China Is Not As Powerful As You Think

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
  • Is China #1? Of course not...says Chinese state-run media. In a twist, the Chinese Communism/t Party is now attempting to hide its power level from an increasingly fearful world.
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  • Madematician
    Madematician 11 hours ago +1

    After watching so many anti-China videos (on my Chinese phone), I just saw a 5 minute emotional propaganda TVclip video ad in Chinese in which an Uyghur-Muslim-looking male was describing how he started treating his wife as an equal human being after attending the concentration camp ("the school"). In the end, the wife, the man, the baby---everyone was happy. The title in the end was Aysa Abliz: Embracing the New Life. Great work, China but WOW, Google! I want to complain or write about it. 1000,000 million people are imprisoned and Google is promoting it?!

  • 周长
    周长 Day ago


  • Sharon sharon
    Sharon sharon Day ago +2

    I love Chinese people
    Heat cumunist

  • Design by Architect

    thank you Chris

  • Razzle Dazzle
    Razzle Dazzle 2 days ago

    The bike madness proves it's a backwards country with no management

  • Pat Napatsorn
    Pat Napatsorn 2 days ago

    You don't have to state that the others are weak just because you are so frighten!

  • craszhtube69
    craszhtube69 2 days ago +2

    Communist countries are the worse countries to live in.

  • Dichtsau
    Dichtsau 2 days ago

    there is no problem with "battling uphill to become a top eco power" and "still a developing country". until they became a top eco power, they are developing.

  • Kathy McBride
    Kathy McBride 3 days ago

    rip of shit hole

  • Kathy McBride
    Kathy McBride 3 days ago

    apologize for tje 50 000 000 starved to death by mao

  • Xros Heart Federation
    Xros Heart Federation 4 days ago +1

    But how about the Republic of Wadiya?

  • TheStealth Phantom
    TheStealth Phantom 4 days ago +1

    It would be hilarious to see how American got manipulated easily by this inaccurate video.

  • haha yan
    haha yan 5 days ago

    Western world spent much money on propaganda every year

  • Ji Yan
    Ji Yan 5 days ago +2

    You must be very well paid Chris. How's your male pattern hair loss treatment working out for you?

  • Feisal Ajaj
    Feisal Ajaj 5 days ago

    If they are weak, why is the US in a trade war with them? And why are you Propaganding us then?
    Or most importantly why are you so afitated to prove us that?

  • Bar Of Soap
    Bar Of Soap 5 days ago

    China is nothing without United States dollars. United states cuts off trade with them and they flop.

    • TUO LI
      TUO LI 5 days ago

      you are absolutely right
      i see lots of chinese people struggling for life during the trade war.

  • Poot Daggy
    Poot Daggy 5 days ago

    China's largest commodity is human beings. It's main business pursuit is theft of any kind in general and intellectual properties in specific. And as communists their calling card is state control at human expense. Another excellent video pointing out the vitiated communist Chinese.

  • Alan Mott-Smith
    Alan Mott-Smith 5 days ago

    I'd like people to stop apologizing for Apple, you still don't get it. They weren't preserving the CPU or the battery! They were slowing down everyone's phone so to force sales of new phones. THAT'S IT. Apple is a predatory company run by horrible people. Those suicide nets are still up at Foxconn at all twelve factories in China. You who justify Apple remind me of the soft language people who call it sexual assault when really it's rape (Donald Trump's 20+ victims). Tim Cook got caught slowing down iPhones and he'll be fine because he got paid $102,000,000.00 in 2017.

  • Sumit Verma
    Sumit Verma 5 days ago

    As an Indian. Whatever China is doing is hard work. It's not easy task to provide double digit growth to any economy which China did. Also every country has problems especially with huge problems. I m sure instead of handling it China will make best out of it.

    • TUO LI
      TUO LI 5 days ago

      mate, this is not a place for reason.
      i consider these videos as opponent's cheerleader, and gas station for our side.
      lets focus on our business.
      good luck, mate.

  • Laser Blue
    Laser Blue 5 days ago +1

    China- our engineers are best
    India- hold my beer

  • Paul Peace
    Paul Peace 5 days ago

    I think the largest economic still :
    1. USA
    2. Germany
    3. Japan
    4. China
    No way China no 2.
    The gap between rich and poor are too much in China. Beside communist propaganda...... can't trust .

