13 Genius Car Cleaning Hacks

  • Published on Aug 15, 2017
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Comments • 532

  • Smarchitect Mann
    Smarchitect Mann 10 days ago

    How much baking soda and how much water?

  • Katrina Poljans
    Katrina Poljans 19 days ago

    This will stink vinegar plus a chance of stripping dye of fabric... it did to my car seats and it is still not capable cleaning average stains.

  • Rhoneisha Jackson
    Rhoneisha Jackson Month ago

    Does vaseline work on the dashboard?

    ANDRE NAZREEN 2 months ago

    Honourable mention
    Soapy wooder

  • Drip Detail
    Drip Detail 3 months ago

    Might as well tell us how to cook crack 🤦‍♂️

  • Rigo F.
    Rigo F. 3 months ago

    Visit Scotty Kilmer channel, you'll learn a lot about cars! 🤘😎

  • Matthew z
    Matthew z 3 months ago

    Love this video

  • K René
    K René 3 months ago

    I know this was posted a year ago...but this is still amazing tips!!!! Thank you Facts Verse :-)

  • ImSalman
    ImSalman 3 months ago

    Can I use the toothbrush afterwards to brush my teeth?

    JOBI JOSEPH 4 months ago

    Stupid ideas 💡

  • cat fish
    cat fish 5 months ago

    Sell it......buy a clean one.

  • I Frenchy
    I Frenchy 5 months ago

    What A line of BS.

  • Cabdi Cadow
    Cabdi Cadow 5 months ago

    This is weird

  • Ahmad Al-amin
    Ahmad Al-amin 5 months ago


  • ALEX M
    ALEX M 5 months ago

    Ху йня

  • David Frost
    David Frost 5 months ago

    That clickbait thumb, tho.

  • th3guyb3hindu
    th3guyb3hindu 5 months ago +1

    Best way to clean your glass... Hot day ammonia window cleaner, amd a dry newspaper

  • Michael Alwell
    Michael Alwell 5 months ago

    I'm pretty sure Vinegar and Baking soda, would make the upholstery smell like pickles.

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 5 months ago +6

    The water and vinagar works great,now I can't pick up girls 😂

  • John Hernandez
    John Hernandez 5 months ago


  • Ronald Santos
    Ronald Santos 5 months ago

    why don't you show videos of these methods show we know of these actually work.

  • jean maldonado
    jean maldonado 5 months ago

    Hooooo , thanks men .....

  • Caul Campbell
    Caul Campbell 6 months ago


  • Gee Bee
    Gee Bee 6 months ago +6

    1. Castle Car Soap
    2.Baking Soda/Upholstry Vinegar cleaner
    3. Odor Eliminator
    4. Toothbrush
    5. Clean Wheels with baking soda and water.
    6. Dust with foam paint brush
    7.Streak free windows with vinegar and news paper.
    8. Clean off Bumper sticker gunk with WD-40
    9. Polish dashboard with Olive Oil
    10. Shine chrome wheels with Water and vinegar.
    11. Remove pet hair with water and squeegie
    12. DIY Air freshener
    13. Remove melted crayon with wax paper and iron.

  • thota harish
    thota harish 6 months ago


  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams 6 months ago +3

    @factsfirst thanks for the deal

  • eduardo carrillo
    eduardo carrillo 7 months ago +2

    Buy some awesome form the dollar store if you want to clean seats

  • JustJake
    JustJake 7 months ago +2

    This video in a nutshell..." If you don't want to use chemicals... Use other chemicals..."

  • Fan- Freakin-Tastic
    Fan- Freakin-Tastic 7 months ago

    lmaooo i’m not rubbing a newspaper all over my car windows

    • Dazza Zulu
      Dazza Zulu 7 months ago

      Fan- Freakin-Tastic it actually works. Used to clean Ritz-Carlton hotel doors with windex and newsprint. No streaking...windows only.

  • bushpilot223
    bushpilot223 7 months ago

    "spray vinegar all over your seats to make your car smell fresh"
    I'll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.

