Top 10 Places with Secrets We Are Dying to Know

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • There are some mysteries that no amount of internet sleuthing can solve. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most well-guarded, exclusive, and private places in the world, where any number of untold secrets might very well be hidden. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Places with Secrets We're Dying to Know.

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    10. Fort Knox
    9. Cheyenne Mountain Complex
    8. Mount Weather
    7. Granite Mountain
    6. The Coca-Cola Vault
    5. Iron Mountain
    4. Mezhgorye, Russia
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Comments • 309

  • Camille Rains
    Camille Rains 21 day ago

    Sorry to disappoint but there is nothing that mysterious in Granite Mountain. There are just a bunch of genealogical records, historical documents, church records, and some religious artifacts. P.S. It is Pronounced WAH-satach. Please ask a native Utahan to learn how to pronounce the names in Utah properly, or look it up. People are also always mispronouncing Zion National Park as well. My favorite mispronunciation though is Tooele. Most people say TOO-LEE or TOO-ILL-EE. Sorry folks it is pronounced TOO-WILL-AH. What can I say... Utah is weird.

  • Camille Rains
    Camille Rains 21 day ago

    Hum... Hello.. the StarGate is under the Cheyenne Mountian Complex. It's the home of StarGate Command!

  • Shayne Ritter
    Shayne Ritter 29 days ago +1

    We need to gather 100s of people to storm Area 51. They cant kill us all. Some go up the hilltop to kill the snipers, while the rest storm the storage with cameras proving there is UFOs and aliens

  • SpaceNinja 116
    SpaceNinja 116 Month ago

    Valve should be on this list.

  • Brett Beyer
    Brett Beyer Month ago

    I used to work at the Granite Mountain Vault (#7). The main thing I found there was tedium. I did nothing but check microfiche and it was pretty dang boring.

  • packerpf
    packerpf Month ago

    The gold is NOT in Fort Knox did my Army training there with high level clearance, it's been a long time since it was ever there.

  • JAmie Clutterbuck
    JAmie Clutterbuck Month ago

    What about the Kremlin

  • Javier Santana Avilés

    Number 1: Area 51

  • Trace Sizemore
    Trace Sizemore Month ago

    Wait...i might be stupid but why is there a stock pile of morphine and opium in fort Knox?

  • HarryWessex
    HarryWessex Month ago

    Why would Fort Knox have the Magna Carta?

  • JT Watts
    JT Watts Month ago

    I'm about to go all Plankton on the Coca cola vault

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Month ago

    Ooh, don't tempt all the Joseph Costellos and Joey Saladtossers to waltz in there and probably get.... Nevermind, carry on lol

  • Kay2be2mr
    Kay2be2mr Month ago

    The Stargate place is real?!!

  • 68cupcake
    68cupcake Month ago

    I can’t wait to see how many people will be arrested for trespassing this Friday.

  • Benjamin Denverstone

    I live a few hundred miles north of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

  • Love Sucking Candy -TAP ON MY PHOTO

    good, bro )))

  • Stasia M
    Stasia M Month ago

    Who else is here for Area 51?

  • Anna Cristina Ruiz figuerora

    You know your early when there's 278 comments

  • iAsbestos
    iAsbestos Month ago

    Why 9/11 was a inside job

  • Twisted Kings
    Twisted Kings Month ago

    I got secrets

  • Tom Laska
    Tom Laska Month ago

    What else is in Cheyenne mountain....the Stargate of course!

  • Daffer
    Daffer Month ago

    Bruh I clicked on the video just to reveal I was right about #1

  • Erin Wegner
    Erin Wegner Month ago +1

    We all know Cheyenne Mountain is where the Stargate is stored. ;-)

  • jacob houlihan
    jacob houlihan Month ago

    Where is skinwalker ranch 😡

  • Thean Kotze
    Thean Kotze Month ago +1

    The pentagon is my nr1

  • Thean Kotze
    Thean Kotze Month ago +1

    How to get views off the hype for the area 51 raid 101
    Presented by watchmojo

  • khong cedric
    khong cedric Month ago

    Remember to blast September by earth,wind and fire this coming Friday!

  • Only my Smartphone Account

    honorable mentions: Kanada

    ALBERTO ROMERO Month ago

    calling Mr. Friendship, we have an Area 51 joke in this videos

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos Month ago

    Breaking news: J.R Smith has agreed to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers

    but the Lakers did not agree

  • Patrick Kerndl
    Patrick Kerndl Month ago

    I’m surprised Denver Airport isn’t on this list

    • Dibab
      Dibab Month ago

      Im surprised you're allowed away from you handler

  • Alyssa Black
    Alyssa Black Month ago

    My dad has to get a special visa to go to Tunna Tuva; it’s not technically closed anymore since the Soviet Union fell, but you still have to have a Russian visa to enter the country

  • Abdo Elskandry
    Abdo Elskandry Month ago

  • The Real Jrü Gordon

    Why can't people accept that there are some things that are none of their damn business?

  • Mickly Gnow
    Mickly Gnow Month ago

    I just finished my sage mode training. Now I'm going to beat the recent new Pokemon Master Ash Ketchum to obtain Twelfth-Tail before going to the Storm Area 51 event. Hold my toad.