    • Pet B
      Pet B 5 days ago

      Do you really believe usa have a smaller gap between poor and riches ?

  • Robert Lokošek
    Robert Lokošek 5 days ago

    Who's pays for this fakes comments?

  • Henry Carlson
    Henry Carlson 6 days ago

    i hope that we ALL wake up SOON

  • Andy Zheng
    Andy Zheng 7 days ago

    stfu u fucking gay looking shit

  • Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong 7 days ago

    Are you saying China is still wearing grey Mao suits, excavate with chopsticks, make shoes, rid bicycles, poop in latrines. Lol. China Uncensored is too anti China, that’s why I don’t bother to watch.

  • zer00rdie
    zer00rdie 7 days ago +1

    US hasnt been no.1 for a very long time.

    • zer00rdie
      zer00rdie 5 days ago

      +Poot Daggy Im sorry, I forgot they're the fattest country in the world.

    • Poot Daggy
      Poot Daggy 5 days ago

      Keep telling yourself that.

  • Squid Balls
    Squid Balls 9 days ago

    It's like the tens of thousands of ISIS "civilians" surrendering to US-backed Syrian army. Pretend to make peace, when you can't keep fighting. Then raise the children to be future Jihads among Western population.

  • Oscar Zheng
    Oscar Zheng 13 days ago

    Fuck u ugly bitch chris

  • The Generalist
    The Generalist 14 days ago

    Nationalism is a poison and the CCP and Russia will commit suicide by alienating the rest of the world. My concern is how many innocent people will die because of Chinese and Russian nationalism. The antidote to nationalism is internationalism through the expansion of international cooperation, alliances and trade. This is why democracy will always defeat other forms of government.

  • UndeadSlayer5
    UndeadSlayer5 15 days ago

    So China isn’t that powerful then?

    • Summer Rain
      Summer Rain 11 days ago +1

      sure China will definitely collapse in 20xx

  • KSeydina Mouhamed Gakou

    the world's biggest human resources , and they are using it right way ! what do you expect ?

  • Andretti
    Andretti 15 days ago

    JEW state its POWER .

  • 张训龙
    张训龙 16 days ago


  • 张训龙
    张训龙 16 days ago

    You are so mean .Shut you fucking face uncle fucker

  • Tian Ming
    Tian Ming 16 days ago

    You are blinded by your jelous nature. China Uncensured and Chris Chapel is a American proaganda media to tell the world how great America is which is fake news and big lies, The Chonese. Government knows this this sneaky C. Chapel who will sneek in some lies to blackmouth China. Xi does nt care a damn. Xi is actively building mega infrastructures and helping. friendly but poor nations development.You are
    Joke. China has produced its own OS. O, its own internet and its own 5G.You are sleeping on the job.Where did you go?Bloody fool.

  • 吳Ronaldo
    吳Ronaldo 17 days ago


  • Iroquois Plissken
    Iroquois Plissken 17 days ago

    You can’t get better propaganda over here than walking into a tavern and yelling , “America Fuck Yeah!”

  • Alvin Foo
    Alvin Foo 18 days ago

    Big bullshit. No country in the world can defeat China on land and in SCS .

  • Ted Garrett
    Ted Garrett 18 days ago

    Hey mr. Chris have you ever thought how much money that the president of Panama, has taken from China, to knock out Taiwan, from doing deals with them. Anymore! Lot of money that China's gave Panama.

  • Patrick McLeod
    Patrick McLeod 19 days ago

    How much did China pay Bill Clinton to sign the trade deal that removed all the barriers, tariffs and regulations, that sent our industrial sector to China?

  • british people yellow teeth

    chinas gdp per capita is 10k

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 21 day ago

    I know people why China’s government is alway gonna fall but this time I think really mess up somehow.

  • Kyle L
    Kyle L 22 days ago

    Anyone know the text : The Art of War?

  • Fritjof Valērijs
    Fritjof Valērijs 23 days ago

    They just have 100 million bayonets

  • John Honovich
    John Honovich 23 days ago

    The Chinese are thieves and should be kicked out of World Trade Organization . Remember the statement that the capitalist will sell us the rope to hang them with. I avoid where possible all Chinese products.....

