Gary Clark Jr. - When I'm Gone

  • Published on Sep 27, 2019
  • Gary Clark Jr. performs When I'm Gone on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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    Gary Clark Jr. - When I'm Gone
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 38

  • Adam Bartnick
    Adam Bartnick 23 days ago +6

    He's so underrated. He deserves so much more recognition

  • AM W
    AM W 27 days ago

    Well, that was lame as hell....A guitar guy, and he plays the damn same chords for over 3 mins. He's getting so damn boring. His first album was his peak.....goodbye.

  • Joshua Lessore
    Joshua Lessore 27 days ago +4

    As much as I love his guitar solos, this is just amazing as well. Tight band, amazing songwriting

  • Zed Alamri
    Zed Alamri 28 days ago

    When I'm gone
    I hope that everything in your world is right
    When you're lost
    I pray that everything that I taught you
    Can turn you right back around
    When you need me
    I will always be by your side
    Oh baby, oh baby
    Just know everything is gonna be alright
    When I get home
    I'm gonna hold you just a little bit closer
    Until I'm gone
    I'm gonna love you just a little bit longer
    Been around the world and back
    Daddy's a country boy just tryna make it in the city
    And I don't know when I'm comin' back
    I'd never seen you underneath the sky, lookin' so pretty
    'Til I packed up my Cadillac
    Me and the boys got some work, it's about to get busy
    Turn up the radio
    Step on the gas now, baby, gotta go, gotta go, yeah
    But when I get home
    I'm gonna hold you just a little bit closer
    Until I'm gone, yeah
    I'm gonna love you just a little bit longer, yeah
    Just a little bit longer, yeah
    I'm gonna love you just a little bit longer
    I'm gonna be your, oh, oh, man
    When I get home
    I gotta hold you just a little bit closer
    Until I'm gone
    I'm gonna love you just a little bit longer, yeah
    when I'm home
    I wanna hold you a little bit closer, yeah
    (Until I'm home) when I'm home
    (I'm gonna love you just a little bit longer) I can't wait just to hold you, love you
    (When I get home) a little bit longer, oh yeah
    (I'm gonna hold you just a little bit closer) oh baby, baby
    (Until I'm home) oh yeah, yeah, baby
    I wanna love you just a little bit longer

  • AOB YungCP
    AOB YungCP Month ago +4

    GCJ Is insane King Zapata is also a great guitar player

  • Brandon Cohen
    Brandon Cohen Month ago

    i love this dudes style and think hes a great singer but he played the same chords for 3 minutes straight... still a mad groovy when he strums those chords

    • AOB YungCP
      AOB YungCP Month ago

      He can really get down some songs he lets his other player take over some songs Zapata barely plays at all

  • Josh o
    Josh o Month ago +1

    He’s crying 0:42

    • AOB YungCP
      AOB YungCP Month ago +1

      Sweat my dude it’s unbelievably hot on stage

  • Elzo Henschell
    Elzo Henschell Month ago

    great gary cj.

  • Bill Bunch
    Bill Bunch Month ago +1

    Smooth than butter 👌

  • Dan Kelsall
    Dan Kelsall Month ago +1

    That's right Gary. Nice singing. Leave guitar to those who know 🌴

  • Wolfgan Rodríguez
    Wolfgan Rodríguez Month ago +4

    I was there in the audience. Loved this guy.

  • zbennalley
    zbennalley Month ago +9

    I really love how he subtly changed the line to "I'm gonna be your forever man."
    Small nod to Mr. Clapton. Now that's class right there.

  • Christine Auzanne
    Christine Auzanne Month ago +1

    Christine auzanne I love it this song.What i like this singer!This guitarist of genious!I love Gary Clark Jr.

  • Pa Kim
    Pa Kim Month ago

    great love him

  • Rebecca H.
    Rebecca H. Month ago +9

    Wish Marvin Gaye were here to sing this -- Mr Clark Jr has the album of the year!

  • Elizabeth McLeod
    Elizabeth McLeod Month ago +2

    I love your new hat man! ❤️

  • Predatory Mistress : TAP ON MY PHOTO

    very cool :)

    THE REAL Month ago +1

    did ya leave yet (it) will when trump wins again 👍🏼

  • Georgia Girl
    Georgia Girl Month ago +3

    Nice musical guest for a change. Looks like he's playing chords. The real guitar player is the guy to his right.

    • J.A.S. J.A.S.
      J.A.S. J.A.S. 26 days ago +1

      Gary is an amazing guitar player. Just saw him live. And Gary is also a REAL Guitar player you should look him up....

    • AOB YungCP
      AOB YungCP Month ago +1

      King Zapata is no joke

    • Ido Telio
      Ido Telio Month ago

      Check Gary Clark Jr.'s live performance of "Catfish Blues" and "When my train pulls in" a couple of years back. Straight guitar masterpieces.
      But yes, the 2nd guitarist is a beast too 🙌

    • Georgia Girl
      Georgia Girl Month ago

      @Desmond Hardison > I think he was singing not signing.

    • Desmond Hardison
      Desmond Hardison Month ago

      He might be busy you know signing Oh my God he's playing chords man what he's thinking oh yeah that what you do when you write a song lollll the real guitar player on the right man on man

  • qunjy
    qunjy Month ago +5

    Play that THANG Gary!!!! Play that thaaaaang.

  • Noblesaint4sees
    Noblesaint4sees Month ago +10

    He is evolving into a classic!

  • _ Red
    _ Red Month ago +4

    even though jimmy kimmel is becoming a left wing hot bed, at least he has good music performances

  • Angela Foster
    Angela Foster Month ago +8

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Gary Clark, Jr.!

  • Dhawal Chandan Moral
    Dhawal Chandan Moral Month ago +31

    Going on a Gary streak after this..

    • J.A.S. J.A.S.
      J.A.S. J.A.S. 26 days ago

      Just saw him live and can attest to an absolutely amazing experience....

    • Nathan Hodson
      Nathan Hodson Month ago

      In England this means doing pills for days on end 😂

    • Dhawal Chandan Moral
      Dhawal Chandan Moral Month ago +1

      @Sheila W I really wish to see him live one day....

    • Sheila W
      Sheila W Month ago +6

      You should treat yourself and see a live show! It's amazing!!

    • Vincent King
      Vincent King Month ago +7

      His Live albums are insane.

  • mara cretu
    mara cretu Month ago +7

    AMAZING !!!

  • Nathaniel Gray
    Nathaniel Gray Month ago +11

    Honestly really enjoyed this one