  • Pia Marie
    Pia Marie 8 months ago +3

    Baking soda and vinager...perfect upholstery clearner. Cleans every dam n thing out

    • Mei Sama
      Mei Sama 7 months ago

      Jenna Ruchi u rite👍🏻

    • Pia Marie
      Pia Marie 8 months ago

      You are mistaken. I have been doing thus for years. It us all natural and non-abrasive. I don't know where You are from...so, take your negativity someplace else.

    • Fabiot
      Fabiot 8 months ago

      Such a stupid " hack "... it will just destroy the textile

  • Stephen Rose
    Stephen Rose 8 months ago


  • Sajjad Mohammad
    Sajjad Mohammad 8 months ago

    coconut oil is also good but don't use in excess

  • Sajjad Mohammad
    Sajjad Mohammad 8 months ago

    it was enough no more

  • Mitch Mabee
    Mitch Mabee 8 months ago

    Fuck this video and fuck you for wasting our time. Just selling products that don't work.

  • Somar Leor
    Somar Leor 8 months ago

    I like chemicals, they clean more better. 😀

  • Monique Graham
    Monique Graham 8 months ago +1

    The best video I've seen

  • Phx77OnmyNeck
    Phx77OnmyNeck 8 months ago

    Olive oil on your dash is not good specially in Arizona it will cook the dashboard

  • Butterfly Forever53
    Butterfly Forever53 9 months ago

    Why did you put the music I can barely hear you

  • KAR CO_
    KAR CO_ 9 months ago

    Don't know if i should use colgate or 3D crest for the toothbrush

  • Sunny Dae
    Sunny Dae 9 months ago


  • Maruti M
    Maruti M 9 months ago


  • Brendan Cornish
    Brendan Cornish 9 months ago +1

    “If you eat or drink in your car”
    Hey I do that!!!

  • Jason Pass
    Jason Pass 9 months ago

    Is this the hippie car hack? Can you put coconut oil in the gas tank to make it run better?

  • Xxx hi xxX
    Xxx hi xxX 10 months ago +1

    I put basking soda and water on my face

    AMG LFC 10 months ago

    fury got robbed

  • Steven Leccese
    Steven Leccese 10 months ago

    Olive Oil on a car dashboard, are you freaking nuts?

  • ramella namindang
    ramella namindang 10 months ago


  • Rising Sun
    Rising Sun 10 months ago

    In addition, pour some Robitussin around the perimeter of your gas tank for a extra healthy car before it gets sick! Just kidding, do not pour tussin anywhere in or on your vehicle! Some good tips here though, thanks.

  • Toni Ukeasy
    Toni Ukeasy 10 months ago

    Having an expensive car would you do any of these???

  • Mr. Salem
    Mr. Salem 10 months ago +5

    Baking soda + 7up = powerful cleaners

  • GaborBartal
    GaborBartal 11 months ago

    Not keeping aspect ratio for images in videos is early days of TVclip era

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White 11 months ago

    More product and tools not really hacks at all. Disappointed!

  • Ram S.
    Ram S. 11 months ago

    Never use soap on your car, it will strip it of its wax and removes the protective layer of wax and could strip some of the clear coat

    • Andie
      Andie 9 months ago

      I don't agree with the video soap but you have to use some kind of soap lol what do you use?

  • M R
    M R 11 months ago

    Also you can use these products for pasta, sub sandwiches, and my favorite crack cocaine.

  • MIKE Mike
    MIKE Mike 11 months ago +2

    I just get the garden hose and rinse out my car

  • Cesar Hernandez
    Cesar Hernandez Year ago

    Thank U

  • MasonChuu
    MasonChuu Year ago +2

    @ 1:58 is that Evan shanks STI?

  • Gen News
    Gen News Year ago +3

    WARNING DO NOT USE vinegar on your windshield. Yah sure It will clean those hard water streaks but get ready for bigger and expensive problem like a new PAINT JOB and RUST REPAIR. because of the corrosion cause by acid in the vinegar. Even you wash the vinegar out with water the acid had already seeped in between the glass, rubber and metal part of the car body. The oxidation damage had started and this accumulates over time into rust.

  • DigiCut Direct
    DigiCut Direct Year ago