  • Greshow George
    Greshow George 23 days ago

    China is the 3rd largest economy and largest armored troops in the world

  • Spaghetti Souls
    Spaghetti Souls 23 days ago

    When your plan backfires.

  • Frank Kurka
    Frank Kurka 23 days ago

    Chris, I’m going to tweet president Trump and ask him to make you our ambassador to china so you and we can get a real good up close and personal look at what they are up to. That ok with you, buddy?

  • William Reed
    William Reed 23 days ago

    Ya know. 3rd world china

  • Rafael feliz
    Rafael feliz 24 days ago

    China made a very "smart" move by turning her back on the policies that took her to the point where she is today! Low profile, being a dark country about whom nobody knew... Slave work and low taxes for companies of foreign investors...Those policies gave her an oportunity to take American and German industres...they gave China an open door to the biggest market in the world: the USA... Paradoxically...with the same products of the American industries... Wow!!! China made a fantastic amount of money with those policies!!! They prove to work exceptionally good!!!
    But lo and behold... ... Xi Jimping the genious, jumped in to the scene!!! And... Number One threat USA of war... Look at the case of Venezuela... Number two: make collusion with enemies of USA... Look at Iran and Rusia... Number three: Disrupt international market and trade in South China Sea... Number four: claim ownership of international waters an keep watch with heavily militarized manmade islands.
    The new MO brought a fierce trade war (with USA) onto the super populated Asian country, putting an end to the shower or American dollar they were enjoying so far... Moreover, put China in the new and exciting classificaton of: THREAT TO THE WORLD AND ARCH ENEMY OF DEVELOPED COUNTRIES. And put China in collision course!
    China made a very "smart" move... Xi Jimping is very, very smart.... OK???

  • Sten-Åke Dahl
    Sten-Åke Dahl 24 days ago

    The foundations for buildings industries and infra structure is built on loose, yellow soil which is eroding now faster than before due to violent acid rains cliffs are falling dams ar bursting air is filled with dangerous dust nano plastic is in the food water is polluted very badly the population pyramid is upside down too few young people have to take care of older generations the rich are very selfish moving money into dollars and foreign stocks and BIT COIN the men are 20 % more than the women.

  • MeMyself &i
    MeMyself &i 24 days ago

    the prebeard Chris looked much better

  • Brian Gray
    Brian Gray 25 days ago

    I always think of China as one of the three big dogs.

  • Samule Garza
    Samule Garza 26 days ago

    And apply my 6 hour days.. instead of 8 hour days.. Still has 3 schedules and allows you to take over the world in the next 6.. I know my mind sits with the elites..

  • David Thourogood
    David Thourogood 26 days ago

    China is already dangerous for Canadians to visit. Who's next?

  • Jason York
    Jason York 27 days ago

    Taiwan and old Hong Kong are what China would be without the CCP. sigh 1.5 billion people under a tyrannical genocidal dictatorship. Feels bad man. :`(

  • Patrick Forget
    Patrick Forget 27 days ago

    What do they really think all people here in the United States AR sick in the head is personally China to me is worthless I don't worry about China because China's bubble is about ready to burst and when it burst guess what their week is f*** cuz it's going to hit a thousand times worse there than it ever did even the Great Depression here that's why jump is breaking it off in their ass that's why they have terrorists out there f****** nose well I look at it this way what I just seen on your other one on their food products and stuff I hate to tell you something they are still or third world country just because they got shiny buildings and all these new cars now don't mean that it's a country like the United States it's a third world country I mean you can polish a turd and it's still a turd yeah but what happens when they're Bubble Burst you're the one that said they were 300% over their GDP so what's going to happen then their people are already pissed off we think's going to happen then huh turn back into a third world f****** country can you say Tiananmen Square again

  • Rolly Son
    Rolly Son 27 days ago

    China is a most dangerous country and dirty tricks to take deals with other countries to support all the crooks criminals gangsters dictators regime. China have to be destroy as soon as possible better for human being.TAIWAN should take over China and destroy communists.

  • Boyan nie
    Boyan nie 28 days ago


  • John Yang
    John Yang 28 days ago

    I am not pro Chinese government, but I also know that your channel is a FG sponsored channel as well. So you also have an agenda as well.