    QWERT XD Month ago

    If are 51 ain't number 1. Imma be mad!

  • dakkuri1
    dakkuri1 Month ago

    i was at norad. nothing crazy up there, but it's possible they have some top secret stuff lock away in storage

  • Asher Clements
    Asher Clements Month ago

    The raid is coming

  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee Month ago

    Do you think you could do a video about Lindsey Stirling, if you haven't already. Thanks

  • KingIntro
    KingIntro Month ago

    When I saw this I said to myself "you already know #1 cause it almost time to raid it"

  • BDNeon
    BDNeon Month ago

    Gee, I wonder why the military would be secretive about a facility where they develop futuristic aircraft that follow in the footsteps of the likes of the U-2, SR-71, F117, B2, etc.... could it maybe be because they WANT TO KEEP THOSE NEXT AIRCRAFT SECRET SO OUR ENEMIES WONT KNOW ABOUT THEM? Fat lot of good a new weapon system does if you give any potential enemies a head start on developing countermeasure to it. That's just basic-fucking-military-common-sense. If something is public knowledge, it's knowledge the enemy can acquire.

  • Chris Frags_GW
    Chris Frags_GW Month ago +1

    Wait, where's Hawkins???

  • Ira Williams
    Ira Williams Month ago

    Area 51 will always be the biggest mystery that will remain a mystery until the end

  • TheEagle
    TheEagle Month ago

    Watchmojo is dying

  • nitemare khawk
    nitemare khawk Month ago


  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist Month ago

    Members of the LDS church are UwUing at this video

  • Alex Dolce
    Alex Dolce Month ago +1

    Wait so Coca-Cola is now the Krusty Krab?

  • RoboBongoCuckooCop
    RoboBongoCuckooCop Month ago

    cmon first amendment auditors! now you have a list of places to visit! just make sure you film it so we can all laugh at you when you fail/get arrested

  • Herobrines best minion

    Yes, everyone has a secret vault. I got one for artefacts that can destroy the world and aren't contained from other facilitys like warehouse 13 ;D

  • BlackhairShanks
    BlackhairShanks Month ago

    Cheyenne Mountain is easy.. It's got the Stargate

  • Ein
    Ein Month ago

    Never knew about Mt. Weather and I'm regularly in that area.

  • Khaeeq Malik
    Khaeeq Malik Month ago +1

    why would Coke hide a secret in a mountain then print it on the side of every bottle and can?

  • Jazz Of The Beatz
    Jazz Of The Beatz Month ago

    To me I only believe that Area 51 was built to create secret projects that involves finding solutions of cures, saving the world sort of thing like creating super weapons that may be able enough to stop dangerous asteroids from impacting our planet, reducing volcanos nitrogen cores which means preventing dangerous eruptions and also small eruptions that may be impactful to small populations, projects that intend to build spaceships. So theirs also an error to all of this because their are hackers that intend to enter governmental property files that shouldn’t be touched and theirs some geniuses around the world that may be doing things that shouldn’t be done like creating; dangerous weapons, viruses, bacteria’s, advanced weapons etc. know since I told you what this is about just be careful of what you do and don’t do stupid things that involves this sort of stuff because it could seriously get you in trouble which means locked up in highly advance prisons for eternity throughout your life until you die or pass away in prison so just telling you guys that this is a warning to never do it

  • Karthik Krishna
    Karthik Krishna Month ago

    WatchMojo: "What's inside Area 51, we may never know."
    Suicidal millenials on Sep 20th: "Hold my beer"

  • Wendy O'dell
    Wendy O'dell Month ago +1

    Okay is anyone else bothered by Granite Mountain. The fact that they accept and store any family records. Also any and all religious records including their own; the Mormon Church. I would like to know if they have any of my family records and if so, why? How were they able to get such records and what are they doing with them; we're not Mormon, so what is their need for them? I can see the law allowing them to retain their own records on families and individuals that are Mormon or have been so but not other religious records and those not tied to a religion. I would think it would be against the law for them to have such records, if we've not signed a release. This is no different than at the doctor's office or hospital. Are they not in violation of our privacy!
    This just really pisses me off 😡

    • The Derp Knight
      The Derp Knight Month ago

      They are big into Genealogy, they run that website Also they believe in Baptism By Proxy, where they baptize dead people into their church using a living member as a stand-in. There was a controversy several years ago because they were doing that with Jewish Holocaust victims.

  • Philip Greenwald
    Philip Greenwald Month ago +1

    Did anyone really not know that Area 51 was gonna be number 1?

  • GeoDaGoat
    GeoDaGoat Month ago

    Live in Roswell

  • Official Obama Craft

    After area 51 we go for these places next

  • Denis Khaidarov
    Denis Khaidarov Month ago

    They used footage of Cosmonaut Training Center, which is not so closed and is located near Moscow, instead of footage anyhow related to Mezhgorye (not sure if that footage even exists)

  • Jerome Noveda
    Jerome Noveda Month ago

    the date is fast approaching
    raid on area 51