• Published on Dec 28, 2018
  • Hey, guys! In today's video, I'm sharing four of my favorite power tips to get organized and declutter in 2019! I hope it motivates and encourages you! It doesn't have to take a long time and it doesn't have to cost a lot.
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  • Do It On A Dime
    Do It On A Dime  Year ago +69

    You can find my calendar here!! 💕

    • Lakshmi Chivukula
      Lakshmi Chivukula 5 months ago

      justenoughstyle I got it last week. After you pay, it let’s you download. Did you download it? Once you close the window, I think it’s gone though. Hope this helps.

    • justenoughstyle
      justenoughstyle Year ago

      Wondering if I can get the printable calander I paid for? It's been weeks since I purchased it.

    • Christie Haggerty
      Christie Haggerty Year ago

      Thank you so much for sharing♥️ Always so helpful!

    • jenloveslancome
      jenloveslancome Year ago

      This is Ridiculous where is our $3 printable? I love her and sadden we are not getting answers :;(

    • Ana M
      Ana M Year ago

      Do It On A Dime v

  • Vicky Mandelos
    Vicky Mandelos 27 days ago

    I love your little organizer helpers, keep up the good work guys.

  • V VELE
    V VELE Month ago

    You are so organized. I don’t feel like doing all this as no one bothers to maintain it once you do all the hard work.

  • Tiffani Pufee
    Tiffani Pufee Month ago +2

    good... for pc organization, try FolderChanger. Google it.

  • hippie chic
    hippie chic 2 months ago

    Love all your videos so many great ideas and tips! Please let me know where you got both of your toy organization cubbies? The one with the pretty doors and the cube one? Thank you

  • Cassandra Lopez
    Cassandra Lopez 5 months ago

    You are my new favorite Organization lady on the internet! :)

  • Fallin Angel
    Fallin Angel 6 months ago

    You make your videos so fun to watch and real life and your husband reminds me of shaggy, LOL!

  • Wendy Heller
    Wendy Heller 6 months ago

    Kathryn where did you get your grey sofas?

    MJOSEPHINE FONZO 6 months ago


  • Mooshey
    Mooshey 7 months ago

    I'm so glad I came across this channel. I've been completely transforming my apartment and now I'm binging your videos. Question tho: what is the cabinet/dresser in the closet at 1:08 in the video, where can I find it and the bins? Thanks in advance!

  • jema2609
    jema2609 7 months ago

    Just one question....where's Perry? 2:52 - oh, there he is!

  • AfricanFlightStar
    AfricanFlightStar 7 months ago

    Just found your channel - glad I did, nice to find someone who can help us organize on a budget, unlike many of the other fancy organizers who want us to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on expensive plastic bins. That Dollar Store concept works for me lol
    Look forward to watching your other videos. Like that 25 minute sprint idea, my kind of routine as I always overthink everything if I take too long and then invariably end up taking forever to clear a small space. Long story behind why that is but anyway, thanks for the help, appreciated 🙏🏻

  • Jeymi
    Jeymi 7 months ago +1

    Hygrometer is the one that is a queen and queen is a good 😊

  • Addie Florey
    Addie Florey 7 months ago

    Owen is so cute!!! and he looks just like you!

  • The Sparrow's Nest
    The Sparrow's Nest 7 months ago

    Where do you get those tags that you write on?

  • Lori Smith
    Lori Smith 8 months ago

    Love those hide away bins for toys in the Living Room, I could have used those when my son was small. Now I can use them for the Grandchildren;)

  • Yesica1993
    Yesica1993 8 months ago

    I just want a shower that works.

  • Fatimah Docrat
    Fatimah Docrat 8 months ago

    Hi! So glad I stumbled onto your channel! I’m actually using your videos as declutter/organizing inspiration. Then when I lose steam, I come and watch a few videos to motivate myself to keep going! Thank you.

  • Инна Щукина
    Инна Щукина 8 months ago

    Class!😆Am Inna. Russia

  • Donna Adams
    Donna Adams 9 months ago

    I think the reason u are loved so much, is because you live a realistic life. You have really young kids. And you have a clean organized home. A home that your family is comfortable in. Not worried about being picture perfect and scared to move. This is a home full of love. Which to me is picture perfect!

  • Nan G
    Nan G 10 months ago

    Love this!!!

    DOLLY COLON 10 months ago

    Great tips, the babies are growing so much god bless them, and their great helpers as well a win win.

  • Melinda Wharton
    Melinda Wharton 10 months ago

    Kathryn, I can't believe how big Carson and Owen have gotten, they are precious!! My "baby" will graduate in May 2019 with a degree in Early Childhood Education!! So I don''t have little one's any more but my home does need lot's of love right know , and you give me hope! Blessings to you and you family!

  • Olga Ortiz
    Olga Ortiz 11 months ago


  • Jessica Gilbert
    Jessica Gilbert 11 months ago

    I'm here because Amanda from this crazy life sent me. And she was right.. Very helpful and encouraging!

  • Myriam Carcas
    Myriam Carcas 11 months ago

    Im new to your channel (not new myself) and I love you already and want to declutter my home that really needs it. By the way I love Dollar Tree too.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Danielle Bradley
    Danielle Bradley 11 months ago

    What are those organizers in your closet?