  • Johnmatrix1000
    Johnmatrix1000 28 days ago

    This is the Falon gong propaganda chanel

  • Albert Moore
    Albert Moore 28 days ago

    If you think China has problems now, just wait until Putin's Russia kills substantially its entire population by neutron-bomb-tipped ICBMs through Iran and North Korea. This weapon is designed primarily to kill, without inflicting much property damage. But the radiation has a short half-life, so invaders can march into the cities that China has been building but not populating for years, and be able to cope with the remaining radiation. Bodies can be plowed under for fertilizer.

  • Calvin Ye
    Calvin Ye 28 days ago

    China's weakness lies on the inside, in its people, like all empires, just don't underestimate the toughness of its shell.

  • Mark Maxwell
    Mark Maxwell 28 days ago

    China is a very powerful country in military strength.
    It is also powerful economicly a concern for everyone in the region.

    ODDBALL SOK 29 days ago

    China will never be the global dominant power.
    Simply because they are not inspiring and creative.
    Their policy is solely based on envy on the USA and that for decades the chinese have been curtailed by the west. "So unfair!".
    So they steal Intell Property, they copy, they buy themselves into africa, into hollywood, into the asian countries around the "china "sea to obtain the dotted islands there....but WHAT do they CREATE for the benefit of THE WORLD at large ?
    Most of the products they produce which is based on copy material (be it plastic of high tech) is ALWAYS inferior in quality. Their only merit is that it is sold CHEAP.
    China is NOT CREATIVE.
    Not creative in products, not creative in culture (seen china influenced movies in hollywood?), not creative in economics (scamming to get rich = not equal to being creative), and most importantly on the international podium NOT CREATIVE in international politics....

  • roger engle
    roger engle 29 days ago

    No beard??? Careful the chinese will recognise u!!

  • whoknows
    whoknows 29 days ago

    Chinese humble??? Good joke. Of all nations the Chinese seem to be in love with money and from my point of view, Money is their god.

  • erstla
    erstla Month ago

    China amongst other countries and races are no good at all

  • Comrade Trump
    Comrade Trump Month ago

    salty Litchi

  • Faceofthesun
    Faceofthesun Month ago

    The weakest countries kick up their heels highest when doing their Hellmarches, its to show an intimidating display to the world. But that doesn't fool everyone. To quote Norman Reedus "The dogs with the loudest bark are the most afraid".

  • N R
    N R Month ago

    As someone who's lived in China most of my life,
    Unlike western countries, which are often very corrupt at the top, but are built on a painstakingly laboured foundation, strong and wide,
    China is built on nothing in particular, bare minimums, law means nothing, corruption is at saturation from top to bottom, every boss abuses workers, everyone educated wants out,
    everyone hates and distrusts doctors and police and fed workers, every not-rich person in the cities feels oppressed and powerless,
    the kids not so much, but the university students are very aware of every new restriction put on them, and are frustrated and tired of the never-ending gvmt decrees and hypocrisy,
    and are very aware of Xi's plan to uproot the constitution to seize power forever. (many people in China aren't aware yet, but they will be when Xi's 9th year rolls around).
    Beijing is still full of parents who had their children murdered in 1989. Beijing hasn't forgotten what was taken from it.
    Basically no foundation. A skyscraper yes, but held together with duct tape at every level. Everything is make-it-up-as-you-go. Very near-sighted.
    The entire economy is built upon the RMB, the value of which is fake, and several times in the past year,
    the economy lost so much money so fast that the trading machines were just unplugged. Staggering panic-inducing vertical drops.
    The country can exist at all because the military puts up with Xi. That one connection is all that's between the P.R.C. and oblivion.
    Without that, the fear is gone. Without the fear, the country will cease to be. I'm excited to see what it will become when that inevitably happens.

    • N R
      N R Month ago

      +robotrip M .
      You're welcome.

    • robotrip M
      robotrip M Month ago

      Hello friend! What is your name? I also need the names and addresses of all your relatives in China. Thank you.

    RATHBONE T. Month ago

    USA Patriots thank the chicoms for producing cheap shiny shit for our box stores that our illegal aliens buy by breaking their backs doing work we despise, much like Chinese peasants, and absorbing and poisoning their mainland soil, air, and water while doing so. Chicom spies in the US can steal all the secrets we can overtly supply them with ... it's called disinfo n misdirection. Never mind that the tech is BS.

