanted to have something that would make her feel like herself but she was too concerned about how her mother felt. That is like top tier helicopter parenting right there.

  • Kailey Allen
    Kailey Allen Day ago

    i do not like the white dress + it is to yellow for my (if someone likes it i support it it's not my wedding"

  • Ginger Hammond
    Ginger Hammond Day ago

    WOW...the mother is soooo selfish, and seems to not care at all what her daughter is not about her; it is about her daughter...and if she's not paying for the dress, she has absolutely no say...

  • AntiSocialShipper

    Oh my god I really hate this mother like she obviously isn’t supportive of the couple, or the choices that her daughter is making just stop it isn’t your wedding.

  • Kristina Mekhael

    Awwww thats so cute ❤️❤️❤️

  • AuskaDezjArdamaath

    Woman! It’s your daughter’s day, not yours. If she wants a black dress and she’s paying for it, STFU about the colour and get with the program. Besides, with her pale colouring, a white dress will just make her look washed out. Oh, and get over your daughter being gay. She’s found her happily ever after person.

  • Idefix
    Idefix Day ago

    I believe this is 99% scripted.... it's always the same arguments over and over again. Seriously this is the only explanation. Either that or american mothers and friends are just the biggest bitches on earth pretending it's their wedding when it's not.

  • Amandapanda1553
    Amandapanda1553 Day ago

    It's not the mom's wedding! If she's going to make a huge fuss and bring negativity to the wedding and the start of their lives as a married couple, sorry but let her stay home.

  • qwertyπ
    qwertyπ Day ago

    Lmao if the daughter is paying for the dress and she wants it, then she's fucking getting it you don't even have that much of a say

  • Melissa Trzebiatowski

    Click here!

  • tiffd11161
    tiffd11161 Day ago

    Everyone is talking about ol' homophob mom and the gorgeous dress and Im just sitting here like I can relate to the chick at 7:24 mark who trips over the fancy dresses

  • MsBuchnerd - Amelie
    MsBuchnerd - Amelie 2 days ago

    Ich didn't like any of the dresses xD

  • Bupple LPS
    Bupple LPS 2 days ago

    Oh my goodness the mom makes me sick. She’s honestly homophobic and and makes everything awkward and weird! I don’t like her at all she deserves what she wants! I’ve always wanted a lime green dress for my wedding and my mom is completely fine with that!

  • amna malik
    amna malik 2 days ago

    What???? She is marrying a woman?? 😳 is this a real marriage ??? But why and how???

  • Amy Setzer
    Amy Setzer 2 days ago

    I hope u guys have a another show that's shows her in the dress please that would be totally awesome,u never know she might have a total different opinion once she sees it on our she just sees it,she may not like it,she may love it.So please have a recap show thank your channel

  • Ana Gonzalez
    Ana Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Its her wedding dress not her mom's.

  • Gweeben2003
    Gweeben2003 2 days ago

    "getting baptized in fire" i hate her mother so much

  • Madison Connell
    Madison Connell 2 days ago

    Should've brought the puppy instead

  • An Awkward Hufflepuff

    Seriously... why do all mothers try choosing what their daughters will or will not wear? Like, it's not about what anyone but the bride and the bride/groom want. It's not about anyone else. I know damn well that if my mother and I still had connections and she did this shit, I'd kick her ass out. I know the mother came around somewhat at the end of the day, but there are some mothers out there who will leave their daughters over something a petty as a fucking wedding dress! It's disgusting, honestly...

  • Marie
    Marie 2 days ago +4

    That mom's overly bubbly personality isn't fooling anybody.

  • Lizzie Simpson
    Lizzie Simpson 2 days ago

    Dang that mom is fake smiling the whole time

  • Phanic! At The Falling Out Wattpad Disco

    god i love these gays on shows???? why does reality tv give me more lgbt than anything else i am Living For These!!!! plus that brother what a king :))

  • Britt Brat
    Britt Brat 2 days ago

    If mom ain't paying for it, then her opinion is irrelevant. It's your daughter's day, not yours.

  • Ana Bean
    Ana Bean 2 days ago

    The mom really needs to stop saying shit about her DAUGHTERS dress and HER wedding day, she’s absolutely beautiful in the black AND white dresses. The brother is actually hella cool.