  • Christine S
    Christine S 11 months ago

    How do you get those items to stick/stay on your fridge side (or is that wood?). I made the mistake of trying to nail nails into the fridge wooden enclosure and not only was it hard to do (mdf?) but it looks horrible. Whatever it hanging from it, .nails aren't visible but I feel bad I didn't get more educated in other avenues to hang items.
    I've used those 3M hooks before and they have fallen off after a period of time, so I don't trust them.

  • Layne Knapp
    Layne Knapp Year ago

    Where did you find your tv stand with the 8 cubbies? Love it! That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • Vanessa P
    Vanessa P Year ago

    Can someone please tell me where she got those teal baskets on her pantry?

  • Leonor Vasquez
    Leonor Vasquez Year ago

    I am in love with your boys!! They help too😍😍

  • Kelley Wedding
    Kelley Wedding Year ago

    Where is that denim, house beautiful sofa from?

  • Jalee Lairson
    Jalee Lairson Year ago

    You are the best

  • Amy Hughes
    Amy Hughes Year ago

    Where did you get those teal baskets??

    • Amy Hughes
      Amy Hughes Year ago

      The ones in the cube storage?

  • Georgia Greer
    Georgia Greer Year ago

    I really enjoy your tips, tricks, and other great videos, but wow! Your boys are adorable!! As a mom of two boys myself, there is nothing more precious!

  • Noemi Torres
    Noemi Torres Year ago

    love iiit

  • Suzanne Poulin
    Suzanne Poulin Year ago

    Our laundry is in our Utilities Room outside. But we do every other day. Fold and put away same day. Keep our dresser's and closet's organized.

  • ClutterBug
    ClutterBug Year ago

    All of these are so good, Kathryn! You know I love breaking organizing jobs into short, manageable tasks :)

  • Loretta Lowe
    Loretta Lowe Year ago

    Where do you get your chalk pen

  • Alanna McCarthy
    Alanna McCarthy Year ago

    Love your videos! Just purchased your $3.50 printable and I love them!

  • Gwendolyn Hodge
    Gwendolyn Hodge Year ago

    Love your channel💕...where are your end tables from in the lr?

  • rassberryyyy
    rassberryyyy Year ago

    Omg Catherine I just love you !

  • Stevie Cherry
    Stevie Cherry Year ago

    The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s the greenest where you WATER it ❤️

  • Rosa Vera
    Rosa Vera Year ago

    New subscriber, I am so going to tackle my kitchen after watching this video. Thanks for the tips.

  • kissy kat
    kissy kat Year ago

    I just watched the robeson video and it was great. A beautiful room, will motivate anyone. Y'all were great together. And I'm glad you got her to the dollar store. She's pretty high budget and I can tell you showed her another side of decorating. I think she's to busy to notice the dollar store treasures.

  • April Pinkard
    April Pinkard Year ago

    I just saw you in a thread up commercial! I was like, "I know her!!"😂 Congratulations!

  • Daniella
    Daniella Year ago

    I can't stop watching your videos, I found your channel yesterday. Thanks for all the tips, I love it.

  • Iluminada Williams
    Iluminada Williams Year ago +1

    OK! I'm going to stick with this channel to DECLUTTER & ORGANIZE my home in 2019! :)

  • Sam Beth
    Sam Beth Year ago

    I can't believe it's 2019, time goes by too fast!

  • rosa Sauceda
    rosa Sauceda Year ago

    Thank you for this me so much....I'm you fan now...can you please share wirh me the paint color from your house.. i am remodeling my home and i'm no sure what color paint for the interior..thank you ready sucribe to you channel..

  • Reviewing Amazon Stuff

    Carson is a big boy now! 🥰 yeiii Carson! You don’t know me but i’ve known you since you where in mommy’s belly! 🤗😂 God Bless

  • Favy RR
    Favy RR Year ago

    Where is the TV stand from? that’s a great idea !

  • Aisha Zafar
    Aisha Zafar Year ago

    Kathryn!! I have been watching you for years and decided this year I must share how much you have helped me with my organization game! Thank you, your energy and sincerity is contagious and shines through. God Bless.. Love your munchkins! Looking forward to starting the year right with good habits!!!
    Aisha zafar

  • Season .Appreciation

    Great ideas you guys, thank you and Happy 2019! By the way your boys are gorgeous 😍

  • - FixMyHairdo -
    - FixMyHairdo - Year ago

    Your Intelligence is amazing...I appreciate your honest, happy home!
    NO PRETENTIOUSNESS HERE, love ya girlie! xx♥️✨♥️

  • Trina Reuter
    Trina Reuter Year ago

    Where can I find the cubby system you have in this video? I really need to invest into a few of these. Please and thank. Also, I love your videos. I've been watching for about 3 almost 4 years now. 😊

  • Mary Joseph
    Mary Joseph Year ago

    Kathryn thank you for motivating me throughout 2018 and now I’m ready to begin 2019 with your amazing tips 😊

  • Sandra Harrison
    Sandra Harrison Year ago

    Organization 4 2019. Great inspiration. Thank U. The tips will give value because U will have time 4 yourself in the end.

  • Sandra Helmick
    Sandra Helmick Year ago

    Kathrine, I have a family of seven. Is there a way to increase the columns on the Family Calendar to incorporate the extra people?

  • Michelle Albers
    Michelle Albers Year ago

    Do you think dollar tree will have more organization items this january like other stores?