  • Joshua bartolo
    Joshua bartolo Month ago

    Why don't Chinese people revolt against their government just enough of them to take it over treat themselves right

  • William Hetherington

    PLA is weak as fuck

  • Joshua Dorie
    Joshua Dorie Month ago

    There is nothing to worry about. We are Chinese people are in awe of your large penis. You see, Chinese penis so small, you American have such humungous bulbous penis.

  • Paul Moore
    Paul Moore Month ago

    Do you suppose they have read "The Art of War"?

  • Emiya Shirou
    Emiya Shirou Month ago

    china numba wan

  • Freddie Riboni
    Freddie Riboni Month ago

    Taiwan can beat China.

    • robotrip M
      robotrip M Month ago +1

      Oh mai gut. Phuck u china numba won taiwan numba sex

  • Chavdar Naidenov
    Chavdar Naidenov Month ago

    Wanna try their weakness?

  • omar siddiqi
    omar siddiqi Month ago

    i think a new world leader is required what has the west done for the world except to steal rape murder the poor and weak.
    from africa to middle east and even asia everyone is still suffering at the hands of the west. time for a change for better or worse
    only time will tell

  • ronn 009
    ronn 009 Month ago

    china not weak but barks a lot hence fear lol...

  • Aran Kumar
    Aran Kumar Month ago

    If china is that great we all wonder why all these Chinese millionaires are here in Canada and even buying Canadian citizenship and bring all the cash here from honk Kong not fully legally hahah

  • Johnson Law
    Johnson Law Month ago

    But still better than you think.
    (Let's see how long this comment will last in this Liberty Western Society)

  • Johnson Law
    Johnson Law Month ago

    They say: China=Communist=Bad
    They say: Western=Liberty=Best
    I say: Mankind= LMAO

    SHUR SHOT Month ago

    Vast Majority of Chinese live in poverty. Bathtub navy. China is a paper tiger. Research their stock market. Japan rules Asia!

  • Michael Cayce
    Michael Cayce Month ago

    Chris the Chinese want talk to you about something. BTW are your organs healthy?

  • Discharge Summary
    Discharge Summary Month ago


  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    China, just stop being asshats and we'll like you! You don't have to buy us off!

  • archisaurus
    archisaurus Month ago

    No techy.

  • No Brain
    No Brain Month ago

    well this has just started 1.47 before you even start, China is pissing all over America all the mobiles laptops etc etc is all made in China why because they can and why not because the Americans are to fucking dumb and second of all they are jealous Americans are trying to start a fight with China because China will overwork America and good to them, America is corrupt murdering country that should be ended.

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith Month ago

    Out of China Uncensored, can we have some positive news items that is not recycling spin of the various CCP publications or state media (in which you are good at being skeptical). For example, a the growth of semiconductors industry in China (even though a lot of that technology has been stolen from the US and Japan, without paying patents). Is there an emerging Silicon Valley in China?

  • Jennifer Snyder
    Jennifer Snyder Month ago

    I have many good Chinese friends, I admire their culture, I love Chinese food but It is Communism, dictatorship, lack of freedom that I loath.

  • William Anthony
    William Anthony Month ago +3

    The poorer the country, the better the
    system of communism works.
    Unfortunately, the more prosperous that country then becomes, the harder it is for that country to dissolve it's communist system. It's a vicious circle.

  • Luke Grainger
    Luke Grainger Month ago

    The choice of image you chose for click through to this video was really bad. A soldier having an attack of conscience is "weakness"????

  • phereinheight
    phereinheight Month ago

    China get nothing done, they just copy America and steal tech. Look at there new plane lol its an exact cheap copy of the f22

  • Johnny Jang
    Johnny Jang Month ago

    Ha! If you think we are strong and powerful, we are only fooling ourselves. With a debt of $66K per citizen, we are broke and weak.

  • Donald Brookings
    Donald Brookings Month ago

    China is more powerful than you think

  • Conqwiztadore22
    Conqwiztadore22 Month ago +1

    Chinese are like ants, sacrifice one's self for the colony

    • High Plains Drifter
      High Plains Drifter 7 days ago

      Nothing wrong with that. It's the survival of the fittest ideology laid bare.

  • Conqwiztadore22
    Conqwiztadore22 Month ago

    The thumbnail is lol

  • Cpt Bula
    Cpt Bula Month ago

    Nope!!! We See You!!!!