I Dropped With TheSmithPlays 20 Times And This Is What Happened (Fortnite)

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
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  • Luke TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable  3 months ago +1009

    Thank you to TheSmithPlays!
    Make sure to go check out his channel NOW!

    • shadowfan77 uwu
      shadowfan77 uwu 7 days ago

      Luke I wish I could play with you on fortnite

    • Gamer Patrick
      Gamer Patrick Month ago

      Juxtify 360 god bless you

    • Xray halo
      Xray halo 2 months ago

      20 drops with xray halo (old sub halo fan)

    • Benjamin Haines
      Benjamin Haines 3 months ago

      Hey you are really close to 1 million subscribers are you planning on doing a special video for it?

    • HY Kazuto
      HY Kazuto 3 months ago

      @Juxtify 360 there is a reason people wont click "read more". And that is because you self-promote. I only clicked it to give you a chance

  • xamir lol
    xamir lol Day ago +1

    *I like turtles*

  • thethunder 33510
    thethunder 33510 3 days ago

    I dropped with mrfreshasian 20 times and this is what happend

  • Glitching Out
    Glitching Out 5 days ago

    Sunny Steps? More like Aztec Area.

  • KaloReign
    KaloReign 5 days ago

    LTN: Ah wailing woods it was my favorite location
    Also LTN: So this game we dropped my favorite location paradise palms

  • Sebastiaan Krul
    Sebastiaan Krul 7 days ago

    When you have to put fortnite in brackets behind your title because you realize it would sound wierd

  • alexisgrob1975
    alexisgrob1975 8 days ago

    TVclip dropped this video in my recomended page and waited till 2020 and this is what happened.

  • Vishnu Kadam
    Vishnu Kadam 8 days ago


  • Vishnu Kadam
    Vishnu Kadam 8 days ago +1

    Go ltn and tsp

  • Sol1han
    Sol1han 10 days ago

    Can you play with Smith 100 more times

  • scott brown
    scott brown 10 days ago

    You havent uploaded halo in a year,what's going on,are you feeling ok?

  • Acro Clan
    Acro Clan 10 days ago

    3:43. He killed me:(

  • StillBetta80
    StillBetta80 10 days ago

    *I dropped the smith plays 20 times*

  • T-C,000
    T-C,000 10 days ago

    20 drops with Lazar Beam.

  • Shadow _Playz
    Shadow _Playz 11 days ago

    2:40 I have og drift

  • Meme Maker29
    Meme Maker29 12 days ago

    Why pat what have done

  • BelleDelphines BathWater ;-;

    Come on luke give it to me
    Wait a sec im just watching smith

    ELITEX07 SWORE 16 days ago

    LTN you said squad when you eliminated a duo

  • Skiller_Overyou
    Skiller_Overyou 17 days ago

    Anyone noticed that the soccer skin in game 20 had a beard??

  • TheFortniteNoob
    TheFortniteNoob 18 days ago

    The thumbnail is disgusting you made him look like a pig

  • Y O
    Y O 25 days ago

    That was a fast edit 0:24

  • Donut Catzz
    Donut Catzz 26 days ago

    i liked it in season X when you could default dance on the entire lobby with a too teir hinda civic that could shoot rockets.

  • Ale Tayl
    Ale Tayl 26 days ago


  • Daniel Verma
    Daniel Verma 26 days ago

    This video can show how team mates can depend on each other in duos. Its pretty cool to see why you need someone to help you too. It shows that friends are always useful

  • YuNg BeDsPrEaD
    YuNg BeDsPrEaD 27 days ago

    How da fuq?

  • Xxteejayx X
    Xxteejayx X 29 days ago

    I Remember when pat was a zombies youtuber in the z house
    Miss those days

  • Refreshed Broccoli
    Refreshed Broccoli Month ago

    You should play with me because I’m epic

  • SpaceFoxy I
    SpaceFoxy I Month ago

    pwease duo with meh

  • Pyro Luigi
    Pyro Luigi Month ago

    Can you do 100 drops with fans

  • james ashby
    james ashby Month ago


  • Seasonal Heart0
    Seasonal Heart0 Month ago

    8:10 “dropped lucky but wasn’t lucky” (they got got killed by someone called Lukey 😂)

  • Octo Gamer
    Octo Gamer Month ago

    Play with t5g

  • ironman100340 Fortnite


    ONE SMASH BOI Month ago

    Don't mind me, just looking for Pat's comment.

  • John Ceba
    John Ceba Month ago

    Remember when smith play use to play zombies

  • Hristo Iliev
    Hristo Iliev Month ago

    I think they broke the game...

  • FoxyPirateFox9054
    FoxyPirateFox9054 Month ago

    Pat is TheSmithPlays
    TheSmithPlays abbreviation is TSP
    the abbreviation "TSP" also stands for TeaSPoon

  • D.J. Brown's Wild Life

    The crossover we didn’t know we wanted but needed

  • Bob Coolman
    Bob Coolman Month ago

    It saddens me knowing that shifty shafts and lucky Landing are gone forever. The season 6(minus zombies) and 7 maps was almost perfect. I hated the block tho because it stole risky and the motel from me

  • Mario and Luigi plushies

    I use the drift skin

  • XGameGuyXZ
    XGameGuyXZ Month ago

    Like 5 minutes ago?
    Dude OG drift is a popular skin to sport

    O yea I also sport og drift

  • Rarin
    Rarin Month ago +1

    A few weeks ago theSmithPlays Killed me in pleasant park

  • Humid
    Humid Month ago +1

    At least we may get weeping woods in chapter 2

  • Za Vas
    Za Vas Month ago

    can you do this with LazarBeam pls

  • lil goatYT
    lil goatYT Month ago +1

    Bruh I’m a dog I was attached to a chain why were you yanking it owww

  • Likemaddox
    Likemaddox 2 months ago

    I’m sad that they’ve done it on this game a halo collab or BO3 one would’ve been better (i know that thesmithplays announced he was done with BO3 but I am just sad that the old days are gone)

  • Red Water sheep
    Red Water sheep 2 months ago +1

    The smith plays more like the fortnite sellout

  • Hargun Randhawa
    Hargun Randhawa 2 months ago

    Y to jump ?

  • Raquel Rodriguez
    Raquel Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Where the factories drops?

  • Sebb
    Sebb 2 months ago

    1 like equals 1 chance epic will bring back wailing because we want it and the jungle sucks now.

  • Dynamic
    Dynamic 2 months ago

    The B.R.U.T.E is gone. It drops from the sky and when it lands it explodes.

  • Helios3D
    Helios3D 2 months ago

    Bots still bad

  • yumpone
    yumpone 2 months ago


  • Andrew Henderson
    Andrew Henderson 2 months ago

    :33 that’s what she said

  • Koelson Camp
    Koelson Camp 2 months ago

    Did you used to watch his zombies videos, that's when I started watching him

  • Bruh Frog
    Bruh Frog 2 months ago

    The Smith plays is total garbage in COD zombies.

  • Firefox teen
    Firefox teen 2 months ago

    High exploded

  • Megamodpod !
    Megamodpod ! 2 months ago

    am i the only person that misses dusty diner...

  • John Mastropietro
    John Mastropietro 2 months ago +1

    I dropped 100 times of my roof and this is what happened

  • Coyeruption
    Coyeruption 2 months ago

    Wooooohhhh 1.1 mil